Official OS for BlackBerry Torch 9850 from Sprint available OTA

Torch 9860 OS
By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2012 07:04 pm EDT

Sprint has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 via OTA. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums for more information. As this is an OTA release, it will take some time to go ahead and download directly from Sprint so be patient.

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Official OS for BlackBerry Torch 9850 from Sprint available OTA


has verizon had any update yet since its launch?
Pls let me know whats the version you have.Mine is7.1 bundle 457 ( )

Well yeah because it didn't launch with a 7.1 build. It had 7.0. They might update soon to be in line with their 9310 build. Otherwise, let's just be happy Sprint released something officially. :)

Blaze - really good time to repost Lyricidal's guide to taking the OTA download and using BBHTOOL to extract the OS to all alx files and wrapping them into an .exe file.

I just bitched out my companies verizon rep about the lack of updates for the 9930 and 9850. He told me that the testing process can not be rushed. I told him that he was full of SH*T and that they need to continue to support the devices that we purchased and stop trying to sell me android devices.

hopefully - Sprint will post up the OS within a day or so, or someone will be kind enough to extract the OS.

yes. as soon as Sprint uploads it to the BB OS page or a Sprint user offloads the OS for others to remove the vendor files and install.

So, when is AT&T going to release a working update for the 9860? Any other official release causes mic issues. Let's go AT&T!!!!

Does anyone know what came out with this update? Debating on whether or not to update or wait...what are the fixes or extras that anyone has seen? I hate jumping in head first only to learn that Sprint emptied the pool :/

Updating now. I had to downgrade to the "Official" Sprint so my phone would recognize the update (a PiTA).

Have now tried the wireless update OTA on my Sprint Torch 9850 twice. Both attempts failed to install after downloading, resulting in error message stating that "software is invalid. Please use desktop manager..." So I attempted using DM, and it does not see the updated OS version, so its not possible to update using that method. I've always been able to update OTA succsessfully in the past, so this seems unusual. I feel stuck... Any suggestions?


*** UPDATE *** Got it to work (via OTA) the third time! Despite having a fully charged battery, the one thing I did different the third time was to have my 9850 plugged into the charger. Not sure why that would matter, or even if that's the reason it finally worked, but finally it did and so far so good!

Maybe I would stay with BB a little while longer. I spend more time backspacing and correcting dbl letters and wrong letters than anything on this POS!