Official statement from Research In Motion regarding the removal of Kik

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2010 04:31 pm EST

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Well, that didn't take long. We just received an official statement from Research In Motion regarding the removal of Kik messenger from BlackBerry App World. While the statement makes no mention of the revocation of Kiks signing keys or anything like that, it does clarify the situation a little further, which is what we were hoping for. Below is the statement from RIM regarding the Kik application:

RIM became aware of a number of issues and customer concerns regarding the Kik app and service. Following discussions with Kik, the app was removed from BlackBerry App World on November 12. Upon further investigation, RIM concluded that Kik had breached contractual obligations. Based on the broad scope and seriousness of the issues and concerns, RIM terminated its agreements with Kik and withdrew RIM’s support for Kik’s service.

Interesting developments, that’s for sure. After reading that, I'm not so sure Kik will be allowed back into BlackBerry App World. Of course, that’s just my personal thoughts on the situation, share yours in the comments.

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Official statement from Research In Motion regarding the removal of Kik


RIM don't have to explain yourself further. I can confirm this apps is troublesome since day one when my friends asked me to try it. It causes my phone to do weird things like cutting off calls exactly every 2 minutes and text messages freezes occasionally. I knew something was suspicious about this app so I removed it and my phone problems went away. Enough said.

Hah. That didn't take long. It seems Kik isn't so innocent in all of this as they tried to make themselves out to be.

how do you figure? Its clear that BBM is RIM stronghold on a lot of BB users from jumping ship. Kik being able to cross platform and doing it well is something RIM definitely wouldn't want. I'd like to see the developers ToS or License Agreement, I'm betting there is a vague fine print that states you can't conflict with BB's servers or create and app that takes users away from the BB experience.

RIM's statement is bs... it tells nothing just a statement to hush people up.

Kik has a previous record of possibly collecting user information without asking for the permission of the user first, Which is a violation of user privacy, and completely violates the Development Agreement, and also is a violation of the agreement which you enter into when you purchase Runtime Signing Keys from RIM. I know, I've entered into both agreements myself.

RIM has shown that they don't seem to have any bias about messaging applications which bridge users of other platforms onto the BlackBerry and vice versa, Both WhatsApp and PingChat are available for BlackBerry, and both in App World, and have been available there without issue.

I don't believe that Kik is as innocent in this matter as they've led everyone to believe, There is a serious issue with people who just jump on RIM for every little thing in the world that they can.

What about apps like BeejiveIM? Not only is it cross platform (BlackBerry, iphone/ipad, Android) but it's also cross service (windows live , yahoo, etc). I'd drop BBM long before I'd drop Beejive.

So...KiK is evil but other apps that steal peoples emails and other private data is okay but KiK is bad?

Wow RIM...just wow, what a low blow to all you're users.

Kik was supposedly stealing data without any user warnings, or telling the user anything, which is in strict violation of RIM's AppWorld Developer contract. I'm sure Apple will be removing it soon enough at that rate.

Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering, out of those one million not one of my 600+ contacts made it in there to download. Ha.

this sucks! out of all the 3rd party messenger apps i tried kik was the best... it lacked media sharing but it was huge potential to be great! now its dead... damn...

now i have a question, i still have kik installed on my phone... and im 100% positive i used it to chat with people after it was removed from app world. so what gives?

Smart move RIM. Now consumers that used Kik to chat with their non-BB counterparts will bolt to IPhone or Android. People won't stay with a BB just because it has BBM.

Lol, a lot of people actually does, further than that, a lot of people switchs to BB just to be able to use BBM to chat with all their friends with BB's...

That´s right ! I know many that have changed to BB´s just to be able to BBM with their mates... besides, Kik is not the only cross platform application there is... pretty much sure there will be another that excels Kik !

I will stay with my BB because it has BBM. And so will my 267 BBM contacts. Don't underestimate the power of the middle and upper class teen echelon.

Actually BBM is what got us on board. We came from iphone back when they couldnt even send pictures. KIK will not be missed by me or mine!

It's simply astonishing how people still use BlackBerry. Maybe a couple of years ago, where there wasn't much competition. But today, there are so many better options. BlackBerry smartphones are also extremely overpriced for what they offer.

