Official OS v5.0.0.1062 for BlackBerry Tour 9630 released by China Mobile

BlackBerry Tour OS
By Michelle Haag on 24 Jul 2011 02:34 pm EDT

China Mobile released official OS v5.0.0.1062 this weekend for you lucky BlackBerry Tour owners so fire up Desktop Manager and get to upgrading. Even though this is an official OS, be sure to use caution and do a back-up before installing. And if you're not on China Mobile, make sure you delete that vendor.xml file. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Download OS v5.0.0.1062 for the BlackBerry Tour 9630
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Official OS v5.0.0.1062 for BlackBerry Tour 9630 released by China Mobile


Forget desktop manager, unless you use BES.

It will wipe, boot to a 507 screen, then click Load OS, select OS 5 software, click load OS. Follow all instructions and away you go!

PS. Your tour needs a refresh, it's not a POS.

not doing it through desktop manager. Doin it through apploader...deleteing vendor xlm file etc....I've tried it 4 times now. The file is not the size it should be...the only thing that gets loaded is the apps...the actual OS, is not there.

Funny statement considering the Tour is only two years old. I still have one because other than WiFi, I have not seen features on a newer BlackBerry worth upgrading to (I'm on Verizon).

People who cant believe there are users still using a BB Tour need to think about how little BB as advance over the years, except for Wifi and a little better browser my Tour can do the same that my sister 9650.

Just Upgraded the installation process went fine, so far performance it's great.

wtf, how'd u get it to upgrade. My computer isn't even recognizing the OS

update:got it working up much faster...seems to be snappier. Only one more month to go with hunk of junk....9900!!!

But I think we all could say that the 9930 has adavance that is worth upgrading to. This should have been there 2010 phone.

updated it last night on Verizon.. transferred all my backed-up data to my phone.. & what I can see is the charging symbol fades in/out & I have much more memory than before :) oh & my phone boots up a lot faster than before
P/s Yeah the Tour is not that old & it still does everything that all the "new" BlackBerry phones can do except for the browser ;)

When I downloaded it from the site, only TextEdit showed up. This doesn't seem right. Obviously I am doing something wrong.... help?

Anyone actually download and install this? I did and it didn't load any contacts or messages from my old version. anyone else have this problem?

Mine started to mess up on me too. then I put in my BB account address, and everything went through like clock work. Tour 9630. some upgrades you wonder what they did, well this time they did a lot. the thing works better than right out of the box, I love my BB all over again.