Commit to the Flip: Official BlackBerry Style 9670 commercial hits the air

By Adam Zeis on 11 Nov 2010 09:27 am EST

Update: I had the wrong video embeded originally but it's good to go now - sorry I'm out of whack since the honeymoon ;) 

The BlackBerry Style 9670 is the latest addition to RIMs extensive lineup and here we have the official commercial for your viewing pleasure. Not much is shown off that we don't already know, but it's still cool to get a look all around the device if you haven't played with one first hand. The Style is the first CDMA device to release with BlackBerry 6 as well as the first full QWERTY flip for RIM. We have a full review on the way, but if you are a Style fan and want some more goodies, check Kevin's initial impressions and Kerri's Style 9670 review.

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Commit to the Flip: Official BlackBerry Style 9670 commercial hits the air


RIM's flip phones are a piece of junk , my wife has the old flip and it's defective as hell.
I think flip phones are a thing of the past and are indeed ugly and bulky, I wonder why they don't show the poeple holding them to their ears :)


A friend of mine once had a 79ish VW Rabbit that was garbage off the line. So now all Rabbits are garbage?!?! Even todays?!?

Bad philosphy.

You can't compare the two. The only really bad this about this phone is CDMA. Not for the Rogers network.

First off, I wish everyone would shut up about if they like a phone or not... Who cares. Not everything is made for you! There are, believe it or not, 6+ billion people in this world. And while you may not like it, there are those that will.

Regardless of the phone, it's nice to see RIM stepping up the advertising and getting into the game to let people know that BlackBerry isn't just for enterprise. I do wish that they would show the actual apps they're talking about. There is where the consumer market is and where Apple and Android have focused.

RIM, you have true multitasking, flaunt it!

Good for RIM and the public, its good to have choice and I know guys that are flip phone for life. I think its great for what it is. My wife still uses her Pearl flip and she beat the hell out of it. ;)

I would NOT use the flip mechanism to hold my phone in/on/over my shirt pocket. That's an accident waiting to happen.....

First shows the redhead before it starts and then shows a tennis shoe sales man. Notice how he has to take the pictures on it,looked like he was going to drop it if startled.
Other than that the phone is great,hate seeing my other blackberry screens get scratched a flip helps keep it clean and OS 6 is great so far.

Gayer than George Clooney and Brad Pitt teaming up for another movie! j/k, actually after seeing the video, wouldnt mind the blackberry flip! But I am holding out for big things from Blackberry 1st quarter next year. :wink:

thats dope RIM used Common song Be for the video
for a minute I thought I had that song playing in the background
that song was used in the Air Jordan Commercial,
because song and video for the it is about Michael Jordan
my two favorite things have something in common (no pun intended) MJ and Blackberry

Great to see them experimenting with form factors. I sick of the touch screen enabled only devices coming out of android and iphones. They have its purposes and keeps things consistent but its not for me.

A lot of people like this form factor and as such I think its a good move by RIM. it won't appeal to those who like cutting edge technology but you aren't going to be hindered for not having 1ghz inside.

What this phone needs is a GSM version!

who would use a flip. Personally, I prefer a candybar.
But I think the Style will be perfect for a lot of people as well. It is a preference and am glad RIM has given that customer a choice.

Adam, congrats to you and your new bride. May you have many blessed years together !

I liked both, the Style & the commercial. I like that RIM is really branching out with their ads because I speak from experience I always USED TO THINK that Blackberries were for business types, not so much anymore, I don't really think any phone is "type specific" but some people do. I like what they did with this commercial & I really like the tag line "Commit to the Flip." It honestly makes me laugh because of all the trash talk about the Style that goes on because if Crackberry does a give-away for it I'm just wondering how many of the people who talked trash on it will be signing up trying to win one? I'd love to win an unlocked one myself if possible!

The phone factor still sucks, the wasted space on the phone is still there. The phone doesnt even look modern more child chew toy like....

RIM commericals do have something about them that come off really high quality and artsy, other than that...blah