RIM's Words: AT&T Still Testing the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2008 05:07 pm EDT

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Coming Soon...we hope

None of this will come as a surprise to CrackBerry.com readers, but we now have some official acknowledgement of the BlackBerry Bold's AT&T delays, right from the mouth of RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. Read it after the jump!

A delayed top-of-the-line BlackBerry phone from Research in Motion Ltd. is still undergoing testing by AT&T Inc., and RIM's co-CEO implied that the carrier wants to avoid the chorus of complaints about performance that greeted the new iPhone this summer.

AT&T and RIM said in May that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 would go on sale in the U.S. this summer, but it's not available, and no date has been announced. It is on sale in some foreign markets.

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said Thursday that the phone is still undergoing the certification process in which AT&T tests all new handsets to make sure they work well on its wireless network.

"There's great scrutiny, as you might know, on that network and a certain device. So I guess everyone wants to be sure on every last test," Lazaridis told The Associated Press.

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3G went on sale in July, with AT&T as the sole U.S. carrier. Customers soon started complaining of slow data downloads and dropped calls on some units. AT&T and Apple have not directly acknowledged a problem, but Apple has released a software update that was supposed to improve performance. The majority of iPhones appear to be working well.

Lazaridis appeared confident that the Bold would not be subject to the iPhone's problems.

"We're very meticulous about what our product does," he said.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel would not confirm that the Bold was still in testing and said only that it would come out this year.

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RIM's Words: AT&T Still Testing the BlackBerry Bold


This is BS!!! It's OCTOBER 4, 2008 today!!! and I've been waiting from July 2008 till now. Do i have to wait another 3 months for this phone? I do believe this will be a great phone; yet, pushing (or lying) the release date is frustrating me. I am very upset about AT&T. I consider some other phone w/ other carriers!!

Please spare me. I to been waiting since July. And I think it will be a great phone. I presently have a Curve Unlocked by ATT. The Bold will be awesome. To me there is no other phone. The iPhone is crap next to the Bold 9000. Good things always come to those who are patience.

yeah - it would be AWESOME to have a phone in july that didn't work correctly.

kudos to any technology/software company that waits to
release a product when it WORKS.

there is too much releasing of software based products
nowadays that are not ready. there seems to be an accepted
standard in the sw industry that its ok to release partially
working product and fix it later.

really, why do people get so wound up over the non-release of
a new phone? it will come when it comes. there is no promise
date, there is no contract that sez rim/att has to deliver
this to the consumer by a certain date.

trust me, they aren't holding it back to wind you up.

damn it man how long does it take to test something? i'm convinced that AT&T is holding out to get more sales for the iPhone.

It's been a long delay but at least it is for a good reason. RIM and ATT is doing a good thing here. They are making sure there product works and not rushing it into the market unfinished. That is what a good company does. I commend them on what they are doing!

Good call! They are making sure this thing works on the ATT network before getting it in the hands of some potentially angry customers. Good things come to those who wait???

Kevin said it in his blog about being in NY, ATT 3G isn't what they make it out to be. His Bold worked fine on Rogers and took a dive on ATT and I'm not talking about just the web browser. All the connected features weren't working properly. It's not RIM's fault, it's ATT's instability.
People make fun of TMo because they've been taking long to launch their 3G network but they're the ones that are making sure that it's stable and efficient enough to support the demand. 1700Mhz to upload and 2100Mhz to download equals less congestion in metropolitan cities.
I cant wait for the boys in magenta to release the Bold(9020 or something like that) and it will probably come out before ATT release the 9000.
I know, exclusivity...blah, blah, blah!

I think that ATT is dropping the ball. Their 3G network does not work well on the west coast, I think that if I could i will drop them like they do with my calls.

like somebody said if the Storm comes out before the Bold....Jumping ship cause i understand wht there doing but u cant tell me that its taking them this long and the Storm is just coming out..... like that....I think ATT has dropped the ball for real.

I've been frustrated like everyone else waiting on the Bold... it will be my first Blackberry device. I have the Tilt and I can you... I can't wait to get away from a touch screen device. It's served it's purpose and yes the pull out keyboard is handy but it's still a process at times.

I'm fortunate enough to have a job where I get to test a number of phones and none of the touch devices appeal to me... heptic feedback or not.

So work out these problems already with the Bold and lets get it on the market. I have an ipod Touch which works fine for it's excellent entertainment capabilities but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it as a phone. Plus, with Apple maxing the iphone out at 16 GB, that's a deal breaker too. Now if they somehow pumped that baby up to 32 GB ability or beyond... now you'd have me thinking... even though it's a touchscreen.

But like Captain Kirk said... I'm waiting to "Boldly go where no man has gone before..."

Perhaps I can shed a little light on this topic based on my experiences so far...

RIM sent our company two evaluation units over two months ago. Myself and a coworker have been using them as our primary phones every since we received them.

