Official Toronto International Film Festival app for BlackBerry 10 now available

By Bla1ze on 29 Aug 2013 04:27 pm EDT

Whether you're making your way out to the Toronto International Film Festival or just looking to catch up on all the news, the TIFF app for BlackBerry is a a great place to get started. The app has been updated for the BlackBerry 10 platform and because of that it introduces some new features the event goers and onlookers will enjoy.

  • Complete list of films with screening times and locations, searchable and sortable by name, date or programme - and updated in real time
  • Read film descriptions and watch trailers; - Build your personal list of must-see favourites
  • Capacity to save screening times in your calendar to help build your own schedule
  • Choose to get automated, daily recommendations for films that match your interests
  • Share film information with friends over Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS
  • Get addresses, maps and directions for all venues
  • See daily Festival highlight photos
  • Join the conversation and follow the buzz of what's happening and where with Twitter integration. 

The Toronto International Film Festival officially kicks off on September 5th-15th but even right now there is movie showings and more going on. If you're looking to learn more about the event, you can head on over to the TIFF website for more details. If you're looking to grab the app, it's available in BlackBerry World right now for most BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones via the link below.

Download the official TIFF app for BlackBerry

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Official Toronto International Film Festival app for BlackBerry 10 now available


This is why I love blackberry, they are coming back......we have to promote BBRY......word of mouth is the most powerful advertising..... how many people did you promote BlackBerry too....

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I wish word of mouth was the most powerful advertising but that was their game plan for Z10 and Q10 and you see the results.... a barrage of TV advertising is what is needed for the Z30 that is coming up

Best way to protect is what I do. Show the strength of the browser versus everything else on the market. There is a great in dependant test site that helps showcase the fact that BlackBerry is the best in mobile browsing now. Including versus the upcoming ios7!!!!! It still blows it out the door. I keep showing that to people and they are dumfounded. Then I show up the apps I have and most are like holy cool! With apps like CamSam and stuff that as far as I know is BlackBerry exclusive right now most people are impressed. And this is a great app :) thanks for this. Now I'll be upto date on TIFF

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I thought no one was making apps for BlackBerry 10 anymore? (: (;

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

LOLOLOLOLOLOL but that's the sad reality with these types of apps. Even if it was on ios or android I think and app like this will get under 500 downloads

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Maybe think about ADVERTISING AND MARKETING to the film festival go'ers. Come on BlackBerry step up your game in marketing and advertising!!!!!!!

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To bad there wasn't one for the CNE, maybe next year. Glad to see this app come out. Should be good.

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