Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By T-Mobile

By Bla1ze on 19 May 2010 09:16 am EDT
Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By T-Mobile

A little while back now, we let ya know that T-Mobile was getting set to update their BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS according to TMoNews. While the scheduled date of May 11th is was here and gone, folks no longer have to wait to grab the official goodness. You can now get the official release of OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 if you haven't been willing to upgrade already to a newer OS. Head on over to the T-Mobile site, punch in your number and you're well on your way.

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Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Released By T-Mobile

105 Comments, if anyone has downloaded pls post what your thoughts are??? Is it to early for TMO to offer it OTA upgrade?????

.586 is old news, there have been 2 releases for the 9700 since then. Go to the 9700 forum here on Crackberry and there's a sticky at the top with the download link and instructions on how to install .656 which is the newest OS.

Opened up desk top manager and a pop up appeared regarding the availability for the upgrade. Took a few to load up. I had to reset some of my purchased apps (good thing Crackberry has them all under 'My Account'). This .586 does offer the back up option and SEVERAL features that should have come with the phone to begin with. Well worth the wait. The issues I was having with the phone seem to work corectly now. Bonus plus...

Guys...I have a 9700 thats NOT from T-mobile, so i dont have 3G at the moment. If I upgrade to this software, do you think the 3G will then work being that this is an OS from Tmobile.?

T-Mobile uses different 3G bands than ATT and other carriers. So if you have an unlocked phone from one of those other carriers who uses different 3G frequencies, it's never going to get T-Mo 3G.

I'm hoping that someone out there might have the same situation like me and we just do an equal trade. I really want to experience 3G, but i cant complain, as i got the phone as a gift.

I've had the 9700 since it came out. Any 3G advantage on a Blackberry is hardly noticeable. Because of their architecture and OS, it just doesn't feel much faster at all. The only advantage in theory is being able to access data while in a call. I try this often, using Google Maps while in a call for example.

In practice that advantage has been missing because under previous software builds my connection drops to EDGE, GPRS, or even GSM while in a call, thereby eliminating data during call.

Hopefully that new build has fixed that problem and it will stay 3G while in a call.

I disagree with the "hardly noticeable" 3G comment. At least on AT&T. I see a huge difference in speeds between the 3G connection and the EDGE connection, especially when it comes to tethering. But even browsing (using Bolt, Opera, or the BB Browser) is much faster with 3G than on Edge.

Also, I thought the 9700 chip supported all the GSM frequencies... and that it was firmware / software controlled?

Do you have Desk Top Manager on your computer? If so, connect to it, click the menu options and "check for updates". Mine popped up right after I connected stating there were updates available.

I've been running .586 leak for about a week now. Is this the same as the leak? Btw, it is VERY responsive with minimal lag and so far, no hiccups! Yay. I'm a heavy browser, bbm-er , email and texter, this build gives me 16 hours through the day with about 20% battery left to go to sleep on. Go for it!

Just installed, mobile backup for contacts worked flawlessly. Seems to work well with TMO service. Will report back on 3G dropped calls and battery life after more testing...

It appears like there is an Online...OTA download. But it seems like a run around and I can't find away to find the OTA download.

i m not using a tmobile...i dun hav a tmobile cell phone i cant download from the site...cause its asking for a cell phone no....can some1 plz upload the file to some site...nd share the link?? thanks a ton

my only issue with using non-official updates is that if you have an issue with your device the first thing their going to say to you is downgrade your device software which personally is not something I'd want to go thru when I'm in a bind. has mobile back up,sms fixed holds name after reboot,3g is steady have not seen edge once,uma very clear locks on quick,all apps working.I have had mine since the 9th bought a new one on the 9th and it came with .586 os on 9700 from Tmobile,its really good.

I had the leaked and just did the official last night (I'm on T-Mobile) and the fixed the 3g so far! Runs clean and better battery! I was texting and bbm all night! Test 3g when I drive to work later!

1) When you lock the phone, you no longer need a password to unlock the phone. But wasn't that what stand-by mode was for?!?

