Official Research In Motion update on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Delayed until February 2012; No native BBM

Sad PlayBook :(
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2011 06:35 pm EDT

An update was just posted to the official Inside BlackBerry blog with some sad news on the status of PlayBook OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While a stripped-down developer beta version of PlayBook OS 2.0 is already available, it's now going to be February before PlayBook owners should expect to see it available for download. Also sad news here is that BBM on 2.0 will only be available via BlackBerry Bridge to those who also own a BlackBerry Smarpthone (more on that below). Here's the full update from David Smith, Sr. VP on the BlackBerry PlayBook team:

We know that many of you are looking forward to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, and we wanted to provide you with an update on the progress that we're making.

As much as we'd love to have it in your hands today, we've made the difficult decision to wait to launch BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers and end-users. And here's what we're doing to accomplish that.

First off, we have decided to defer the inclusion of the BBM application to a subsequent BlackBerry PlayBook OS release. We are committed to developing a seamless BBM solution that fully delivers on the powerful, push based messaging capabilities recognized today by BlackBerry® users around the world and we're still working on it. In the meantime, BlackBerry smartphone users will be able to continue to use BlackBerry Bridge to securely access BlackBerry Messenger on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's high resolution display.

Secondly, we are excited to now be providing developers with the gold release of the native SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as well as a beta of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 (launched last week at BlackBerry DevCon Americas). The developer beta allows developers to begin porting their native apps to the PlayBook platform. In the following months, the developer kit will be updated with the full Cascades animation and UI engine that was first demonstrated at BlackBerry DevCon. We expect that the developer beta will generate thousands of new applications for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

Shortly we will also be starting a series of closed betas of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 with select enterprise customers from our Early Adopter Program (EAP). These betas will be rolled out over the course of this year and are an important next step to bringing our unmatched enterprise app deployment, device manageability, security and email integration capabilities to the tablet category. The betas will be conducted within global enterprise environments and will test the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet solution from end-to-end within corporate IT infrastructures. Feedback and improvements from these betas will benefit the overall BlackBerry PlayBook customer experience.

We believe BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will deliver a great experience for our customers, building on the powerful performance introduced with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet earlier this year. The software update will add advanced integrated email, calendar and contact apps, a new video store, as well as new functionality that will allow your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook to work together even better.

For the enterprise, we're addressing many barriers to tablet adoption, including device manageability and enterprise application deployment. Enterprises will uniquely have the ability to manage tablets from a centralized server, while BlackBerry Balance ensures a seamless user experience for personal and professional needs and gives CIOs the peace of mind that corporate data is secure. Plus BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 will provide dedicated shelf space inside the BlackBerry App World storefront to make approved enterprise applications easily available to an organization's end users. Together these features will help change the way enterprises view and use tablets.

So when could an end user get the new update? We expect to deliver the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS to customers in February 2012 and we'll continue to keep you updated as we progress to the launch.

- David J. Smith, SVP, BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion

Between PlayBook OS 2.0, BBX and BBX phones, the vision of what RIM / BlackBerry is working toward is pretty clear, and I truly feel it's a compelling vision and RIM is making all the right moves. The BIG thing for RIM right now is execution of that vision, and updates like this show that RIM is just not quite as far a long in this technical transition as we have been hoping. We knew that was the case based on DevCon announcements (or lack thereof) last week, and this reaffirms that.

On the BlackBerry Messenger front, we've talked on many occassions now about this being a challenge for RIM. The ultimate goal is for the BlackBerry ID (BBID) to be the single user identity on RIM's systems, with a single BBID being able to map to multiple devices. So if I own a BlackBerry Smartphone and a BlackBerry tablet, I could have BBM on both devices but they would be identical - same contact list and everything would be mapped and mirrrored back through the BBID. Currently the way the platform is designed, you have an active contact list per active device pin. We knew this would be a big hurdle for RIM to overcome, and it's obvious it's taking some time. I do think leaving BBM off until this is fixed is the right decision. It would be weird to have a BlackBerry phone and tablet and have to manage to separate BBM contact lists.

My hope in all of this is that the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 will correspond with the release of the first BBX phone. Knowing that the BBM issue won't really apply to phones (that's where native BBM will live), I'm hoping this points to a February/March release. The Consumer Electronics Show is in January 2012 in Las Vegas. I'd love to see a BBX Phone get displayed there, and it follow up with availability the next month. Thumbs are crossed!

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Official Research In Motion update on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Delayed until February 2012; No native BBM



Sure it's disappointing when you find out something isn't happening.. but the truth is we do this to ourselves.

My wife has a playbook.. uses it every day.. thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. why? because she's not a forum member, she doesn't read the rumors and doesn't even know there's an update coming. Her playbook does everything it did the day I bought it for her, which was everything she wanted it to do..

Can you all honestly say that there's a problem with the current playbook OS as is? or is the problem that you know there's new software in the works and you want it now?

Yes I want auto-correct & spell check, auto caps, auto-text in the browser. But really.. I'm happy with my playbook, I really couldn't care less about the PIM apps, even when we do get them, I won't use them.. I like bridge.. if you ask me, if we all looked at the playbook for what it is, rather then what we where told it will be.. its still a great device today.

You read my mind. That is exactly what I'm thinking of. The only thing I really want is a cross platform video chat application, not web based. Other than that, I really love my PlayBook.

I sincerely hope they're not ...
Spend a great time to post mine.
My question was mainly "will it freeze 1.0.7 updates in the meantime ?"
Everybody's sticking to 2.0 as being the sole and only attempt. I dunno, thinking that 1.0.7 may become 1.0.8/1.0.9 before going 2.0.
They have to be clear about this, and give us a bone to gnaw until the sun shines in February.

Damn, thats a bit sad, but hey what the hell, i still love my PB, use it everyday and don't really feel any need for PIN or native email since i do use bridge 24/7 and works just fine.

Nice to see them finally coming out with honest info so we stop lying to ourselves with rumors and speculations.
Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Dam. This is sad. But whatever...Ima big boy, I know how to be patient and content with what I have.
On the positive side U.S. Staples(not sure about Canada), has the PlayBook Convertible Case on Sale for $19.99
...I'm picking up 3 of them for all my PlayBooks!!!
**DAM! Staples got the Charging Pod and Rapid Charger on Sale too for $17.50 each!!!
***I just got a Convertible Case, Rapid Charger and Charging Pod + tax for $59.25! Yes! I'm happy :)

RIM will always underachieve as long as they have customers like you that dismiss every dumb thing do as "oh well"! The PlayBook SUCKS! It's costing the company tons of resources they could use to maybe, I don't know, upgrade their OS to function properly, like a "basic" mobile device. How can anyone justify NOT having the "1" thing everyone gets a BB for?? BBM will never come to the PlayBook. That much should be obvious by now!

The problem that I see is that I paid $500 USD for a web browser at this point. I can reach all forms of webmail from regular Unix systems to Exchange with OWA. However, I and many others prefer the native thing and ability to access it in multiple places.

In the end, a browser is not worth this price. I even use Facebook through the browser because the app that RIM provided crashes when viewing certain posts that may have a link or click on a video that should open the browser anyways, but just crashes it.

The $200 price mark the Kindle Fire is shooting for is more realistic of a powerful browser device that I would say "yes, it's worth it."