I went to the Bold from a Curve. I won't bore you with all that you already know but, I would like to comment on the browser...it's rudimentary and slow. Several people in the office have new 3G iphones and the difference in browser experience is like night and day. Safari goes to pages almost instantly, the Bold has to go back and forth for data and can sometimes take 30-45 seconds to render a page where the iphone does it almost instantly...the same page!

At home I have full 3G coverage, and for no reason I can figure out, the phone will reset itself. It does this only at my house and I don't have to be talking on the phone for it to happen. One day it did it 6 times...only at my house...very strange. I get the feeling it's software issues related to the 3G network.

I love Blackberries but I have to say, this phone doesn't really impress me. It's just a couple steps from a curve, nothing revolutionary, just evolution. Nothing to get excited about.

Just my two cents.



Hi Mike,
Isn't this exactly why the phone has not been officially released and unless I am wrong, you said these were evaluation units. I have a student who is using the Rogers version on AT&T. His original OS for the phone was doing exactly what you said, including very bad battery life. He updated the OS and all his problems went away. No more dropped calls, much longer battery life and very quick loading time for the internet in the blackberry browser. I expect that this is what AT&T wants to happen when they release it - what surprises me is how long it is taking to accomplish this. I suspect they are just waiting to release it closer to Christmas. Too much longer and the updated curve is just around the corner - too bad this curve will not have 3G, it would really eat into the sales of the Bold.

In my honest opinion I think AT&T is having RIM remove some of the advantages that come on the bold so that "we" will get screwed.

I think that they want it geared to their specs. I think that the above thread states just that. AT&T wants their browser and not RIMS.

AT&T is good for that. Get what they want and screw their customers.


Interesting thread. I've been using an unlocked Rogers branded Bold with AT&T for over a month now. I am very happy with the phone; I've owned many phones and this is OVERALL my favorite phone ever.

But I'm not out to give a full review here. Rather, I am a bit amused by all of the reasons given in various places for the Bold delay. Battery overheating, dropped calls, random resets, instability,,3G network contention with iPhones(!) and so on and so on. All I can say is that I've experienced none of these problems.

The battery is cool as a cucumber with outstanding battery life even going through a day of heavy use. Amazing considering it has a 624 mHz CPU! Voice quality and RF are outstanding as well. The keypad is by far the best I have ever used on a BB or any other smartphone.

I find it interesting to compare the browser of the Bold with a iPhone. While the browser is an improvement over earlier BB's, Safari on an iPhone operating under optimum conditions is a superior browsing experience.

However, the Bold and the iPhone address different needs. A BB is an email machine!! A BB's core functions regarding mail handling and keyboarding, as well as BIS or BES functionality, leave an iPhone in the dust, even with iPhone's MS Exchange Server functionality.

What the Bold does is provide an enhanced set of overall functions over previous versions IMHO. Personally, I find the Bold browser perfectly adequate for my occasional browsing needs. The iPhone and Bold are two very elegant pieces of technology; they just utilize different approaches and meet different needs.



I still like 'Crackberry'... but I no longer care for the Bold... RIM should just market an unlock version... Palm's new Treo Pro is at least sold unlocked. A suggestion to RIM! You should have a better negotiator with AT&T. You just lost another sell here.

So I received my very own BOLD today. The previous poster is correct, "evolution not revolution". If the iPhone didn't exist, this would probably be the baddest machine out there. Fact is, the iPhone does exist. However, as others have pointed out, it fills a very different niche. To the unwashed masses, the iPhone will appeal, and for good reason. To those who are used to the functionality of a BB and want a faster processor, 3g speeds (for whatever it's worth with a slow browser ;), WIFI, GPS, and a crystal-clear screen, this is it.
When I went from berrys to iPhones I missed so many functions of berry-land; BBM, email functionality, profiles, ultimate flexability, etc. I went the Apple route of "chocolate! everybody likes chocolate!" as far as choices are concerned. The 3g release definitely made the "i" part of iPhone more palatable when away from wI-fI. There are no two ways about it, the iPhone is a multimedia machine. The BB, any BB, is a communications ninja. The bold is the blackest of those black-belt ninjas. :)
I am back in berry land and loving it; went to a curve, then an 8820, an 8830, and now a Bold; all within the space of a week. I love life. I love ETFs. :) I really love flipping iPhones for cash. Anyone want my "old" one?
I am looking forward to the release of the Storm. I may get one, I may not. However (and I expect the haytas to come out with this statement) I seriously doubt RIM is going to put a dent in Apple's sales any more than Creative does to iPod sales. The iPhone is a philosophy, a way of life, more than sheer capabilities or functions. Maybe the Storm will be a great berry for those who want a big touch screen, I don't know....but don't expect it to usurp the iThrone. That regime is WAY too entrenched in both practical pockets and in the American Way.....believe me, there are a helluva lot of Creative mp3 players out there which beat the iPods for functionality, size, price, and features, but that doesn't stop the lemmings. "once you go apple, you never go back" could be the mantra of many. :)
Anyway, I'm having a blast with my bold, and it will probably remain my staid companion through the sTorm arrival. We'll see. :)

If it wasn't for the fact that the Bold is on other carriers world-wide I would say that it is "vapor ware". I can understand the reluctance of AT&T to accept yet another painful blackeye after the debacle of the iPhone launch.

