Official Research In Motion update on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Delayed until February 2012; No native BBM

Sad PlayBook :(
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2011 06:35 pm EDT

An update was just posted to the official Inside BlackBerry blog with some sad news on the status of PlayBook OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While a stripped-down developer beta version of PlayBook OS 2.0 is already available, it's now going to be February before PlayBook owners should expect to see it available for download. Also sad news here is that BBM on 2.0 will only be available via BlackBerry Bridge to those who also own a BlackBerry Smarpthone (more on that below). Here's the full update from David Smith, Sr. VP on the BlackBerry PlayBook team:

We know that many of you are looking forward to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, and we wanted to provide you with an update on the progress that we're making.

As much as we'd love to have it in your hands today, we've made the difficult decision to wait to launch BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers and end-users. And here's what we're doing to accomplish that.

First off, we have decided to defer the inclusion of the BBM application to a subsequent BlackBerry PlayBook OS release. We are committed to developing a seamless BBM solution that fully delivers on the powerful, push based messaging capabilities recognized today by BlackBerry® users around the world and we're still working on it. In the meantime, BlackBerry smartphone users will be able to continue to use BlackBerry Bridge to securely access BlackBerry Messenger on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's high resolution display.

Secondly, we are excited to now be providing developers with the gold release of the native SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as well as a beta of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 (launched last week at BlackBerry DevCon Americas). The developer beta allows developers to begin porting their native apps to the PlayBook platform. In the following months, the developer kit will be updated with the full Cascades animation and UI engine that was first demonstrated at BlackBerry DevCon. We expect that the developer beta will generate thousands of new applications for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

Shortly we will also be starting a series of closed betas of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 with select enterprise customers from our Early Adopter Program (EAP). These betas will be rolled out over the course of this year and are an important next step to bringing our unmatched enterprise app deployment, device manageability, security and email integration capabilities to the tablet category. The betas will be conducted within global enterprise environments and will test the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet solution from end-to-end within corporate IT infrastructures. Feedback and improvements from these betas will benefit the overall BlackBerry PlayBook customer experience.

We believe BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will deliver a great experience for our customers, building on the powerful performance introduced with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet earlier this year. The software update will add advanced integrated email, calendar and contact apps, a new video store, as well as new functionality that will allow your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook to work together even better.

For the enterprise, we're addressing many barriers to tablet adoption, including device manageability and enterprise application deployment. Enterprises will uniquely have the ability to manage tablets from a centralized server, while BlackBerry Balance ensures a seamless user experience for personal and professional needs and gives CIOs the peace of mind that corporate data is secure. Plus BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will provide dedicated shelf space inside the BlackBerry App World storefront to make approved enterprise applications easily available to an organization's end users. Together these features will help change the way enterprises view and use tablets.

So when could an end user get the new update? We expect to deliver the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS to customers in February 2012 and we'll continue to keep you updated as we progress to the launch.

- David J. Smith, SVP, BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion

Between PlayBook OS 2.0, BBX and BBX phones, the vision of what RIM / BlackBerry is working toward is pretty clear, and I truly feel it's a compelling vision and RIM is making all the right moves. The BIG thing for RIM right now is execution of that vision, and updates like this show that RIM is just not quite as far a long in this technical transition as we have been hoping. We knew that was the case based on DevCon announcements (or lack thereof) last week, and this reaffirms that.

On the BlackBerry Messenger front, we've talked on many occassions now about this being a challenge for RIM. The ultimate goal is for the BlackBerry ID (BBID) to be the single user identity on RIM's systems, with a single BBID being able to map to multiple devices. So if I own a BlackBerry Smartphone and a BlackBerry tablet, I could have BBM on both devices but they would be identical - same contact list and everything would be mapped and mirrrored back through the BBID. Currently the way the platform is designed, you have an active contact list per active device pin. We knew this would be a big hurdle for RIM to overcome, and it's obvious it's taking some time. I do think leaving BBM off until this is fixed is the right decision. It would be weird to have a BlackBerry phone and tablet and have to manage to separate BBM contact lists.

My hope in all of this is that the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 will correspond with the release of the first BBX phone. Knowing that the BBM issue won't really apply to phones (that's where native BBM will live), I'm hoping this points to a February/March release. The Consumer Electronics Show is in January 2012 in Las Vegas. I'd love to see a BBX Phone get displayed there, and it follow up with availability the next month. Thumbs are crossed!

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Official Research In Motion update on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Delayed until February 2012; No native BBM



"marketing seems to be run by a retarded frog" I think thats giving them to much Credit. They need to explain the plan to consumers and investors.....if they have any left by the end of the day.

I hear its much easier to "leapfrog" low objects. maybe thats the plan.

I'm really dissapointed. The Playbook is a decent tablet but for $600 I could've gotten so much better with another tablet. 10 months is a long time to wait for email and calendar - I don't even care about the Android Player! Let's hope RIM delivers on everything said today...

I've stuck with RIM products throught thick and thin but this is the last straw - What a load of CRAP!

Sorry, but that's just pathetic. I'm a huge supporter of the phone line but I can't support a company that is so ridiculously sideways in the way it's run. I'm feeling a nexus prime in my future...

What a POS of a company... good to know there are still stupid idiotic fans of RIM jumping around.

Interesting that in the press release they don't mention the android app player being a feature for OS2. Could the app player be coming in an earlier update?

im so sorry for rim. simply put, your customers, the consumers, the people that allow for your company to continue to make profit through out the world, they will begin to leave your brand in droves as there is no reason to stay on this sinking ship. as a playbook and touchpad owner, its sad that my touchpad has seen more updates with better functionality than the playbook and thats since they stopped producing and supporting the webos platform. you guys really make me regret purchasing my 9930 now, and i dont see any possible reconciliation with the consumer base of your operations. really a tragedy.

I got my PB a month ago and its still awesome. the only thing it doesnt have that i want is the ability to video chat with my wife who doesnt have a PB. Sure i want an update but who doesnt want an updste when it comes to anything? The only thing Apple does better is market and my Droid X2 was just replaced by my older Tour because all the droid did was crash. Rim has a ways to go and a lot of ground to cover but i think its more from a marketing view than anything. just my opinion...

Sorry RIM, I'm already gone, Iphone4 as of this week and will be picking up a Ipad2. Can't even sell the Playbook so I guess it's a keep for on the go web surf. I bought the product with the promise of Mail and Android native in 90 days or so, You SUCK, I have used Blackberry for Years and was a loyal consumer, But enough is enough. (Note to the Wise, Sell your stock while you can!)

Sad. My BBM contact list has gone from over 200 people in 2006, down to six people in Oct 2011....while at the same time, they're introducing "BBM Music"

... yea, I totally have hundreds of friends who are interested. Excuse me while I laugh.

Fire the co-CEO's. Wait. It's too late. Sell the company. Pathetic.

Kevin, you really shouldn't fall into the belief that a BBX phone is going to arrive in winter. For them to market a phone they would have to have a stable OS right now. I would guess that they won't hit the market until summer.

The problems with the playbook, are the problems with BBX phones. There is no release of such a phone till after may. Even with OS 2.0 there is no BBM. There is no way they will release a phone without BBM, So no phone till summer. They are going to blow that phone to, and not out of the water.

We all know that Greeks do things backwards right? Aren't one of the CEOS and founder Greek? lol
I am Greek also so.I can say Rim is a backwards company! Hello Apple. goodbye Rim!

Bravo RIM i tried so hard to convince people the pb would bring back blackberry to the top but that's it...i'm selling my pb. I used to dislike apple but i have to say in 4 years of owning several apple products i haven't been disappointed once. I own an apple ipad 1 and i am going to buy the third one. Goodbye RIM btw I am also selling my useless strom 2 (the worst phone i ever owned). I intended to buy one of the new blackberrys next year but forget it i'm getting an iphone.
ps: stop taking customers for idiots or you will go out of business sooner rather then later.

I'm glad I got the PB for 299 instead of 499 or above. I'd be pissed if I bought it right when it came out! The company continues to disappoint its core audience with incomplete products and little support. Why should anyone purchase this product when it won't be completed until next year? At that point, Apple will release an Ipad 3, Samsung and varies Android run tablets will be released making what marginal updates obsolete. The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result. If the stockholders don't get rid of the leadership after this huge letdown, who knows what the future will be.

Arghhh WTF. RIM you knew this all the time and you annouce this when you are finally clearing the Playbook inventories. Other sites were suggesting discontinued. Dammm --- you knew this all the time. Heads need to roll and the first is useless big mouth Jim Balsillie.

RIM prior to releasing the PB lead us to believe it would have features quickly being released within a short time period. Based on that I got the 32GB and $600 disappeared from my pocket. It is now just a few days before November and what do we have broken promise after broken promise and a browser that hangs all the time, APP WORLD that gives you a spinning circle to watch until it finally says it can not connect, try later. Yes there is features on the PB that I love but it is not worth the full retail price. Come 2012 it will be time to upgrade my Torch and at that time I will look to see what phones are available outside the RIM world. It is time for all BB people to let RIM know we have had enough lies and broken promises. They gave people some programs for their outage now they need to do something positive for all the PB owners that have been waiting for month after month for the features that were marketed as coming soon.

They've just given up on getting the Playbook into consumers hands and are trying to play to the needs and promises of the enterprise market. They still don't get the point that treating the enterprise market with special (beta access) treatment will only get you those customers but won't win over any end users.

They'd be better off releasing small updates with email, calendar and contacts. This still doesn't say why they are still delayed on getting email or the Android player (which clearly works) in the hands of consumers.

Until RIM focuses on the CONSUMER FIRST and ENTERPRISE SECOND they won't win in a market where consumerization of the enterprise is prevelant.

I'm abandoning my BB 9700 soon; already ordered the iPhone 4S. I was HOPING the PB would have OS 2.0 SOON, so I'd get native email and PIM on it since I will no longer be able to Bridge it once the BB 9700 is gone. I wanted the Android player so I could get the benefit of the Android app marketplace even if they were apps vetted through BB. With this announcement, I will have even less reason to use the PB. I may sell it to finance a Kindle Fire.

