Official Wordpress BlackBerry App Confirmed

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2009 07:49 am EDT
Official Wordpress BlackBerry App Confirmed!

I have spoke about this before once or twice before mainly because I think with the amount of blog owners that just happen to be BlackBerry owners as well, this would be a great application if done right. Well, it seems part of my hopes and dreams for this app becoming a reality are that much closer as Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of Wordpress has confirmed at WordCamp in San Francisco during his “State of the Word” presentation that a "new Blackberry App [will] be released soon."

With those few words, my heart just grew bigger for Wordpress, but all is not rosy as of yet. Wordpress has an iPhone app which was part of my frustration and curiousity as to why a BlackBerry version did not exist. Now that we have confirmation, I hope the developers will take it to the next level and make it functional as it should be. In the meantime, I'll continue to use work around solutions such a Mobile Press, vPost and BlogLive. Gotta be some bloggers out there. What do you use for Mobile blogging and are you excited for a Wordpress application?

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Official Wordpress BlackBerry App Confirmed


I've just started using WordPress and this would be ideal if it works right. The stuff I want to put on my blog I always forget by the time I get to a computer, adding a post from my Blackberry would help no end.

I am glad that there will be an app, but I would like to kick the genius who decided to create one for Iphone users before Blackberry users where the sun don't shine. I know there has been an overwhelming demand for an app for Wordpress bloggers and it has been too long coming! Thanks Wordpress for making us an after-thought!

I've been running a WordPress blog (shameful plug: for about 3 years, and love the web-based WordPress software. When I'm on the road and want to post an update, using the BB browser just doesn't work. So, I have integrated Twitter into my WordPress and using TwitterBerry to make quick posts.

Having a full-fledged WordPress app for BlackBerry will be great to have, when on the road. I'm sure I won't do full length posts with images. Though, to get something up on the site quick, this will be an invaluable tool.

Wordpress now lets you post from email, I don't have any font color/style changes on my current blog so it works perfectly for me as far as posting quickly goes. You can even add photo's in the email and wordpress will make it into a galery. Will be nice to have an app dedicated to it, but at least wordpress has a bit of a work around for now.

I can't wait for this. I mean, posting by email is nice and all, but, being able to actually post directly, add photos, etc, will be *really* nice...

I've been writing at for a year and a half. Running WordPress. Quietly waiting for a BB app.

Cannot wait to try this out. Updating via web interface sucks to say the least, even for little things like comment moderation.

Definitely good news.

I just hope Wordpress gets it right. I agree posting from e-mail is fine but I would like more options. Can't wait to try it.

good news for wordpress fans. ive been running blogger and sending updates via email for some time now. maybe its soon time to make the jump.

I have used Wordpress and really have been looking for a mobile plugin to access my blog- can't wait to see this one come out


I’ve built a Wordpress Editor for Blackberry. I’m putting the finishing touches on it right now, and it should be published in BB App World in about 2 weeks. To get an idea of how it works, check out this video -

Let me know if you are interested in a beta copy of it. There's a signup sheet on

I'm also releasing an Android version in 2-3 months, that's in the works right now.

Nazmul is another great mobile blogging tool. It's a bit better, imo, than WP's own email blogging tool.

Im so confused that there is a app for Twitter, Facebook, and now one for wordpress on the way. Has someone forgot the age old FORUM. Why no vbulletin app?

Because that would be more a site dependent thing. The Wordpress APP would be for posting to your own blog.

What needs to be done for VB is a decent mobile theme needs to be created...

Hey guys,

I work with Nazmul (who commented previously) from ScreamingToaster and I wanted to give you all an update about the WordPress app we are building for BlackBerry. It's called Wicked for WordPress and here is the link to our website with all the details:

We are in the final stages of beta testing and it will be ready for download in a few weeks. Please add me to your Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn to stay in touch and get updates. All my contact info can be found here:

If you want to beta test or if you have any questions please drop me and email -

You guys will love the App and please stay in touch.

Best wishes,
Chief Customer Experience Officer, ScreamingToaster LLC.