2)There is a useless icon for sms messages, even if your theme allows you to combine them.

3) haven't noticed much difference in performance (I never had any dropped calls on 3g or problems with my trackpad to begin with).

4) Yes, there's wireless backup of contacts, but don't 75-85% (yes, I pulled this number out of nowhere) of people simply back up their phones with desktop manager?!

I'm not sure it was worth the time to upgrade... Anyone disagree???

Is it worth downgrading from my beta .656 down to official .586? I haven't really had any problems with .656 besides my radio turns off when battery indicator shows red and 1 bar.

radio turning off when the battery that low is a feature. most phones will just turn off on you completely. If it wasnt for this little feature there would be many days where I wouldnt have made it to work. (alarm still functions)

There are some things like he pointed out that make no sense! I miss my lock key! And that new icon is usless!

...if you don't mind using a different vendor.

I cannot understand why carriers release out of date updates.

I wondered this as well... I'm not sure if it has something to do with .656 not performing well (Digital choppiness/muting) when on an UMA call ?? I've found only .330, .400, and .586 to not have this issue.



i used the 586 and its much better than 656. Connectivity looks better than 330, "looks", but lets see what the os does in the next couple of days, too early to say anything.

Can anyone say if they have included the myFaves app in this release?

I know they don't offer the service to new customers anymore. But I'm grandfathered in, and I like the app. I also know the app was present in much earlier builds of the OS, so it CAN work on the 9700 and OS 5.0.

That gives me some hope... Has anyone who still has a myFaves plan got the app working?

I don't want to downgrade from .656 if it doesn't have myFaves.

As per T-mobile, the myFaves service, as well as the application will not be made available for this device, or any future devices. The myfaves app/plans have been discontinued and are being phased out. Current plans with myfaves still recognize myfaves numbers as the the myFaves numbers when you call them, you just have to manage them online at the my account section of the tmo website...

My slacker does not show artist since I've done upgrade! And I'm in Orange County my 3g still get lost in some spots!

Anyone else having this problem? I have a list of voicemails and when I click on them to play, the phone does nothing

Has anyone else that use T-Mobile as a carriers froze? Im updating on my computer & it is on the last Task of restoring everything & froze at the point of updating by my BBGroups! SMH, has been stuck here for about 15 minutes, any suggestions?

Is still there. Song won't advance to the next song if the display is off.

Anybody else having this issue?

Anybody know where I can find .330?

I got a 9700 from my Company a week ago and it have version on it.

strange that you guys are releasing it now.

Just updated the OS to my 9700 and all hell broke loose...My BBM crashed 3 times on me...not cool at all. But after several times of me removing my battery out my phone to reboot, it looks like I am finally good to go. The only differences I seen so far is the font size is a smaller on my home screen, it open up some memory for me....And that's about it for now. I guess time will tell..-__-

Since upgrading, I am missing the asterisk that used to tell me which specific email address folder has a message. Same with facebook and text messaging too. The icon is at the top but no asterisk on the folder that the message is in, so I have to check each email folder. Anyone else having this problem?

In answer to previous post - have tried 586 and 656. 656 seems about the same EXCEPT that 586 eats the battery faster. 656 gives great battery life. Haven't noticed any differences other than that, including no difference in call quality on mobile network or on wi-fi (uma). So, bottom line I would go with 656 for the battery life difference, which is substantial.

3G is not working on my phone, I am with other carrier (Telcel Mexico) I switched to EDGE and all works fine... any one else with this problem?


I havent downloaded it yet. I'm still on and I love it, I have no problems with 3g or anything. Guess I see it as if it's not broke, don't fix it.

I connect my 9700 the desktop manager made the update and everything was fine until i tried to put my phone on stanby and it would not work!!!!
does anybody know how to fix this issue?

haven't seen any major differences besides online backup of contacts and BBM contacts. Has anyone else noticed any major differences?

