Official Statement from Research In Motion in Response to Blogger Allegations over BlackBerry 10 Progress

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2011 02:50 pm EST

Earlier today Jonathan Geller put up a post on that has seemingly garnered a lot of attention based on the number of tweets and emails I've received from CrackBerry readers who are a bent out of shape over it.

With information being brought forth from one of Geller's trusted sources, the post exclaims that BlackBerry 10 is a failure that won't be able to compete, that PlayBook OS 2.0 is a clear window into BlackBerry 10 (something I agree with - this has been known for a long time that things are evolving into one OS to rule tablet and phone), and that RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis lied on the last week's conference call when putting LTE chipset availability into the spotlight as a primary reason for the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones being delayed until late 2012.

After reading the BGR post I reached out to Research In Motion to see if they would provide an official response to the story, which they did. Here's what RIM had to say in response:

"RIM made a strategic decision to launch BlackBerry 10 devices with a new, LTE-based dual core chip set architecture. As explained on our earnings call, the broad engineering impact of this decision and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices. The anonymous claim suggesting otherwise is inaccurate and uninformed. As RIM has previously explained, and as Mike Lazaridis reiterated on the earnings call, we will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chip set architecture is required to deliver the world class user experience that our customers will expect. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply false. We appreciate the interest in our future platform and we will continue to work hard to deliver that platform as soon as possible. At the same time, we also remain very excited with the success of our recently launched BlackBerry 7 smartphones and we believe these products offer a very compelling choice for both new customers and the almost 75 million BlackBerry users around the world." 

That's a pretty clear statement from RIM on this one, so take it in and decide what you will. Look. I know a lot of RIM people. Heck, I know a lot of ex-RIM people too. Nobody I know denies the challenges RIM is facing from the competition and the difficulties they need to work through as they transition to a new mobile platform. But the revenue engine is still firing on BlackBerry 7 Smartphone sales, there are still a lot of SMART people working at the company and none of them want to be working for a company that's losing. 2012 is all about execution. RIM wants to win. Have faith. Afterall, it's almost Christmas!

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Official Statement from Research In Motion in Response to Blogger Allegations over BlackBerry 10 Progress


Thanks for posting this Kevin!! I agree 100% 2012 is going to be a big year for RIM and I think they can pull through!!!

Actually, I think 2013 will be the big year... :) BB10 devices won't be in the market long enough to affect 2012 very much. Sadly.

In a year from now RIM will say they are waiting for a super efficient quad core architecture

Just to discover QNX/BBX/BB10/whatever you wanna call it wasn't originally designed for quad core pushing it back till 2025.

when smartphones no longer exist...and people already have synthetic components implanted in their nervous systems...

You must be the most ignorant here. That is the most stupid comment I-ve ever heard about QNX. QNX can run even on 32 and 64 cores... so cmon, quad core is piece of cake

I didn't read the geller statements but I don't really understand his angle since if I could get a phone that is basically my playbook, I'd take it over the iPhone in a split second.

Unless they can't get autocorrect done, which doesn't seem believable.

The boys at RIM are just too slow at getting their handsets to market. I was excited for Dakota when the rumours came out towards the end of 2009... and it took 2 years to finally release it! The 2nd Torch had the specs the 1st one SHOULD have had and when the market has moved on to quad-cores the 2 jokers at the top will pat themselves on their backs for releasing yet another product late to the dance.

The only way to get this sinking ship to float is to convince Samsung, or someone else more capable than RIM, to manufacture the hardware.

Sounds like same old RIM BS. I'm still waiting for the 2.0 OS for BlackBerry PlayBook promised last simmer. Why would anyone buy a BlackBerry 7 phone that they say will be outdated end of year. PLEASE Microsoft or Android buy these buffoons out so we can get a competitive device that's not already outdated on day it's finally released.

Who says they will be outdated? THey will keep putting out software updates for them and the services will continue to work. They have to switch BB10 at some point. My OS 7 device runs great. No complaints here.

The buffoon above you probably thinks the iphone5 and quad core android phones will have a rocket engine embedded in a slimmer case and will fly him to an island full of diamonds and hot chicks.

RIM will not sell an LTE device that has a pathetic battery life.

BTW, My 9900 doesn't feel outdated at all. =)

I have an android phone and to be honest my next phone will be a blackberry. Owned an iTouch and gave it away since I got bored so no iPhone for me. Mostly I'm just sick of onscreen keyboards.