They are saying FEB 2012, but I have no faith whatsoever that they will make that date. I think it's a 50/50 chance that the PB is discontinued before then. Clearly, it is not a priority with them and it will become even less of a priority as sales continue to dwindle. I mean, they originally said Summer 2011 we'd have native email and the Android player. Now it's mid- to late-Winter 2012?

I think they dug themselves into a deep hole trying to keep to Enterprise security standards on the PlayBook while pitching it as a consumer device. They would have been better off creating a consumer-friendly tablet or only selling the 1.0 version, initially, to Enterprise (BES) users only -- until it was ready for prime time.

I wonder if there is even a market for used PlayBooks...? Must seem like the real estate market these days-- horribly depressed.

i think its more important to get it right. this is likely going to be very close to the bbx platform they use on phones so they need to have a solid base. they need to figure out the issues now so they dont have them on the new phones. dont care much for the new OS the apps are already getting better and the stronger dev base they build the better for the future of the company.

I am just so disappointed, I think PB is fantastic, I use my new BB 9810 all the time, every day, for both work and pleasure. As a photographer and sales professional I would be fired if I kept promising to deliver, and not following through.

Yet each time I start to believe that RIM are getting their act together, I feel that I have been kicked in the teeth for my loyalty. I have an older HTC HD2, thats still an amazing phone, I looked at a HTC Sensation the other day and its just staggering how much they have progressed, so I do not see why RIM take such a long time to do something. Android is such a pleasure to use.

Trouble is, I can see it that there will be a Playbook 2 in the new year with OS2.5 installed with the promise of OS3 in the near future!!!! My Playbook will become obsolete and I will be left feeling let down again.

I will be thoroughly shocked if a BBX™ phone or OS2 is released by next Fall. If OS2 is out by next Fall, it will be a watered-down version that is simply the new layout with ::gasp:: native email.
Think how funny it is that I will own this thing for 2 years before it has native email. Lol. At least its just funny at this point ;)

Well played, RIM. Well played.

Paid full price for my 32gb PB, paid full price for my 9930 just got on Craigslist and i'm about to pay full price for an iphone 4s. We've had 7 great years RIM but you've out done yourself. Any one interested in said items PM me, best offer gets them. Cradles for both units included. Interested in seeing if this will have any effect on their stock tomorrow.

Someone needs to fire Ball-Silly and Lizard-Dick. Rather than have one semi competent CEO we have two INCOMPETENT CO-CEOS.


I'm a diehard RIM fan, but this is really a bitter pill to swallow. The most frustrating thing is that RIM management came out and bold face said "OS 2.0 will be available SHORTLY after Devcon". In my opinion, shortly after Devcon isn't 4 months later. I love my PlayBook and won't be selling it but I'm just frustrated that they continually set expectations and then they don't deliver (not to mention I paid full price for my PlayBook back in July and the see people with them for $200-$300 less). BOTTOM LINE - If you can't deliver, DON'T MAKE THE PROMISE!!

Hopefully RIM will still release incremental updates to the PlayBook (i.e. spell check, other missing functionality, etc.) on a monthly basis until February.

ps. Any chance us early PlayBook adopters can file a class action lawsuit to get our $200-300 back? I say this partially in jest so please don't send me any nastygrams.

If you read the transcript of the Sept conference call Mike L said that that 2.0 would be available "thereafter" devcon. I was interested so I noticed the wording when he said it. But I do agree that it is disappointing.

Its funny, I have a new itouch 32gig 4th gen / Bold Touch / Playbook, and just not long ago Sprint got Iphone 4s and I just said to myself two days ago, boy I wish I could incorporate my 32gig itouch with my Bold Touch ( like one item) instead or carrying all 3 around....... But RIM stroke-out

I see myself selling my Pathetic Book (PB) an Bold Touch and iTouch 32 gig 4th gen for a 64 gig iphone 4s....Thank you RIM......oh and by the way my son also has a itouch 16gig 4th gen and his new touch torch....i'll make him carrying 1 item instead of 2.......THANK YOU for the 8yrs of service RIM

Well if people are dying for bbm and/or native e-mail you can get it via beta os2's android app capability. It's not terribly difficult as I have K-9 mail running. Kik and whatsapp will take care of bbm and more so why wouldn't you take the small amount of time to just set it up. Check the forums. All the instructions are there. But if your one of hose types that what only want it one way, now then i question if you really were going to give it a chance anyways.

Sounds to me like you just wanted an excuse to get another device and join the band wagon.

If that's the case then go an be "happy". I'll be more then willing to buy your playbook off you at half price. Just send me a PM.

If you'd never do that and your pissed even more, may i suggest you use that energy to do as i mentioned above and solve your problems.

Its's not that we are lazy we do not want to do the extra work (i installed the touch gesture features on my ipad in april) a customer i can't accept being lied to again and again. You either deliver on your promises or you don't. Imagine you promise your wife a trip to brazil she sets up everything (hotel, sight-seeing...) and a week before the trip you say we will do it in february because i want it to be perfect do you think she will be happy? To add to that imagine everything you booked is please. I am sure all the people who take the time to post here are real bb loyal customers who are just as fed up as me with lying companies

Also, do not forget that Basille (i believe) said at RIM earnings call that this update would be available at the end of October. One has to ask, is the co-CEO clueless, does everyone lie to him, or is he just full of hot air. On really has to wonder how he could have made such a statement, and then have the "expected" release date pushed back 4 months. Something is seriously wrong with the leadership.

Here is the quote that you are referring to, it was Mike L who talked about it on the conference call, I know because I paid attention to the wording:

"Rather than easing these enhancements out little by little into the market, we are planning to bundle a number of significant features and enhancements into a new major software release for PlayBook that will be demonstrated at DevCon in October and released thereafter."

I think the wording was intentional. And yes it is a bummer but I would rather them release it fully-baked.

It looks like things are coming together at RIM. It's great they gave us this update.
I look forward to the new features and new apps in February.

There are some people on this thread talking about selling their playbooks, these people are certainly iPhone and Android users trying to stir-things-up. Playbook users know these claims are ridiculous. I'm quite happy with my phone + playbook combo and can wait for OS2 in February.

Cheers RIM!

I've had a Playbook 64GB since release week. RIM misled customers with timelines for features that are still missing. The bridge was complete garbage until I upgraded from my Tour and got a 9900, and now it is finally usable. I'm sick of RIM lying, I'm sick of delays. I'm not going to sell the Playbook because I'd be lucky to get half of what I paid (even though an iPad2 would still go for almost retail). Nope I'm going to have to ride through this. Unfortunately the majority of Blackberry Phone users worldwide, and non-Blackberry phone users have determined the Playbook is not worth purchasing in its current state by not buying it, and without 2.0 their is zero chance of further adoption.

CrackBerry, I suggest an emergency podcast announcement. Nonetheless, I will very attentive to your next podcast to hear what you have to say, and whether I should stay with BB anymore. I've been faithful and this is definitely putting me off all the more. Quad core tablets are already coming out next month.

How far behind does RIM need to get?!?!?!?

People, people, people. Relax! Everyone seems to have forgotten that RIM is in CANADA and February 2012 in Canada is actually December 2011 in the rest of the world. It has to do with some weird space, time, distortion once you cross the 49th parallel. How else would you explain the CFL and why the Leafs haven't won a Stanley Cup since the 1800's. As well I think Crackberry Kevin should lead an intervention at RIM. I think another problem is with RIM being in Waterloo, they are too close to the Octoberfest celebrations in Kitchener and as a result, most of the staff are keeping mini kegs of Blue and Molson Canadian in their offices and this has lead to the MINOR delays they are experiencing. It is not based on unparalled stupidity, it is a cry for help!!!

First of all, Oktoberfest is Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest! Second, only Canadian, no Blue (both are crap anyway!)

Bite your tongue you barbarian! I can only assume you are currently holding a Coors light in one hand while blowing the nail polish on your fingernails dry on your other hand. Silly American!

I cannot see how fanboys can defend RIM's delays. Steve Jobs was right. It's very difficult to change a company from being hardware-centric to software-centric. Neither Samsung, LG, Nokia nor Motorola (the traditional cellphone makers) could do it on their own. Each one fell back on Android or Microsoft.

RIM is trying to do it all alone--hardware and software. I am beginning to believe it will not survive this transition, just a hollow shell of it's former self. I traveled extensively in the US this past week. RIM has lost US market for good. Users were all carrying iPhones or Androids.

Spotting a consumer with a BlackBerry is like trying to spot a unicorn.

This is such a kick in the nuts to those of us who have stuck with the PB since day 1, what a f__cking fail. No BBM either. This is strike 3 for RIM. ┌П┐

This is so sad..I feel sorry for the people who purchased the playbook knowing the features you was promised will be the features you will get almost a year later. I think RIM should give you guys a discount when the new Playbooks come out.

or give us the $200-$300 above and beyond the recent sale price.. Either way, I'm still keeping my PlayBook.. but I'm rather frustrated in RIM management.

Well hopefully the stock is not hit too hard, since the value of playbook has already been long gone discounted to nothing by the market..

the market has already factored the Playbook in its price, they believe it to be a bust, todays announcement just reaffirms their belief.

So, a year late. The OS that it should have launched with is a year behind the hardware. By the time it launches (who believes February?) the hardware will be a year behind.

Sucks to be a Blackberry fan.

At least we are being told about it instead of guessing and speculating about it to increase disappointment. We have already waited this long so, February/March is not bad.

Yeah, what is a year? It is kind of like buying a car and waiting for the engine. And waiting for the engine. And finally being told, its a year late, but here comes your engine, we appologize but I'm sure you have never the less enjoyed the car's radio this last year. Great product!

Honestly at first I was a little upset when I saw this but as long as it is worth it when it comes I'll be happy. Its not like I'm giving up my 9930 or my PB(because I'm happy with both the way they are) so I don't even care but like I said it better be good when they DO release it.