Indeed, though the Playbook browser is more capable, in some instances than my workstation's browser. As a multimedia device it's great. It plays a lot of codecs out of the box, better than my blu-ray and Xbox 360. It's running a samba server that you can easily connect to to transfer files from a lot of standard workstations out there. And best of all, it has hardware micro HDMI out.

But this new is all smoke and mirrors. I never cared about version numbers. I don't really use BIS. I prefer Logicmail and would be happy with it on the PB along with an update for textual UI enhancements that have been a concern since day one.

I knew RIM would not be playing catch up and introduce EAS support because they think that they can still hold some marketshare with BES and BIS. Unfortunately, out of the box, a device that supports EAS is commonplace and just works. Couple that with VPN support and organizations are rethinking the need for BES. The Playbook already has VPN support. RIM, give up on ignoring EAS and just release it for a shot.

Even with the Android player running the PB runs 6+ other apps buttery smooth. Its hard, damn hard to stand by and wait for the features that would make this thing great.

It is a great device and I love mine, but I am just concerned about the BBX phones and how far they would be delayed to. Rim kind of needs to step it up a little and surpass the competition

I think, and im a Playbook owner (with os 2.0 Beta), that the problem is that they lied back then, when they presented the playbook. I got it the week it went in stores, and they promised me things that when I got it, expected.

Its like this... imagine that you buy a car and the manufacturer said that it would, in a couple of months, get bluetooth, LED Fog Lights and the temperature sensor would regulate the air flow... The car in fact runs, and has air conditioning and the fog lights work just fine... but in the price you paid were included those things the manufacturer said it would have.

In my case, I just use my playbook when im traveling, I load movies and series and I have a blast with its incredible screen and portable size, and sometimes in the crapper to browse while my phone is charging or something like that... but its quite bad that they would delay this much something that was already late at launch... in the year 2011 its not right that a tablet, multimedia device, doesn't have a fucking basic email client...

Im not a blackberry fanboy, I have always said that the blackberry phone is THE phone for me because it ables me to work from it, I can reply a 10 pages email with a 15 pages reply from it, just like a computer, the spellcheck its great and the os is stable, for my cravings of games and cool apps (and travel apps that are useful as hell) I have my ipod touch 4g, that I must say is something incredible.

The OS is stable, but I cant be the only one that when browsing while listening to music and having a couple of tabs, the browser just quits... like shit, lack of RAM.

There's nos excuse for RIM, my friends, they screwed up the Playbook once more, I feel that when I payed 530 dollars for it I got ripped.

Im keeping my playbook, its a nice device, but RIM did it again... and...the competition is just getting tougher, Kindle Fire is out there, and while it lacks cameras and a lot of the perks that other has, it has a big brand behind it, an incredible amount of public and the price, oh... the price.

The point is, and excuse my long text, is that dude... the playbook got out incomplete, and they failed to deliver and keep their promises various times... I can understand that from a friend, family member, acquaintance of service provider (small)... but, RIM? one of the biggest company in the business... and with such a bad streak (that they themselves created)...Nope, sorry.

(Sorry for the english, I'm from Buenos Aires)

great post! I agree. I'm not a whiner and really post here, and not a BB fan boy but a customer who enjoys their products because they help me work productively. I can't get over the feeling that I was lied to and misled to buy this product. Yes, I enjoy the basic elements of the PB and hate the idea of moving on to another tablet...but I suppose BB has already got what they wanted from me- to believe their phony ads and give up my money. An expensive learning experience with a company that has failed to deliver. If there are any class action activities related to false advertising, I'll check it out. Meanwhile, I can't trust that the new February timeline will be met either, as they have lost my confidence. So, I guess I'll be looking at holiday sales for a new tablet and have to say goodbye to BB. Sad...

I honestly think RIM is simply doubling down. The whole QNX/BBX/SuperPhone 1.0/PlayBook 2.0 thing makes a lot of sense if all of it is rolled out WHEN READY and within a short time frame of each other.

The press is soo down on RIM, that (my opinion) they probably feel it's better to take their lumps for a few more months then try to hit one out of the park when the new generation of products is ready.

I'm sure the email client exists now (there are months old video demos out here), but it is taking a long time to get the good stuff into our early adopting hands. They often seem distracted by their wanting to create a competitive consumer oriented ecosystem (which I'm not entirely sure is needed) which is just adding more time to the wait. Honestly, the last thing I need is another company trying to sell me digital music...

Anyway, when bridged with a phone, the PlayBook STILL does everything I wanted it to do when I bought it (and more), and it goes with me everywhere.

I'm patient - I've loaded the 2.0 Dev, more leaked feature-rich versions will show up between now and February (or March), and the sun will definitely rise in the morning.

Tablet envy is no way to go through life ;-)

John, I completely agree here. To be honest, I'm glad it's being delayed to ensure the best possible release in conjunction with the BBX phone. It seems like things are moving along very well with the handset aspect and they really just want to get it right. Let's be real here... They NEED to get it right. So I applaud them for their due diligence.

As for everyone else... We all have BlackBerry phones. When we get our PlayBooks paired with them, is there really anything we can't do that another tablet can? I don't believe there is. So let's take a few steps back everyone. Just look at how serious RIM is about giving us the best that the os has to offer and simply say thank you for doing what needed to be done. It's all for the better.

Yeah, you pretty much summed it up for me, too.

When I saw this headline I thought, "are they f'in KIDDING!?" Especially since I've been running the developer preview and it's been admirably stable. I thought the release was coming by the end of November at the latest.

Deep breath... go to your happy place...

FFS, RIM, if you're gonna bring 2.0 out in FOUR MONTHS, then at least do it right...


2) See if you can whittle down that list of unsupported Android features

3) Leverage your TAT and NewBay acquisitions and get them building some spectacular content.


Great post, totally agree. Think it is to late for RIM to go back and kind of re-design least it feels like they do know.

Would be interesting to know what's really going on behind the walls there...?

I am pretty disappointed about the news, but just_luc, you make a very valid point.

But I think the point is that RIM just about everytime, over promises and under delivers. Could you imagine the response of people if RIM wuold have said they will have it ready by June 2012 and released it in February! OMG! that would be amazing, but RIM does the exact opposite almost every time they release something new. And that's where the frustration lies! And RIMs stock reflects it. If the under promised and over delivered . . . hell, just regular delivered, how much better their stock would look? And how much happier us fanboys would feel?

There is a problem with the current PlayBook - it does not do the vast majority of things that were promised, first before launch, then at launch, and in the year since launch. It will be entirely possible for someone's PlayBook to breakdown post warranty before it is even capable of doing what the buyer intended.

It was launched at full price. By the time of the update that allows the device to do what was promised, newer, faster devices will be available. I had one in my hand on day one. Played with it. Liked it and thought seriously about buying one. For whatever reason (price), I thought I'd wait a bit. First to see if the price went down and second to wait for the update. I wanted three things to work on the PlayBook out of the box. Native E-mails, BBM, and the ability to run Android apps. The Android thing was the part that I believed they were having issues with. E-mail to me is a no-brainer and I don't see how RIM can't get BBM to work. They sort of know the system backwards and forwards. Either allow more than one pin per user or allow one pin to be a master pin with minion pins beneath it. Allow one minion pin to be promoted to master should the current master pin meet its demise. How hard can that be?