It's more astonishing that droid and iphone fanboys have nothing better to do than come to a blackberry web site and flame. Seriously, GTFOH

I agree. Maybe they are jealous that we have such a strong community so they will try anything to break us. Sad.

and the best thing is blackberry users dont even care to go to droid or iphone pages to flame. we can see a big difference of attitudes and maturity here

it's on crackberry.. we dont visit iphone or droid websites just to troll like iphone and android users do at crackberry.. see the difference?

how android users don't realize they're using an over hyped and over COPIED version of the iPhone. It can't do everything the iPhone does or BB for that matter. Its an over hyped copy with ugly icons. BB and RIM on the other hand have never needed to follow a certain standard to compete. RIM and Apple are the top companies in the cell phone world, and Android knows this. Just consider yourself one of the many who fell for the trick. When Android fails, both apple and RIM will still be standing... grinning.

So yeah it is astonishing... How much Android users LOVE Crackberry. The irony.

obviously you dont or cant read becase if you did atleast one of those you would have read atleast one of the many articles that has been published this past year that android is actually outselling all smartphones. i actually have a bb and a android i only use my bb for bbm but soon as my contract is up on my bb line am done. so in closing before posting stupid comment do your research.

First, I can read that you don't know enough about grammar or punctuation. So, I think I have that part covered. Second, I wasn't directing that comment at you, in particular, unless you happen to have more than one name on here; and well, that would still be your problem, not mine. SO, if there is a stupid comment, it's probably YOURS.

I have read enough articles on Android that aren't impressing me enough to remove myself from my Blackberry. I'm proud to say that Android didn't sway me, that I didn't fall for a pathetic version of an iPhone, and honestly the UGLY ICONS really do make me not want to ever have one. Honestly, if I were ever to switch it would be to the iPhone only because Apple's quality equals RIM's quality and reliability (at least for myself; you don't have to agree). I PERSONALLY do not find anything wrong with RIM making Blackberry's what they want it to be, and not necessarily to match up to the competition. If that's the only reason people come down hard on RIM (and not necessarily YOU), then I DO find it pathetic, and astonishing, that they would waste their time coming to to state something as inane as they do, if they're device is supposedly so wonderful. Leave us to our bad choice then, and we'll accept your equally bad one.

All's fair in Love and Crackberry. But before you accuse me of having a stupid comment, YOU do some research and realize that my comment wasn't meant for you in the first place. It was for the person who doesn't have a Blackberry, has an Android, and comes to Crackberry to brag about an ugly phone (IMO) I would never be impressed with no matter how many times you want to tell me.

Haha I laughed out loud at "with ugly icons"! I've played with my co-worker's Evo when it's slow at work, and I've always thought that the Android icons were just ugly. And then I scroll down the main screen and there's just even more ugly! I personally don't even see what's so special about the Android operating system. Whenever I pick up the Evo, I always manage to hit that over-hyped Google Search key, interrupting whatever it is that was on the screen. I think the whole Kik thing just made Android and iPhoners feel better about not having BBM. A lot of people my age are into those toyPhones (as I refer to them as), and they all went ape shit when they saw that they could see when their messages were Delivered and Read. I was like "guys...all my BlackBerries have done this since 06, when I left my Sidekick 3 for the Pearl." I say the same thing to Kik as I say to Android and iPhone users that leave BB: don't the door hit you on the way out!

Haha. They are ugly, aren't they? ... Well, that's what happens, when a new operating system tries too hard to top the top guy. All the Android users, are just sheep waiting for a new trick. If Android ever caught a glitch (wait for it), all those sheep would wander back to things that ACTUALLY work. ... and aren't half as UGLY. :)

Lol, I think its you blackberry users that are jealous. I'm a blackberry user and I'm jealous. Androids have so much more to offer than blackberrys hands down. I personaly can't wait to get one, just waiting for my new every two. I like to come on here though and see if there is anything new coming out that might impress me. Like maybe a new touchscreen phone. I just don't see RIM coming out with anything that's good anytime soon.

Actually, I'm not, personally. When something works for ME, I don't feel the need to jump on the newest gadget out of popularity or size of screen or whatever they're boasting about. But for those that do, that's fine (like for you). But when Android users come and try and tell me or any BB user that their choice of BB is stupid just because RIM didn't conform and copy its competitors (like Android did), then I kind of have to tell them what's up. Jealousy has nothing to do with it, unless, of course, that's the color the Android user is wearing. :)

RIM just needs to buy out the competition. Then integrate it into BBM and find a way to market it to the masses as the best cross platform messenger and only from RIM.

