Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jun 2013 11:57 am EDT

Verizon Wireless has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless


Jeez, hope this helps for you all if your having battery issues I know I was! I'll load this up before I let go of my 9930...

What were your battery issues? I've had this 9930 for over a year and have had excellent battery life. I'm a heavy user.

What is your usage, and how are battery last?

I rocked my 99 for a solid year and it has been the best battery since my first BlackBerry installment and way better than my Z (when it comes to battery life that is...)

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I just had some major draining issues on the *.755, so I just rolled back to leak *.649 that's all. Aside from a two updates, 755 in particular, my 9930 had some of the best battery life ever. I'd much rather run an official that's higher than an older leak, that was my only issue. I'm no different than the heaviest of BlackBerry users so I hope that answers your questions.

LOL, was about to post the same thing...
Funny how this is out and Z10 users are still waiting for 10.1

Posted via CB10

I was really surprised to see this update. I expected BlackBerry to focus on the 10 devices from here on out.

That, and since this device has been out so long, I don't think there are many issue with it.

I remember when it first launched, there was a bricking bug, and poor battery life. It's come a long way!

Blackberry probably dropped this update over a year ago. Just took Verizon this long to bother rolling it out.

A few weeks? It is five days away from being a few months. I know because I got my z10 on vzw launch day.

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How bout VZW stop worrying about OS 7 BlackBerry phones, hurry up and push out the OS 10.1 for the Z10 before 10.2 is released in Canada. Come on now, hustle! This is a damn shame!

I guess this is cool for 9930 users, but I still feel really sorry for all the Z10 users out there on VZW.

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I guess they had all their resources tied up testing this 7.1 update and therefore couldn't get to 10.1
The good news is, now that they got 7.1 out of the way, they can now focus on 10.1... I guess we should see the update with a few short month the now...
Holding tightly to my Verizon Z10! Can't wait

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There are about 4 millions Z10 users in the world, and about 20 million 9900 users, do you really think, this update is meaningless ??

Are you f****** kidding me no offense to you OS 7 users but who really cares Verizon wtf where is 10.1 your obligation should be new verizons first this is bulls***..... knowing Damn well people been waiting for this 10.1 then you wanna announce this....

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Tell us how you really feel. New products should never take priority over legacy ones. I'm glad that BB7 is still getting some love. Although, I am on T-Mobile and got 10.1 a week ago...

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Totally agree... one does not rule out the other. VZW should have been on top of both and I do give a funk about legacy users. Most of them would've upgraded if they could but they're on a contract and have to wait it out. They deserve all the attention that BlackBerry 10 users get. As long as you use a BlackBerry (whether legacy or 10) the updates should keep rolling out... a little more understanding would be well in place mind you... rant on VZW and not loyal legacy users...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I also agree. I really like my 9930. I'm not knocking the other because it is a really great smartphone. But I really like my 9930.

So Verizon releases updates for old devices while leaving the new Z10 in the water

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My bros wife would have loved this. Started having the battery issues just before he bought her the Q10.

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If she had battery issues it was probably her fault. I have the 9930 and it lasts 3 days without a charge. So your friend probably had too many crap apps killing it.

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^^^ the reason I'm not upgrading from my 9930 ^^^
Well, plus the fact I finally figured out how to tether it to my ipad mini without a hotspot plan LOL

I like my trackpad, but I think with the gesture based OS I could learn to live without it. I loved the gestures on the PlayBook!

My unlimited data plan is once reason I don't want to upgrade at the moment too. I use about 7-8GB a month, and I use the Tether app laptop. I don't have home internet. I got Tether in 2008 for free, and it's been so useful!

I know eventually I will have to upgrade and lose my unlimited plan, and that I will also be losing compressed data which is a blessing and a curse.

I imagine with the Q, my data would double to 16GB a month! That's going to get pretty expensive!

It would be nice if Verizon updated the Curve in tandem, all things considered. I really hope BlackBerry finds a way to take carriers out of the picture for BB10 devices for CrackBerry user's sake.

And people say Verizon never pushes out updates!! Take that all you Verizon hating doubters!