PlayBook OS 2.0 will deliver a great experience for our customers, building on the powerful performance introduced with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet earlier this year. The software update will add advanced integrated email, calendar and contact apps, a new video store, as well as new functionality that will allow your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook to work together even better.

no mention of android player could it be released before 2.0?

Lets be honest all Blackberry users you don't need native email on the Playbook, so whats your real problem with this announcement.

I feel like I paid $700 for something my phone could already do and a bunch of empty promises. I don't think I'll be giving RIM anymore of my money. I wont recommend any RIM products either. Wouldn't shock me if RIM isn't even around in Feb 2012.

2.0Was a bad idea anyways . Just give us just give us small updates an improvement . Keep us interested and excited about new updates like with the phones .

and good God is it annoying to browse cb on this PlayBook.

i blame this on Kevin....

or Wall Street...

or George W Bush.

This afternoon, I said if BGR story (delay in 2.0) was correct, PB is dead. Well, PB is dead, and maybe BB too. I couldn't wait around any longer. I dumped my 9700 for iPhone 4s. Now I'll be mothballing or selling my PB. The ineptitude in WLOO is stunning.

Guess i was bang on yesterday on my RIM Playbook survey comments when I asked them if they were going to delay again to after DevCon Europe. Guess the answer is yes, or is that a maybe feb 2013 instead.

RIM said end of summer, now February 2012. I have yet to post a negative other than about the co-CEO's but it is time for a first. I am a recent convert to Blackberry (OS 6) phones. Love the PlayBook and it potential, but RIM you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE FEBRUARY. If not I will not buy another tablet from RIM, a big assumption there will be another at this rate.

I'm happy with mine, I can be as patient til February as I have been since June. Might even pick up a couple more on ebay at firesale prices from all of the whiners. I can just see the ads now

Hey this is bad news, and I know without reading the hundreds of comments that plenty of people will be saying bye bye RIM, hello to whoever they choose...I just want you to know that I will take your Playbook of your hands very quickly. Now my intention is to help you get exactly what you want not reimburse you for your purchase so I will be entertaining discounted prices, you know why your selling why would I pay top dollar? Besides I have a Playbook and I am happy with it, even though I am a man of excess I cant spend a lot of money on my indulgences so let me know.......first come first serve...

edit: I could also use a few spare 9930 just to have....

I say we lay this at the feet of Kevin and Blaze. Obviously they are not keeping RIM on their toes or accountable. Kevin has been so busy pimping out hoes with his BB Playbook bling he has fallen asleep at the switch. And Blaze is guilty by association.
Oh yeah Kevin, I hope Jim B. buys the Winnipeg Jets and runs them like RIM. Is that what it would take for you to kick some ass in Waterloo???

I don't know why everyone is so upset with RIM.

Afterall they're gonna be announcing the "Porsche designed BlackBerry" in a couple of days (October 27th).

Thats something to look forward to!

I wonder if there isn't some issues in RIM at the moment. The co ceo's only have till January to prove that the co-ceo role is needed. I doubt anyone believes they have proven it. I wonder if there isn't some posturing. Someone mentioned Jim's big promises and Mike got screwed having to face dev con with nothing. I wonder if this deadline is to make Jim look even more out of touch with his promises. I think the shareholders need to boot them both out and quickly replace with someone capable of delivering excellent products. The BBX phone the way I see it is already going to be a fail. RIM is dead.

RIM should buy back all our Playbooks. They have the nerve to fill our heads with empty promises for months, and now they move the date 4 months after devcon. I'm sick and tired of the OS 2.0 hype. It has proven to be nothing but a disappointment. We are at version 1.0.7 now anyways, what happened to version 1.1? lol I would have prefered small updates regularly, I really want keyboard features and I think it would not be too difficult to add. I'm tired of waiting.

Saw this announcement, rang up Vodafone, changing our company over! No more Rim, No more of this crap!

Bye Bye Rim, you've lost our trust.

I love how this information came from a post and not an announcement from the ceo's aparently three days no email and BBM means more then stringing consumers along for 10 months. I defended and tried to get people to by this crap for months. I am swallowing my pride. The iPad is better, because it delivers what people want now.

I am just a little pissed that we are not getting any fixes to issues since the PB first launched.

In the inteRIM, it would be nice to see some 1.x.x.xxxx updates coming over the period leading up to v2.0.

How about the following?

1. WiFi sharing Fix
2. A2DP support
3. Bridge Browser: The ability to utilize bookmarks/history etc on BB Smartphone
4. Pictures App Features: Filenames in thumbnail view. Filename and info "on tap" in full screen view. Ability to hide Albums/single images (or files even).
5. Allow "Bridged" BB smartphone to function as wireless KB for the Tablet.
6. Auto Caps everywhere.
7. Correct "" automatically.
8. All apps should utilize the enter button (for convenience) & swipe down for options (for consistency).
9. Apps should show their version numbers within.
10. Special Tone for Bridge Connect/Disconnect. Separate from other Alerts (Email, BBm, etc).

Not too much to ask under the circumstances. These could work for me until Big OS2.

I must admit when I first saw this I was a little disappointed... Although I will not sell my PB I will not buy another like I intended on doing for Christmas. Instead I will probably get an Android tablet or Ipad.

I just wish the promises made by RIM held up and were more concrete... Needless to say if the updates don't start rolling out soon and BBX doesn't make the Splash its expected to make I can honestly say I will be moving on ;0(

and instead of updates we will be seeing R.I.P. RIMPIRE...

I'm with you. I'll keep the 64GB I bought in April. Too much tied up in it and RIM has done nothing to keep the value up. I bought a 16GB model during the $200 off sale still in box that I was going to give as a gift, but its going back to the store tomorrow because I don't trust RIM to deliver even in February. I have a feeling they will be much cheaper soon, or they will come out with new hardware and I'll pass the 64 down. RIM just lost a sale and a potential new user. I also will continue to not recommend the Playbook to people who ask about it just stating it is unfinished.

RIM did you really expect that you could keep up this its coming on X, then when X arrives say Y'ish, then when Y'ish passes say Z and not get a huge backlash from people who believed you to be of your word? You guys need to do some serious customer service training. A taken care of (i.e. happy) customer will tell maybe one or two people that they are happy and get great service. An unhappy customer will tell 7 to 10 people about why they are not happy.

I'm a very loyal BlackBerry user and I love my PlayBook. But I do see and handle the Apple and Android products on an everyday basis, and the way things are going, it's getting really hard not to move on. It's a shame really. I really enjoy using my PlayBook, but with all of the other platforms releasing what the consumers wants, it is hard to stay with a company that cannot deliver. And RIM just hasn't delivered.

I will remain loyal to BlackBerry, but my patience is running extremely thin to this point.

I know that once the 2.0 update is released, it is going to be fantastic. I just hope there is going to enough users around to not only use it, but to even care.

RIM, it's over. I think (and should) consider the BB PlayBook officially dead. Between now and February lie almost 5 months time where people will be buying iPads and Android tablets. Time which you could have used to resurrect the tablet that has so much potential. I think you will eventually kill it and all the people (like me) who still believed you had some fight in you will be let down. This will ultimately propagate to the rest of your business and eventually the company will go into bankruptcy or will be bought out (which I am hoping for). New management has been needed for a long time and that fat piece of shit Mike Lazaridis needs to be sent packing while there is still a chance that RIM could dig themselves out of this forever-growing hole.

Next week I am ditching my BlackBerry Bold and moving to the Android platform and I am not the only one. About 20 people I know have thrown out their BBs for iPhone 4S' and many others have gone to Android simply because BBs are inadequate for most people. It's sad that 1 year ago RIM was a company people crowded to work for and now people can't leave fast enough.

I bought the Playbook prior to Launch. It was advertised as a "FULL WEB EXPERIENCE." RIMM advertised that we would not get mobile sites, but the full website. They have since taken that off of their website. They told us about Blackberry Bridge and how it would work, only to find out that you didn't get the full application if you had a AT&T Blackberry. They promised us a update for the Playbook with Android late summer.......that became after Devcon and now in Feb. 2012. They strung us along so that we would be out of the return policy of stores like Best Buys. I bought a 64 Plabook for $699 and it son't be until at least Feb 2012 that I will have the features that I was promised at launch. When I called RIMM several weeks ago....when I thought I would have these features shortly after DEVCON.....they offered me a free cover and HDMI Cable. I already had those things, but theyr were my only choices. I would have been happy with a few hundred dollars of free (my choice, not hand picked) software for the Playbook. NOW, I want a refund of my Playbook. Waiting until (at least) Feb 2012 is unacceptable. I hate to say it, but I would like to see a Class Action Law Suit against RIMM. False Advertsing! RIMM needs to step up and take care of us!

I have decided tha RIM are bunch of liars. I purchased the playbook with the understanding that they were going to be doing frequent updates, and in good faith I did, now they come with another delay of a product that I was stupped enough to buy.

RIM is NOT a serious company anymore and is forcing us to look to other places. shut down backberry to Google and get the heck out of Dodge, morons.

BlackBerry PlayBook total FAIL! There is absolutely no point in even trying to make a PlayBook 2. For anyone who doesn't carry a BlackBerry, the PlayBook is a complete waste of time. And since that's the majority of consumer smartphone users, good luck trying to sell any this holiday season.

I have a serious concern that BBX is just going to end up looking like the Playbook OS 2.0. which is a major fail on RIM's part. I get that they've given up on the consumer tablet market, but they are letting their enterprise customers dictate their products which just mean they aren't making good consumer products.

What's the point of having all these game developers at DevCon make games for a platform that is catering to the enterprise market. If you want BETA TESTERS, release the full BETA to the public and get recommendations.

I think their enterprise market is shrinking fast as well. At work more people are going iphone then BB. I certainly don't think they are buying Playbook over iPad.

So a year later RIM wants to release software that was missing day 1. This is why PlayBook sales sucked. Email is basic. We're the beta testers for RIM without a check!

wow this aint happening... fuck you rim. fuck you. shouldve spent my 500$ on the ipad instead of this crapy worthless pile a scrap metal.