That would do NOTHING for them... a tons of poeple uses blackberry because that is what their company gives them as a business tool, they dont switch because they would have to pay for it from their pocket. BBM is one of the best mobile IM applications and that made it very popular, so if you want to use it and communicate with a BB user you need a BB, that's how BBs started spilling into the non business users and that is giving them a Huge market share... Make BBM a cross platform? they will inmediatly loose that market share to other devices with more wow factor and a lot better suited for that kind of users, so obviously they dont want that...

I guess I should delete KIK then. I have whatsapp as well it's pretty cool and it has media sharing as well

i sure as hell would not be using a blackberry if it wasn't for bbm. so does this mean live profile isnt going to work either?

As a law student, I would be very interested in hearing how Kik violated a "contractual agreement" - I personally doubt they did, Terms of Service aren't necessarily contractual.
It'll be interesting to see what Kik does.

They are killing me lol, is it really that serious where you have to leave a platform for anoother? I don't think so and for those who say they left already WTF you still on CB in BB business?

I don't think the problem is Kik being a BBM clone, as we have Ping! chat, Whatsapp etc as BBM clones right now without issues. There is something else to all this, I really don't know what it is, but they BOTH need to give more information before I can say something.

What are you doing here? You write in a reasonable tone and seem to evoke a measured response. Are you ill? :)

RIM obviously feels threatened by the emergence of Kik. If it replicates BBM functionality, then why would anyone stay with a BB when there are so many better options out there.

I have a BB that my company provides, and I have a Droid Incredible for my personal line.

If I can't chat with all of my friends like I did on my Droid I hereby render my BlackBerry terminal useless. Anybody wanna trade a BlackBerry for a Droid ? :D

RIM did the right thing by kicking the "kik" out, cannot be trusted and to be quite honest, we have BBM and kik is not welcome.

I got this message from Kik today: Valued user: recent actions by blackberry maker RIM will delay Kik msg delivery to your blackberry device by up to 1 hr. We hope RIM will restore normal service ASAP. iPhone and android devices are unaffected.

It's amazing how bb users are ready to jump ship over one app that has holes to fill... security is a major problem, Think about it people, RIM has a reason and when they are ready to explain they will... Putting pressure on them with threats??? Really??? Seems too many are willing to jump out of the frying pan into the fire...

Someone that would consider jumping to a whole new platform just because of an IM application is Fu@¤ing retarded!! C'mon really??!!

It's not because of an app, it's because RIM's way of handling the removal of the app was no better than the Apple of a few years ago. Then, realizing that they pissed off their customers using the platform, they decided to do some damage control and point the finger at Kik.

If they were actively working with Kik then they should have used their open line of communication to take care of this instead of acting like a bunch of baby brained lawyers.

for all you people that liked kik go use the iphone or nokia or sony ericsson whatever other phone it is that kiks can be installed on.

This is unfortunate ... As a new iPhone user, I really miss BBM. Just when I thought I had found a reasonable, albeit less-feature rich option, RIM removes it for you blackberry users. Ironically, it was several BB users who encouraged me to check KIK out.
Which brings me to another topic: fanboys .... Of any kind. Here I am, a former owner of 3 different blackberries, a current iPhone 4 owner and writing this very post on my iPad. I'm on crackberry because I still enjoy talk about blackberries. I have an iPhone because, well it's incredibly awesome and the build quality is mind blowing. I like what google has done with Android, though I doubt I would ever pick up a non-apple or RIM smartphone. As it were, I am not biased ... Because I don't own stock in any of these companies beyond a piece of hardware, nor do I ever take any insult against my product as a personal attack .... That's sad on a whole different level. Blackberries are fantastic, but not the greatest of build quality (except the Bold 9000 - minus the trackball, I think thats the best BB to date). Soon as RIM starts using apple-quality materials on the Torch 2 (?), I'd likely return, if for no other reason then to support a Canadian-based company. I am, however enjoying the iPhone for all it is - an incredible gadget with amazing responsiveness. Very sexy too, all glass and metal. Miss that physical keyboard, but what can you do? Enjoy the phone you have, and get a life if yours is so empty you take to defending a handset like it was your first-born.

I believe this issues isn't due competition with BBM or anything related to it.

I found it very odd when KIK Messenger started to show ppl popping up I don't even exactly know - I don't have their numbers in my address book nor anything else - actually I'm a lecturer and suddenly some of my students started popping up in KIK!!
I believe, honestly, that KIK started sending mails out/in and check my received/send mails and those of my students, to make not only suggestions but actually put ppl into my contact list.

