Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Torch 9860 from AT&T

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2012 12:22 pm EDT

AT&T has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Torch 9860 (sorry, still no Bold 9900). While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

Download OS from AT&T
Discuss more in the Torch 9810 forums 
Discuss more in the Torch 9860 forums



Hopefully less buggy and memory issues fixed.



AT&T finally started rolling out some 7.1? How many months after CellPhoneMojackistan, CellPhoneWhokinam, and CellPhoneHutkovistan already took care of their customers with 7.1 did it take for the the MIGHTY AT&T to catch on that we needed this update? Don't know whether to say thank you (for the hopefully coming 9900/7.1) or to be ready to make a change come BB10 to Big Red for a little respect for the customer!

Sorry AT&T - got on because I was tired of waiting. Thinking of going back to forums to find version that allows AT&T hotspot w/o forking over your stupid fees! One thing's for sure - having you rip me off by disallowing BB Bridge for my PlayBook, and making me use the good ol RRoYY Bridge makes me feel a little better about ME getting past your STUPIDITY.

((End AT&T rant)


Please tell us how you really feel.

bradfordjohnson from Mobilicity.


Does this build allow AT&T customers to use Hotspot without being charged?


Still waiting on 9900 to be released.


Great to be back, thanks. Question: Is it of concern to anyone on this board how long it takes for ATT to update software for BlackBerry?

My sense is that this may not bode very well for the release of BB 10 phones at ATT because they seem to be so horribly slow on anything BB.

I could not take one more "spinning hour glass" no my Torch 9860 and got a Galaxy S3 on "launch day" at ATT. If ATT came out with 7.1 and fixed that issue - I, probably, would have stayed with my 9860.



Use the Forum if your looking for a discussion. As far as you spinning clock, may have been an easy fix.


How could the "spinning clock" have been fixed, Rosepetal? And thanks for your diligence in overseeing this board for so long.


Possibly by installing a non-official version of 7.1?? Maybe it is due to an app that you have installed that is running in the background hogging up memory (my 9900 rarely freezes but freezes for about 60 seconds right after I open Google maps).


Thank for the thought. I could not take it, anymore, and got a Galaxy S3. Hope to be back to BlackBerry with BB 10 release.


I fixed my spinning clock issue ( by disabling background updates in BlackBerry News. Once I turned that off the problem completely disappeared. is actually working very well on both mine and my GF's 9810's, but I might go ahead and try the official update to see if there's anything to be gained by it. Maybe I'll be able to set the SSID on the hotspot and have it survive a reboot!


Finally an update I don't have to delete the vendor file for !


running for 3 hours so far so good...




Exactly my first question does this fix the mic issue?


FINALLY! Took them a while. Months after all the other carriers! But now... wireless calling

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.


holy crap that took forever. good job at&t.


Hopefully 7.1 for the 9900 is on the way.


This made me go WTF? Still no release for 9900??


9900 has to be coming out soon after this release


Did they gimp the hotspot feature?


Don't trust AT&T enough to install, probably got some BB Bridge blocks on it.


I wouldn't doubt it. A Nickle & Dime loves to make life difficult for their customers. I think I'll hold off installing the official AT&T 7.1 for my 9900 (if it ever comes) until others have confirmed Bridge still works.


And Telus is still at :(


And we're STILL waiting for BB9900??? Really AT&T. The 9900 is supposed to be one of the flagship BB devices and yet you release Torch first? Sigh....


Leaked .714 is wayyy better - the best so far!



Check the .714 thread - Started by Rroyy...


That's odd, the 9860 has not appeared in the list of at&t BB smartphones in months.


Cmon AT&T ... get moving with releasing an official version of 7.1 for my Bold 9900 WITHOUT mic issues.....


Thanks.. I noticed it when I went to the carrier page on but it isn't allowing me to do an OTA update. I'll have to install when I get home from work.


It's available for 9900 now !!!!


Updated my wife's 9810,all is good. First thing tested was the mic problem, and wow it works fine. Also avaible for the 9900 in which i just got done updating and all is well. Mic problem fixed on the 9900, Mobile hotspot works on the 9900. Did not check the 9810 as of yet. Good job ATT and about time. Dont really notice any other changes coming from the .391 for the bold.


Did you update your ATT 9900 to 7.1? I have a 9900 at home and have been waiting to do that.


Yes updated my Bold 9900 , mic problem fixed and mobile hotspot works as well. All is good with my wife's 9810 and my bold 9900. Enjoy


Bell Mobility Update Also Available For The BB9900

7.1 Bundle 1646 (V7.1.0.523 platform


Hello everyone. I had received an email from my AT&T Business Rep about the release yesterday. In the email, the official release was set for tomorrow. I checked the AT&T website and saw the update was available. Unfortunately, not OTA as I tried at work.

I updated when I got home and everything works fine. I have not had any mic issues as noted on previous posts.....


I do have an unlocked 9810 from AT&T. My carrier is Claro-PR which have their own Torch 9860. Can I use the latest 9860 official 7.1 build from my carrier or should I use the latest 9810 7.1 build from AT&T? Actually runing latest 7.1 build from Orange-Dominicana. Thanks


Waited all this time for OS7.1 & still no NFC???? I was hoping for Blackberry Tag but AT&T still likes jerking around their customers. I'm praying Sprint has BB10 phones. I'm ready to jump ship from AT&T. Had T-Mobile, never going back. Verizon will never be an option. AT&T just sucks. C'mon a brotha out!!!