I'd like Native Email and BBM on the PB(not so much Android apps) , but to try to tell me there's no way around multiple Pins ? What if I upgrade my phone , but not my PB(like I just did) ? Once again my primary Pin changed . And with that recent update to App World , there's only one App World . So how is it that my phone goes to one AW , and my PB goes to another ? How does each know ? and my PC goes to yet another . I was able to sync my 9850 and my PB to my BB ID , so i already have two Pins for one ID . Isn't this what the Desktop Manager is for ? To sync multiple Pins under one ID ? Create a simple username for my BB ID , and use this to connect on BBM , whether phone or PB .

I suspect the whole PIN issue is part of the problem.

Bridge is great, and I continue to think it's an elegant idea; if you make the tablet an extension of the phone, it puts less burden on the tablet's security requirements.

RIM should have released the device for cheap as a big screen for Blackberry phones and a good standalone browser, then charged for the new OS. At least, that would have been honest.

I am a Blackberry fan and am glad that people have been able to make use and happiness with the Playbook. I agree that the updated OS should not be released until it is perfect or even rabid BB fanboys will go ape. For my part, RIM blew it from the beginning and the February release date is icing on the cake. If I was a prospective QNX developer, the only reason I would invest in ANY QNX work would be the short term "water on a parched desert" effect, in which I think Playbook owners will gladly purchase just about anything that makes the device any more useable and validates their purchase and long suffering.

For my use, anyway--even as a Blackberry fan--the Playbook--from a GTD standpoint--just SUCKS. And by the time RIM finally gets it right, all of the non-BB fans of the world and a few BB fans, will be looking forward to iPad 3's or whatever is next.

Imagine if RIM hadn't released the Playbook in May or whatever, worked on the OS, and released it fully formed just before Christmas... Everyone, including me, would go nuts and buy three.

I couldn't agree more. I would have loved to get my hands on OS 2 just because I like new and cool stuff. However, RIM needs compelling products that are leading edge to allow them to reclaim market share. RIM cannot afford to release OK products. The business market needs compelling products and tools to stay with RIM while the consumer market needs the wow factor to switch. This 'delay' affords RIM the opportunity to get it right. They potentially can launch a freaking awesome tablet and a market leading BBX phone in Q1. I for one would love to see it and can't wait for CES in Jan.

HOWEVER, in addition to the BBX phone(s) to be launched in Q1, I'd love to see a Playbook 2 with updated hardware specs in 2 flavor - 10' & 7's but that's just me. But we all know that it has to be more than just a phone and a tablet, RIM's ecosystem needs to see continued growth. Bridge is GENIOUS. More hooks and services to make it difficult for anyone to ever leave - and compelling to make us all want to join.

Bravo RIM for working on getting it right. You still have a window but we all know that it is closing fast. To all the folks that are annoyed and disappointed, I bet that all of you will be smiling come March. Hang in there!!

How true. Am not disappointed. PB works great for me!!! If I can wait 5 yrs of delays for a model train that cost more than the PB, I can wait 4 more months for an update.
I don't understand whats with all the hate..again. If you like it and why bitch about it and say "I'm getting an iPad!"
"Damn if you do. Damn if you don't."

Just Luc,

So your answer is if you just keep your head in the sand you will be content. Like an accident, "Nothing to see hear, just keep moving". When is enough, enough? How many excuses do want to make for a company that once had a great product but is now spiraling into an inevitable abyss.

I am tired of watching other devices (iphone & ipad) keep kicking blackberry's ass with integrated software and hardware.

I am ready to jump ship.

@Just_luc i agree. Even if RIM release version 3.0, the 99% would still be in protest =), in short, it doesn't change the lives of the majority.. Let's be contended, the upgrade is just a ++++ in making it more nicer.. I'm happy with my PB now, very happy.. and totally agree that by it I can "Play harder and Work Smarter" =) cheers!

+1 ... Well said!

I am not happy about the delay either, but I agree, the device does what I want right now as is.

And I think that is important, disappointment in an update is one thing, regret of a purchase is another!

Seems to me that people are ready to give up on the 2.0. Now all the sudden people are happy with their PB and don't need 2.0 so why not tell RIMM to quit working on it and save them some resources. What a joke. That video did say "Summer is around the corner of 2012"

this is ridiculous. I was always a bb fanboy but this was the last drop that ended my belief in RIM. i always believed in them thats why i am using my 4th bb smartphone and also i own a playbook. my phone is couple of weeks old and it freezes all the time, the only reason i wasnt switching to any other brand was that i was gonna use my playbook with my bb with the 2.0 and i really believed in RIM that they were really going to make things better. everyone on this forum just stands behind RIM on whatever they do. just like how i used to be before i have read this but i think its definitely the time to reconsider our uninterrupted wait of something good. But not anymore. U have a device thats not selling enough and the owners are not REALLY happy about it because there are no decent apps. and first you delay the 2.0 to sept then oct and now FEBRUARY? this is nothing but conning your customers. I will be SELLING all my bb products although i have a platonic love for them. a love that was not returned over and over again. its just sad and very disappointing.

You need to update the OS on your phone. Mine used to freeze all the time but since I update to the new OS from Verizon, it's like a real smartphone, almost :) No really I do love it agains.

This "delay" I hope is just RIM waking up to the fact that continual lies are not good.

lol! You have NO clue how crazy you sound! Maybe they'll wake up, maybe they'll do this & do that! Aren't you tired of saying maybe all of the time?! Maybe RIM won't be around next year? Maybe all of the money you've wasted all of these years on their crap will never be recouped? Trust me, that last one was the only one that probably ISN'T a maybe!!

Dude- no one asked for your negativity, go and post that on the Apple or Adroid site about how bad BB is, don't do that crap here. Stupid Puss...

Yes please only talk on these forums how awesome RIM and BB is.

Please note that stating one's opinion on how much of a joke RIM has become, how they can't do anything right, how no one wants BB's anymore except for a few handful of people on these forums, how RIM has no idea what they are doing and have zero direction, what an idiot the co-CEOs are, and how lame BB OS has become is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Dude- Did you not see what happened when they launch the BBPB (they got ripped a new one from the media). They are making sure everything is where it needs to be. I totally understand the frustations (I am a FULL BB-USER, My Wife and Kids have one as well). But, I would rather they take their time with this one, because this will make or break R.I.M. and I do not want to see them FAIL...

Have patience it will come!

PS- you said that you will be selling you bb-products and you said that no-one is buying the bb-products just shows that you are frustrated. Hang in there you'll be alright!!

Well I've just posted what I'd describe as a RIM Bashing as a comment on the page, but its "gone for moderation" I'll be surprised if they let it be published. Not because there are any profanities or expletives in there but because it calls RIM out for their rubbish communication and frankly what feels like lying/misinformation to Playbook owners and potential Playbook owners.

Who cares! As long as when they do finally release it that it works well and smoothly. Half the excitement is the wait till it comes out, then when it comes out people will be whining about when the next update comes. End of the day, as long as they release it when its ready. They've made stupid mistakes by releasing junk products in the past and seem to have got the lesson goin forward. Enjoy the products that are out, I have the bold 9900, its an unbelievable phone, best I've ever used, I could care less when bbx and v2.0 come out.