However, can someone explain to me how Bold's from Canada's Rogers network can operate properly on AT&T's 3G network yet those designed specifically for it don't?

I really need this soon as my current phone, an antiquated Treo 750 is on it's last legs and I must fiddle with it constantly to keep it working. If the Bold is not released this month then I will be forced to replace it with something else, and that may, in turn, send me to another network. I realize that neither AT&T nor RIM really care about me (or even 20,000 like me) but I have reached the end of the line . . .

That makes sense that AT&T would do such a thing but AT&T should communicate better with their customers telling them whats going on instead of customers waiting on them.

Just another company disregarding PR because they think its not their primary concern.

No Bold, however, I am glad they are making sure it works properly. I would not want one to come out and then I am fighting mad because it is a piece of rubbish.

I must say that the bold is a sweet machine but att 3g network is just not ready. I used a bb bold for about a month on att and just switched back to my trusty 8330 with verizon the 3g is just day and night betweeen the two. Verizon 3g(EVDO)is everywhere vs. att is very very spotty. So if anyone is interested in the bold pin me 31C035C6.

As an AT&T dealer, it's horribly disappointing on our end too. I want this phone soooo bad and have been waiting since July, too. They haven't even given us any dummy phones yet, so I'm thinking late November. =/ If not late November, right before X-mas.


If not the BOLD, please through us a bone. Im relay inching to get an 8900 "Javelin". Wi-Fi and EDGE and GPS with that beautiful screen Please come on I love my Curve but... The javelin could be at least the last launching none 3G Blackberry this year instead of the 8320. It would at least wet our appetite for the Bolds native environment. Some thing come on…

I was in a store last night getting my Curve unlocked and was told that it is coming out Oct. 26th with a price of $399.99 W/ $100 rebate card. Works out well for me I can upgrade on the 10th so I know where I'll be on the 26th.

wow this is great. good thing ive already left blackberry. altogether im unimpressed with rim as much as i am with att. the curve shouldve had 3g to start (i wouldve gladly taken the battery hit). the javelin still doesnt have 3g. its 2008 and i dont have 3g...

the bold wouldve been IT, but... the more i look at it the less attractive it is to me; too big, same os we've seen for years, etc...to top it off its not gonna handle email any better than the curve with the exception of html. the competition has caught up in my opinion. i feel like rim has dropped the ball also. they are falling behind and yet we are still waiting for this phone to come out. doesnt make sense to me.

now i

A. really hate at&t
B. can't wait for the storm

a few of my friends have the instinct and it looks and feels alright. there is on reason to purchase a phone that isn't a touch screen.

This is why I could not wait any longer and switch to the iphone. I did not want to wait until January for the Bold.

BOLD owners: walk into any AT&T store and make up some reason to flash your bold. It is HILARIOUS how the employees act. I've done this in two stores (actually did have legit reasons to be there), and each time the rep helping me stammered...."I...i...Is that a Bold?!?" Then they wanted to touch it. Then they wanted to show it to their co-workers.

Seriously entertaining, I tell you. Talk about making it easy to get employees to spill EVERYTHING they know about a product's release (a.k.a. not much), it's like taking candy from a baby. Kinda sad, too, if you really think about it. Is their job really _that_ bad? I would have to guess "yes".

Anyway, if you're looking for something to do tomorrow, I do recommend it...and post your findings around here. :)


As many others above my post have noted... I've unlocked a Rogers Bold and have been using on AT&T since the first week they launched in Canada...

No significant issues at all... typical memory leaking, but not 3G dropping, no overheating, no dropped calls - it's far and away the best device (Blackberry) I've owned.

...and for those who say it's a small step up from the Curve... take your Curve and try to make a call and access the web simultaneously... 'nuff said!

I Have been waiting for the Bold since June. Why the hell is it taking so long? Seriously?
It has been released around the rest of the world already.
It makes me think that there is nothing wrong with the Bold, but there is a massive problem with the ATT network. Why delay further, just release it!!!

With all the delays, if the Storm comes out first, I'm jumping from at&t to Verizon. ATT, don't you see the Storm a comin'? You dragging your feet will be the Bold's demise!

I pushed aside an iPhone purchase for the bold. Good Grief....The iphone is king already....release the G'damn Bold already for the business users!!!! India, Almost all of europe, and almost every 3rd world country has this phone but the US.... Am i missing something?!?!?!? Hurry the F' Up.