Official OS Releases For Bold And Storm (9500)!

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2009 08:14 pm EDT
Bold And Storm (9500) OS Get Official!

Well, what do we have here now? Official releases of some recent OS' for the 9500 series Storm and the Bold... sure is! Seems SiMobile has gone live with the official versions of the for the BlackBerry Bold and following up last night's leak of for the Storm, have also released (9500 Storms only). You can grab both downloads at the links below and be sure to leave some comments. I'm rather interested to see if an official release of will show up for the 9530 Storm. Thanks to all who emailed this one in!!

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Official OS Releases For Bold And Storm (9500)!


If this is the same as the beta OS, why bother? There were dozens of problems with it. What company would be dumb enough to release this?

I have this OS for a week now without any problems, this has been the best OS for me so far!! Dont know what problems you talking about....

I'm a fairly new Bold user. So with that being said I have already loaded the Beta release of 247. So would there be a difference between this official release and the one I already have on my bold? I only ask because I've had 247 on my Bold for the past couple days and I am starting to hate it considering I get lots of errors and can't load themes and even vlingo and Slacker won't open correctly. This may be a dumb question like everyone else says when they don't wanna get attacked by experienced users that don't have time for questions we should already have the answers to. My personal thought would be that they may have made tweaks to an official release but why not change the os from 247 to 248? Or even 247.1? Any help with this is appreciated.

P.S. Thanks Cellunlock! Just got my Bold unlocked but I don't really know why cause I just stare at it now thinking it will be different. Now I'm trying to find someone with T-Mobile so I can test it and see if it worked. :-)


Pensacola, Florida

It's always funny when someone correcting people doesn't know what they're talking about. :)

The 9500 came out with 4.7.0.XX. 4.6 doesn't support touch, so yeah, that's the European version. And if you'd READ, you'd notice that he said leaked for the 9530 also, which wasn't the European version or the right OS #.

And he fixed it now too.

don't you mean 4.7.XXXX OS' for the 95XX phones and 4.6.XXX for the bold?

Where is the beta love for the 8900, as is the latest beta released for it

I just downloaded the leaked .114 beta, but I'm hoping that with the official Euro one, the US shouldn't be far behind? Maybe?!? :(

bmw: You are right. This would be the same as the beta OS, as I'm sure Simobile added nothing. Also Simobile isn't one of the official carriers listed on RIM'S country website, so they just took a bad beta OS and called it "official." I wouldn't doubt that it didn't have RIM'S permission either.

Garz: I always trust your reviews. I felt from you that had quite a few "bugs" to put it mildly. Others reported that also. Why would an unknown company use a bug ridden OS for such an expensive phone like the Bold?

You're looking at the wrong section...

File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel292_PL4.0.0.155_A4.6.0.162_Rogers.exe

A4.6.0.162 <---Application version, .162 is all that matters in those numbers.

Whatever you do, do not download the update for the storm. I had to call verizon and we took everything off the device and reloaded it back to default. It screwed up my device and everything went blurry like a fuzzy tv. it wouldn't go away and every time i'd get a call it wouldn't ring and wouldn't show i had a miss call or voice mail. DON"T INSTALL!!!!!!

i have a feeling the beta test is for the next (version .120something)and they started testing it right away after finishing the newest official release

i currently have an unlocked att bold that with my t-mobile sim card, so i want to know if i update my phone, if it will take away the unlocked feature and lock it again. This would be very helpful.

I'm in the exact same boat and have wondered this myself with all of these new OS releases. I think I'm going to back up my BB Bold first then try the new update. That way I have a fallback if necessary.

The 9500 has gotten 2 if not 3 official updates. The 9530 (Verizon) has only released 1 update , that was back at the end of December. I love Verizon coverage, but their phone support isn't the greatest. Wished Verizon would relase more official updates for the phone.

That is not exactly true:
The Storm 9500 in greece is the only one who got two official updates.
In germany there is just one official update back in dec 2008. So we are also waiting to get some official stuff to get rid of those bugs. :-(

I am living in Australia now orginally from New York and i am jealous you guys have as a official release. we are stuck on here in Australia. That is cool i will just get an American Storm and use that instead lol. I will wait for them to put out an official version but doubt they will until the apps world is complete. RIM Probably wants to do it all in one shot and i prefer they did. After all these beta "leaks" i am sure they(if they are smart) have collected alot of data to make there forrays into the the consumer market better handled. They can also have the storm working at it's full potential. Getting tired of the Apple-Zombies flashing there Iphones like it is "ish" when it is more disabled than a beat up holden Barina on the side of the road on the Pacific Highway!!!!


im guessing this is the same beta they just rename the file since they are both the same size, it should be either smaller or larger not the same size. this is a sham no need to update anything if anyone did update please do let us know whats the difference. thanks.

I'm sure that the man in charge of releasing official OS of verizon got fired in january. that's why 9530 users can't get any update...

just joke. sorry.

Verizon needs to work diligently with RIM and get us an official release! We've waited patiently and we're continuing to do so until there is one...