Will it really kill anyone to wait until February? Will anyone come to any harm? Will the new update stop wars? Are our tablets useless in the meantime? The main reason people might throw their rattle out the pram over this is due to selfishness. The "I want it now, me,me,me" culture which pervades the technology world so much. My two year old daughter throws tantrums like that. On the other hand, we are all adults, can get on with our lives and maybe just maybe realise there are bigger and more important issues in the world beyond our geeky desire to have some control over new technology. The human race has lasted very well for thousands of years without this stuff.

I wonder if this is what Kevin meant that will WOWWW us... It actually did WOW me! *negatively!*

Guys how come are you not happy? They said the update was gonna come before summer. Isnt February LONG before summer?!?

I'd expect the first QNX phone for July 2013. I could have managed the whole company much better than these two genius together.

It's not good, but I am fine with the delay for one reason.

RIM sent out a bunch of surveys to poeple on the Beta site asking them what they want for features, how soon they want it, etc. I look at this delay as they started seeing the results and realized they needed more time to make the PlayBook OS better based on user/developer feedback.

How could that survey make you happy? The features that they listed were the basic ones, which implies that nothing is close to ready. How can they be asking their users now what they want?

I know I am about to sound like a 'troll' but it is looking like they really need to overhaul their staff. They just can't get it together. To still have a feature request sectin in the PB Discussion board is laughable.

Because it's something better then what they did before. Before you said "I want X" and you crossed your fingers it happened. At least they said "This is what you said you wanted, what do others think?"

Also I didn't say it made me happy, I said I am fine with because it was at least a step in the right direction, at least in my opinion.

They have a lot to do and have made a lot of mistakes, this "could" be one but it depends on what the end result is. If 4 months go by and people go "We waited 4 moths for this?" then it was a mistake. If 4 months go by and people say "Dude, about time. This is awesome" then in my opinion, it wasn't a mistake.

I agree with jon here. I got that survey last night and thought to myself, "really? I am just getting this now? How is the OS supposed to be released in less than 30days when I am just now being asked about this basic stuff? Shouldn't this have been sent out 6 months ago? at least?"

A bit frustrating.

So they release the device in March, promise updates in the spring. Spring comes, they move the update to summer. Summer comes, they push the update to "fall". Fall comes, so they push the update to October (DevCon). DevCon arrives, update is "sorta" released in beta. A week goes by & RIM announces that the finished update will be released in February '12. How is that good?? RIM just conned a VERY small amount of their "loyal" customers to buy into something that is COMPLETELY useless!! NO ONE uses BB without the intention of using BBM. At least 9 out of 10 users only use BBM as their main form of communication. You guys are complete SUCKERS!! Not only did RIM "lock" you in to their world, only talking to BB-users for years, they fooled you into believing anything they say!! SMH! When February comes, they'll push the update to spring & you'll say "OK, no problem" with a big smile on your face, looking like a fool!

We can still use it over Bridge. So they're delayed. Not a problem. I have a life to be getting on with.

So true. The PlayBook probably won't even get 2.0 at the end of the day - next year they'll tell us they decided to "strategically re prioritize" to focus on the QNX handsets, and they'll just hope everyone will forget.

Think of all those announcements where RIM has consistently failed to deliver. This is a truly terrible company that does not stand a chance against Apple, Google, etc.

I love my Blackberry, I love the OS. For me, it blows iOS and Android out of the water. But RIM, as a company, not happy with one bit.

Ummm, if it blows iOS out of the water, why does it need an upgrade?? I guess in a BB-kool-aid-drinking world, that makes sense?! Maybe you should actually try other OS's for more than a few minutes before you go comparing them to RIM's. A 3 year-old could tell the difference between the good & the bad. From the outside looking in, BB-lovers appear to be delusional nut-jobs that could possibly have escaped from the insane asylum!

And Saddaam had Baghdad Bob communicating everything that was happening also.

What a load of f**king crap...

Hahahahahahaaa I knew it, LOSERS!!!!! Engadget and Cnet are going to love this news. I still can't believe there's people kissing RIM's ass.

ARE YOU F##$#$ KIDDING ME?! Wow RIM completely ruined it.... I have zero hope left for this playbook s*^&( ! This is really sad .... but I'm putting my playbook for sale on ebay if anyone wants it :) Hello iPad 2!

calling people trolls is getting extremely annoying around here, you doing that is more trolling than their comment, congratulations.

Hmm, they just lost a ton of sales... I fail to see how a "polished" 2.0 is better than an incremental 1.9 or whatever with email this year for the holiday season in ANY regard.

To be honest this has no real bearing on the phones and a majority of phone owners don't own a PB (which is proven). I still love the BB7 platform and phones, but they just screwed the PB beyond repair. The holiday season is gone and it'll be too late next year.

How many PlayBooks do you think were sold to NON BB-users?? I'll tell you: 0!! They only selling point for the PlayBook was "bridge" & thats to buyers that know nothing about technology (the ignorant). 1,000,000% of the PlayBooks bought were by BB-owners! They're the only one's dumb enough to believe anything RIM says. I'm 10,000% sure that their will be a ton of fools that will continue to make excuses for RIM even after this! It's SO sad, yet quite hilarious at the same time! RIM could paint a block of wood the colour of metal & all of the BB-sheep would come running like a bunch of drugged-fiends! Anyone with common-sense can see what's going on & all of the negative realities associated with RIM's decision. But come February, they'll push the update back more & you kool-aid drinkers will "slurp" it up! Why would anyone buy into a QNX-phone if they can't sell it on tablets, which are more popular than smartphones at the moment!?! SMH


How late was the iPhone release this year?

How long did it take for iOS5 so Apple users could finally have notifications etc?

Where's the new Android nexus?

When will Google open source honeycomb?

Do you honestly believe that any of this has any influence whatsoever on consumers purchasing decisions?

Every company pushes back dates and fails to come through on promises. Give it a rest.

My Playbook has an email client in Bridge. But honestly who uses email on tablets? I know 2 people with iPads and they don't, 1 person with a Galaxy tab and he doesn't either. I myself don't. Just because you need email doesn't mean everyone does.

Does your car have nav in it? If not I should sit here and tell you it sucks even if you have a separate nav device right? Since your car didn't have it at launch? Stop assuming everyone is just like you because honestly the fact that you're here posting makes it very likely that you and the way you use your device are in the minority.

Your argument would have some merit if RIM was selling millions of PlayBooks but they aren't. While RIM is delaying consumers are bypassing it's products for iPhones, Androids, and iPads. Hardcore BlackBerry users might hold out but the general public is going to continue to look elsewhere.

...And to extrapolate on this; once RIM has lost the market share on this to the extent that they are going to, they will need to discontinue the PB and the support for the PB. Then we, the early adopters, will be left hold an empty bag, filled with dreams and "couldabeens". Out 700+ bucks, no apps, no email, but one hell of a smoking browser machine... What a shame.

The competition will outpace us and beat rim. I'm disgusted. Management should be fired over this and voted out. If you can't make your customers happy and keep the share price up, you aren't doing your job.

This sucks,


Wow you completely got lost here didn't you?