I am also using an Android 4G and waiting for QNX to come online. It cost me an ETF as well to find that the iTurd4 is not all its hyped up to be. I regret selling my old Tour and Bold and look forward to another BB device that can hang with even the toughest kid on the block.

hey moron android is software not a company. as soon as anything is released, its outdate especially an android phone


A year say you? LOL... Try a few short months. Heck I'm doing just fine with my almost two year old BlackBerry Curve 8530 and my HTC Hero of the same age. Can hardly wait for OS2 for my PlayBook 64GB though.

Hey Buffoon, FYI Android is an OS not a company.....Google makes Android & then gives it out to HTC, LG, ect

When I saw the news about the delay of BB10, I thought that they were trying to make up an excuse (and I think that the BRG post is just a confirmation of it).
The fact is that BES mail and BBM will not be ready by Q1 next year (Rim told us that as they will not be a part of PB 2.0). RIM does not have a product ready and will not have a product ready until Q3 2012, otherwise they would have launched a very successful non LTE product (which is what is relevant for most of the world).
I am amazed that in the same time as Google has delivered 3 very significant updates to their Android OS, RIM has not been able to produce a mail solution which is compatible with BES, and that is the main problem. RIM's development pace seems to be out of sync with what the competitors do.
I love my bbry but I have lost confidence on RIM's ability to deliver competitive phone in the future.

"we will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chip set architecture is required to deliver the world class user experience that our customers will expect."

An interesting way of wording that. No where in their response did they contradict the claim that it' doesn't have a working product yet. The way they worded this statement makes you think that they really don't.

if it's virtually the same thing as Playbook 2.0, why will they only launch a playbook 2.0 without BBM and not Playbook and BB10 at the same time...

RIM should learn to shut up when they fail instead of flaunting their failures

This is simple you can only get BBM on one device, so you want ti on your phone not your tablet, BFD. I can't get BBM on an iPhone at all....

Exactly correct.

"As RIM has previously explained, and as Mike Lazaridis reiterated on the earnings call, we will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready and we believe this new chip set architecture is required to deliver the world class user experience that our customers will expect"

The part of that statement that really fails is the "we believe" comment. If they knew that the LTE chipset was going to finish up 10 then they would have said so. They believe? What if they are wrong? Is 10 finished? They should be a heck of lot more difinitive than "we believe".

Of course it's not finished yet. If BB10 was finished we'd all be running it on our PlayBooks. Given the hardware won't be ready till late 2012 (let's say November) I sure hope they're working on making the OS better between now and then. I'd be far more if concerned if they'd said "okay, that's good enough, we're gonna stop working on it". Android and iOS continue to advance, RIM has to continue working too, and there's nothing concerning about that.

I'm not tyring to bash another site, but BGR has become the TMZ of the tech world. They're to eager to deliever "Breaking News" to the point that I feel like they put false information out there to create a buzz. Everything they post comes from a "Trusted Source" but there's never a name.

"I'm not tyring to bash another site, but BGR has become the TMZ of the tech world."

That is exactly what you did

agreed. my cousin works for RIM and I have seen the 2.0 OS. its solid, has email (unlink what the BGR post says). he was getting email on his PB before his 9900 would get notified and that was for gmail and godaddy which are pretty fast to notify on the BlackBerry.

Dont you guys get it? BGR is extremely smart, he says that he has a "trusted" source inside RIM, wich most likely is false, and the article is most likely made up! And what do he get in return? An official statement from Rim! Dont hate on him, because he is simply very, very, very clever!

Brucep1, if they had a working product that could compete, they would release it right now. Obviously it's not working yet because we're nowhere near to either the original or new release dates. They learned their lesson with the playbook, that's why we're not seeing blackberry 10 devices yet. Am I missing something or are you people that thick-headed?

I agree with you. But the way the earnings call and that statement sound, it makes it seem like they have it all tested and ready to go and are waiting on some LTE chips.

In short, they are blaming someone else again instead of themselves.

Aren't LTE chips already available (Motorolla Bionic, HTC Thunderbolt etc)? Can someone riddle me this, why does it feel like every other cell phone maker has access to technology that RIM doesn't? example: RIM is working on getting dual core in phone "late 2012" while Androids are already releasing quads as we speak. HTC will have an 8-core by then. It's frustrating.