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Did the update OTA 2 nights ago with no issues. Prior to this I was running the latest official OS from VZW and had no issues with my 9930. Battery life was fantastic.

The 9930/ went smoothly, and here are changes I have noticed so far:

*when pressing and holding the BlackBerry button to applications, it is now labeled "Switch Applications" with a line at the top of the screen

*in Password Keeper app, entries are now separated by lines

*in Calendar app, alarms set appear with a red dotted line on the date they're set

*browser is faster

*speed of the device is quicker, more responsive

*improved battery life

*added functions in Application Resource Monitor app

Great update for an already great device!

Agreed with your review here. I am seeing all the same things in the past 24 hours. Has made the most stable OS release I had even better. And I'm with you on the early adoption...having patience is a good thing in this space...especially as the ecosystem and support resources around BBY are ramping back up. Let's face it, all the carriers shifted resources to other platforms while BBY was getting to BB10. Now that it's out, you'll see resources ramp up. I'm personally waiting to see if there is a Q10 with A10 specs coming by year end. Anyone heard that rumor?

I too did the upgrade 2 or 3 nights ago and noticed most of those changes (just saw the lines on password keeper). I also noticed BBM Channel improvement and a huge memory improvement which I believe BB Protect/BBM was causing somehow. I could be wrong about that but my 9930 is running very smooth, I even re-installed a few apps that I removed to try and increase my memory. Best update yet.

I have seen some of these changes like for the password keeper and the app switcher; I haven't seen anything with resource monitor that wasn't in .755 already...I couldn't help but notice there r now 5 more LED colors (green, orange, purple, blue, yellow) I'm wondering if this was alrdy in .755 and I missed it!

I tried OTA and it bricked my 9930. I was able to get it done only after much effort and updating DM to 7.1 (I had remained on DM 6.x because of problems with DM 7.1) Then a few days later DM recommended update OS again, which I did and now it's recommedning a downgrade? Whoa... the device is functioning, so I'm sitting still at Device for now. Enough is enough.
My 9930 serves me well and until BB10 has the necessary apps for my business I'm not going to BB10... as much as I'd like to.

I sent VZW a sternly worded, hand written letter.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

There are still a lot of legacy users out there, so I am happy to see BlackBerry is still supporting us.

I plan on getting the Q when some functionality from OS7 is implemented in 10. It's slowly happening, like with Bedside Mode.

I'm also waiting for headless app ability, and some apps to make their way onto 10 (Bank of America, Fandango, VZ Navigator).

I have been with BlackBerry since 2008, and one thing I've learned is to be patient and NOT be an early adopter. Wait until the device is more mature and the issues are mostly resolved.

Looking forward to that time with the Q! Until then, I am loving my 9930, and unlimited data (I use 7GM a month)!

@Chrisy you think very logically and we share the same mentality regarding upgrading to BB10. I too am staying with my 9930 because of the same reasons that you have mentioned. I want to support BlackBerry as much as possible but I am holding out for a perfect BB10 experience instead of a diluted half finished os. I have always been patient to not jump to a brand new phone so that I could be the 1st person rocking the latest mobile device. My 9930 works very well with all the features that I love and need. pin:3318C016 Here's to holding out until a perfect BB10 experience! Cheers!

Verizon brings out a 7.1 update. Before a 10.1 update, here they got their priorities in order

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Could it be at all possible that the 7.1 update was in the works before the Z was even finished and shipped. It's not like 7.1 was created worked on and completed after the Z hit the shelves.
So to heck with all the people who had 9930 long before you even knew about the Z.
Wow guys me me me now now now.

So true 93Aero. The me, me, me, now, now, now, give me, give me, give me, mentality is so...well...there are so many adjectives for it that come to mind. None which are good. Lol.

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Don't get my tone wrong here but I have a Z10 and a Q10. One for work and one for personal. In less I'm crazy, I don't see drastic differences between the Q10 with 10.1 and the Z10 without. I'm a heavy user and barely see a difference. I get the point, 10.1 should just be rolled out already for principle sake, but I think the Z10 users are over estimating what 10.1 offers. Then again, maybe I'm crazy and am not taking full advantage of 10.1 which is entirely possible??? Could somebody please explain the the advantages other than just "having 10.1"? I'd love a side-side of what 10.1 can do that can't be done on 10.WhatEverTheHeck...