This remembers me of Google social network - when they did that mistake.

I think KIK crawled the BB and mails etc. to get as many contacts as possible - without asking us!!!

You are correct. Kik is also violating Apple's terms of service by adding users without permission but Apple hasn't stopped them yet.

If KiK has a valid point about their software being illegally removed from App World, they can utilize the legal process. RIM is obviously not concerned with any legal actions because there must have been a legit breech in contract. I think RIM was being very professional not to go into details and slander a company. Their product just did not follow RIM's policies.

I had two users that I support download and install Kik. Both devices were bricked within a few hours. Most of my users are on the road. So from their hotel room and my house after hours, I had to talk them through using BBSAK (after downloading the device software) because Desktop Manager wouldn't communicate with the device. It took several hours and a million reboots (some while connected via USB but without the battery in the device) just to get these devices up and running. It was a nightmare.

KIK should be banned for life. Or someone at RIM who let this app through the gates should be banned for life.

My opinion on kik isn't why I am here right now. Just want to share something that's been bothering me regarding smartphones and the argument as to which one is the superior phone. I'm pretty sure I am older than plenty of people on this message board. I have a Storm 2. Having heard and read all the people complain about this smartphone, I'm going to bring some experience to this conversation. I have been using cellphones since the days of cloned phones in the 90's. Most of you weren't born when we were cloning the Motorola phones in NYC and selling one month service for 500 bucks to drug dealers and others in the hood. I don't get, and never will get, why people have turned their lives over to smartphones. I guess it's because people social network or game with their phones more than they actually talk on the damned things. I began using blackberries two years ago. Great gadget, but what's the big deal? Android phones are also not that big a deal. I really think people have fallen hard for this media perception that you need a phone that can do everything from ring with music to tell you 1,000 ways to make roast beef. My Storm does what it needs to do. MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS! It also sends text messages quickly. It even takes great videos and pictures. Droid phones do it too. What's the big deal? The Droid works 1/10th of a second quicker? Woopty Damned Doo. Quite frankly, I think most of you arguing and complaining on these boards are overweight undersexed teenagers and young adults. Put down the freakin phones and go live life.

As for kik, it seemed to drain my battery when messages were in route. At times, messages took a long time to process, hence the immediate drain on the battery if you were using it for 15 minutes+. We will never know why RIM booted it so why argue or debate over it?

It any better than that, there will always be new phone new technology, no matter wat people will save there electronics over humanity. The world is just disconnected from humanity and its the time of man ergers into the machine.

I think it's funny how some try to speak for all android users. I was one user who was just waiting for my contract to get closer to ending so I could get rid of my Android phone and get a BlackBerry. Comparing the two based on my needs, it's the best thing I did. Only been a Blackberry user for 6 days and I don't miss anything about my droid. Now hubby (who also has a droid) wants to switch to BB. Android just isn't taking care of business like we need it to. My Android friends kept telling me via Facebook to get Kik. Wasn't interested when I had a droid...still not interested now that I have a BB. I don't get all the fuss. Get the phone/platform that works for you and your needs and keep it movin'. I'm actually putting my former droid up for sale on ebay today.

Big mistake if RIM does not reinstate KiK to App World once they have rectified whatever terms / breach that supposedly took place (if there was any in the first place).

Only reason i use BBM is because i have a Blackberry, why i paid for Whatsapp is to connect to Android / IPhone users and why i downloaded and use KiK is to connect to those that do not have Whatsapp or Ping. And that's the only reason why i haven't ditched the Blackberry yet - i have options to connect to other non-BB phones thru these middleware cross chat apps.

I had KiK on my device for about 15 minutes, took it off after I saw it was scanning through my contacts and suggesting friends. I have a lot of work contacts and did not want them being spammed by this. After I deleted the app I looked through my phone and I came across emails of people that I don't even know!

Re: KIK ... Wondering if I am missing something here. I downloaded KIK to my iPhone, and it quickly scanned my contact list and suggested ONE contact, a person I knew to have KIK already. I sent a few text messages via the share feature (admittedly a mistake, since most people thought it was spam). Thats it though, I havent noticed any sent emails or other messages sent that I did not authorize. Where is the breach of confidentiallity? Of course, maybe things are being done/sent don't know about but?! Here's hoping RIM pulled KIK to help produce a cross patform version of BBM (yes, I know it's a pipe dream). I tell you people this, BBM on the iPhone would be worth $15 or more to download, as long as it was sported by RIM's infrastructure and as reliable as it is on BB. iBBM?! Hmmm, guess that name is already (sort of) taken.