An " 8-core " is actually referred to as an octocore. And just because a device has a higher number in core sectors that doesn't make it a good phone if the software doesn't match up....

would help if BB10 were amazingly built software, but Playbook OS is no different than the 1st gen tablet oses, except no native email it's already pretty archaic...

and it also would be quite stupid & passive for a company to say that an entire new product line is ready to launch except it has 1 problem and instead of solving the single problem in the half a year, the company will wait for technological advancement for an entire half year...

If there are no working hardware already in existence required to make the product, is it a product or a concept?

You know those fancy concept phone claiming to use nanotechnology to shape the device, they could now say they are just delaying the launch of this product. Teleporters, time machines, faster than light speed transport, they are just delayed.

LTE chips are available, but what's not available are any fully integrated LTE chips. Current LTE phones have to have two radio chips active at the same time (3G for voice and LTE for data), a big part of why they have such poor battery life. The next generation of LTE chips will be fully integrated and built on a smaller 28nm process, giving them the all day battery life RIM requires their phones have.

THE pLAYBOOK IS A TOOL. they are using it to so that there will be an ecosystem for QNX when bb10 comes out

RIM is goin down the toilet. BB10 is a bust. How else can you explain all the failed promises for QNX. I feel sorry for all the diehard RIMjobbers. It will be a sad day for them when the doors close for good in Waterloo.

Sorry Kev, you're living in a dream world. BGR has devolved into sensationalist stunts, true. But Crackberry shouldn't allow itself to become simply a forum for RIM to perpetuate their delusions. Whether there is any merit to BGR's claims, the swift response from RIM is telling in its own way.

Completely agree with you. Even if BGR made up everything, we saw the developer build for the coming Playbook os, we have a pretty good idea what this BB10. More modern than BB os, yes; iPhone's and Android's competition, no. What BGR said is at least what the majority of us suspects.

I doubt most of us are even frustrated about the lies/delays/broken promises anymore. RIM had all the time in the world to work on integrating QNX into their handset or revamping it, yet they work in Canadian pace. A functioning business cannot work at that pace and ask its customers to wait forever. BB7 was was just BB6.1; yes with new fancy handsets and smooth animation, but it's nothing more than BB6.1; any other os from any other company launching such minor improvements as a new generation os would face extreme backslash; we have been very sympathetic to RIM. This BB10 is incredibly behind schedule-wise and function-wise. Android's visual recognitions' developments and iPhone's voice UI developments have already far exceeded what BB has shown/promised us by a few generations. Continue working at this pace, even if RIM manage to survive, their os will just fall further and further behind until BB10 becomes the new obsolete BBos.

How can anyone possibly work so incredibly slow?

I wanted to say so much at the "Canadian pace" comment but james hit the nail right on the head. No further comment needed.

man, i was really expecting RIM to say, "Y'know what? That guy's right. We're screwed." can't believe they didn't. huh...

Fine.... let's launch an OS and phone that is not ready for prime time....That sentiment makes no logical sense to me .. sorry, I filly agree with the 'wait till its FULLY ready and then launch a killer OS and hardware' group. The only suggestion I would put forward at this time is GET A BETTER MARKETING TEAM THAT KNOWS WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING. RIM has got to have one of the worst marketing groups in the industry. That said, the OS, now and the coming 10 + 2 plus the hardware (phone and tablet) are some of the best on the market.

As RIM has previously explained, and as Mike Lazaridis reiterated on the earnings call, we will not launch BlackBerry 10 devices until we know they are ready

Then we should still be waiting for the release of the playbook if that's their way of thinking.

Lovin' my PB. The PB/BB handset combo is the best mobile communications and computing system on the market. And it now has angry birds for the little kids.

I feel sorry for you. You do nothing but troll the blog posts.

I'm going to sip my CANADIAN coffee, at a CANADIAN pace. You should've been like the final step to that. Swallowed.

All I know and care about is that I love my Bold 9930. It is the best smartphone for me and that is it.
I've tried all the others and they just don't cut it for me.


I think OS 2 for Playbook will be a clear indication of how RIM is doing with OS10. Let's hope that comes in Feb. BGR is full of crap and aways has been.

Well, put it this way: they could credibly release the Developer Preview now. Finally, decent Wi-Fi speed, Android compatibility, and overall, pretty stable.

