Official Tour 5.0 Update Coming from Verizon Next Week??

Verizon Tour PTT/OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2010 03:04 pm EDT

Since all of this Push to Talk on Verizon chatter came up, I've been on a bit of a crusade trying to sort out the details and just what exactly it means for Tour users. Our latest bit of information leads us to believe that come March 30th (the release date of PTT for the 9630), Verizon may finally be dropping the loooooong overdue 5.0 OS update. According to the above screencap, PTT will only work on OS 5.0 - which is not the default Tour OS. We can only assume that this means Verizon will be officially releasing OS 5.0 to coincide with the PTT release (if not then they really have it out for Tour users). No details on just what version it will be, but it appears it should be available as an OTA update for users on as well as a desktop install for anyone running other OS versions.

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Official Tour 5.0 Update Coming from Verizon Next Week??


By the time it comes out, nobody is going to care anymore. The Tour was SOO 2 devices ago.

I had nextel back in the day and used ptt less and less until I finally decided that I was sacrificing coverage for a feature I never used...So I switched to VZ.

If the ptt work as smoothly and cross carrier like bbm, then I'd be all about it. But I doubt it so, VZ, just v5 please.

Yeah, unfortunately Verizon PTT won't work with Sprint PTT, they're network specific. It'd be great since my work uses Nextels for the walkie talkie service... Oh well...

Does anybody even really care anymore? The Tour was a great device, but the way Verizon handled it left a sour taste in the mouths of alot of people.

As a Tour owner since it's launch, I could really care less about 5.0 now. I've been running Sprint's version of 5.0 for months now, and its because of little things like this, I will be buying either an iPhone or an Android for my next phone. I understand its not RIM's fault that Verizon didn't release 5.0 sooner, but the whole "Let's make a new model every three months and update it every 2 weeks" has gotten old. The Tour is the stepchild of RIM, and RIM is quickly becoming the stepchild of the mobile market. I'm done with this crap.

I have been running the latest OS leak and love it. I don't see a reason to take the time to load the officail OS when what I have is working great. At least the people who don't use leaks will get the 5.0 OS finally.

HA, just told my boss about this and he said "I know what you'll be doing next week". (Meaning upgrading his Tour).

Well I'll gladly update my device to the official OS 5.0 once released, but honestly I don't see PTT a worthy enough feature to have delayed the official release as long as it has been.

Does anyone know if this is just a software upgrade for Blackberries or does the Tour have some special hardware installed? I would love PTT to be in the near future for my Storm2.

Kinda figured that Verizon would have no choice but to finally release 5.0 on the Tour once the PTT announcement was made. Anyone wanna guess what version we get?? Regardless...IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. The PTT option seems to be the reason for our software delay. Thanks Verizon for making us wait for a feature that nobody really wanted!

5.0 will give lots of things. threaded texts is just the most popular part. It truly is awesome having threaded texts. But other than that, you get a much faster response from your device. It seems to utilize the processor and memory better. that is why I like it. I'm running the latest leaked version. Was running leaked .419 before this and both have been great.

This update is loooooong overdue, and I'm just about to witch back to a Storm again. Verizon needs some serious re-vamping.

Continues the trend of best network, worst phones. OS5 has been out for more than half a year... why does it take so long to approve an update for release, I just don't understand.

Well remember Everyone we have Verizon For their Service and Customer Care... Not Anything Else.... Also the Same reason why we have BlackBerry's. Both Companys are WAY behind in the times and haven't Offered anything new in a while to attract New People BUT What they Do offer WORKS and works almost with out Flaw !!! THAT is why we wait people. Also i have VZW Tour 4.7 Official

So Verizon says that it will be OTA for those on the 4.7 OS and DTM for others.

Does this mean I would have to do it OTA? I would assume someone will post a link to DL the OS files so we can choose to do it via DTM anyways, right?

i'll believe it when i see it for myself,way over due,way to late and when we do get it 6.0 will be out right after leaving us with an old o.s. as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I'm very happy, and always have been, with VZW, I'm tired of them being the very last to update their BlackBerries with new software. It's not just 5.0...they've been doing this for over a decade!

I am trying out the Palm Pre Plus and from my perspective, it's awesome. But then again, I'm a huge Google user, so having total, and instant, two-way sync of Gmail, Contacts and Calendar with Pre Plus is something I'll never have with a BlackBerry...not even when BIS 3.0. I have 26 more days to evaluate the Palm, but I think my BB days are numbered.

Spoke with the BSC earlier today; while he couldn't give me a release date (and I couldn't honestly say whether he knew or not), this update and the PTT feature outlined in a previous article are both coming later this week/early next.

