Official Wikipedia app for the BlackBerry PlayBook arrives in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2012 09:30 pm EDT

Although there has been a few paid versions of Wikipedia apps turn up in BlackBerry App World, the official Wikipedia app has now been released as a free download for all BlackBerry PlayBook owners. The app itself has plenty of features built in such as nearby search, ability to open artices in the browser, read search results in different languages and even adjust the font size to whatever it is you may find comfortable for reading. If you're a Wikipedia fan, go ahead and grab the download from BlackBerry App World. Also, the code is Open Sourced so you can fork it if that's your thing. You'll find the Open Sourced resources on Github readily available for download as well.

Download Wikipedia for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Official Wikipedia app for the BlackBerry PlayBook arrives in BlackBerry App World


I love your enthusiasm.

I also love those, like Wikipedia, that are trying to open the internet and not close it or restrict it.

And I'll piggy-back off your comment.

The Wikipedia app sucks. I mean, it's great. But it sucks. It gives you the mobile version of Wikipedia. WTF is the point? I deleted it and just use the website. They need to give the option somewhere in the app of choosing full vs. mobile version...

don't worry I would have ask that question too if you wouldn't have done it already ;)

what is the advantage?

at the moment for me at best one browser tab less ;) (and since 2.0 my playbook browser is a little bit unstable (perhaps on the sites I'm using))

The Apps, they are a coming.

The more Playbooks we sell the stronger our voice gets.

The more Playbooks we sell the better off people that buy them are. Especially at 199.00!

BlackBerry users are not quitters, we are not easy prey to marketing gimmicks. We are still standing and we are still growing world wide.

Nice to see the apps arriving.

Very nice app. How about Kindle and eBay now. eBay has a seller fee special for mobile app listings. Would be nice to take advantage of it. Yeah, I know, maybe the side load app would work but because I chose RIM instead of Apple or Android I am now being penalized by ebay.

I'm so happy! there is also an official Kayak App now! I thought they were not supporting Blackberry anymore. I guess they changed their mind.

Nice!! Thanks for pointing that out, I just downloaded it. And thanks for the app Wikipedia!! I use it all the time at school to provide background or give detail when someone asks a question. I love the level of detail in the specific item articles. Keep it up!!
Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook

Oh dear...what a life you have...

You have a son who owns a BlackBerry, you use your Playbook at work....and you're in school...

oh dear....

hopefully you only mixed up your logins...otherwise I feel quite sorry for you....

A teacher teaching with wikipedia?!? haha, good job on your creative comment

Sure hope you are not the same person...otherwise....

What's wrong with using Wikipedia or any website for examples and pictures? Is showing a picture of Niagara Falls on Wikipedia, for example, to kids when teaching geograpy a bad thing? Will a teacher not be able to recognize if the picture is accurate or inaccurate? Not only are you a troll, but you're also a moron.

What kind of geography textbook teaching Niagara Falls would not have a picture of it and relies on a teacher going on wikipedia to teach student? Why would even going to wikipedia for a picture be an efficient/effective method when the majority of wikipedia articles have no pictures...and are often spammed? Have you ever had an education?

Since you alternate with Puz_zle in responding and for some odd reason, you can answer for him about his job and his personal life. I think it is quite sad that not only does he have a son old enough to use a BB while he himself is still in school and only owns a PlayBook, working multiple jobs part-time or switching jobs quickly to fund for his son and his education and sharing a life with you and yet he and you still have time to go on CrackBerry labeling people trolls whenever you have the slightest opportunity to do so and shuts everyone who are dissatisfied (and actually has been using BB for years) and claiming that there's nothing to be dissatisfied about and saying how well RIM is doing and asking people to buy RIM's stocks (which a lot of people would have gone bankrupt following these advices)....

Good job...I shall not linger on this topic as everyone clearly sees what's happening with you two little interesting spammers.

My first search seems to have broken the app! The "show more results..." link at the bottom of a results list does not work. Think I'll stick with the browser shortcut for now.

Would love to have a bunch of the biggest articles stored locally so you'd have reference material even without Wi-Fi. I'd be willing to give up a few GB for it.

What's the advantage of using this over the web site? Honest question...
Is it faster? less cluttered? There has to be something. People are so caught up with Apps, or missing apps when you can just open a browser and get the same, and often better experience.

Two advantages of the app are that it stores your History of Searches and second that it is optimized for PB screen, no need for zooming, etc on browser.

Good first effort, but I have to admit, I prefer the website to the app. The app is a bit laggy for me. Keep the improvements coming :)