My guess is that there's some work going on to make sure there's at least one "gotta-have" app to announce when it's launched. Intriguingly enough, I was half-inclined to think they'd hold off on Angry Birds until then, but Rovio messed me up on that yesterday :-)

I am not a techie, but I got my new Bold 9930 a couple of months ago (after owning a Storm for a couple of years) and bought a killer priced Playbook Tablet two nights ago.

I can barely use what I own now so I don't really care when the new stuff comes out. I LOVE what I own now. I'm just hoping RIM is around a long time so I can continue to use what I have.

As explained on our earnings call, the broad engineering impact of this decision and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

I have difficulty understanding RIM lingo...but the hog wash and lies is uphauling

"....and certain other factors???" --like not having a working model and o by the way LTE..what LTE we never said anything about LTE , its certain other factors now?

"influenced the anticipated timing" -- nice way of saying delayed

Why twist words only makes things worse?

Look at how quickly smartphones have evolved over the past two years. By the time RIM releases BB10 phones there'll be devices that are mind boggling compared to them. Somebody save RIM now!

Phandroid and ibones are just as old tech when you buy it right?keep wasting your time trying to keep up with mr and mrs jones.

So you think RIM's strategy is to target consumers who don't care if they own the latest and best technology. I doubt even this sad sack of a company would have that kind of philosophy.

And why do people feel the need to make up cute little names while trying to belittle the competition?

So running down a confidential source is RIM's top priority? How about getting a decent product on the market, or finally finishing the Playbook? Do you think they could pencil that in?

+1... clearly the source is working against the company. Leaking information like this and forcing RIM to waste resources responding to this crap only slows the turn-around process.

What did you expect RIM to say? "Yes, we messed up?"
I live about 15 minutes from the RIM campus. Many of my friends, family, and neighbors work for RIM, and I can't count how many times in the past few months that they have told me that BB10 is way behind schedule (news spreads fast around RIM ;-)

It really is tough to stay loyal. I try so hard. I feel sorry for RIM. They were complacent and now they're outgunned. The space moves too fast. They keep saying that BB10 will be this timeless world class experience. Analysts everywhere argue it's already outdated at this very moment. What does that mean for 12 months from now when it's finally out?

I have been waiting along time for these "superphones". I'm starting to lose faith that they'll be all that super. A dual core LTE phone with a modified QNX OS and autofocus camera will hardly be super a year from now. It would have a hard time being clasified as super today.

I can't even comprehend the new benchmark in smartphones a year from today but can confidently say BB10's will be Casio calculators in comparison.

Is it just me but I see most people this way:
Phone got released half-baked = People Rant
Phone got delayed due to premature hardware/software = People Rant

Whatever happens, I still love my 9900 7.1 and my PlayBook 2.0

Seeing how Android devices are poised to carry the Intel Medfield chips for 2012, I would sure hope that RIM would seek out better chips than what were planned on. I don't know what their alternatives are, but I hope it's in the same ballpark. For 10 devices to come out swinging with a twig would just be embarrassing.

As long as RIM makes a phone that has great battery life, data efficency, relatively bug free, and they continue throwing money at big devs (like they have with EA, Gameloft) BB10 phones will be fine.

Will make a great replacement for my POS Android (which is still way better than an iphone).

Same reason the iPhone 5 was never released...the LTE chipset isn't ready they had to stall with a mediocre upgrade. I got this from an insider at Intel.

I think your comment nails it. People were upset when there was no iphone5, they looked like they just lost their puppy.

Instead, RIM fans and haters just bash the company for every single problem, sometimes with so much hatred. It's pathetic.

The funny thing is that even ifthe article was right, does it really matter? If they don't have it ready then they just don't. If they are fibbing again I have no respect for that but it really doesn't matter why its not ready, it only matters that its not. Everybody has a hard on for a device that they don't even know if they will like it. I'm happy with my 9930 as long as they fix the freezing issue and hope for an even better bb10 bold. Until then bring on the 2.0 update, release the keyboard and mouse for the playbook and please market the crap out of the exsisting devises to create some revinue.

Other than that you guys need to chill.

Come on Kevin. We know you have the native mail app on your PlayBook. How close to final is it? If it's working well for you, then we know this 'source' is bs. If you can tell it's months away from final, then there might be something to this. Tell us!

