Official statement from Research In Motion regarding Kodak patent infringment suit

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2012 02:00 pm EST


If you remember waaaaayyy back in January of 2010, Eastman Kodak had brought forth some allegation that both RIM and Apple were infringing upon some of Kodak's image and image processing patents. We obviously haven't heard much in the way of progress thus far, but a few weeks back the US ITC had delayed ruling on on the case and a judge moved the date for a court ruling to September 21, 2012. With the announcement of Kodak filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, RIM had this to say:

RIM is ready and willing to proceed to trial today but Kodak asked the court to delay the trial until August. Moreover, RIM is willing to pay for its use of valid patents--RIM pays hundreds of millions of dollars annually for patent licenses. But RIM believes that Kodak's main patent in this dispute, the '218, is neither valid nor infringed and RIM's position was supported by one of the nation's most respected patent judges, the International Trade Commission's Chief Judge Luckern.

So while RIM is ready to settle the dispute as needed, it's still unclear as to what Kodak will do from this point after filing for bankruptcy in the midst of the lawsuit.

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Official statement from Research In Motion regarding Kodak patent infringment suit


So RIM is essentially sayin: "eff u, u bankrupt mo fo's!! Just TRY and take this to court!"

Am I close? Or does the way i have phrased it sound too 'legal'........


RIM is saying more:
Lets dance in court now, not in August. Further more, the main patents Kodak is saying are infringed upon are not, but RIM wants to pay for the ones it knows it does use.

arent kodak meant to be selling some of their patents to raise funds? seems a no brainer to buy the licensable patents so you have an income from other smartphone vendors.

+1 and sounds like Kodak trying to save their company by taking others to court for money no matter what they offer for Kodak patents.

RIM should just buy Kodak. If they have the money anyway. They'll make money through licensing patents.

And top quality cameras for our phones. ;)

RIM is likely throwing this out there so the court handling the bankruptcy will consider a settlement in order to raise as much cash for creditors as they can. This would be preferable for RIM rather than having the patents be sold to a third-party who will launch another lawsuit or Kodak to retain them and push for a larger settlement once they emerge from bankruptcy.

But my Kodac DC240 digital camera still lives on! :D

RIM won't lose this one, they won't get sued. If they buy kodac, epic win!