Ouch!!!! Guess I won't be recommending the Playbook to my friends and co-workers for awhile. The company I work for supplies us with Blackberry phones but they are managed and they will not allow blackberry bridge to work..... Native email for me would have been really nice. Gotta keep waiting now, thanks RIM!!

What I don't understand is bring us a non pin version of the OS. I don't give a S!!! about pin, never going to use a BB phone, BES or BIS. Give us a f!!!!!!! mail program that we can use off line. Fix some of these long time issues, or let 3rd party apps fill the place!

"The ultimate goal is for the BlackBerry ID (BBID) to be the single user identity on RIM's systems, with a single BBID being able to map to multiple devices. "

Why not just focus on bringing BBM to one device at a time and then connect the devices when you have the phones out the gate. I get that the enterprise tablet market is a big opportunity to replace all the expensive laptops that people use. This tablet hobby has gone on long enough and they need to get the dang phones out ASAP.

I am SUPER pissed! This is my first Blackberry device, and clearly I am not impressed. I bought the Playbook for BBM and tablet capabilities. I might not mind so much if the App World didn't suck ass! Why are there not more apps and why do you have to pay for most of them? On my iPod there are hundreds of thousands of free apps, which you can upgrade if you choose. Those apps are actually worth money. Other questions include: why is the quality of my brand new case so shitty? Why won't Adobe reader work properly? Why does RIM think it's a good idea to overly hype the Playbook and then just screw it over? WTF

Proud Playbook Owner....I use my Playbook everyday with a constant ATT workaround bridge connection...I still think its a great tablet, and look forward to whatever 2.0 has in store...I am more disappointed with ATT than RIM...and I am tempted to switch carriers, but i do have a family plan with a 25% work that still keeps me an unhappy ATT customer. The possibility of finally getting a 9900 has me feeling a little better, but I am hesitant of upgrading since I know the BBX phones are around the corner. The tablet OS upgrade I can wait for, the Playbook does everything I need it to, and I hardly use a laptop phone I rely on quite a bit - because it's a phone, I really just want RIM to give a BBX phone time frame, or at east say it will be after... (insert future date here).....if its a year I will upgrade.....three months...I will try to hold out and keep my 9700 functional until ASSUMING...ATT actually does LET us have the 9900!

But RIM is the most credible and reliable company in the business...they never go back on their word. That is why they have a strong customer base, they respect and never play games with it's customers. NEVER!

RIM does not take us for fools, they are forthcoming and treats us like adults. I am so sorry for the competition for their prompt periodic updates, their innovations, and keeping their word.

RIM has the winning strategy here folks. RIM will continue to be a hit for generations to come. Sigh!

Oh and RIM please get rid of that Android crap. I played with it since OS2 beta release it is simply garbage. Native apps are so refined that it would be suicide to keep that function on the Playbook. I was excited at first but it really shows the QNX is truly a better platform than Android.

My history:

857 - 7200 - 8830 - 8310 - 9700 - 9780 - 9930.

I bought a Playbook the day it was released, just based on my loyalty. I bought the 9930 the day it was available on Verizon. OS7 is weak.

Good luck in RIM. I'm sure you'll do great in the middle east, eastern europe, south america, and africa. You'll grow for ten more years. It sucks than you lost my market. That will be your downfall. RIP.

hey, i am disappointed in the latest news from RIM, but my BB and Playbook do everything I need them to. My disappointment is with the management of the company and the direction them seem to be taking and the kind of nonsense they expect us (the loyalists) to stomach.

That said, i am looking for a 16GB Playbook to experiment on. Please PM me and we'll talk.......

RIM please do something to give shareholders some hope. Everyone who owns a BB is a shareholder!

64gb PB is looking for a new owner. + bonus convertible case. $5 too much?

I so want this to be a joke but it's not.

I think this post has the most comments in the shortest time and it ISN'T a contest lol.

I was pretty shocked and dumbfounded when i read this article 5 minutes after it was posted. Ater a few hours, I think we all need to breathe a little, take in what happened and look to the future. Four months away isn't exactly a century. Although a lot can change in four months, more likely than not it won't be drastic enough to render the playbook useless and utter garbage.

If you have a playbook, enjoy it for what it has been, what it is, and what it will become. If you don't have one, don't bother getting upset because you have no legitimate reason to. No one asked you to wait for os2 to decide whether you will buy it or not.

that being said, can i win a free playbook :)

I have said it before and i will say it again, RIM just doesn't have the capital or man power behind them to take on so many big projects at once and get them all done on time. Every time RIM adds another project say OS7 phones or BBX the playbooks updates get further and further apart why because they are trying to do to many things at once. But you have to give them credit i mean with competition like GOOGLE, APPLE and MICROSOFT all multi-billion dollar company's Blackberry is still the number three brand in places like Australia, America, Britain and i think if my memory serves me correctly France so although Blackberry isnt the number one brand compared to their competition i think they are doing pretty well although i would like to see Native android come out before OS2.0.

Just my opinion crackruckles

I guess I still don't get guys that own the PB always brag how awesome it is and at times even better than the iPad and all the trashy Android tabs...yet you guys are upset because the OS is being delayed? You complain because there is still no native email app? Really yet you all claim that the reason that you stick to BBs is because of the physical KB that is a deal breaker for most of you guys. So which is it: do you guys love your PB as is it or are you guys just a bunch of whiners that will whine for anything, any given time? I think the latter.

In a word to you whiners. WOW.

I like my Playbook as is and I really don't care about native e-mail BUT - I am disappointed in the delay. RIM had indicated summer and then indicated fall - this is the same old over promise and no deliver. I suspect we will not see QNX phones any time soon, maybe a year from now if we are lucky.

Tuff day to be a RIM fan - UG.

Wow such vitriol over a few months. I think this is a product that is constantly being upgraded and bettered and in general does what it should. What other machine can sync with their phone perfectly, play Flash and have state-of-the-art security. Ok, ok, it doesn’t have 30 fart apps, yes I admit. Do you really need to watch movies on 15 different units? Patience folks, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Apple has spoiled us I admit, but it can’t go on forever. These are cycles, the company knows this and good products take time.

The current state of the Playbook OS is as 'work in progress'. Flash crashes when you lead too many apps that use video, bluetooth is very unstable, the adobe reader is incredibly slow for a dual core tablet, and the list goes on.

Hmm.. what's that sound I hear, oh, the fat lady is singing.

Serious, RIM is *way* behind... *WAY* behind where they need to be. Yes, those of you who love the keyboards have great phones, but for those of us who came to BB once they had a touch screen device have been treated as second class citizens by RIM.

I'm done with a BB phone... I can't get a GOOD touchscreen only BB, so I have to leave. I've tried Storm, and Storm2. I went to Verizon to try out Storm3, umm.. Torch whatever, and what did I see? Nothing better than the Storm2.

So, if I want a PlayBook (and I do), in order to use it I need a BB still... hmm. I don't think RIM understands what they are doing to customers.

No, I'm not knocking the PlayBook here, I'm saying they are lost in trying to develop and execute a product strategy. I have to have a phone that works, and I want touch. That's pushing me away from BB, and thus... with they way they have implemented the PlayBook, away from RIM. Without a BB, I miss out on features...and that's a killer.

I think RIM needs to give us 100$ cash (not credit) for this bs. I'm almost 100% sure that the MAJORITY of people that bought a playbook is because of what RIM promised would be there. This is ridiculous, i understand that it needs to fix bugs etc. but not having email is the most ridiculous thing. F*ck you RIM, I should of bought an Ipad 2.

And with this, the great promise of a table that could do great things, is over. For us, who have Playbooks, it's not really a problem since we use BB bridge, but this will definitely kill the meagre sales of the tablet. It seems that the price reduction was actually a fire sale, since the probability to have Playbook OS 2.0 see the light of day is less and less. As fewer and fewer people will buy a Playbook, it is quite probable that they will kill the tablet to focus on their new phones.

So, to all this, if there are no signs of ESSENTIAL APPS emerging for Playbook (Skype, Kindle, NYTimes, etc.) in the upcoming weeks, we can assume that we are being tricked.

I'll just wait to see what happens since I already own it. In the meantime, I'll keep using the slow pdf reader, and use the browser as usual.

Good luck RIM.

i love my playbook but i want more and expected more sooner rather then later! i have been holding off upgrading my phone in hopes the new bbx's would be out soon but looks like they will be delayed as well. i'll keep my PB but android phone here i come. it's too bad that rim doesn't see that their sole focus on business users is going to be their down fall. i am canadian and want to support rim but unfortunately i can't hold out forever to get what other products already have. bbm only goes so far!

Yes, that's what I'm trading in my BB Storm2 for when I'm off contract in November. Perfect timing for me.

Just took the playbook off my holiday wish list... yet another screw up by these bafoons. another opportunity to take advantage of Apple finally not being as hot as they can be with the lackluster recent updates to their products, and they fumble.

and it's not like rim has a huge arsenal of products and software on their plate, they can't even get it together for one tablet product. slowest developers in the world. think about it, apple has imacs, ipods, iphones, mac pros, macbook pros, tons of software etc. and they push out updates like boom-bam. look at rim, they have blackberry phones, the playbook, and that's it. they just operate magnitudes slower than anyone. they'll never grow larger than they are like this. bad company.

Listen RIM, I have been the most ardent Playbook advocate with my friends and co-workers. I love the Playbook but whoever is making the decisions at RIM and playing games with us really SUCKS.
Have some respect for us PLEASE!. No more of this "Now it won't be out until ___ but when it does it will be SO much better." BULL SHIT!
If I have to wait till February for 2.0, I will toss this PB and tell everyone to stay clear of YOUR double-dealing company.
RIM, I am a loyal Canadian but you are a total JOKE!
SHAPE UP!!!!!!!