In the words of Vinnie Barbarino - I'M SO CONFUSED!!! Reading all the comments on CB has my brain doing flipflops! There was bitching because the PlayBook was released "too soon", it was incomplete. Now there's bitching because the new phones won't be out because RIM wants them to be right. Where's Angry Birds?! Where's Angry Birds?! Angry Birds is released and lo and behold, it COSTS TOO MUCH(even though, apparently, its the same price as the iPad version)! What?! No native email on PlayBook? Funny, until I bought my BB, I didn't have even have email on my phone. There's no apps for PB! Damn that RIM! Maybe RIM should pay developers to make the apps. Ya know, I've seen better behavior in a class of first graders. I love my PB for everything it CAN do. Since I bought it in May, it goes everywhere with me. I use my laptop maybe once a week, if that. Every improvement they make to the PB is just icing on the cake. As for the phones, I use Nextel PTT alot, so until Sprint finally does away with it, I'll still be rockin' my Curve 8350i with OS5, and lovin' it for what it CAN do. Ok, rant over. I now return you to your regularly scheduled bitch session.

Yes, Kevin, it's about engineering execution. The iPhone OS officially released in June of 2007 with the 1st iPhone. The Android 1.1 in Feb of 2009. Both these companies have an army of top tier engineers, the pick of the liter, and are YEARS ahead of RIM with their OS. You really think version 1.0 of BlackBerry 10 is magically going to even be able to compete? Google and Apple can recruit the best of the best software engineers. If you were a rock star engineer - would you (A) go work for Google or Apple in sunny California, whose stock price has been on an upward trajectory for years with no signs of slowing down, and you will be learning and working with the best of the best, or (B) work for RIM in freezing Ontario for a company whose stock price is taking a nose dive. It's a catch-22 situation, RIM does need an OS refresh, but that also means having top tier software engineers to lay down the proper foundation so that they can execute efficiently. There is a reason why all the recent launches by RIM have been delayed and poorly executed. They just don't have the skilled resources that the companies in Silicon Valley have. Here is a bold statement - if they want to have even a chance at succeeding - they need to relocate or startup a dev team here in Silicon Valley.

Ahh... so what you're saying is Canada doesn't have the brain power to compete on the world stage? I do believe you're wrong. Waterloo is the primary development centre, and there are people from all over the world working there - it is Silicon Valley North. The talent pool in Canada is just as capable and diverse as anything available in Silicon Valley South.

The only strong statement that I would have hoped for from RIM was the following: "We are currently in consultaiton with our lawyers to sue BGR for slander and have every intention of destroying, financially, BGR"

Now that would have been a much better press release then the current gobbly goo from RIM.

I have been reading these comments and Im curious. With all these advancement in mobile tech cells the one technology thats still stagant is the battery technology. Lithium Ion cells have not advanced for over 10+. How the hell can mobile tech companies power todays phones with yesterday battery tech. Alot of users seems to forget that. Why would I want quad core capabilites when battery tech can barely support dual core.

All these tech analysts retards think they know everything about tech and yet the f!@#$king problem is right in their hands, and dont even really aware of it. All the mobile companies are putting out screaming fast beautiful screen phones but all have that inharent flaw. Rim phones may seem dated with other cells but Rim seems to be the only one who truly understands this dilimma. And yet we all bash them for being cautious, and yes, late to the mobile game. Rim achille heels is that it wasnt fast enough to to compete in mobile tech, but maybe, they understood something most tech company either ignored or forgot about.

No matter how one looks at it, no tech company are ignorant, arrogant maybe, but no way are they as stupid as these analysts make them out to be. If they have all the answers why dont they go out and build their own superphones instead of pretending to know anything.

To all these so called tech journalists or whatever u want to call them, so listen the F%$#!!K up. Either shut up, put out, or write something sensible. As an old army quote; kill them all and let God sort them out.


What else can be expected from a couple of generations that have been indoctrinated to believe that they have the right to get whatever they want when they want it because they say so or else... they throw a temper tantrum. Remember that common sense is not common, particularly nowadays.

"Remember that common sense is not common, particularly nowadays."

Agreed... personally i think every person in the world should practice "critical thinking" rather than repeat what every "analyst" says.

I will say this though, the fact that RIM still makes headlines is still good, even if the news is bad.

i believe in rim and i believe they will do what is best to get the blackberry back on the top of the smartphone race

Thank you Kevin. I agree with this. There are a lot of people that only like complaining and spread rumors around.

There is no perfect company, and I believe RIM learned from prior mistakes. I rather have them delay a product than put out one that is half way done that will ignite more flames than improve people's perceptions.

