Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By TurkCell

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2010 05:14 pm EDT
Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By TurkCell

If you're a BlackBerry Bold 9700 owner who has been holding out for a later official OS; TurkCell has just what you been waiting for. OS is now available direct from their website. Just remember to make sure you delete the vendor.xml file if TurkCell is not your carrier and you'll be good to go.

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Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By TurkCell


Waiting for comunity feedback...right now I'm on 593 and its been good to me...except for streaming radio...

I already have 656 from the leaked version last week. I'm guessing there's no difference?

Downloaded and installed, I've been using it for the past 2 hours and I have found it to be less laggy than .593. I had issues with .593 so I'm glad I downloaded and installed this. No issues so far.

I've been using 656 for 2 hours and obvious thing is that 656 is faster than 593.
Also i was shocked when i see OS's been released by Turkcell. It's my carrier and it's the first time i see that they release an OS that quick (besides being first :)

Leaked and official Versions are the same.

remember: same version number - same version. no matter if leaked or not.

The leaked .591 and the official Verizon .591 OS for the Tour came with different radio/platform numbers so it ain't all the same there.

Can anyone help me?

I downloaded the file, installed it and deleted the vendor file. I clicked on the loader icon and after picking my language, it went through finding all my apps, etc. and asked me what ones I wanted to keep or delete. I wanted to keep everything as is so when I clicked ok, I was told that I was done.

Well, what did I do wrong? I've tried updating before with the same results. I've tried uninstalling the previous o/s from my computer, restarting, etc. but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help me???

It is "All Languages" version, so I guess it will include EAST Asia languages. Previously leaked version doesn't have EAST Asia languages.

can any one explain how to install the new O.S, im new to the bb world :) but im very intellectual when it comes to tech

I've done this both with the desktop manager and with the loader that's in the RIM common files without success.

Any other suggestions?

The vendor.xml file for me (running Windows 7) was located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
Though I believe this is the incorrect one because the contents of the file are: " "

Though I found this one which is located in:

In which case the contents appear to be correct. If I am mistaken someone please correct me.

I haven't installed this release yet. I installed the leaked release this morning. A there's a bug that doesn't really bother me much with that one though. The Lock Button doesn't actually enable the password lock, but places the phone in Standby where the Standby does nothing, but only mute during calls.

in the picture it looks like the download is being down on a mac. i am a mac user. and usually we cant dl new os's on our platform.. can someone explain????? would appreciate it

are only in extension .bbb - officially.
really annoying that the editor is using some kind of wine skin over XP to highlight posts like this showing OS X when clearly its not available.

I'm also having a problem installing this os. I'm having the same problem like the people a few posts up. I deleted the vendor.xml and it simply won't install the os

but i cannot lock my phone with a password with this version of the OS. everything else works smooth and very fast. but I put my phone in lock mode and the enter password prompt won't pop up when I unlock, please hellpppp.

I am Living in Pakistan and using blackberry services provided by Mobilink Pakistan.
We have had this upgrade available to us for about a week to ten days.

I have put the OS on download ... hope i dont have problems updating it .. M on OS .586 and it works smoothly no issue n no complains ..

It's a great OS, I've been running it for about a week now and it's great. Good battery life and Camera improvements

I have been using this since it was leaked and have been more than impressed with it. The few leaked OS's I'd installed always had some glitch or other with, I haven't had any issues with this this OS at all. Battery life is not only better, but more stable. On an average day use before I could end up with a battery life of between 20% or 60%, now its between 60% and 65%. Also apps seem to load slightly quicker and are more responsive with only having the hourglass when really hammering the phone with quite a few apps open. Also no drop outs on calls or waiting an age for text SMS messages to be delivered or received. On the whole 2 thumbs up from me.

I already installed it and have been using it for like 8 hours now. I don't like it at all. Its much snappier, don't get me wrong, but there's things everywhere that I don't like. First now you HAVE to press the unlock button to unlock. I used to press * and the call sign. Also there's no standby mode -__- Next, my text messages are all jumbled up and when I send a text it adds it to the middle of my conversation and not to the end where the person replied!!! Mot happy at all, going to downngrade -__-

Hi everyone,

could someone please tell me if this OS has the lock keyboard icon? I know it's easier using the convenience key on top but I have some users who insist on this icon.

Thank you!

I am trying to delete the vendor.xml file as stated above.... Where would I find..I am running Windows Vista..Thanks in advance...Not really computer techy but learning..

using a vista machine and it's there where is stated above,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

Hey finally I have updated my bb to 9700/ its amazing I have had no problems as of now n its bin 2hrs since updated all my app's work fine n my bb is much faster .. I am fully satisfied with this OS it is recommended to all 9700 users u shud try it m sure it won't let u down ... Thanks for putting it up :)

Does the lock button on top work to lock the phone with a password and not just put the phone in standby mode?

I just wanted to take a minute and let those who may be interested know that the battery life is much improved on this release over the leaked 593 from a few weeks ago. However, there is still that annoying problem with the "Blackberry Groups" calendar that you can't delete! I really wish RIM would fix calendars already!