The whole point is they are missing deadlines and delaying things and it's not effecting sales. Catch up partner.

i think apple and google are way ahead of rim. rim pushes back alot. im not saying that apple and google does not push their products but it is rarely.

rim's problem is that they dont listen to their consumer they just do what they want. if you think that os 2 will change everything. i dont think so. there will be windows 8 tablets by then.

if you are a blackberry fan. think of how many times blackberry disappointed you. release date of playbook? os 2? ugly phones except 9900? what they called "BlackBerry 7 os" which is simply changing the icons?

think HARD. think DEEP. YOU AND RIM! :D


They haven't disappointed me at all. I don't even look at email on my Playbook, email is on my phone if I'm out of the house and on my laptop otherwise. Even with a native client I wouldn't use email on it, talk about inefficient. I don't see any major part of 2.0 that I am needing.

Ugly phones? wow, I won't even ask you to prove that seeing as it's completely subjective.

Blackberry 7 OS just changed icons? I'm pretty sure crackberry has a multiple articles proving this wrong. But then again you're probably just being a drama queen, at least it looks that way from your post.

Check your facts. the iPhone 4S was not late. Apple never pre announced anything. Because the previous iPhones were released around June/July people felt that it was late. Apple announced the iPhone 4S oct 4 and DELIVERED oct 12.

Which is later than the release of EVERY OTHER iPhone.

June, July, June, June

If you honestly think that release schedule is a fluke you're not smart enough to remain in this conversation.

But to be honest you should probably just leave anyways considering you're a KNOWN TROLL, and Crackberry isn't putting up with your crap anymore.

Ummm, Apple announced in June iOS5 was coming in the fall. Guess what, it came out in the fall!! Other than that, Apple NEVER announces anything without an official event to announce whatever they're releasing! They NEVER say a date & miss! FACT! They never promise something & don't deliver! FACT! Apple is at least smart enough to set dates that they can work with, while obviously passing a standard "beta" testing stage before they reveal anything to the public, which makes meeting release dates that much easier. Plus, it's clear that RIM is in a reaction-mode, while Apple is free to follow whatever plan they want, whether it's a 2-year plan or a 10-year plan. Either way, Apple's business model looks sound, while RIM's looks like a kindergarten student wrote theirs! By February, iPad 3 will be almost ready for release, making anything RIM announces irrelevant. Look how iPhone 4S killed any talk of BB7 devices in any way. RIM is a joke of a company!

i feel like I'm a hopeless in an unhealthy abusing relationship. waiting and making excuses to stay. well, I'm standing up for myself. BYE BYE RIM!

This is not good. I'm sorry but it looks just about over for RIM. saddens me, what are they doing up in Waterloo!?!?

RIM = TITANIC ----delayed because when microsoft acquires them no mas playbook joke and bbm to windows phones..

Your insight and foreteller skills cannot cease to amaze me. You're losing money, you should be working as a market analyst guru for Bloomberg.

very disappointed with this... even more disappointed that things were communicated differently before and throughout the summer. I was going to actually purchase a 9900 to go along with my pb, but will not do so now. very disappointed with this...

Very sad. At least they listened and have made the release known. VERY bad news though... Another 4 months with sweet nothing for PIM. And NO bbm??? How retarded is that!?

No BBM isn't really a big deal. No PB sales over the holiday season and no major improvements until probably several months into 2012 = guaranteed, permanent low adoption rates of the PB that will not recover.

BBX phones are the only option that matters now...

True enough. No bbm is just added to the list of poop.

This is really bad for RIM - you're right, the qnx phones are all that matters now...

I'm about fed up with this bullshit... This is why RIM is in the gutter and the PB was, is, and will still be DOA. They have one of the best Tablets out and they keep on fucking it up. They promise us things month after month, after month and we get nothing. They deserve all they are getting and I'm just sick of waiting. Where can I get an iPhone? Can CrackBerryKevin say this is RIMs second strike?

Maybe I'm just stressed out right now and disappointed about this news but even with my hate for Apple, they don't do this type of shit to their loyal customers. This isn't hurting no one but BlackBerry Faithful.

Same here. I was dead set on getting a 9860 when AT&T released it to go with my PB and replace my 9800. Now I might just follow my sister and get a 4S. This is ridiculous.

pff you're all so dramatic. 2.0 wouldn't be the answer to PB sales anyways. there a lot of factors that can effect the sales before the OS.
Plus, why the whinning? For real, don't you have Email on your phone? That sucks if you have the money to get a tablet. I'm not very happy with the broken promises but I'm happy with my tablet. While I wait for february, I'll just install some android apps that have been tested :)

I think it's not just the fact that features that exist on their phone is missing, but rather that a purchase of a tablet for several hundred USD doesn't have a scope of support. Effectively you can access a ton of stuff through the power browser, but really is a browser worth $500+ USD?

Google could have success with the Chrome OS if all people wanted were web-based applications, but that's not the case.

Yeah, how the hell does BGR get their info? They know everything way abead of everybody else, even Crackberry. RIM; you're such a big disappointment, there's not much to say, just kind of leaves you speechless. I'm with Bla1ze, this is strike 3. What a huge let down of a company.

Although I am a little upset with the release date. I am really glad they have decided to put information out there that states the progress of the Project. With the beta version of PB 2.0 that weas released last week I am able to do many more things then I was able to before the release. So I do not see this as a bad move. In fact if they had not released the Beta, and they came out with the Feb release then that would have been REALLY BAD. So lets not look at this as a bad thing. Anyone else agree?

I have to ask, why do you believe them? That is the heart of the problem. First they said end of summer with all features included. Then they said shortly after DevCon. Now it is Feb, and not all of the initially promised features.

What makes you think that it will be ready by February, and that it wont be the case that there won't be another series of delays that result in a promised delivery date even later than February.

Notice that he said "when could . .. . we expect" There is nothing very firm there. To be honest, given everything, summer, if ever, would be a realistic estimate for the delivery of the OS update.

It can be "bad" (negative) in two ways... One is they did it because the information leaked and they can recover credit with controlling the news rather than staying quiet. Another is that they did it to quiet down those voicing concerns, comments, and inquiries about OS 2. With it being in the open that will all die down.

I wish for a OS 1.5 only with the android player, and maybe folders...

...What happend with the official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard?... the issue?..I use my PB and it works fine...if theres an update, then let it the meantime....Relax!!!!

PS..Taxitai?? you dont need an excuse...just get your ipad and let them give you their updates..oh, wait.....

I've had about 7 blackberry phones in my life and the first 3 iPhones.... and i love my blackberry torch 9810 ... but i feel like they have abandoned working on the playbook and are only focusing on BBX ... and don't try to act like bb costumers are happier than apple costumers right now ... seriously... start acting more like a smart person and less like a fanboy bitch...
I have a torch a playbook an ipod 4g and a macbook pro so i kinda have to deal with both worlds....

What do you mean relax. I waisted 700 bucks on a tablet that does browsing and plays music. I can get a crappy 200 tablet that does more. People have every right to be pissed off for being strung along!

RIM has never been able to keep deadlines.
i am very disappointed at the delay of OS 2.

on a more positive view.
RIM is talking to customers and developers.
RIM is opening up about its development schedule

i would be happy if the stick to the FEB release date.

Since they're saying February 2012, we should be expecting OS 2.0 to be available some time in the next 10-15 years

Funny thing is... i actually came to Crackberry to gather information on the Playbook and if it has evolved since I sold mine last summer... then I saw this... *sigh*

Was actually thinking about buying one too while they're still on sale.