CEOs have a though job making decision that sometimes are not effective. I admire their courage to come out and say they will delay the product whether people are not going to like it or not and deal with the ramifications instead of simply saying what people want to hear.

I was really young when I realized smart people probably should not believe stories about two-headed space aliens in those tabloids near the grocery store check-out lines. And then in graduate school there was something about ethics when reporting information ....

FACT: The PlayBook is powerful and useful and I don't even have OS2 on it yet.
FACT: BB OS7 serves me very well.
FACT: A large part of the comments here are by people that know nothing about what it takes to do what RIM is trying to do. Read between the lines and stop getting so upset by children voicing opinions on things they know nothing about. Do yourselves a favor and skip to the credible comments. Intelligent, respectful, open discussion is healthy. Ignore the rest.
FACT: The negative stuff is either true or not truie and we will all soon know, won't we?

I never read the article, but it does surprise me RIM bothered to answer. Not sure what that is about.

How is Johnathan Geller a credible source that deserves an official response? So he's a guy who's obsessed with phones and writes a blog, may or may not have "sources", on a site with a sort of odd bent (paid perhaps?) for blackberry smear articles. I mean I can write a blog too, lol.
I don't know where BGR lives, but the majority of smartphones where I live are either blackberries or iphones, and I suspect that RIMs high market share has attracted all this attention.
The internet is great, but we need to realize how much of these "articles" are marketing, and how much these tech and blog sites parrot each other:

1: its easy to write something and put it on the internet
2: it's free and easy to access
3: it's relatively anonymous
4: Lots of people will read it as it gets passed around

So it's a marketing dream for all sorts of companies/individuals who use it to their advantage. Unfortunately given that a small company- RIM has a large market share in the smartphone category (a red hot product category), it will of course be under attack from other companies vying for the top spot. RIM needs to hire a better marketing firm and get some good press out there.

And I love the "Sinister" black and white photos of the co-CEO's Mike and Jim, (omg suits!).

it has been know since before the release of the playbook that handsets with the new os would not be available until a capable dual core processor was ready.

the pb is a preview of what is too come. the only thing i would have done differently if i made decisions at rim would have been to release a 3g version of the tablet with pim and call it the blackbook. that way users could have had a choice between bridge and 3g tablet instead of the changing their approach to pins. the blackbook would just be a touch phone with a larger screen.

bridge is my choice as i see no reason to upgrade the tablet hardware if every 3 years im getting the latest greatest handset.

this is just more bs posturing attracting attention to negative news. if you tell the same lie repeatedly eventually all common sense will be abandoned and your bs will be believed.

Firstly its BGR. Secondly read the claim once twice and you will notice it is garbage.
They say BB 10 will not be released because it is not yet complete? What did they expect?
Everyone only releases products when they are done. So what is different with RIM?

there are some reports that the "high members" of rim are meeting with those from nokia and microsoft....
i think Rim has to put the pedal to the metall... ios and android are getting more and more interessting for business use. i dont know of it's a good decision to get android apps to the blackberry... there is a possibility for rim that they definitly could merge business usage and multimedia perfektly but they have to work hard... maybe its better to develop a "custom rom" version of android or a similar os. imagine a android OS on a blackberry BUT with all those great features from the blackberry smartphones like the calendar etc... all they have to do is to add some apps.... i love blackberry os and the playbook os but they have to turn it into a modern touch os to get developers on their plattform.
9900 and 9930 are great smartphones but only 1 or 1,5 day battery capacity?
wtf? this is a blackberry! this is a bold... i think it could be 15mm thick but have a 2000mah battery with 20 days standby or something. this is not a toy this is a blackberry
remeber your roots but put them modern ....
dont get multimedia... get a faster browser maybe some android apps
but a battery drain like the bold 9900 or torch 9810...
thats not a blackberry....
my 9780 has a 1500mah battery with 3 days and the 9900 has a 12xx mag...
this is a blackberry!!!

I get they were asked, but I don't understand why RIM even bothered to respond. Keep it moving and get the job done.

This is exactly what I've been posting about, idiot Bloggers and Reporters, I tell you, these guys feel they can say anything, and reporting is down to personal opinions and bigotry. I wsih RIM could sue some of these jerks for slander.