Guys, I'm very disappointed to hear this news, but isn't this news also kind of making us forget that a native developer kit has just been put into the hands of developers, and that we should be seeing a bunch of quality apps starting to show up in app world in the near future? We also have a brand new evangelist in Alec Saunders who is already starting to kick some butt in terms of talking to developers and the community at large in a proactive manner, touching base with the community and demonstrating some passion (that RIM has never demonstrated before). This HAS to do SOME good in the near future. Aren't a lot of us frustrated because we know how great our Playbooks are, but know that they haven't been given a chance to really shine? I don't think we need OS2 for that. Seeing some really good native apps start to emerge will help ease the pain. At this point, I'm kind of committed because I've invested in 2 playbooks, so my fingers are crossed, but, last time I checked, the tablet market was still brand new, with plenty of room to grow!! It's also possible that I'm just being a foolish optimist.

This goes out to those who believed the bbx phone would be out in the first quarter. I didn't see this issues with playbook 2.0 but after reading this article I'm happy to wait. They have quite a bit coming out when ready. I'm also hoping that the 64gig will drop in price in the meantime.

So for now I'm happy with my os7 phone and my half baked playbook and when the bbx os comes out I'm hoping to have my 64 gig by then and I will be kept happy until they come out with my bbx abold and and my 10inch playbook. RIM I am pissed but the wait is worth it.

I can only imagine a sliver of what was going thru Kevin's mind just before he hit "Enter" to post this article. Deep and wide.

The problem is, we're going to have to wait,again, for basic features that bring the PlayBook to the level of the competition, feature wise (rather than app wise). These other companies aren't standing still, they're working on new features that RIM is going to have to catch up on after 2.0.

It's getting to the point that if RIM doesn't get their s%^t together and come up with an update that actually surpasses the competition, they're not going to regain lost sales. They act like they're doing us all a favour, giving us features that were promised over a year ago, while continuing to fall further and further behind.

Playing catch up 2 or 3 years hence isn't going to cut it. RIM has to BE caught up, and SURPASS the competition. They just don't seem to get it. Windows 8 is around the corner, and if RIM thinks Apple is a juggernaut in the tablet space, wait until they have to compete with Microsoft, they need to be doing it better and faster, now.

RIM overpromised, again. They now will lose anyone who held out hoping 2.0 would kick enough ass to convince them to pick a PlayBook over a Kindle Fire. Bummer..

Playtime is over, leapfrog the competition, Skype, Email client, 5 mins and the damn thing shuts off, no proper punctuation, no premium apps, no Android app player, Summer, Devcon, now Feb 2012, which will go to April 2012 and then Devcon 2012 by then they would have fumbled BBX phones........see the ugly Porsche phone...

I'm scared that they are going to have to compete with M$ in their prime markets. I had hoped they would have their New OS out B4 M$ started showing up on Nokias

RIM = Nortel 2.0.

Both were once market leaders that crashed and burned due to poor management. We all know how the Nortel story ended and I don't think RIM will be too far behind unless there is a shakeup in the leadership (read: co-CEOs).

I've owned a Playbook for a few months now (paid full price) and I purchased it with the hopes that RIM could deliver what they had promised from the beginning. They haven't. Now I regret my decision and will not purchase another RIM device ever again.

My BB 9650 is due to be upgraded soon and I'm not sure where to turn as I was planning on the 9930. I guess I'll have to make the decision between Android and iOS.

As for my PlayBook... I'll hang on to it for light web browsing since that's essentially all it is... a web browser...

RIM cmon. This release was supposed to be after DevCon which just finished. Now your forwarding it to Feb 2012? Who knows what will happen......

Well now I have another doorstop to add. The other? A Dell Streak 5. while the difference in circumstances between this and my Playbook are different, the end result is the same both products are destined to a certain demise.

The Dell Streak 5 failed quickly because of the lack of product support to bring it up to date quickly. By the time Dell did (Android 2.2), it was too late. Today we are witnessing the very same path and eventual faith with the Playbook.

To me as a consumer, it's not a huge setback. I knew not to buy either the 32GB or 64GB models. Instead I paid $285 new/sealed for my 16GB model on Kijiji. Hindsight told me of all the tablets, the Playbook IS no doubt the under dog of the lot.

I decided to buy a Playbook because Apple will never produce a 7" iPad2, 3, 4, etc. Never. And the 7" tablet form factor is the perfect size for me. Plus the Bridge feature to complement my 9700.

And yes to add to the voices here, instant messaging is not practical on a browser but as a separate app. So RIM stop with your politics and release ShapeServices IM+ app they submitted in App World since May of this year!

I would love to add to the maelstrom of mixed response to this news for what its worth. I love my PB coupled with my 9900 in bridged mode. Its been like this at inception and any BB fan would not ever be without their handset, PB or not. Its a marriage. As always anticipated and always known. Many of us are "married", to our jobs, our life styles and to a significant other, our soulmate. Our communication devices are very similar to a marriage. We commit and put so much on the line for a chosen means of outward existance. We decide initially on the attributes and style and personality and then pull the trigger. I commit. RIM is my communication partner and I am still in love with everything she promised. Having to click Bridge on my hand set and PB for email or BBM is never been off from what we have all at first fell in love with .. the fact that she has not worn the victoria secret out fit she promised on our honey moon has not made her any less sexy

What's a good android tab to get???
My mind is set on the galaxy nexus!! Come on face detection to unlock your phone?! Straight genius.

While I am disappointed that the PB OS 2.0 has been pushed back to February, I can't say I am terribly surprised. The belief that a final release of 2.0 could arrive just a few weeks after the developer beta release was just too optimistic. It can take quite a bit of time to move from an early beta product to production. As a developer (no, nothing to do with phones or tablets) I've participated in a number of projects that fell behind schedule. This type of thing is sadly quite common in the software world - it's not just RIM. I am guessing that the effort estimates they did early on in planning for 2.0 were significantly off.

If there is a silver lining it is that we are less likely to get a buggy mess of an update which probably would have happened if they pushed it out so soon after the beta.

I am still feeling fairly up-beat about the Playbook since Devcon because they have finally released the native SDK. Hopefully that will give the BB Playbook developers the tools they need to produce superior apps. Heck, I am seriously tempted to port some of my Unix based C applications to the playbook on a lark now that they are opening things up more. I am also greatly encouraged that they are embracing open source libraries. There's a lot of potential for greatness in the Playbook.

While disappointed that 2.0 is now officially a ways off, I still enjoy my 64gb Playbook and don't have any regrets. There are two things that would greatly enhance the usefulness of the playbook for me. One is a better PDF viewer than the lame one Adobe supplied. The other is an ssh client. Give those and I will be content.

Okay, fine, I can live with the Feb date.

Can you please fix the problem Apworld has with the international users so that I can buy apps that would make the PB useful for business?! Ugh.

And yes, incremental updates to fix the auto correct feature and minor fixes with the UI would be appreciated as well. I'm not even looking forward to OS2 if he problems with this OS won't be solved in the near future - you've had months to fix it.

Good God! What is RIM thinking? Moreover, what are we the consumer thinking buying in to this? So now we have to wait 4 more months for a os release that should have been there from day one which was 6 months ago? So provided RIM is able to follow through with this we then have a device that is 10 months old that will just be getting basic functions while other platforms are rolling new hardware and software every 12 months. Through all of this, Rim has never once said "we are sorry, we screwed up.". Instead they just nonchalantly keep throwing out broken promises and delays like nothing is going on. Personally they don't have throw this big massive overhaul out. Give us email and a native calendar! Btw Netflix would be nice but hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. It just feels so sad that I have to rely on my iPad for native calendar and email for out in the field which is supposed to be RIM's bread and butter while my playbook sits at home. And for the record, I dropped my Bold 9930 after a week but that is a whole other rant. RIM, listen to me, you have spent the last several years screwing the pooch. Stop the bleeding! Stop the bull$?!t!!!

By February, I'll have ditched both my PlayBook and BlackBerry handset. They were supposed to have released timely updates for the tablet and they haven't. For the last year or two, I have been hearing that RIM is a dead or dying company. Now I can see why there are those in the tech media who feel this way. Until something is done to shake up management at the very top, RIM will continue to lose market share. The two co-CEO's were given six months to turn things around. Time is nearly up and they are still losing market share to Android and Apple. After the first of the year, I will be leaving RIM as well. This is just another example of the blank incompetence running this company.

For a moment I thought it was April fools day. I am disappointed. Alll I wonted waz a simpl sell checkar . Soo tired of rims bullcrap.

I do quite a lot of international travel and have multiple SIM cards and Blackberry service on 2 carriers and use one phone. Anyone who has done this is aware of the nightmare this can cause for BIS functionality. The original idea when buying my PlayBook was the hope that RIM would soon release a native email client so I could just use my phone as a phone.

So currently I use a web base interface that was designed for higher resolution and the right click of a mouse.

My only hope now is a POP/IMAP client for Android or hope someone ports a email client using the NDK.

I guess if I was a enterprise user as opposed to self employed solo user I would get better support.


I will enjoy my playbook as long as it last. That is not usually that long after being but on life support. Which will happen soon.

Why is too many people complaint about it???? if you have a BB device and a PB why dont you uses the Bridge? abd stop F....... complaint damn it.
R.I.M i still believe in you. one os the most security OS.

That's a crazy delay, and I'm not even sure they'll meet that Feb 2012 date.
Even if they do, this 2.0 update will have to be absolutely AWESOME. Otherwise ....

What's sad is that the vaunted BBM won't be in as of Feb 2012. Why is that so bad? Because if it ain't on the Playbook, that means it ain't on the new BBX phones, which means no BBX phone in Feb 2012. That double sucks.
(OOOh, unless they pull another bonehead maneuver and release BBX phones without BBM)

Mind you, I personally don't use BBM, so I don't care specifically about that. I still use my PB daily, it works nice, I don't regret it. But still, that's a damned long wait for something which sounds pretty mediocre. There better be some really killer apps at 2.0 launch!

