Official Updates: OS for the Tour 9630; OS for the 8800, 8820 & 8100

By Adam Zeis on 30 Nov 2009 01:51 pm EST

Just a quick update of some official OS' that popped up today. It looks like CBeyond has released OS for the Tour 9630 (not a huge update, but a few clicks up from the latest Verizon and Sprint releases). Cosmote has also released OS for the 8800, 8820 and 8100 as well. No new 5.0 love for any devices, but we'll keep our fingers crossed across the board. Head over to the links below to download.

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Official Updates: OS for the Tour 9630; OS for the 8800, 8820 & 8100


I'm not that excited now for any OS 4.5 updates for my 8820 since I know that it will never get OS 5.0. That's why I moved on & bought the Bold 9700. But I still, I will install this for sure...

I'm so tired of this crap. 5.0 isn't really even appealing to me anymore. Its because of stuff like this people are switching to the iphone or Droid, and I must say, there are rumors that a new iphone is coming to Verizon, and when it does, my blackberry will become meaningless. If it turns out that the rumor isn't true, then I guess ill be switching to AT&T when my contract is up.

Trust me on this one. ( Comes from personal experience)

Switching from Blackberry to Iphone is not a good experience. Especially if your not a teenager, and actually use the phone for real communication. To add the AT&T network on top of it - so not a good idea. Consumer Reports did a pretty extensive recent analysis and confirmed what we all already know, that Verizon is the best acroos the US for service on phone and data, and AT&T by a fairly wide margin is dead last.

The version software 4.7 works just fine for me. Yes 5.0 has some nice things about it, but my Tour really does everything I need. It fulfills the mission I pay it to fulfill.

I've see OS 5 on my old Storm 1 and the one main feature that it added, I don't like at all - threaded SMS.

For that reason alone I might just keep 4.7 on my new Tour. As "valium" said, it does everything I need/want it to do and makes the Tour an excellent communications device (which after all folks, that's what a Blackberry is supposed to be).

i am sick and tired of this constant waiting....when are they gonna release 5.0...i dont care about 4.7................hurry up already

I'll be sticking to my 5.0 leak on my Tour.

Who else is getting the sinking feeling in their stomach that BlackBerry is NOT going to be (officially) releasing 5.0 for the Tour and they'll just release 5.0 close to when the Tour 2 hits just like the Storms did?

Just a hunch.

try having the 8330. with no love what so ever for any updated software running on 5.0. least you all got bb appworld. i've got an outdated phone that is only 7 months old and being totally left in the dust. when my 2 years are up. this model will be almost 4 years old.

i can't beleive the curve is still being sold. considering it's age and newer models available now. for 2 months i had one of the most popular phones. now i have to deal with a relic for 15 more months.

The 8330 curve isn't bad at all. After recently getting a tour, the screen is the only thing vastly superior. It's heavy as a brick in comparison. The processor is faster and more memory means more apps, but if your curve isn't getting app world, then you are running an outdated OS on it. You should have at least 4.5 on it. If not take it into a VZW store. You can't update through DM unless you have 4.5. I had app world and bb messenger 5.0 on my curve 8330. Also, I believe there IS a leaked OS 5.0 for the curve as well.

You can upgrade after a year at the new subscriber price, you just lose the new every two credit.....If you hate it that much. Depending on the time of year with sales, and the right CS rep, you can get them to give you a 1yr contract price when you don't have an upgrade. Just tell them you want to up your plan and your phone broke. After getting the new phone, go online and downgrade your plan back to what it was.

The 8330 is an excellent device. It meets the needs that it set out to namely, solid reliable voice/text/email communications.

I think that a lot of what is going on is that people got a Blackberry to use for it's intended purpose but then began to see and read about other devices (iPhones, droids, etc) whose primary purpose is less communications and more "toy". They then began to lust after these devices and began to wonder why their blackberry can't do all that fun stuff. Well, it isn't supposed to.

Don't knock the device you have if it's doing exactly what it's designed for.

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 18-July-2010) :

i have 5.0 on my curve. that's why bb appworld don't work. it's the only model not working with 5.0. as all the new phones have no problem. 5.0 is also a memory hog. it don't leave much room for a lot of apps. there are also a few apps i use with other friends. they get the updated version. curve is stuck with older version.

let's just say the phone is an old model. and is quickly turning into a relic. i feel sorry for any peeps buying one these days. and commiting to a new contract. as they won't be able to keep up with the newer models. the curve is 2 1/2 years old now. there is absolutely no place in the market for them anymore. no one wants a new phone that won't do anything the newer models will do.

i have 3 more months for my 1 year upgrade. and i'm counting down the days.

I am so sick and tired of people bitching about Verizon not getting 5.0 for the tour. One thing that separates Verizon from the rest of these carriers is they don't put our crap. Why not let all the other carriers put out other versions and find out what's wrong with them. I like that Verizon waits until most bugs are gone, instead of rushing something out you would then bitch about because of bugs

you're saying that you like how verizon doesn't put 5.0 out because they wait until all the bugs are out, then how to explain the storm having 5.0, and it not working correctly? my friend's brand new storm has verizon's 5.0, and it crashes, reboots, misses calls, doesn't ring but shows missed calls, etc etc etc... yeah, they did a great job holding back that update til the bugs were worked out.

and on top of it, somebody mentioned they *don't* like threaded messaging? can't you turn it off in 5.0? and how do you NOT like it? you really need to see every single text a person sent you in the sms box? how do you reply to people that way? that's one of the main reasons i didn't want to get a bb, and the first reason why i threw 5.0 on my tour when i got it.

Well.....looks like RIM has swept their TOUR owners under the rug yet again. Maybe they should just exchange our TOURS for the Bold 9700 @ no cost. Just because you come out with a new model 3 months after you launched your previous "flagship device", does NOT mean you leave PAYING customers in the dark when it comes to software changes. Look @ the updates for the Bold 9700 already! And not 1 "official 5.0...upgrade" for us TOUR owners. Fair is fair, but come on RIM...lets show a little bit of passion here for ALL of your devices! Take a few of your thousands of employees, put a 5.0...update together (you can probably use most of the info from the Bold 9700 is my guess so it shouldn't take all that long) and give your TOUR owners a well deserved Christmas present :) I'm not complaining since I might not even switch to 5.0. Not digging the threaded SMS, but even so, the option should already be there for all of us TOURers.

Don't care about 4.x updates.
Don't even care about 5.0, based on what I've seen....

All I really want for the Tour is a new browser.

(Bolt's ok)

Yes, I know it isn't OS 5.0, but so what? it's an update and if it works OK and improves/fixes a few things, why complain?

Wow I was really hoping to get some feedback from these comments on the OS, guess there's just too many bitter angry people who can't accept what they're offered. If anyone has any comments on the OS it would be great to see them posted thanks.

*wonders if an official OS 5 will deep six not just my memory but my battery life as well* I love my 9000 but wtf happened to the battery life on this thing?

I know the 5.0 isn't available yet and I will wait till Verizon has it available. I don't want any issues with my BB I pay too much for a glitch to happen.
I do like threaded texting Had it with the EnvTouch. So it will be something I will like to have.
I do wish there were more free apps like Google offers to Droid customers but I won't give up my BB for a DROID.
I do not like it and although it may seem popular, it has issues too. I think BB surpasses Android devices as far as I am concerned. Not having voice activated BlueTooth is a real deal breaker for me. I do wish though BB would offer free voice navagation. I don't like reading when driving if I need directions. So I pay the extra for Vzw Navagation. It is always updated and works better than my friend's Tom Tom.