With all the delays in launching the OS 10 devices any reference to another possible cause should raise concern. Why can't RIM release one new OS 10 model in early 2012 that isn't 4G LTE and begin to restore some credibility? The other manufactuers are constantly "upgrading" their phone designs. By the time RIM does introduce their ultimate "superphone" in late 2012 it won't be so ultimate and they will have seen more loss of market share and more irrelevance to the consumer.

"...and certain other factors significantly influenced the anticipated timing for the BlackBerry 10 devices"

"And certain other factors". Hmmm. Yeah, covering their butts with a vague statement like that. Basically, "certain other factors" covers anything and everything.

I think RIM should purchase some semi conductor firm (e.g., Marvel )..
home made hardware and design is always better and faster.

Rumors, informants, and incomplete device releases aside. There is one way to shut up the naysayers- release a completed product ahead of schedule.

BGR is backed by Apple. Specifically Steve Wozniak.

Sadly you can't believe anything they say because ultimately it's all skewed in favour of Apple.

Geller sold his soul for cash a long time ago.

Why don't someone ask RIM who makes these chips that haven't been invented yet.
Then maybe we can confirm with the chip maker if such an LTE chip exist.
Sorry but I believe some of it is true...check RIM's track record with all the lies they told and I will start to believe it.
BGR said the phone would be delayed until Q3 2012 and everyone cursed what.
They said Playbook OS2 would come out in Feb. 2012...guess what?
There is no BBX or BB10 phones...with all the negative press they would have shown something but they have nothing to show.
If they come out in Q3 2012 (big IF) it will be outdated because RIM will continue to use old technology like they've don in the pass.
Sorry I've moved on and all the other 4 BB in our house will soon.

Honestly,RIM should stop thinking that they are entitled. Last year,they fooled all of you. Look at the Blackberry Playbook,a great device but never pushed by RIM because they just assume it will sell. With these new Blackberry 7 devices like the 9900 and the 9810, they once again assumed they would sell. RIM needs to advertise thier product.Apple does,thats why they are successful.Every day on TV,on billboards,on radio and the internet there's an Apple ad.Or an ad showing off the Android OS. Even Windows Phone is getting advertised like crazy.I can count the number of BB ads I've seen in the past month on one hand.The CEO's at Waterloo need to wake up.Blackberry phones arent the forefront of smartphones anymore.iPhones are.Android OS is.Thats the movement now.So to Jim and Mike,take the reins.Advertise.Show people why we fell in love with Blackberries,why they are the prime communication device.If not,that 21% market share will shrink faster and faster and these 75 million subscribers with dwindle quickly too.

I call BS on RIM on this one. Let's say the Playbook's OS is essentially the same as BB10. Let's say the new BB10 phones are ready except for LTE.
Playbook OS 2.0 is coming in February. If everything were really ready, except for LTE, you wouldn't release a killer phone at that time? Really?

You "need" LTE do you? Well, lack of LTE doesn't have seem to hurt the iPhone, geeze, one of the best sellers is the iPhone 3GS!

I read big comment... pro/contra have been explained by many. This is my believe, so far the delay from BB have made them suffer. YES! nobody is perfect but this is also a marketing war, everyday you delay a product then a winning day for the competitor.

Look at samsung Galaxy in order to beat iPhone they'll do anything to win and they are doing quite well.

Now BB in other hands release PB after 6 months delayed and off course get run over by iPad2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now OS2 is delayed yet again will they compete with iPad3 and Samsung next generation? Off course... will BB win? I think not...

BBX will have much much worse competition if it delayed till 3rd quarter most probably compete with iPhone 5 and again the next generation of Samsung. Will BBX win? I think not...

Again I'm no iPhone or Android phone fans and yes I owned PB and BB7 however base on my comparison both PB and BB7 cant compete with them.. SOOOOOO again its a marketing war and so far I dont see BB is doing something to win the war. They just keep on slowing down and surely but sure will destroy them.

Just my .02cents

It doesn't matter whether it is a problem with the chipset or with BB10. RIM would need to catchup with the rest of market. Unfortunately, competion is moving very fast. From my point of view, too fast for RIMs mgm. They got too fat and lazy with past success.
Google, Apple, Samsung, HTC seem to have much better management (probably not hard to beat RIM) and probably better developers.
All major competitors selling dual core CPUs these days. Fuck LTE, this a time to market game and not a beauty contest!
RIM took over QNX about 2 yrs ago. What have these guy been doing? Innovative companies would already work on version 1.5.