Except that you as an user have absolutely no idea what they are doing with that information

The original Kik messenger was offered as a cell # id. I deleted my version of Kik when, as some people have mentioned, I started getting notifications that people I knew also had it.

It would be as in back in the day of AIM, if everyone that had it would automatically also know your nick.

I'm assuming the change in the program caused RIM to re-evaluate the development license, as they should. If you see someone giving out their passwords to strangers in the street, I hope you would be likewise driven to tell them that they really shouldn't be doing that.

Or even closer to home, everyone that you have ever sent an email to that also has BB, would automatically have your PIN number and be able to communicate with your wherever you are.

I'm a Blackbeery user since 08. But Android and iPhone have more to offer. BB can't beat their apps. All free apps in BB App World are soooo lame even the paid ones. With Android n iPhone people can do Layar, Piano app, Trumpet app » this one you can blow the 3,5mm plug to make the sound while your fingers do the tone from the side of phone « BB can't do that. BB can't do FaceTime or cam-to-cam chat with Skype. Even only some operators allow Skype for BB. And lots of stuff you can have for FREE! To be noted, I live in a country where everybody uses BB, Indonesia, but then, as far as I can see, people are getting tired of their BBs and quite a lot of friends switched to Andro or iPhone. They say: who needs BBM while you still can communicate with WhatsApp or PingChat. Yeh..

Skype is well overrated on mobiles, it requires you to have a good 3G or wifi signal, it will not work on gprs/edge which is what most of the world is on. 3 mobile in Uk has promoted skype for years, all free but never took off. You want reliable communications? You have to pay for it. For international calls I recommend Vopium, very cheap and excellent quality.

Ok no offense demeanor, but seriously.....Blowing in the 3.5mm jack is a good app to you? Its this same mentality that is prime bait for IPhone and Android developers. I want a usable product that is quality and still does all the COOL things the I need it to do. I mean come on. A Flute app?!?!?!?!? Nothing in App World is that bad!

Bbm is rims icon and it should remain that way, just like the apple fan boys and toys no one can tell apple what to do and push around there app world, I find that rim should hold strong on its bbm service its a long time icon that has bring people together using a blackberry and it should stay that way. Somethings just shouldn't change especially when its a icon for a brand like rim. Bbm is bbm its orginial from the get go and shouldn't be copied. Now we got a lot of mobile platforms out there that now they can say ooh well you don't need a blackberry anymore to chat with bbm users, why not cause now there's a excuse. I don't think so, phone companies like att and verizon gotten away with murder pushing servers against our sims, wft don't can't we stand up for something good anymore what's going on, then what's next pretty soon some clown in a red suit will make a nother platform mimicking the blackberry then what our bb is no longer official. Hummm I don't think so, enough is enough, I give thouse guys there respect in developement on a app that can touch the surface of what a bbm can do buy hey its not a bbm it will never work the same no matter you say.
So rim I hope you make the right dessitions from here on out, keep it ligit always and don't let these things flop our icon messenger. Cheers that's my two cents.

I really don't think it's the fact that Kik was a copycat of BBM. There are two many of those out there already well before Kik came out. Wonder what actually happened that made RIM react so strongly.

Chrysler is not going to give their hemi engines to GM or Ford.
BBM is one of (many) RIM's competitive advantages.
You're not going to open up your winning platforms to your competition.
Android won't give up adavantages to RIM or Apple.
As a seller of BlackBerries I've seen people come back to BB after using another smartphone platform.
The biggest reason? they miss the BBM!
Don't give it up RIM its yours-
Or if people want access to it- charge them for it .

WOW does anyone here even know what the original subject was that they are commenting on?? Focus people!! LOL who cares what each person uses or likes!! Everyone has different tastes and needs in a phone, thats why there are so many different types of phones out there. Not everyone is going to like just one phone. Use what you like and carry on. If you want to comment on something you would like to share about a certain phone that you think is cool, great. But if you're here to just stir the pot or just slam a product without providing a constructive solution, then don't waste our time and go away. Transmission ends.

just because i had a BB w/ BBM didnt stop me from jumping ship. i got tired of all the things that BB cant/couldnt do. this is just another straw to the camels back. when will RIM realize that what they are doing does not benefit the user? RIM needs to get it together, they are falling WAY behind Android/iOS.