Official Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530 Update Coming on Monday?

Curve 8530 OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2010 04:05 pm EDT

Not really much to write home about here (unless of course someone at home has an 8530) but it looks like the Curve 8530 update we thought was coming from Verizon will indeed be arriving next week. According to our latest intel, OS will be available from Verizon starting Monday 3/22. From the sounds of it, the new software will be ready to go for both OTA and desktop installs. The site listed in the original PDF is now live but the software is still listed as "Coming Soon". Hang in there over the weekend, we'll see for sure come Monday if this holds true or not.

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Official Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530 Update Coming on Monday?


But this is funny, Verizon is releasing this for the Curve before the Tour lmao.

Unless they plan on releasing it for the Tour just before this. Strange why they haven't done so for the 9630 as of yet.


I have the Curve 8330 from Verizon and am not availble for my upgrade until 12/20.

I spoke to them yesterday to complain about the extreme lag time in their releasing the 5.0 software that RIM has had out for months and months.

The supervisor was positive that the 5.0 upgrade would be coming to "my Curve 8330 as RIM promised" and for me to "just be patient."

I am very frustrated with their slow response to getting their customers this BB upgrade.

C.L. Carter

When this is released just delete the vendor.xml file and load it on your Sprint phone! I along with thousands of non verizon users will be doing this.

will release an OS update for the storm 2. Im bored and need something new to entertain me for a while. The wait is frustrating...

Maybe that will put an end to those complainers. Now its those tour owners but I can't blame them for being upset. Go big red!

It is absolutely ridiculous that Verizon hasn't released 5.0 for the tour yet. I don't know who to blame though...Verizon for being too strict or RIM's inability to make a solid OS.

Where is the 5.0 update for the Tour?!! The reason I got a BB was because I thought they would be on top of getting the lastest and greastest technology for my BB. I was really wrong. Everyday my dislike of Verizon and RIM grows. Such a shame.

Actually its all on Verizon, because the Sprint 5.0 is pretty damn solid. Fixed a LOT of bugs for me.

Let's see, though, maybe maybe Verizon is waiting to incorporate the push to talk thing into it? I don't know.


still waiting for 5.0 on my 8330. at this rate, the upgrade won't drop until after I've jumped ship to Android.

Not sure why everyone is so up in arms, when the 8530's were released they had 5.0 already loaded this is probably just MR1 for them.

When you do an update like this, do you have to reinstall your third party software, shuffle the launch icons, or anything else special? I want to know what to backup etc too if necessary.

If you don't have bbsak get it. This can be used to backup your 3rd party apps. You can find it using the search tool here at CB. And always backup thru desktop manager!

When is it supposed to come nothing yet here either!!So hope their is a huge improvement to battery life have to carry an extra battery and charger at all times:(

After readin this post I went to the wireless update on my curve and the update is there :) dk if I wanna do it cuz never done a update on a blackberry does anyone kno how long it'll take?

Just updated my 8530 via the BlackBerry Application Loader. Still showing "Coming Soon" from Verizon but it is available through RIM. Update went smoothly and took about 40 minutes. Guess I will see if there are any noticeable improvements.

looks to be available for download now. No more coming soon. I am downloading now will install when it is finished.

Mine took less than an hour and my browser seems to move faster.of course I have to wait and see how the battery life is which was my main concern

nothing special happened yet i havent had time to test out the battery i notice the minor changes but yeah is that all?

if i notice anything significant i'll post it up

How do I download this update OTA? When I run advanced options then wireless update it says "no updates available". I am running


I did the update yesterday and my battery life was worse then before. Also the standby mode feature was gone with the new update. Battery was at less then 30% when I left work today. Didn't do anything on my bb except look at a couple of websites and download a new app. For the past week my battery has not been below 50% even after using messenger all day

I uploaded the new software last night and when I looked at my phone this morning my button that i use to lock my keys was i have to use my password lock just to lock the keys and its so annoying to have to enter my password in everytime I want to look at my phone..does anyone know how to get my regular keyboard lock icon back???

This really caused chaos on my phone. My Gmail doesn't work right, it caused a lot of problems between the calendar and Google Calendar as well. Just spent an hour at the store, they couldn't fix it either. Proceed with caution if you haven't downloaded the update yet.

anyone figure out how to fix the calender issue after the update has been installed?
in my situation, the calender icon is still on the screen however nothing happens when i click on it. or it freezes i should say and i have to use a side key to unfreeze.

In order to get that icon back, you have to set a PW lock. Go to options, select Password from the list, and enable a PW. After you set the other conditions (time, etc) and save everything, the icon will be back, as a PW lock. It will lock automatically after whatever time interval you selected. Then, when you hit a button it will ask if you wish to unlock, then ask for your pw. A little less convenient that *A, but actually more secure. DO NOT forget your will have 10 chances to enter it correctly. If you don't after 10 tries, it will wipe your entire phone.

Use 8330 CS 2 battery instead of 8530 original battery
and watch the difference
8530 battery dont last more than 12 hours if u work on networking tools applications
i changed the battery and the battery life lasted more than 48 hrs it is true

U get a battery from amazon for just 4 0r 5 dollars.