Hmmm! This is disappointing news!! An ipad 2 couple with a iphone 4s is looking very attractive for christmas. Having spent nearly 700 for a PB 64G thinking i would get the apps promised this last summer.....................thank you very muchRIM!

I've never been so disappointed with RIM in my entire life.

This is unbelievable. My playbook has been sitting on my desk unused waiting for them to do an update that would make it worthwhile and now I have to wait 4 more months after several months of empty promises?

Forget that, RIM you're unbelievable. I can see at this point why RIM is a sinking ship. Outages, late deadlines, inferior products. The iPad was and always will be better, I think the days of RIM are over and it's time to move on.

I feel as if this is the straw that broke the camels back, seriously, how could they even release this information and think it was a good idea. I feel betrayed and lied too, I feel that RIM promised so much and missed the mark completely.

Today is the day I call it quits, I'm not going to continue to allow RIM to mess with us.


It makes no difference to me when the update comes out because it won't have anything I need anyway and I'm not too excited by some of the GUI changes. But what really bothers me is how RIM consistently fails to deliver. I would be surprised if the new phones even come out before the 3rd quarter next year just based on RIM's inability to deliver on time coupled with constant excuses and lame promises.

They say they won't release it until it meets developers and customers expectations . . . . .

Customers are EXPECTING BBM RIM!!!!!

i don't understand the people that say "why are you complaining, just bridge your phone for email." All my playbook is a glorified web browser....there are hardly any apps and none that are very useful. I have a web cam on the front and can't even use it b/c all of my friends have android or iPhones...Bank of America doesn't even have an app for it. I was on my phone today and someone asked me about a day in November so I opened my Playbook sitting right next to me and realized again that there is no native calendar app either.

The playbook is an amazing piece of hardware and very quick. I love the OS but in terms of funtionality, it flat out sucks. I bought it at Staples for $250 and I think that's the appropriate price that it should be sold for until 2.0 comes out.

i'm extremely disappointed in today's announcement but will use my bb bold until it doesn't work anymore. Just my 2 cents...

I'm loyal to RIM and although I'm a bit disappointed this is going to take so long, I will certainly not be ditching my Berry for an iPhone or Android. Let's face it, all the majority of us really need to be more productive on the go is email, Internet and the ability to view and edit files with standard file formats. All the rest is nice, but hardly essential for work.

RIM has made some mistakes in the past, but I think they are on the right track. I'm going to hang in with them.

Seriously I think the recent beta OS 2 is ready for prime time already. Why don't they release what they got on the table to the public so everyone can be happy. There's nothing wrong with OS 2 from experience.

No more Playbooks for me. My 16GB will be my only tablet until it's horribly out of date. Then it's off to the compitition. Fck you RIM. I'll always have a BlackBerry phone (unless BBX sucks really bad) but they can take their tablet offerings and shove em where the sun don't shine

I've waited and waited for native email and bbm on the playbook, as I don't have a Blackberry currently (thanks At&t) but now February 2012. Ipad 3 and Windows 8 tablets will be out a few months later...sigh.

ok: I have hoped to get OS 2.0 earlier.

but I honor the open words. Better to get bad news and to know what will be happen then waiting from month to month. in the past such kind of information was hidden inside RIM.

also - as a developer - it's good to know that there's a time-window of 3-4 months to develop 2.0 PB Apps.

Playbook = Storm

Does NO one at RIM understand the pace of technology? QNX was outdated 10 seconds after RIM bought them. TAT has to be going nuts, not being able to showcase their product.

I too have been wanting to come back to RIM...but seriously, no A2DP nor Autocorrect??? I expect this type of fail from a 4th grader. For the 2 people who love their PB with an obscure 1 or 2 needs congrats

This is quite disappointing and I'm glad I've been holding out on getting the playbook for so long, though my bro managed to get one for free.. February 2012 is a good 3 months away and nearly a year since the Playbook's release. Could we see an updated playbook launched with updated specs? From the look of things I don't think that RIM is even developing a successor to the playbook... like many have said, highly disappointing..

As an afterthought, as a 9860 owner I would have been one of the first to pull the trigger on a BBX phone, its just getting frustrating at this point that there is a lack of connect between RIM and its consumers. We all know that there are a lot of changes to be made, probably the most ever since RIM came into being... but still, it would be good to be in the loop..

But the PB has the FULL INTERNET! Who needs APPS!!!!????
(sarcasm, as this is not my point of view, but the most used pro-argument...)

RIM is open to their customers for the first time - and they let them down.

This is a sad day.

iPad 3 will be out by April next year.

Get the OS right is what I say... Citrix receiver, blackberry bridge, android apps (ones that actually work) on the way. I will wait. I am not worried.

The iPad was not complete, the iPhone was not complete (no cut and paste remember) and many many updates later a marginally secure phone compared to the BB. Plus the Playbook is THE ONLY tablet that complies with federal security standards.

Read the user manual on BB Bridge...It connects with 256 bit AES encryption, NO ONE CAN CRACK IT... In fact if you READ the manual, BB Bridge is frigging ingenious in how it works.

In terms of native PIM apps... to get push email you have to have a $25 to $30/month 3G or 4G plan ON TOP OF the price of the tablet OR have a tethering option that will cost even more, plus get killed on the data usage. If you don't have a 3/4G plan then the only way one can get email is via wifi, how the hell does that help you when you are in the middle of nowhere and can't get a signal for anything. I have a good friend who's husband bought an iPad and she's pissed because they are stuck with a $30/month bill. When she saw how the PB worked and linked to her PIM via BB Bridge she was impressed and even mentioned that she was going to discuss with her IT people about using the PB instead of iPad's (her company is BB because of security reasons) makes sense, I think.

I have a iPod Touch and have the email linked to it and it sucks. Push email my arse I have to be home or somewhere where there's wifi...

BB Bridge is the perfect solution, you are already paying for the data plan so why not piggy back on it, if in the middle of nowhere theres no wifi but there is 3/4G just connect the handheld a viola... Makes sense now doesn't it? Besides, who the hell is typing and responding to emails while running to catch the bus or train or plane etc... I know i'm not i'm on my BB handheld. When I get on the bus or plane or brian or anywhere else I can sit, I turn on Bluetooth and let BB Bridge automatically connect and I can do whatever the hell I want. Or just leave it on and everything is mirrored... Frigging ingenious is what I say.

I will absolutely wait the four months for a better version of the OS with the ability to have the best of both worlds, native BB apps and ported android apps, Citrix receiver and anything else that pops up.

Everyone who tries my PB is impressed. So am I. I can wait for a better version in four months...

I guess I will hold off buying a playbook until next year. Quite disappointed with this news but I guess RIM have to make sure that this update is right as it could be the final nail in the coffin.

Wow, this really sucks for PB owners. I remember when the PB was announced and how excited I was about it. Then I kept discovering all the things that were missing before it was released, so I decided to wait. Then I just decided to not get it because I was ready, but the PB wasn't. I'm really glad now that I made the decision not to buy one. Even worse, I was thinking of two of them. Believe me, I would sure like to see RIM hit some home runs, but unfortunately they still make plays like the Bad News Bears!

Yikes, I wish I was you... the one time in my life I early adopted.... the ONE TIME... and I get burned like a sucker PT Barnum would cry over.

Sorry to hear that! Thing I've learned from using BB's is that it usually takes RIM a year or more after device launch to get the OS straightened out, sop by the time the OS is up to date, the device itself is out of date. So, I just won't buy them anymore. I wish things were different, but for now I will avoid them. The PlayBook was full of promises and termed "professional grade," but so far it has been little more than a web browser. To me, professional grade means email, USB ports, external storage, and much more. Really unfortunate that they dropped the ball so bad with could have been amazing.

They should at least give us native email to hold us 'til february or whatever date they delay to after they don't deliver on that. Bought this damn thing thinking it had native email being that it is a BB product I didn't think to research it figured it would have it, should have been the first thing on the damn thing when released. Bridge is retarded it works but its just a Mickey Mouse fix. Just like the internet tethering they paint it as if you tether your phone you have internet but they don't say you have to purchase tethering on your phone plan or else tethering doesn't work. It's a good product, but if it had native email it would be a great product, that being said, it still doesn't take away the feeling that RIM has deceived me.

If this doesn't prove that the leadership team at RIM needs to be replaced, I don't know what else needs to be done. This may be a rhetorical question, but could anyone that works for RIM give me a legit reason as to why I should recommend this or any of their products of an iOS or Android product?

WTH? o.o
Can't RIM give an option to playbook os 2.0, that if we've a bb smartfone, so we could pair the bb playbook with smartfone. other user's who don't have a bb smartfone, should get their new bb pins :|

When I first got my Playbook in my hands, I was very happy because UI was perfect and the hardware is better than I expected.

As a developer, I though with this kind of hardware, I lot of good software could come easily and fast. Some colleagues in our company loves Apple so I always defend Playbook agains them saying "Playbook will be better than iPad in months as the only thing left is some good apps".

Today I understand that I'm wrong. I think RIM took a wrong road with Android support. This feature even is great, is not priority. Why a company spend time to support another platform even it couldn't give customers the most important things as Native Email, A2DP, Native SDK etc?

Now they are saying they will release 2.0 in February. Playbook hardware was great when it has first release, will other companies wait for RIM for 4 months? I don't think so, probably when we have 2.0, there will be other devices which are more powerfull from Playbook.

Sorry RIM; hardware is great, QNX is great but the path you took makes both these good things meanless. You are too slow.

We need to start emailing the CEO's and execs of RIM to show how unhappy we are, until they start receiving emails in the masses by unhappy customers, nothing will change.

Tommy from Best Buy: You're absolutely right by recommending an Ipad 2 back in May 2011, I was so stupid and got the Playbook instead, fuck you RIM bastards ! You lied about 60 days, summer, fall, shortly after devcon, now you said February 2012, fuck you!!!!

 9810 & PB 16g


if they want to postpone this update to Feb 2012 which means 11 months after releasing the device: the question is how much left from the device's lifetime which is in such industry is almost the period from the release to the decided update date.