All is well. My 9700 "seems" snappier. UMA finally seems to be working fine (never could get it to work properly before). Have 3G on and didn't drop a call all day (before I had to turn 3G off 'cause of all the dropped calls).

I had .586 on my 9700 for a while, and it was the buggiest/laggiest OS I've had.

I'm rocking .656 from Avea and so far, it's great.

I tried using .656 from TurkCell, but my phone kept freezing and games shut down; unstable. Vodafone UK actually had .586 out a month ago. I have this and not had a problem. You can go to the blackberry website to download.

so im trying to upgrade it on my computer and it is stuck at the last process for a while now. there is no way for me to restart my phone and it says if i disconnect i may b unable to use my blackberry again!

Well i updated my 9700 yesterday so far battery life has improved from what i noticed and track seem i bet more sensitive and no drops calls on 3g.. i guess i would have to say it was a very decent update but cant wait till bb os 6

I upgraded a few minutes ago and I notice that when I'm on camera mode it shows the camera icon as blue and I don't think it was like that b4 and now I also have mobile backup but that's wat I notice so far. I haven't made calls so idk if it fixed droped calls for me

I installed this update last night. I am with Tmobile and here are the things I have noticed.

1) Super speedy. Completely faster thatn
2) Browser is MUCH more responsive, especially on Wifi
3) NO MORE ISSUES with hooking to UMA
4) NO MORE signal switching. Locks on to 3G beautifully
5) Calls seem more clear and keypresses seem more responsive
6) View pictures changed. I can only view rows of 4. Before, you could choose 3 to 8, I believe.
7) When I press the lock key, the screen goes completely blank and fast. The mute key does nothing.
8)The Facebook App doesn't have connection issues now. (Not sure why, since the app is the same 1.7.022 or whatever)
9) Reboot time went up. On average on .330, it would take my phone around 1m 24s to reboot. I rebooted last night after updating an app and it took 2m 1s to reboot.
10) For me, the battery life seems a little bit worse. However, I was on my phone a lot last night exploring this OS, so that may be nitpicking.

With all this said, I am very pleased with the speed of this update. Everything seems very fast, even with a theme with transitions. They blaze through like a champ. Now if I can get Tmobile to release a 5.0 update for my girl's 8900 that is official, we would be in business.

So I upgraded last night. Upgraded with no issues. What's up with the lock button on top no longer working. That stinks. Is that fixed in .656 release? Had to add lcok function to Quick Launch (one of the best apps ever).


I'm presently writting something about my Blackberry on the site and I wonder when this OS update is gonna be available in Canada with Telus. I'm presently using V5.0.0.442 And I would like to introduce the new OS uptdate info in my post.


Battery life seems worse BUT I wasn't using UMA before so I kept wifi off. Now it's on all the time. Still easily made it through the day with lots to spare but I'm always concerned about battery life.

I've had nothing but issues since I installed it, been getting non-stop uncaught exception messages since installing and my phone is moving beyond slow.......time for another warrenty exchange

Upgrade seemed to go smoothly, but now ALL of my calendar entries are doubled after the restore process! Yikes. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Not the greatest.

Calendar doubled all entries, lock key now only locks keys, before it would implement your password lock if you had that turned on, now it just blanks the screen. Mute/Standby key is now obsolete.

I've also noticed my AP mobile news application is no longer working since this upgrade. I've also tried to reinstall this app, to no avail.

Overall, with no immediate changes, and with something becomming obsolete, I'm against this upgrade, and would recommend not upgrading to this build.

I'm right there with you.....I'm downgrading as I type....I can't live without my password lock being at the top of the phone

My UMA was really flaky at work.
After the upgrade to 586 it's been working really well.

Thank you TMO! (and crackberry, of course)

im not sure but is anyone else having problem with task 12 of 12 when updating the software because for me it is taking extremely long??