Posted with my Q10, the best damn phone on the planet

Better battery life, optimized cursor for editing text (it's so much easier 10.1+), many apps only work on 10.1+, Whatsapp Hub intergration, HDR camera, there are a couple of more features, but those are the only ones I can think of right now. Also, 10.1 fixes the rebooting issue for many people. That's the main concern I think many people are upset about.

IMO, 10.2 is gonna be the real game changer, with it's headless apps and JellyBean update :)

Indeed battery life is so much better on 10.1 (needs more improvement though)

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I do have to say that upon installment of 10.1 my entire system was lagging... lasted for about two hours until everything became buttery smooth once again.. also never experienced random reboots again (happened all the time during 10.0)

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Yup same happened with me when I installed the 2354 leak. After an hour it was so smooth and I'm happy I can finally wake up and see my Wallpaper Changer HD still open :)

All those things taken into account, CrackedRosco has a point. There really isn't anything that screams out drastic change within 10.1. The battery life is indeed better on the Z10, but it could still be a lot better.

Posted via CB10

Oh of course, I definitely agree. I feel like 10.1 is just a minor change. 10.2 is where the fun should start. It's kind of like 10.1 is what the phones should have shipped with, and 10.2 is going to be the "10.1".

I agree with CrackedRosco. I'm on Tmobile and I have 10.1. I'm also a very heavy user. To be honest, to me, I don't really see the difference between 10 and 10.1 besides colorful icons in the Hub and more apps available in App world like Skype. That's it. Wish you could customize more like LED's natively and sharing in Remember. Just saying. Not much of a difference. Not an impressive life changing update. Nice to have but also could function well without.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

I think its not about the enhancements, it's more about the rebooting issue on their network. I've have a leak and I have no reboots. So clearly an updated OS will fix it and prevent many angry users from just leaving BBRY all together.

I updated to this new OS. Bricked my phone at first. Once I reloaded the OS all is good. I can't seem to see any changes. After having to reinstall the OS and missing my third party apps..........I know my BlackBerry better then ever. Just my 2cents..

Availability of apps like Skype would be pretty high on the list of reasons for frustration over delayed 10.1 release. But 10.1 apps in general. For me, the only thing missing from my torch was the front facing camera. It's the only reason I bought the Z10 - video chat while traveling.

Agree. The 9930 has features on it that I love, and would hate to lose. That's why I'm waiting on the Q. However, I AM looking forward to video chat with BBM and Skype, a better browser, and the hub experience.

I am hoping that the features that I love about my 9930 are ported over to OS 10 soon. Many of the legacy features missing on10 remain reasons why I stayed BlackBerry. This includes custom individual notifications and sound profiles. Just having the color LED is a reason I won't use Apple as a phone. Though I do use an iPod for media and content.

The new Z10 has taken the place of the BlackBerry Storm. When are we gonna realize that? I love my Z10 but honestly it's crap. It's a deprived phone. We all thought that BlackBerry 10 would change the game and we were wrong. It seems like BlackBerry is barely making numbers and we're back to square one just like the legacy days. Installing leaks and etc just so our phone could work like it's supposed to. It's all down hill from here. I know I'm not the only one who has realized this

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That's one of the trade offs we early adopters have to accept. Having said that... I still find my Z to be more productive than my previous bolds (I've had almost all of them) and comparing it to the competition it blows them away in my humble opinion...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

It may blow out the competition in our views but in reality the iPhone WORKS without issues while BlackBerry doesn't. I know bb10 is new but clearly they are giving up on the Z10 as well. Imagine when the A10 comes out. You think the Z10 will have as much attention? Not at all

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

I find your comment lacking..... it is not BBRY that is holding up the release of the 10.1. and we already ate hearing good things about the upcoming 10.2.
No one is giving up on the Z10. The A10 is designed to be a top tier device while the Z10 will be for the intermediate BlackBerry user.
And j have friends with I phones that experience multitude of problems with their toys.