Wasn't native email supposed to be released last Summer? Wow, by the time the PlayBook gets a decent OS (not the half baked crap we have now), it's hardware will be obsolete compared to other tablets. RIM overdid themselves this time. Didn't know it was possible...

Sorry RIM but hav to say this. You are ridiculously retarded!

Please someone buy RIM pleeeease!! Microsoft! Vodafone! Stupid China fake phones!

Crackberry nation need to address to David Smith

i wanna say i told u so guys......
but i won't.

bought an iPad for this reason.. RIM isn't reliable no more.
makes me sad to admit that considering I just bought the 9900 yesterday.
o well...

You know what? I don't care. I want the following

"send to" from the browser
better docs to go
better adobe reader

They can call this 1.0.8. I will be happy.

THAT IS ALL I NEED. there are a lot of things that i would like, and things that could help in some ways and it would be nice for some polished ui but my bluetooth headset and my 200 dollar jambox are just sitting on the shelf mocking me. im devastated. how the hell doesnt this thing allow for a2dp audio, im nauseous

Good call!!!

Also please fix the in browser disappearing keyboard. With the new swath of apps coming online, we can wait but lets polish up some basic stuff, savvy?

As for the image, the court of (American) public opinion is swinging away from the bb and set backs, while normal in tech, hurt RIM more and more as its failures are compounded.

It's always nice to get an update, but I'm still happy with my PB. When I wake up tomorrow morning, it will still do all the useful things that I've been doing with it since I got it back in the spring. That hasn't changed!

If you bought the PlayBook, what is it that you expect it to do with 2.0, that it can't do today???? I hear a lot of whining, but not much substance.

1. Memory issues where in-browser flash crashes after loading a few apps (the annoying '!' white box that shows instead of the video). Same for all other apps that try to load flash based video.
2. Poor Documents To Go implementation.
3. Bluetooth keyboard connectivity incredibly unstable.
4. Lack of essential must have apps like Skype, Kindle, even games like Angry Birds will give a boost to the tablet. I can't even read The Economist in the damn tablet =(

Nice, Rim should have never sold the playbook so early...shoulda waited til they get 2.0 out first.
but in feb 2012 i expect a playbook 2.

I agree, PB MIGHT (BIG MIGHT) be in the works and will render our devices worthless since OS2 might not be of much use for those with 16GB PB's. The only thing that is making me not return my 32GB is the fact that I paid less than $350 for it from a reputable retailer. Lets see what happens.

Touch pad had email and a lot of stuff this thing doesn't, short of giving it away for free, I don't see people buying. As far as a Playbook 2, given this one's track record, the public won't touch it. They can't rely on RIM to support it. The playbook is being discontinued.

I would say "Are you kidding me?!" , but I've already said that waaaaaaaaaaaaay to many times...
I've lost all interest in the 2.0 update...

The playbook and their absolutely shit handling of it has pushed this former crackberry addict far away from loving rimm. I had faith, adopted it early, waited, and waited, and waited.. So much bs announcements failed deadlines and empty promises. They really messed this one up. I've never regretted an electronica purchase before, but I 100% wish I hadn't bought it, at least for full retail the day it came out. If RIMM dies, there will be no question why. Fuckers

Absolutely stunned....
My Playbook has become nothing more than an expensive e reader and movie player for my television....otherwise i'll just use my laptop computer...we all make mistakes in life and apparently I made one for $599 back in April...
I am giving up hope for you BB.....sad

thank god that i bought my PB for 300 bucks..... I would be really really pissed if i had bought it for 500 lol

agreed! i also got mine for 300 (convertible case incl) and i'm quite satisfied. i have my complaints but i'll wait to see what subsequent updates do to improve the user experience. if i had paid 500-700 like some people, not sure if i would be as forgiving...

And that, my dear RIM, is why your company is falling apart; why your staunches defenders and loyalists are leaving you; why the tech community laughs at you; and why your shareholders are ready to crucify your two CEO's. You are truly incompetent, deceitful, and quite frankly ill prepared to handle the modern age of technology.

The biggest laugh is the "we expect to deliver..." and " we will continue to keep you updated". To address the first point, that is RIM speak for "we have no f'n idea of when we will deliver this and thought that saying it was coming soon in 60 days during a summer was probably not a smart idea." The second point - you have only updated us once. I'll give you credit if you keep updating but knowing your history, I'm doubtful.

Thankfully, I love my Playbook and use it every day. And thankfully, I have also learned that my first Blackberry Tablet is my last. When the time comes, it will be to another platform simply as I no longer trust, respect, admire your products and company anymore.

If they can get all the enterprise testing done by Feb, does that mean BBX phones are to follow shortly after??

Most likely yes. I believe using the Playbook is a way to test QNX in the marketplace for the Phones. They are scheduled for middle of next year, and lets hope they can at least keep that deadline.:) is leaving out a core feature like bbm from the playbook gonna sway ppl without berries to get a playbook? O_o

So hard to be a Blackberry Loyalist these days. I was looking forward to rockin on OS 2.0 awaiting BBx phones. This announcement makes it clear that BBx Phones are much later than expected

it is better for people to vent their anger and frustration here than another site who would be glad to burn RIM to the ground.
Please stop calling people trolls and allow people to get the frustration and anger out of their system. It is bad news regardless of how you look at it.

ok, but it'snot fine, i am so very loyal blackberry fan, but i guess i have to accept the reality, that RIM can't deliver,sorry RIM,


I am convinced the same chimpanzees that run Netflix also run RIM. Same caliber of acumen and foresight. Great work shoving your last remaining loyal customers off the ledge, RIM. Miserable FAIL.

This reeks of "What is happening behind the scenes"....this news makes the strong case that a buyout is imminent and whoever is pulling the strings for these continued statements to be made is holding the cash; drive down the value and then make the purchase.

Great product; HORRIBLE PUBLIC RELATIONS. People will run and will be back but it is going to be a cold winter in Waterloo. Best of luck. We'll see who's left standing when the flowers bloom.

anyone still expecting a BBX handheld in 2012? think again, i have severe doubts they'll ever even happen, i think they're done, someone show me a roadmap with a recovery solution, because this thing is sinking quicker than the titanic.

I have been a true die hard fan of RIM...I bought your phones and in this case I bought your more, in fact what you fail to consider RIM is that brand names run in wife and my two teen daughters each on BB Bold 9700's with Bell contracts up this November. When I resign with Bell (X4) it will be with 4 Apple phones....Loyal customer no more ...damn..this announcement upsets me!

What most people seem to forget is that Apple has had YEARS to perfect its tablet before launch. They had the vision, they worked on it silently until it was ready, and then they took everyone by surprise. RIM was also surprised and is totaly unrealistic in their expectations of how much time and work is required to fully bake the new OS. Think something like 5 years. That's what it took Apple, if their transition from PowerPCs to Intel is any indicator.

Very disappointing news. I waited until September to buy a PB, thinking that OS 2.0 or at least native email etc wouldn't be far away.

RIM are the laughing stock of the tech world. Known as the pioneers of mobile email, they announce the PB, release it 6months+ later without email and MAYBE email will be integrated 10months after that!!

Bridgeed email is completely irrelevent as immediately the market for the PB is limited to (a dwindling) BB owning population.

They should just cut their losses and abandon the embarrassment that has been the whole PlayBook saga. and concentrate on the BBX phones.