It seems to work well. One of my biggest complaints is still there. When I'm in a call for a while the signal drops from 3G to EDGE, GPRS, or GSM, thereby eliminating the ability to use data while in a call. That was the biggest reason I sold my 8900 to get a 3G Blackberry. I hoped they would fix this. How disappointing.

been running it for most of the day today and so far so good. my only gripe with the new OS is that my top left lock button no longer password locks my phone. it only keyboard locks. i've worked around it by updating one of my convenience buttons to password lock my phone, but it's going to take some time getting used to.

is there a reason for the change though?

Completely dissapointed. No new message notifications on the top of my phone. No bbm updates, no Ubertwitter updates...basically, NO UPDATES to notify me what kind of message I have. I use Berrybuzz and for some reason I have a red LED that is occasionally going off for no reason no matter what settings I change. Now, I'm not some newbie. I know my sh#t. My phone vibrates like I have an email and low & email. No notifications to tell me why I'm vibrating, I now have to search my phone. & dont even get me started about the locking and sleep buttons on the phone. I now have to use one of my hotkeys to lock the phone, then click the "lock" button at the top of the phone and put it into sleep mode. THATS BULLSH#T. I'm so pissed that I upgraded. This is just like Tmobile...never drop and update and when you finally do its PURE SH#T.

It has been restoring the device data for a while now(longer than an hour) and i know this is not something normal, it is stuck in the BBgroups... any solution for this? I don't want to unplug my phone from the computer , I'm scared it will make it unusable... Thanks!

Luckily I had a back up that I did manually right before updating, so I just pulled the plug and then restored my back up...all is fine now. YMMV

Ok 2days now and not impressed! In Orange County and phone still goes into GSM when on call so I can't use my google maps or internet when on phone! One reason I got 3G! Miss my lock button on top! Battery is worse! And when I use my Slacker it blanks out pictures! Don't really see a difference in UMA speed! Sorry TMobile but I am really starting to lose hope in you! Love my bill and love the customer service but 3G blackberry not impressed! Can't wait to see 9650 on Sprint!

Anyone know if there are significant differences between the leaked 545 vs. official 586? I have run several different OSs but have kept 545 for several weeks because it was by far the best I had run. I have absolutely no issues with 545, and the battery life is better (for me anyway) than any previous OS. I may just not even bother to run "official" OS.

There's some weird happenings with my upgrade. Every time i go to Dial my R speed dial, i get thrown into Clock Mode. Every other speed dial contact works just not the R key :-(

When I first got this new os I had more memory then before. But, my memory after a while of use went way down. Like 40mb lower than ever before. I didn't download any new apps and I did a memory clean. So what's up with that? Anyone else notice this?

I guess I have so many Blackberry problems since I install software. No matter what, I always have problems with reliability and there is no effective method to troubleshoot it. It seems a Blackberry phone will work well for a while and suddenly something in the OS breaks. It forces me to frequently reinstall and have to contact Garmin for a license key to reinstall. It seems there is no quality control with Blackberry and their software developers. With all the complaints about Apple and their apps store, at least they try to maintain some quality.

Right now, I use DataViz Documents to Go 2 Premium, Google Sync, eWallet, Google Maps and Garmin Mobile. I think it is not too much to expect things to work and these programs are mainstream. So far, things will work until I either get a crash or functions stop. It may be days or weeks, but it is always the same thing.

After updating my BB 9700 every time I lock my phone it say that the keypad is locked to press the lock button to unlock and i press the unlock button at the top left of the phone and nothing happens it remains locked. Does anyone know another way to unlock a blackberry?

I think the upgrade is no good. My 3g is really slow to connect now and I have to do battery pulls because it wont let me open new sms messages. wtf mates? anybody else have ill effects from this?

T-mobile subscribers, any of you having a Black screen lag, like the .545 OS had. I'm having that, and it's not as bad or as long, but it's still annoying! It usually happens after I do a Reboot or something. I see the arrow jumping in the right corner, but even though I've pressed a button on my phone, the screen doesn't pop up right away. I also get a lot of rim or null error messages, since installing this OS the other day...which seems like it took an hour to install!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!:)