Posted via CB10

Lol, your post made me laugh. "We all thought..." who are we? Your trolling is so obvious it makes you look like a fool that you are. You obviously do not have a Z10. I guess you are another poor soul on a is soon, lol.

Posted via CB10

Guys, there are a lot of people out there using the Bold 9930 that will be stuck with them for sometimes over a year. Let's not forget about them.

Posted via CB10

There's also many BlackBerry users that are sticking with OS7 or lower for one or several reasons, that are not locked into a contract. I know this applies to myself and belfastdispatcher, who tried 10 for a good while.

I've been out of contract since March of 2013 and have been following the Z10 and Q10 on CrackBerry since before their launch, and now an reading the reviews as they flood in.

I still chose to stay with my 9930, and am grateful for any updates it may get.

Yeah the battery life on my 9900 is sporadic and it dies within 3-4 hours of a full charge. I didn't have any problems until I updated to 7.1. Bundle 2435 (version, platform

Posted via CB10

So this is what Verizon has been spending their time on.. 10.1 for the Z10 better be next!..

Posted via CB10

VZW has been working on testing this release since Christmas. After a three week summer break, they will start on 10.1 next ;)

Call and write to Verizon regarding: 10.1...... come on people.......lets unite and send a message.......

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

Why O Why? is there never a change log for these updates? BlackBerry better get with 2013. Marketing sucks and information about updates (change logs) are nowhere to be found. I've stuck with BlackBerry for a long time and have had to defend my position constantly with IOS and Android users. But I have to say that my patience has grown thin. Waiting until the BBOS 10 builds a better catalog of Apps before making the jump to an OS10 device. Well guess what? Just cracked the screen on my 9930 and i am seriously considering jumping ship. GET WITH IT BLACKBERRY!!!

You can find another 9930 for pretty cheap, $120-$200. I noticed the CrackBerry sale forums are getting flooded with them!

I've been to the other side, trying both android and iPhone for a bit. I ended up coming back to BlackBerry both times.

It just depends on what your needs and priorities are in a smartphone, and find the phone that best matches those needs.

For me, I value organization, notifications, customization, and a physical keyboard, removable battery and removable memory card. I found that iPhone's lack of LED was a deal breaker, as was the lack of expandable memory.

Other platforms also lacked in the areas I find most important in a communication device. If you like what BlackBerry does, hang in there! BlackBerry 10 will improve, and in the meantime grab a cheap 9930 to hold you over.

Although I love my z10 on 10.1, if I knew I was going to lose my Bridge to playbook, I would have stayed with my Bold 9000, on OS5. That's right 5!.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I'm sure this will be nice for the fine person I sold my Bold 9930 to. :) I got excited for a second and realized I no longer have this phone.

Posted via CB10

I've run into the major problem that after upgrading, my BBM gets hung up on a big blue restore page. I've tried several combinations of uninstall, reinstall, delete and battery pulls. Nothing works. I'm without BBM now with this update and the direct link to download BBM from my browser doesn't work any more.


1. Delete BBM
2. Pull battey
3. Type "" into your BlackBerry browser for the link.

Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you so much for that link!

Unfortunately, it didn't fix my restoration issue like the support forums would have me believe.

... and randomly out of the blue, BBM started working about an hour after I got to work!
Thanks again for your help. You are wonderful human being!

Now if I could only get my podcasts to sync back up again...

i have a blackberry 9930 bold verizon i got it from united state en it does not make calls, connect to the internet... i only recieve calls en the battery drains like no man`s business.. please guys help

my battery keeps draining in no time after a months usage average, downgrading now. If it keeps draining after downgrade then i guess i need a new battery :o)

I don't know why, I can't just get my phone working ever since I tried updating it, everything went wrong, now the phone is unuseable, and I've tried all the tutorials provided hrer yet no good result, please will downgrading it be the solution? I need answers please.

ok so i have a bb 9930 and every time i take a picture using flash my device restarts i would like this issuse to fix please help someone i have change my battery i am so confuse

How does this affect my phone as it is unlocked? Is there a way to install the Os without being tied to any carrier at all?