Downloaded, ran the file, deleted the .xml file, ran the Loader, and it told me I had nothing to update. Deleted shared files referencing the old OS, deleted the old OS installer program... No dice. I am now deleting all OS installers and the desktop manager, so as to reinstall them and then update the OS. Wish me luck!

I know this is the all language version but does it support "typing" in Japanese? I'm pretty sure this version will be able to support reading in east asian lanugages but I really need to be able to write in Japanese as well.

Yes, I have the same needs here. .545 has been perfect.but I really like to upgrade to .656. Does anyone know???

It does support Japanese and Korean font and input.
i was looking forward to an official OS with east asian language support since .545
thank GoD for .656
imho alot better than .593
.593 always seemed to drop my calls which is so frustrating

But did u wipe the phone first? Then install that? That's what I'm planning to do.not on top of .545 that's already allowing me to type in Japanese.

i have been trying to install the .656 os to my 9700 and have del the vendor.xml file and when i start the desktop manager and go to install give me the options of .656, the current version i have .405 and to downgrade to .296, but when i select .656 it keeps telling me no software upgrade required for this device, any idea how to get around this and install
thanks for any help

Next time you are wondering what's wrong with the internet, just remember drew "nevermind i got it figured out" opo.

Finished installing a little while ago, seems a little snappier than .545 which I had before. Biggest noticeable difference: went from 123.7 MB free memory to 128.9 MB, granted it always fluctuates on me a little. Also my texts are now being displayed on the homescreen which I didn't have before, thought that was a theme issue, guess not. I'll see how the battery does and update within the next few days, everything seems to be working fine though.

Go to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/App Loader/ (same file folder you go to in order to delete the vendor.xml file) then click on 'Loader'. It will launch Desktop Manager and all that other stuff.

i updated yesterday everything was running great and about 1 hr ago my bb when out im downgrading back to .593

for those having problems need to disconnect from the internet when the Desktop Manager searches for updates for you phone!

simple as that after you download the new OS firmware. delete vendor.xml like they say. disconnect the internet, then open your desktop manager and plug in your phone. then crazy update windows will pop up.

works everytime.

Hi, i'm new to the blackberry world. Can anyone who updates often please tell me if there are any major changes between and


i just installed the new os for 9700. so far so good.its alot faster i must say.if having issues installing after deleting vendor file. turn off all radio connections and make sure you turn off internet connection on your computer and all else is butter. only thing i noticed so far is, the lock icon is no more. i use this more than all apllications on my bb.what do i do about this?

Hello I want to know what's the difference to deleting the vendor file or not cauz I have installed many leak without deleting this file! Are there a major difference somebody can answer me please?

For anyone who cares, the cedilla (the c with the accent mark underneath) does not show up when I try to get to it.

i noticed that now in this update the phone will not go into standby mode if you leave the mute key pressed. and the lock key, locks right away (no dimming) :) this update, phone feels much much faster...thanks!!!

I know I am new but I have tried everything!
I can see my apps on my media card but I am not able to download them onto my phone. I have figured out that my phone will allow me to download them via Bluetooth but mine does not do file transfer, of course it took me a half a day to figure that out :), and I have tried to use Roxio to transfer the files but that does not work either. When I go into the sync area in the DM it tells me that I need to do a wireless sync because my files are read only but I cannot for the life of me figure this out!! HELP! I know I can re-install these all manually, but I am stubborn and want to figure this out :)

And FYI - I LOVE the new OS :) Nothing but wonderful raves from me, except the app thing, but I think it was my fault anyway ;). The re-boot is 100 times faster, there are cool optional changes from the main screen,etc. I really like it, just really want an EASY way to save 3rd party apps and re-install. If we are on this fancy 3G system that holds all of our apps, then why doesn't it save them as well?

Just sayin'....

C :)

Anybody have problem with BlackBerry Maps? In my Bold, the maps images cannot load. Only grey stripes appear. Please help!

Great Job Guys. Here I was looking for a reason to load this build and what a load of rubbish are people throwing here I wanna know about the actual OS' performance not people whining about ' i can't load this what did i do wrong ' look thru the freakin forums for god's sake.

I have a stable .593 and I wanna know what's so great about this one before updating that's all.

For those of you having trouble downloading the os through blackberry desktop manager I had the same problems and ended up using an app called "blackberry swiss army knife" from my pc that worked really well. Its a lot easier and I didn't have any of the problems I had using desktop manager. You still have to delete the vendor file but it worked ! Good luck

anyone hv tried upgrade to the latest .862?
the rating so far goes to .862.. i've found that browsing lil bit slow on .862. + battery performance..
other than that nothing big issue.
i never use .656. so anyone?
mine -----> .330 -> .865

I have the BB 9700 however I cannot see where or how I can have the phone 'password locked' using a quick one key option.
It goes into Password lock when in the holster and also when charging or when I using the Lock icon.
Can anyone help pelase?