Hows about buying a product for its current capabilities and not what it "may" do in an update. With a purchasing model like that your bound to be dissapointed!

Sad to say that but I moved from PB to iPad a couple of months ago and I'm now moving from BB to 4s......Always keeping an eye to crackberry and ready to come back when RIM will finally release wow devices

This is a major fail for RIM.
It means the PB will not sell at all during the holiday season, which to me means that it is "end-of-life" today.
As a happy BB Bold user, I must confess that I am really dissapointed in RIM with this announcement. Just this week I was considering to buy a PB, because the v2.0 beta was released at devcon. But I decided to wait until the end of the month (or so I thought) for the official release...
The result of this announcement for me: I have decided to buy an iPad (or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tab.) And I will seriously investigate if/how another device can replace my Bold for business use (I'm on BES and a heavy email user).
Too bad, I really liked BB, but have now lost confidence. :-(

But hey, "new video store", Devcon pretty much all into Games, BB Music and such stuff don't make sense at all... Here in Europe I don't think any private person is buying a BlackBerry for the games or multimedia stuff, it is a Corporate phone/platform!
The focus should therefore be on the Corporate side, now RIM tries to do this and that dn then another thing again ending up with delays and not really worked-through solutions...
This Playbook thing could have been good...but sorry, who's gonna buy them...? Sorry...

i am sure that when OS 2 is released, RIM will release a new "Playbook 2", and all we playbook owners will be pissed off!
and than OS 3 wont be supported on Playbook 1. Thats what i am guessing

Rim has lost this customer for any future products, the playbook is the only product that I like from rim and unfortunately they managed to **** that up too, Your a huge disapointment rim

I thing Rim's approach is completely wrong on 2.0. They should realize corporations are not buying playbooks, ipad or whatever, the business use case is not there yet. The stuff that you see in the office if you do is personally bought. So why are you going through closed beta testing with enterprise, wtf, they are not going to buy it on a big scale hellooo. I am not even IT but its quite apparent that its the consumer that is going to dictate the devices that are going to be used in the office as the technology is there to make it secure, hellooo, security is no longer a competetive advantage. I tried to get my IT guy to get the citrix receive app going, helloo it did not come remotely close to working. Guess what, the Ipad is a breeze to get virtual access to your desktop. They make it easy and it works and guess which product is going to get recommended for internal adoption (if and when it actually ever happens) Please get the freaking basics right, make sure it just works and stop your freakin statements like "intercepting the future"??? "leapfrog ahead of the competition"??? WTF are you kidding me. Please be humble and realize you have a big f'g problem on your hands, put down your head and get to work on getting the basics to just work. My bridge freezes about every 10 minutes, I close it down, maybe restart the tablet and then it works again. Why do I have to do this? Do you think this is okay for the user. The list goes on.

Having said all of that I'm a sucker for BB, I do love my PB when its working but I wish these guys would just shut the f up and start delivering.

I've waited for PB update for four months. I'll be a lemming and wait four more. We got a 2.0ish release that kinda killed Bridge but addressed a couple of my gripes. Come February if they get this 2.0 right, with Netflix, Hulu, Citrix, Skype etc I'll be sitting pretty.

I always thought DEVCON was a springboard for apps and figured it would a month or so to get these android apps into app world. So I didn't get my hopes up as much as some. I figured an xmas release of 2.0 to capture some excitement before that holiday shopping spree might have been the plan. bet.!

Be interesting if the 10" PB (with better specs and cameras) somehow came along by then.

"Good things come to those who wait" should be RIMs new mantra. Rest assured when March comes along and no update...Ill still be using my BB devices.

Seems RIM problems keep on getting worst and they deserve everything for being complete a**holes for marketing.
Here's another kick in the nuts for

Class-action suit proposed against RIM over outage

MONTREAL — A Montreal law firm has filed notice that it intends to launch a class-action suit against Waterloo-based Research In Motion over the extended service outage earlier this month.

Consumer Law Group Inc. filed notice Tuesday in Quebec Superior Court of a proposed national class action lawsuit. The law firm said in a news release that it is acting on behalf of individuals who have BlackBerry smartphones and who pay for a monthly data plan but were unable to access their email or the internet between Oct. 11 and Oct. 14.

According to the news release, the lawsuit alleges that RIM is responsible for the loss of service for BlackBerry users, and has not sufficiently compensated users for that loss.

With 70 million users, the BlackBerry outage, the biggest in the smartphone maker’s history, made headlines worldwide. RIM co-CEO’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie participated in a conference call after the outage, and Lazaridis addressed users directly in a video shown on YouTube, in an attempt to defuse some of the heat generated by frustrated BlackBerry clients.

On Oct. 19, RIM released the first of a number of free BlackBerry apps, intended to compensate users for the inconvenience of the outage.

Kevin, be sure to post an article once the class-action lawsuit of PB owners against RIM gets official so I can sign up. This is unacceptable.

$100 in free apps for a 3-day outage, well what about us?!

BGR looks like a hero reporting this first and all said bull...what a joke, from February it will be end of Q1 and then for sure summer with BBM support without bridge, while buying time for belly up.
Make all the excuses for RIM but it's not looking good folks. Those QNX phones will be half baked if it ever gets out...last years processor 1.2ghz because we know when RIM gets a new processor this is it for at least 3 years.
Bought my PlayBook when it went on sale and everyone saying 2.0 will be out in October. What a joke.
They offer you free apps and we only have 2 so far but don't worry I'm sure the last one will be out on Dec. 31/2011just in time to for the last day. This is so stupid offer the apps and most don't run on OS7 so now they are scrambling to update them.
Those two clowns need to go before they run the company into the ground.

I spent $700 on a 32GB PlayBook about 6 weeks ago. It wasn't too long after my wife got her iPad 2. At this point, I'm completely bored with my PlayBook and my wife doesn't put her iPad 2 down. My PB is essentially a photo album, a web browser and a portal to check CrackBerry for disappointing news like this blog currently offers. I was led to believe I didn't have long to wait for 2.0, but whatever. Some people have asked me why I haven't bridged the PB with my 9930, but what's going to happen? I'll have 2 devices annoying me with emails, notifications and reminders. Great. I thought tablets were for "entertainment?" Anyway...iPad 2 has the PlayBook beat for business, too. Really.

My Bold 9930 is boring. Its a keyboard. Big deal. I'm OK with that as a phone. A Directv app would be nice, though. Still no Weatherbug, Ka-Glom. Just a few of the basic apps I could still be using if I held onto my Storm2. I spend way too much time browsing App World to be this bored... Oh, great! Another email! Let me roll my eyes.

The one thing I found interesting in RIM's statement about 2.0 is something about Video Downloads. I would actually love to watch a video on my expensive piece of hardware without purchasing converter software and jumping through all the hoops to get a freak'n movie on the thing... You know, since HBO GO isn't available, either! LAME!!!

That iPad 2 looks pretty good right now. I might purchase one for myself if I can find another $700 sitting around looking for something to do with itself. Put my pretty little PlayBook on a shelf and not think about it again til February, or whenever the amazing 2.0 comes out... check it out, just for kicks...

And after all this, and 2.0 actually arrives, I'm supposed to believe it will be worth the wait? I might not give a damn if I own an iPad by then...

I still remember when the Storm was going to change everything. Keep aiming for the rain clouds, RIM.

Totally agree. Have the Playbook and the iPad 2 and it's not even close. The iPad 2 blows it away in nearly every aspect and I honestly didn't think I'd feel that way. I went in *wanting* the Playbook to win out and actively looked for ways to justify using it. I just can't.

I've had a 9930 (and have always been a BB guy) since the day it came out - and I love the keyboard, etc. Now I'm wondering how long I can hold out before dumping it and getting the latest iPhone.

I'm tired of being an apologist for a company that repeatedly shoots itself in the foot.

I'm with you there, too. I've been a BlackBerry snob, or loyalist, rooting for the underdog. 4 months til 2.0? I've got no choice, at this point, but to concede. My wife's iPad is absolutely more useful in every way. Got Directv? Download their Nomad app. Got HBO? HBO GO. Got an iTunes library? (Sorry, I've got no interest in BB Music and KOBO Books.) My bank has an app for Apple, my favorite news shows all have dedicated apps. The list goes on and on. Make no mistake. I'll still root for RIM because I've had a BlackBerry in my pocket for a number of years now, but I have no expectations that they'll design the device to bridge my life with home, work and anything else I cannot imagine on my own, etc. I've already passed on BlackBerry Bridge, a useless app if your inclined to choose the 9930's glorified keyboard. QNX? Yeah, great. But, SO WHAT? The PlayBook doesn't do anything, and if I really cared about Android apps, I'd go out and buy an Android tablet. Not a PlayBook that runs 50%-60% of them. I'll be at the Apple store when the iPad 3 is available. I already know I would actually use it, and from what I understand, Apple has a pretty good record of not disappointing their end-user. Seems like its the exact opposite experience than waiting for RIM to do anything...

If you look at everything Playbook in terms of that it was never intended to be anything but the platform for new products, and especially for the BBX phones, then you can adjust your views and comments. It is still a development platform and not finished. Hopefully, they will get the platform right and then be able to launch successful BBX phones (9900X, full screen and slider) and 7 and 10 inch tablets by October 2012. And with marketing and knowledgeable stores, well, maybe they will compete and sell a lot of products. I believe that it was their strategy, as I cannot think that they were so deluded to think that the first Playbook as it was and with little marketing would compete. Glad that they did not make BBX phones with version 1.0 - that may have RIP the company.

I have been a blackberry user for 8 years and lately have defended them alot. I run my own business and blackberry is really good for that playbook but this is unacceptable. I can't run my company of devices that are always behind the industry and delayed updates on top of that. I am leaving RIM and moving me and my company to android....Sad to hear this but I can't do business or use devices from RIM when they don't have the integrity to keep to there timelines....ever!


Well RIM succeeded in one thing, a lot of iPad 3s are going to be sold next year. I'm sure apple will send a thank you card. The RIM tablet is dead, no one will trust RIM to support any new version.