This is the exact same as the beta released last week. It is full of bugs and I wish I hadnt upgraded, my today theme among other things is completely broken.

Tks to the one that through this one online!
was expecting this more than christmas


Installed today for my Storm 9500 Vodafone UK. Everything works fine except for Maps (can't find any satellites), not really a biggie for me BUT also i can't make any outgoing calls whatsoever.

Tried numerous battery pull, still not able to make any outgoing calls. Going back to .109.

The lack of official updates is pretty much a VERIZON/RIM thing. Not one party is to blame. Remember, VERIZON rushed RIM to release the storm too early which is why it was released with a substandard OS. Now the fact that RIM can not find one that works with stability and functionality after 3 months is on them. We all know very well that if an official update gets released and it is not near perfect VERIZON/RIM will be buried in a sea of complaints. So VERIZON will not release one until THEY feel it is up to that level. Can't blame them for that. I'm on .75 and am so tempted to download one of the leaks but with those things it just seems as though they close a couple of issues and open up more. Is the OS really that flawed? my two pennies....

Been trying to dl the os for Storm for the whole day since yesterday, still can't Damn It. It froze at 87%, have to re dl, ad now at 45% and froze, then 35%.

Anyone could give me a better link?

Hi i'm from Rogers Wireless

I can't perform the upgrade to this version.

Mine is .162, when i delete the vendor.xml and do the upgrade, blackberry desktop manager tell me that there is an update to do. i'm doing it but when it sais operation successfull, and i'm looking on my bold it's still version .162

is someone have an idea why?

I have a Bold and have never updated the OS. My question is why is it an official release if it doesn't come from RIM?

Qoute "Whatever you do, do not download the update for the storm. I had to call verizon and we took everything off the device and reloaded it back to default"

Yes indeed, you should be carefully when it comes to updating the OS.
Perhaps it's better to wait and see what others may experience.

Take care.


the update went smoothly but i'm noticeing some thing i dont like although i recover much more application memory, the overall interface is sluggish, when i highlight the icons nthe full names will not display, and my go yahoo is not working, but slacker is fine. yesterday my bold rebooted it self twice if this solves the problem i may stay with this but not having some of the apps not working and the slower interface may push me back to 167

updated my storm with 113, everything went smoothly. no issues so far

Bold is already on leaked 247 wondering whether to re-install this official version or not

that the new version for Verizon users comes out the end of March but this was just a guy at the store so who knows if he knows for sure

So wtf does this fix/add. I've been a member for only a few weeks, and have seen several "Unoffical/Offical" updates. So what's the big whoop, does it add any additional functionality or fix some issues. Seems like people wanna up date just for the hell of it.

I also have the same issue, no number pad DURING A CALL.

I like the hovering bubble feature when going back to edit on email and text. Slow going to and from portrait view.

just noticed that since i upgraded to the new OS its not showing a correct voicemail count on my screen.. anyone have any ideas on that? let me know. thanks

i want to go back to 167 when i used restore it just loaded my old profile but 247 is still there, how do i undo this?

ill be sticking with the beta of the OS since i have no problems, a user clams phone reboots 2 times and slugishness on the phone,the beta i have from247 is pretty fast and smooth only problem i got and i had since 237 was the dam humming coming from the speaker phone, i can live with that the over all performance from the beta being its the same file size is super. unless anyone else used the so call official release please do let us know thanks.

I am a new blackberry user after only recently switching on vodafone ireland. Today, I Installed v4.7.0.113 on my storm and all went well. Installation was a breeze after following the Crackberry 101 guide. The upgrade is working really well so far. I like the new full portrait keyboard and the new text/cursor selection feature is a great, a big improvement on before. Everything seems to be running faster and slicker including screen rotation, and all my 3rd party apps. Screen lock is also way faster with very little lag. All media (pics, video, music etc) running well. Will post back in a few days if any problems arise. So with this update and after also successfully fixing the bottom right hand corner screen click problem I was having without the use of a business card behind the battery I am a very very happy storm user.

i downloaded the new os release 114 and it does not work for one feature, i try calling my voice mail and when i want to click on a number key, i only get the full keyboard and there is no option to change it to the phone key pad, i try so many things, at the end i had to downgrade my phone back to os 99.
if there is a fix please let me know or if there is a new release please let me know.

Blackberry tech at VZ store told me last night that the next OS release has been pushed from March 21st back to April 25th! I hope he's wrong!!

ok since no one have the guts to report if this official is really official its the same leaked OS after trying to update it read my OS same as and will not update cause its the same. theres no signs of newer versions in this so call app but like i said before same file size as leaked so all thats left right now is to wait for a latter OS thats official cause if you update to another beta again and the same thing happens don't be surprise. to all current leaked .247 updated don't waste your time dling this you already running it. makes me really wonder now what the hell these people are talking about beta and official. if its not from your provider your taking chances good luck all.


The Bold link still doesn't seem to work at the moment... or is it just me?

Do we have any alternatives?