What a massive missed opportunity.

What is most annoying is that Mr. Balsillie repeatedly promised that these updates were coming. Why continue to make promises that they cannot keep.

Fellow stockholders better seriously consider selling while RM is still in the low $20's. If for no other reason than principle. But I am sure the stock will tank with this kind of ineptitude at the helms.

WTF RIM! Seriously you are a truly incompetent company. Mike and Jim, I hope that investors demand your heads for this is truly strike three with this device. Will probably take back the one that I bought and intended as a gift for someone for Christmas, even though that person has a BB. While it was only $299 (paid $699 for mine at launch), I just don't know if you ever plan to deliver on this device and just keep pushing dates out to string us along, then you'll release new hardware and not support the original Playbook just like you do with your phones. You can't deliver the number 1 thing that you say is retarding sales of the is device. Truly amazing!

just accept the reality.... RIM has abandoned us Playbook users... period... just get used to the fact that the playbook is an internet browsing - big ass bridge BBM using tablet. period.

Tell me it aint so. February??? Really???

If this is some kinda sick joke, enough now!

RIM truly works in mysterious ways. They sure know how to suck.

I'm fine with the BBm situation. Never really liked the idea of having an additional PIN anyway.

I (we) want OS2 now!!!

I am just fed up with bull shit from RIM
I was wondering why They are going to release another 9790 OS 7 phone
instead of focusing on new BBX phone which everyone is waiting for. This is why
They just don't have a clue.
I am switching to Android , Galaxy Nexus Here I come

Will devs even bother putting the time into the PB now? Seriously, why bother if they have to wait that long? This is garbage.


I get it. I do. As they showed with the original PlayBook launch, it is better to wait until it is ready than to put out a sub-par product. But seriously, this makes it almost a full year for us to get native email after what was originally said (launch date in Q1 2011). I have continued to be patient through all the bad press but this news, especially so soon after they said it would be available "soon after" DevCon, has got me very close to the edge of my tolerance levels.

And, behold, the lord finally speaketh unto thee... from the mountain of the Sinai:

- Here, take those two tablets of... oh, wait, it's just one... ok, that's it for now - one. Don't like it? Then just go and f**k around in the desert for another 4 months.

Seriously, WTF? How are they exactly planning to compete with the eventual ipad3 premiere? Are they eating some mushrooms or drinking ayahuasca? It's 2011 for f's sake - four months is a eternity.

WOW.... What the heck is going on at RIM??!!! Why all the undelivered promises the last 2 years and why are they not meeting deadlines to what they are promising?!!! I do not have a Playbook but I feel every bodies frustrations. I seriously was going to buy one i I had some extra cash soon but this totally holds me back from purchasing one.


I am a Big blackberry fan as much as any diehard blackberry fan out there, and I cant believe all the posts I am seeing here. My Playbook does everything I need it to you, and with the Beta OS it does even more. I have all my email accounts on it through either Bridge, or through an android app. I can now do remote desktop, and the VPN connection is rocking way better on the Beta OS then before. I have an SSH Client now I can connect to all my Linux servers. Im not a big Game player on tablets, so I cant really say much to that. However what I would liek to know is what does the playbook NOT do for you (Minus the obvious like spellcheck)? Yes we know its lacking on apps, but with the android player it has opened up a lot of otherwise closed doors. I am totally HAPPY with my Playbook, and in my opinion in my situation it was money well spent.

Okay its official I am switching to being a RIM hater. I wrote on blogs and defended RIM for many years now, only to waste money on a crap tablet that don't have basic functionality. RIM is not in transition its on the way out. I can't even get any money for the paper weight. Updated my wife's 9930 and now battery dies in 4 hours. My 9900 has the worse camera ever in a flagship blackberry. RIM is dead now for sure. I feel bad for this blog and I hope there is a life for team after RIM is sold. Iphone 4S here I come next month and then a windows 8 tablet in 2012. What a bunch of idiots running RIM.

Netflix made bonehead decisions and their stock took a hit as well as a loss of users...

RIM needs to pay attention to the news..

Starting to get fed up...

Don't mind the missing features as much (I love my PlayBook as is). But the constant flow of BS to consumers and investors alike from RIM on when they will be releasing products and software updates has got to stop.

If it takes time to polish the update that's one thing. Communicating release dates they know they can't keep is another. WTF RIM.

This is un-f***-believable. If we all had to think of the worst possible decision for RIM to make, this would be it. I feel like this is the last straw. I've been a staunch supporter for years, and have been supporting the Playbook since its launch but I'm sick of it. Although I feel like RIM stole $600 from me by selling me a PB, the disappointment in them is far worse. They really are a joke. They killed their own golden goose. They've had so many chances to redeem themselves and the loyal BB masses have been so forgiving and patient, but enough is enough. Good luck RIM. Your battered stock shouldn't even be permitted to trade on a legitimate exchange.

I LOVE my BlackBerry PlayBook.
I LOVE my BlackBerry Torch.

I don't have the "shiny new Torch 9810/50/60"
I don't have the beta/dev PB OS2.0


I've had my PlayBook for ummmm 6 months?
I don't have native email, I don't have native memopad, I don't have native BBM, I don't have native BBM Music, I don't have native contacts

You're all seriously saying that you can't cope with your phone? Fine, fuck off and buy a Android/iProduct/W7P.

Me personally? I do a bit of dev stuff, I built my own themes, I've written up basic apps that suited my needs, but I've never found myself wanting for anything my phone can't do.

I don't have Siri = I've never used voice activation anyway
I have iTunes = I've got a Creative Zen, wtf do I need iTunes for
I don't have Zune = I run Linux on my PC, go figure
I don't have Google Maps = I have BlackBerry Maps when I'm walking, and a Garmin when I'm not
I don't have a 3D screen = don't want one, gives me headache
I don't have Beats Audio = Creative Zen again.....
I don't have Angry Birds = give over, I've got SSX on GameCube and everything else on 360. I don't game when I'm out.

What I do have:
7 email addresses
948 contacts
BBM Music
Facebook app
G+ bookmark
A decent camera
Decent media player and a headphone jack
Decent screen
Wicked-cool keyboard
I can theme the CRAP out of my phone

Don't whinge about you haven't got yet

Be happy for what you have got!

For real... is really sad. How a lot of people had say, we believed on the word of RIM. Hope they start making updates with native email and a BIG UPDATE FOR DOCUMENTS TO GO!... Im a teacher, and I buyed the PB because i like RIM, but also for make my presentations on my playbook... nein... i can't do a lot of stuff on excell to go, either power point. So, I use my PB just to web browsing and to use it a GameBoy, and reader. And for make it clear and say all i hva to say: Que jo@@#@ mier@!#@a eso de RIM, después que nos hacen creer el cuento ahora nos lo mete!@#n mongo. Tanta fe para nada :( Sorry, spanish lenagauge hace strongers way to insult people, lol.

I think we're seeing a continuation of questionable leadership performance from RIM. I'm sure internally this all makes sense, externally they just look like idiots. I don't own a playbook and I wouldn't consider buying one until all this drama is concluded.

Clearly RIM is sacrificing the consumer buyers for their Corporate customer, if the information in the release is true. I'm wondering if RIM has decided to abandon the consumer sector in favor of their big clients. If they hadn't initially positioned the Playbook as a consumer device, this approach would make perfect sense. After all, using the device as an application platform was the original purpose of the Playbook.