Looks like the curve 8530 5.0 update just dropped. I was hopin they would release OS 5 for the tour at the same time. Oh well, wishful thinking :(

They screwed me around so much with that Tour that now its a week too late. I had to go to T-Mobile to get a damn decent phone and am stuck with two Tours that are useless. Thanks for nothing Verizon! I'll take the shotty service for a phone I don't have to swap 7 times and came with OS5.0 already installed.

I've been running the AllTel v5.0.0.419.. For the most part I like the improvements - threaded txt is NICE. Though I have noticed the web browser seems SLOWER since the upgrade. Also, there are times when I "wake" it the screen stays black for 5-10 seconds before coming to life. Maybe the VZW release will improve these issues I've seen..??..

I've been pretty happy w/ BBs (Pearl 8130 and now Tour 9630) but have to say, I do have some phone envy for my son's Droid. Google Maps w/ Nav and direct downloads from are both pretty sweet apps/functions, amongst many others.

RIM makes a solid device that does many things well. But if they want to stay strong in the consumer (not business) arena, they better keep apps like those coming our way... Will seriously be considering an Android device when my upgrade comes due.

Never had an issue w/ VZW - have been a customer for 12 years. They have always treated me well/fairly. Love their network & while they can be slow to market w/ some phones, o/a, I've been pleased w/ the devices they offer.

- - jnn

About F***ing time....As far as Verizon
has great sevr. im sick of always being blown off
with the Blackberry OS updates. And my switch to
AT&T nxt time around

I've put several good leaked OS 5.0s on my Verizon Tour, so I don't feel like I've been waiting very long at all for this.

Honestly I'm not really even looking forward to this.. I been had 5.0 on my device for about 3 months.. If you people want 5.0 so bad you should have gotten the leaks.. There nothing wrong with the leaks ! So get them and shutup !

I agree ! Honestly I'm not really even looking forward to this.. I been had 5.0 on my device for about 3 months.. If you people want 5.0 so bad you should have gotten the leaks.. There nothing wrong with the leaks ! So get them and shutup !

Wooooh, easy cowboy... for some people their BB isn't a fancy toy, its an important link to their family, their job and their office. Some people can't take the risk of unstable/unreliable leaks and load it into their phones. I, like many other people, wait for a carrier supported OS, in the hope that it is somewhat tested, and hopefully reliable. Don't flame people that use, and don't play, with their BBs.

I hope. For those that have held the company line and waited so long for something official, I hope it is truly the Jesus OS. Hopefully it will be something unseen and also be fodder for the various hybrid builders out there. I've got a couple of friends who are too chicken to load an OS via PC, and only an official OTA upgrade will do.

how much do you want to bet that the PTT disables the two side quick buttons from functioning or being able to change it to what you want like the camera or anything else for that matter.

I sure do hope they worked out all the reboot bugs with the holster that THEY provide with the phone...

Does anyone know if this will have threaded sms...? Im dying to get that on my tour. makes texting so much better.

We should get Verizon to see this somehow. If it wasn't for my parents making me stay with Verizon I would have been with AT&T and gotten an iPhone. I think my tour will be my first and last blackberry unless the slider comes to Verizon and is decent.

I've had my Tour (my first BB btw) for almost a year now. That's halfway to my next NE2 phone. Now, a year in, I'm getting an update? Admittedly it's not RIM's fault as much as VZW's...but this, coupled with the news that BIS 3.0 won't support 2-way Gmail sync right away and won't allow Google Calendar sync until October, ends my loyalty to Blackberry. All my info is Google-centric, and I need the seamless integration Android offers. Soon as I can upgrade, I'm out.

If you need to sync your Google calendars, download google sync from G's mobile website. I use it and it works well enough for me and my g calendars.

If you want to sync your BB calendar to you main Google calendar, go to and download Google Sync for BlackBerry. It works seamlessly for calendars. I love it.

I am not as much of a fan of the contact sync also in this application since it really messes up your contact's physical addresses. Gmail does not have dedicated fields for address, city, state, zip, etc. So it tends to smash all of these fields into Address Line 1 and 2 on your BB or the address shows up in Gmail with a lot of line breaks. Not pretty.

For those of you somehow afraid that a "leaked" or non-VZW "official" version of an OS might somehow be unreliable, it's just not the case. I've been running .419 since release and have found it as stable as 4.7 in every way (actually more stable at times), faster (boot times and browser experience) as well as having the other perks mentioned above (threaded SMS etc.). I can't understand why anyone is still on 4.7 but if for some reason VZW 5 point whatever doesn't show next week, do yourself a favor and at least make the move up to .419-

It reading threads like this that you realize how many Blackberry owners don't know how much their device can do right now with the right ap.