Official Statement from Research In Motion regarding recall of approximately one thousand BlackBerry PlayBook units

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2011 07:38 pm EDT

Following up unofficial word yesterday via a Staples memo that Research In Motion would be recalling over 900 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, I reached out to RIM for more information seeing as the memo didn't disclose any explanation of exactly what was faulty in the units. Here's the deal: 

RIM determined that approximately one thousand BlackBerry PlayBook tablets (16 GB) were shipped with an OS build that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up.

The majority of the affected devices are still in the distribution channel and haven't reached customers. RIM is working to replace the affected devices.

In the small number of cases where a customer received a PlayBook that is unable to properly load software upon initial set-up, they can contact RIM for assistance. 

So that's that. Not a big deal. Nothing to really be worried about in the grand scheme of things and not many consumers should actually be affected by the issue. You can check our original post for the serial numbers of recalled units. And as always, if you have a PlayBook and are experiencing any issues, just jump into our BlackBerry PlayBook forum for some awesome help from our friendly community.

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Official Statement from Research In Motion regarding recall of approximately one thousand BlackBerry PlayBook units


A software glitch had brought the cultists out to play. Something that could happen to any of them. It can even be fixed if rim launches repair software for pc's to wipe the device and reload workable software. Moot.

I had that on the first one i bought. Returned it to the store and the new one has been working flawlessly since.

Meanwhile, the PlayBooks' wi-fi connections continue to work just fine, no matter how you hold 'em. ;-)

Those who don't have a PlayBook don't know what they are missing.
This portable device is the best on the market.

Well...let's hope this does not go the way of the Storm. I've been with 2 of those, still on my Storm 2. What a mess of a unit. It shows necessary files needed, and whenever I attempt to install those through the Desktop Manager (yes, I have latest), they fail to stick, showing the same 4 or 5 necessary Blackberry program files as needing to be installed. I've even worked with BB on resetting the phone for the umpteenth time. Its just a dog of a phone. And, yet, I loved my original Storm until it died, two years out. They gave me the upgrade to this Storm 2 and its just the worst phone ever. These days, it won't even show the time when its on the BB base. One of the biggest reasons I got the Storm.

I've been an avid fan of BB for many years, but I've seen the downside of playing with RIM. Oh well....again, let's hope this is not just the beginning of bad things happening to the new Playbook. Likely would never "link" to my Storm 2 anyway. For me, I'm waiting for a newer version of a BB phone and Playbook that might divert me away from changing over to the dark side. I will wait to make up my mind about whether I want Blackberry or not. Good thing I didn't order the original Playbook, with my luck, I would have ended up with one of those 900 units. The only way I seem to win is if its a bad thing.

"Well...let's hope this does not go the way of the Storm."

Hey A-hole stopped reading after this point, since clearly you don't own a playbook and don't know what you are talking about. After your no doubt bitchy ignorant (in the true sense of the word) rant, you are going to confess you are a blackberry fan. Why don't you stop the lies and get the F off of this website.

The playbook is a rock solid bad ass tablet with the best mobile OS out there, bar none.

I'm sorry you had such a difficult time with your Storm2, mine has been excellent ever since I bought it the day it came out. There's bound to be a couple lemons in the bunch.

This was what I figured the recall was about, affected units sold already are fine to keep once you got the update loaded through DM. I have one of the recalled units and beside for the initial setup it has worked flawlessly. Glad I won't need to return it.

My playbook is on the list of serial numbers posted. I was not able to get through the Blackberry ID. I then called for tech support. The guy at RIM was very helpful and took his time to figure out my issue. He told me he noticed the problem was only with playbooks from Staples. I was on the phone for about two hours. I want to say that my experience with RIMs tech support was excellent. i have not had any issue with my playbook since!

it is what it is. it's being remedied by RIM. it's not a perfect world and recall happens. let it go..

At least it didn't kill anybody! It's just a software boo boo.

Please give RIM a break. They are Canadian ... and Canadians are nice people.

heh i had this issue but then found out i wasn't connected to the wifi. issue gone :D
self -troubleshooting = fun :D

i believe i might be one of those people who bought a problematic PB When i first got my pb from staples it would not let me accept the EULa so i called BB They told me to power off the device and plug it into pc and run BBDM and update the software Once i did that it allowed me to proceed with setup and it works great now

Went thru 3 of these and the fix is pretty simple. My problem is i have an iMac. All i had to do was connect it to a windows pc, download the newest software (which was already available) and reboot the playbook. Its been fine ever since. ALTHOUGH the browser will lock up and I have actually run out of memory. with only one or two windows open. I took a screen shot of it. May post in forums to see if its just a fluke. Hasnt really happened since.


The one I purchased for my boss is on the list and I had a challenging time with the initial setup. However, I worked with BB tech and successfully go it going (using the similar method mentioned earlier of powering down and loading it from DM). It works perfectly. Do I still need to send it back? What's RIM's official position on what to do if the PlayBook appears to be working perfectly?

I really don't want to take it away from my boss. I've finally got her trained and out of the "iPad wanting camp". What do you think?

The King Troll comes out.

As for Apple, people in glass houses.....

As for Android, it works perfectly if you want a permanently infected device LOL!

I got one of these on day one, took it back, and got another at office depot which worked perfectly.

Now let's all declare RIM going bankrupt again for the millionth time and move on....

RIM faces the music right away. No need for shitty videos showing the competition doing the same. Or giving owners rubber bands to solve hardware problems.

I love my Playabook... I am glad that RIM took the intiative to correct the issue instead of saying non-issue - put a bumper on it, or don't hold it a certain way...

Playbook, stay strong and play on Playa... The playa haters are out there...

Mine's on the list and considering the fact that I'm typing this message on it, its not really an issue IMO.

I didn't even have to connect to DM. I simply swiped up from the Setup screen and did a system wipe which reloaded the OS and that solved the problem for me.

Been using my unit (bought at Staples) since launch after doing that and haven't any issues since.

It reached Office Max-Puerto Rico. I got mine 2 weeks ago and it happened twice. Of course, my PB S/N is not in that list. Beware you all!

im sad to say this but i ran across 2 yester day trying to buy my wife one at staples for the 200 off sale.

i kid you not

How do we check the serial number on a unit that can't get past the set up page? It wno't read the wifi network - the IT guy even created an password free network for me and this POS can't even find the network. I tried manually too. Nada.

If I can't do anything but get stuck at setup how can I find the serial number?