Official RIM IM clients all updated to v3.0.0.19

rim im clients
By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2012 05:13 am EDT

Every couple of months, RIM decides to go ahead and update their in-house developed Instant Messaging clients for BlackBerry smartphones. They never typically include any change logs with them so as the sizes of the apps continue to go, no one knows exactly what has changed.

Such is the case this time around as well. All RIM clients including Yahoo, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger have been updated to v3.0.0.19 for those of you out there making use of them. You can grab the downloads for each below, however -- you may wish to avoid the Google Talk one as there has been reports of it not accurately showing online contacts that are available. Thanks, @Rootbrian_

Download Yahoo! Messenger
Download Google Talk
Download Windows Live Messenger


    When will the playbook get a native yahoo msg app? I liked it a lot on my storm and been hoping that playbook will get this soon. Yes I know about imo and have been using it but it's not the same. STAY CALM N BE BOLD!!!


    for those who have installed these IMs, would you mind sharing what have actually changed? rather than the GTalk which is still considered as buggy..


    I confirm the issue with Google Talk... I upgraded and now am searching for the earlier version to down grade.. can anyone help???


    Go to and look under applications the clikc the ota archive at the top.


    $5 says nothing as changed lol. Or at least nothing worth caring about an upgrade. I LOVE the fact there's a WLM client, but it's been years and years and I'm still waiting for an update that adds offline messaging lol


    Don't download Gtalk. I got screwed. There is no one to test it before release? crap!!


    @ shikhar10882 & dabance: YM for which OS version? I think I still keep at least 2.5.108 or 2.5.125


    Downloaded the latest Gtalk. The latest version doesn't show online contacts. Wait until RIM gives a fix


    no changelog for the updates?


    yes the latest version of Gtalk just doesnt work and does not shows online contacts.


    Can someone please explain to be why RIM refuses to provide a changelog for any of their updates? Seriously, what is the big secret? Changelogs should be mandatory - period.

    Oh, and as others have said, dont download Gtalk.

    Special thanks should go to RIM on their ability of demonstrating your oh-so-fine quality control and your obvious passion and dedication of providing a superior experience for your consumers.


    I'm kinda surprised people still use other IMing other than Facebook Chat. I haven't used the others in years. And, nobody I know uses them either. That's why I quit, because nobody was ever on.


    ahh, are you Mark Zuckerberg :-)


    Some of us still try to avoid Facebook like the plague.


    up until last week, Yahoo messenger hasn't been working on my berry. Everywhere else i log in works. Loging in with my berry i get "invalid id or password" and looking at the reviews, seems like i'm not the only one. new update doesn't work either


    Have no problems at all neither with GTalk nor with Y! Messenger Everything works just fine.


    Go to and download the last version - 2.5.whatever - seems to work now.


    I HAD to tip you when it did come to appworld. I do notice yahoo signs in faster but haven't verified windows live or the gtalk one. Wishing Google would integrate that with g+. CHEERS!


    I cannot edit my contacts since the update.