So, I think consumers looking for a tablet should look elsewhere, at least until February 2012.

I know a knew OS/product needs time to adapt... but the lies they told!The lives they ruined!
It's not that my Playbook got any worse after this announcement, but it did fail to keep up with it's intended purposes...

Oh RIM... you truly know how to betray your costumers. They might as well sell the updates in portions now. Why would they do a relaunch when next year when it will be released,other companies will do launches of tablets with quad-cores and such.

I can't stand it anymore. I've been a blackberry user since 2005 and as much as I tried to keep hope alive I've just seen my bbm list shrink and shrink til now I only have 1 contact left. After all the empty promises of keeping up with other platforms I am finally abandoning ship and going android. I hope blackberry does have a bright future and I would like nothing more than to pick up an awesome truly iphone/droid killing product in about two years. But I just don't see it happening.

I use my Playbook everyday. My 9700 does the job everyday but it's been time for a change for awhile. I've been with BB for over 6 years now and a lot of things I want to carry around in my pocket are going to other bigger and better things. I didn't even need this news today to tell me it's time to leave my BB behind.

Samsung Nexus Prime here I come... shortly after I will pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7. Do you want to know why? Well both devices can control my TV when I walk into the house. My new Galaxy tab will be better than any universal remote money can buy. The Nexus in my pocket will also control the TV, play Netflix on the road... and Skype the hell out of all friends among thousands of other options.

Why bother waiting for more broken promises. I was ready to leave months ago... now I'm gone. I've enjoyed and worked the hell out of every BB device I have owned. Thanks guys... it's been nice knowing you. It's not me... it's you.

Going android! Galaxy nexus and ice cream sandwich!!!!!! Pick myself up a xoom or something too!! EVERYONE GO ANDROID NOT APPLE!


Ex-RIM supporter

I have a XOOM as well, I still use my Playbook more, Still Like QNX well over Android, and IOS, my son uses my IPAD, I do agree with the frustration and anger, I feel the same, but I just try to remember why I bought the products in the first place....although it doesn't keep me warm at night it allows me to still enjoy my experiance on the devices

Absolutely unacceptable. If they deliver in February (which I don't see how we could believe any more than other dates they've thrown around in the past), it will have been 10 months since the release of the PlayBook. Only then will we get the features that were promised at launch and by then the half of the tablet's lifecycle will be behind us and more powerful, better tablets will already be on the market. This was bait and switch, pure and simple. Unacceptable.


I would put my playbook on eBay tomorrow if it was worth anything. Over here in the UK, they're not shifting for any sort of money that even warrants the hassle of putting it on there and sending it to some.

total bullshit RIM!!! hope your stocks plunge rock bottom, and buyout. Pathetic! sick of your promises! I still love my 9900 though, but yeah you suck

Trying to see the silver lining in this.. .. .. and I can't find one. This is very disappointing to say the least... I still strongly believe RIM needs a change in leadership and a strong recruiting platform to draw in talent to get these types of projects finished 'on time' and start rebuilding the image of Blackberry. Killin me smalls....... MAKE IT RIGHT RIM, or you run the risk of alienating Loyal crackberry enthusiasts who bought this device within days of launch to support YOU.

jajajaja it goes to show that
No OS 2.0 until after Devcon Oct20.Wait lets get past halloween then because that the31st. ahhh might as well wait for blackfriday. Well xmas is right around the corner we can give everyone a nice gift. Well we are reaching the end of year. 2012 Happy New Years.. We are scrapping the pathetic book (PB) and the PB2 is with u

If you believe the February date, I have a bridge to sell you. RIM is establishing itself a substantial history of abusing its customers (think: Storm, Torch, buggy OS updates, infrastructure failures, etc.) and has demonstrated a complete failure to execute. This is a company that has absolutely no idea what it is doing. Stick a fork in her, this company is done.

I really do not want BBM on my Playbook and on my phone. I have no use for email on my phone, playbook, and computer. Just because that is not what I want doesn't mean that someone else would want it. I have been a BB user since they started out and I can not believe that they would wait that long to upgrade to 2.0 just because of BBM. Release an update that does all the other so most people get the other things they want in this tablet. I sure paid alot of money for a tablet that others got for a big break, but I'm not complaining about that. I knew what it was when I bought it and I can live with that but it is completely ignorant that RIM would not release some update with some of the features that everyone is complaining about. I'm not a troll and I really like my Playbook, but my company was getting ready to buy my whole staff one and now that is not going to happen. I sure hope for my sake and everyone else that still hangs on hoping for something different that something will come soon, but I sure feel sorry for alot of people that are waiting. I also feel sorry for RIM for companys like mine that will move to something else because of all this bull crap.

Ok, when I first read the headline, I was sorely disappointed. But I realized we don't really need the OS 2.0 upgrade for now. Sure it'll be great when it comes out, but most importantly the native SDK is NOW in developers' hands which I'm assuming we'll have more native apps for the Playbook before the 2.0 upgrade is even released and we won't be so reliant on a hack Android App Player for app variety. And already, we've had a slew of cool games coming out. Is it not enough? Although Skype would be nice haha; who uses Playbook's native videochat anyways? Have patience, Playbook owners. We can wait another 4 months, right?

but think about your statement. What company waits 8 months AFTER the release of the table to release a native SDK. You release the SDK BEFORE the tablet so there are apps waiting.

This alone should have clued RIM in that they have a problem.

True, it's bad form for a company, but there's nothing we can do about this now. I love my Playbook and I'm not going to quit on RIM like some people seem to be doing because of this. The Playbook has a ton of potential and really only non-BB phone owners who can't benefit from BB Bridge are affected by the OS 2.0 delay. But yes I agree with you about RIM's lack of common sense. Though, I do recall that the mighty Apple got off to a similar bad start with the first iPad; it's a shame that RIM didn't learn from their lessons.

I really dont understand RIM, the products are excellent but the support and marketing seems to be run by a retarded frog. Its almost like they dont want to succeed. Other companies have problems but gain the support of their customers by backing up their products with timely backup and support, Companies have recalls because of product failures but this is acceptable because they make it right and correct problems, this gives the customer confidence in the company. RIM produces an excellent but incomplete product and then strings its customer base along with a mixture of silence, bullshit and unfortunately downright lies. I really do like my Playbook and use it every day, I actually dont need a lot of the features that are supposed to be included in OS2, what I do need is proper upgrades, system supprt, accurate information and promises and deadlines that are accurate and kept. I actually never thought I would say this but RIM as not got many more failures to go before I drop them and get an Android. Not because its better, its not, but it does not come with the RIM book of failures, bullshit and lies. Lets not forget this comes only days after Devcom where all was promised, how BBX was going to leap ahead of the competition. not at this speed of development it wont, At the moment RIM development would have problems outstripping the abacus. I hope RIM reads these comments and learns how to look after its customers, this is what we need and before the end of the year
a) Playbook with 4G
b) Playbook with native email
c) More funtionality from Blackberry Bridge
d) OS2 you promised now deliver
e) Android player you promised now deliver
This is what we need by Feb 2012
a) BBX phones that play all existing Apps
Dont just tell us how you will outstrip the opposition, stop the lies and bullshit and show us