Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from Rogers Wireless

Bold 9900
By Michelle Haag on 31 Oct 2012 04:06 pm EDT

Following UTS just last week, Rogers is now the latest carrier to officially release OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Many people are reporting that the option to change your LED notification color natively from within the profiles settings is now available with this OS. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

Download OS for the Bold 9900
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After updating to this version, while in Twitter, I can't click on hashtags or @usernames within the app. Really weird. Is that supposed to happen?


also with bell.

Im with bell and when i plugged my phone to my mac i got the update.


Alright! This means Virgin Canada can't be far behind


Oddly enough I just got an update notice on my home screen for bundle 2108 (7.1). Never had that happen before - usually my DM just informs me when I back up my phone.


This seem to be the same release as the UTS version last week...


Will I be able to upgrade being in Portugal?


So how long does pin??? Hope that it's better


Anybody know why there are no official updates from Rogers for th 9910 (Torch). I'm still sitting at 7.0 :-(


Assuming you mean the 9810 Torch 7.1.391 was launched back in May. Now just waiting for this latest update from Rogers.


Damn I wish I checked CB yesterday... Now I won't be able to do the update till Friday

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WOW I'm actually a little surprised! This is awesome though. Way to go Rogers, I'll be updating later tonight :D

Sanchia Sabrina

Need help, upgraded to the 2108 bundle and have not been able to find the stock message, call or tone alerts. Please help.


Great update... Infact the most stable and zippy update on my bold 9900 so far... No issues watsoever...