I don't see why Early Adopter Partners get access, but you can't just keep updating the Developer beta to include the apps. It's insane how they treat consumers as second tier citizens when we represent the majority of that 70 million subscribers. Man...Give me a BETA with the apps and rather than explaining when the final release date is, you could be talking about how your improving on the beta weekly.

I bought the tablet, have enjoyed it but not the support behind it (help support, development support, etc). I'll ride with this for the time being. But this will undoubtedly be the last Blackberry device I own.

Was down over 4% yesterday and already down over 4% today.Only thing RIM is sure to do is crash through the 20 dollar stock. They'll keep that promise for sure.
Down almost 6 % now got to luv it. leapfrogging the competition my a**

As a loyal BB guy, this make me really mad. I hate to say this, but I will most likely get an Ipad3 and call it a day. Rim just can't seem to get their act together. It is sad.

By the time this new OS is out, the hardware will be a year + old.

Anyone have an email address that we can obliterate RIM wit? EVERYONE needs to express their feelings towards RIM! I am just drained with RIM my company is moving away from RIM I honestly thought they would get it together but I am painfully disappointed.

Just plain DISGUSTED. My Xoom is has been sitting on the shelf since I got my PB a couple months ago. As an IT consultant for small/medium business, this is just putting another nail in the coffin.

I am so disappointed now with Blackberry regarding this delay. I have been awaiting the Android apps and many other changes they said was coming last summer. I now am considering to sell my 9900 and Playbook that is in for service. The screen turned in to fine lines. Think it must be toast! By next February, other companies will have surpassed them and my old Blackberry Playbook and phone will look obsolete.

Really I was giving a last chance to Blackberry, but at this moment I think I will start leaving Blackberry and RIM, I bought the Playbook waiting for the Android App player and the rest of the functionality promised to end this summer, but now they are jumping to the next year.
And nobody ensures me that on February RIM honer his words!!! Really, very disappointed about RIM, I think tomorrow I will look to sell my Playbook taking advantage that in my country RIM is over estimated.
Bad move RIM I if you don't change soon I think yo end is near!!!!, because here yo start looking a possible new Android user.

I do still love my PB (and still find it to be a good business productivity tool). That having been said, I am so incredibly disappointed in RIM on multiple levels.

I am frustrated that I still do not have functionality that was promised for the device. I think I am more frustrated that RIM appears to be shredding its goodwill in the market place so thoroughly. I'd far rather be an advocate for RIM's great products (and I do still think their products are great), than be a defender of its failings. I'd also like to feel I can have some trust in what RIM says about forthcoming products.

Bottom line, RIM seems to be full of great ideas and is making great acquisitions, but their execution has been miserable. And here we are with one more huge black eye, with an additional 4 month slip on delivery of functionality that was originally promised "shortly after launch".

So much promise. So much disappointment! :(

HUGE! HUGE!! blow to the PlayBook! I can see stores pulling it from shelves as it is going nowhere. Stores will be cramped for space at Christmastime to display Android tablets that are already flooding the market. The PlayBook cannot compete with no native email, native calendar, and no 3G. This is almost like a death warrant. Very sad.

I love my PlayBook but I'm a BlackBerry user who can use the BlackBerry Bridge. Other folks without BlackBerrys have no good option unless their phone has a mobile hotspot feature.

So glad I didnt get one of these. This just goes to show that everything ad BB DevCon was just demo ware salesmanship.Android player is a gimmick. At this point fuck RIM.

Forget the native email, calendar, bbm, etc....

I want a media player that knows the difference between Greatest Hits albums and doesn't just lump every one of them together. Really, there is no excuse for how poor the library management is for my music files.

For all the Playbook faithful that remember a long time ago (April 2011) when we were promised a native email client and Android Market by summer...and we patiently waited. Summer rolled around and we were told it would be by end of summer...and we waited. Then we were told by early fall, then after BlackBerry weare told to wait until February 2012! I dont know about the rest of you but I get my hopes up for the advancement of the Playbook. I would like to request that RIM just forget about giving us projected release dates for the OS2.0. This is because when you dont deliver, I get upset. Just surprise us with the unexpected release of something and it will be a surprise, and everyone loves surprises! Its almost like having a girlfriend who says she will work on being more exciting in bed when you get married, you believe her. So you get married and your still left with a false promise to perform and your left disappointed but loyal.
Come on RIM, dont make me regret taking the vow 'till death do us part'

The Rimjobpire strikes out...

What a putrid farce they made of what should have been a defining new product.

They probably could have alerted to this a while back, but wanted to sell a bunch of cheap overstock first and then let the flames die down from The Great Outage Of Ought Eleven.

February? That's a laugh. That's just to make it seem sort of okay from a late October, holidays are coming standpoint. April is probably best case, but they'd never say that. They should issues vouchers to say for every day beyond February the release is delayed, you get $2 in Blackberry World credit. At least then I'd sense they gave a damn about how frustrating this release has been on the update and development front.

Once again, this is what layoffs get you: outages, delays, brain drain, etc. Losing begets losing. The death spiral continues.

Well here's another update to Inside:

My purchases of all RIM products are on hold too... ...through forever.

Well this is sad news to hear but fro my situation doesn't affect me. I was hoping to hold out until at least March 2012 to see what the new offerings are for Tablets. So a software update in Feb (Hopefully) will help make up my mind.

But I do sympathize with the people who purchased the PB based on a summer update. That really sucks. I would have just held the PB up until everything was ready to go and release it then. All the bad press they have received over this has done nothing but tarnish RIM's reputation, and there seem to be alot out there that take joy in that. No idea why. But lets hope 2012 is a big turnaround year.

FUCK RIM and fuck the all company... they have useless leaders,they seat on the fat asses and jerking off the all day.

We should take legal action against rim

an offer from a company with cash has to be coming shortly. A lot of people are missing the point. "Image is everything". No one questions the build quality of the phone and frankly, not the playbook.
As I posted earlier, great product; horrible image. You can have the best widget out there but if your marketing sucks and you're consistently apologizing to the public on a regular basis, you're left looking at a lot of inventory and sales increasing at the competitor. They better empty the warehouses of the playbook and try to recreate demand, or simply deep six the whole project...FAST.
4 months in the tech arena is a generation of new product. The current image that has been created will take years to undo. A maverick is needed to get in front of the media and right this ship quickly.

I'm very disappointed, and I've got this very strong feeling that soon they will actually abandon the Playbook.. I don't think we'll be seeing an update even on February..

I'm done,,,,,, anyone want to buy a 64Gb Playbook and 9800 torch? Even when their backs are against the wall they fail in trying to improve their image.......

"if the hole you're in keeps getting deeper, QUIT DIGGING".

If you take a look at a 6 month history bar graph of the stock price performance it runs parallel to how RIM is perceived. They need to better understand that they build, market and sell perishable goods and quit trying to peddle shelf life. I'm done posting on this subject. Time to move on.

The software is two (2) years behind the hardware. Is the software that difficult to write? Why not put more manpower on the job?

RIM just lost some of my company's business. The higher up's who want a fully functioning, fully featured tablet now aren't going to wait until February 2012 (or whenever RIM feels like putting out an update) iPad & Galaxy Tab here we come

Why don't we let RIM and their investors worry about the so-called "death" of RIM that you people keep talking about. Same old blah, blah story. Sugarland has a song called "It Happens." Let me put the chorus in for you folks: "Ain't no rhyme or reason. No complicated meaning. Ain't no need to over think it. Let go laughing. Life don't go quite like you planned it., we tried so hard to understand it. Irrefutable, indisputable fact is: ppssh! It happens."

And for you so-called "Blackberry fanboys:" if you were really fanboys and "love BB", you wouldn't say comments like "I love BB, but..." Or, "I love and have used BB but my patience has run out..." You would say comments like: "No big deal. It works fine for me." Or, "yes, RIM has screwed up. EVERY tech company has screwed up. But we see the ever so subtle change." Things like that. Yes, RIM has fallen behind. But this is tech. Things are old every minute. Their new stuff isn't so primitive. They have seen the error of their ways.

Oh, I'm not a Blackberry fanboy but... :)

Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Curve 8520, Bold 9900, Playbook 64.

I used to love all of them. And I now hate to see em going only to exist in the past. And it's not the 4 month that worries me, it's the fact that I do not believe RIM anymore.

It's not only the playbook RIM has to be concerned about, it's their phones as well. All comes down to a simple fact: software>hardware. I don't care about the design. It's the functionality. The concept behind the OS7.0 - let's be honest - it's obsolete. It would be great for... 1999? RIM has stunningly missed the opportunity to jump into the present reality by making a modern tablet and thus pulling all the phones from the swamp of the past. And what they did? A vague and obscure illusion called BBX which I'm pretty much sure they do not understand themselves as well.

Some people say 4 months are not something to be worried about. They're fine with it.
Ok, let's get real will ya?!
Samsung is spamming devices like crazy, although they have Apple's shoes on their necks that doesn't seem to be worrying them. And it will be getting crazier and crazier, mark my words.
Asus are very soon to present their new EEE Pad Transformer 3G. And I have to tell you this is THE BEST tablet in the market EVER! A friend of mine has got his EEE Pad wi-fi only and it's a killer machine. Even the honeycomb on it runs smooth as baby ass. I couldn't believe my eyes, because i had always been worried about the android laginess.
Motorola are not sleeping as well. Their next tablet is about to hit the market soon as well. XOOM 2 or whatever it will be the name.
Microsoft are in a metamorphosis state. Their products are always under suspicion. But they have a Windows and many other products so they don't really care about their symbolical share in the mobile gadgets market. But that doesn't necessarily excludes surprises.
And of course - Apple. I'm pretty much sure that the new ipad3 will be presented no later than April.
And now let's face it - what are you people really expecting from RIM in February? A Miracle?
And that being said, I don't have a problem to say: THEY'RE LYING TO YOU! They probably think people are stupid and can't think 4 months ahead.
Well, they're wrong!