Official OS Releases From AT&T And Rogers

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2009 10:57 am EDT
Official OS Releases From AT&T And Rogers

More and more we are seeing OS updates come faster from certain carriers, more so from the larger carriers which in all reality could be a good trend to get into as they typically are very slack in this department. This time around Rogers and AT&T have released some updates for specific devices. Check out the list below:

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Official OS Releases From AT&T And Rogers


The first OS had terrible battery life... this is a MUCH needed update for all Rogers phone 8900... GET IT NOW! Warranty is covered with this.

yea this is good news .. I have been running the 250 beta for a while
if rogers is supporting it. why not upgrade to a warranty supported version.

awesome :)

Is it just me or does the new OS for the 8900 lag. I've had it on here for about 4 hours and so far I've noticed when somebody calls me it starts vibrating (I have it se to vibrate) but nothing appears on the screen and its not flashing red yet. After the second full vibration the display comes to life and tells me I have an incoming call from .... Also, when I sent an sms it has a slight jitter after I hit send.

Oh boy I hope this isn't a fact of life for this version. If it is than I'm rolling back the clock and going back to the previous build from Rogers (.194 I think).


Why is nobody talking about this? I am still on and I want to know if this is a good upgrade.

maybe no one is talking about it cause this version has been out for some time now.... just not rogers approved... most people have already installed 250 ....check the 8900 forums....

i installed this yesterday and so far so good... battery life seems better... time will tell... gps catches satelites really fast and reboot time is alot faster...

thats all ive noticed so far....

I've installed it but having a lot of plms.. no data service, calendar is wiped, etc. HELP! I'm trying to go back to .206 but how??

the OS is running good on my bb now.. it took a while (all night) for it to have data service. I restored my calendar (thank God I did back up couple of weeks ago or so). All's good so far. Looking forward to OS 5.0!!

How come when I go to advanced option and select check for upgrades it says no upgrades available, i have Is it possible to upgrade through the phone? if not whats the point of that feature? just to show us there is an upgrade and to plug in? THANKS!

I had been running .206 for a while and this is exactly what I've been waiting for. Its official and quick.

Boot up times are a little quicker. The main thing I was looking for a fix for is fixed in this version. I can now see all of my videos in the main Videos media screen instead of having to explore from the media screen. I have a lot of movies and tv shows I had converted and with previous OS's they would appear initially and then disappear the next time I looked for them

Anyway, that's fixed. The other thing I noticed is ringtone volume. Its not necessarily louder than before, but the difference between medium and high is more, which I like. The ringtone quality seems to be a tiny bit better as well.

Overall, its great to see an official OS upgrade thats not 2 years behind the beta release. I hope this is a trend for the future.

I'm looking forward to an official 5.0 OS with support for Facebook 1.6...or maybe FB 2.0 by that time. Either that or FB compatible with any 5.0.x.xx beta OS.

I digress.