Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless

Bold 9930 Update
By Jared DiPane on 3 Aug 2012 12:47 pm EDT

Verizon Wireless has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless


the 9850 update can't be far behind. They always seem to follow in Sprint's footsteps. Unfortunately the bluetooth stack in this OS is pretty messed up, the memory leak is still present, and the music pause bug are all present. Hope for RIM's future fade a little bit each time they release buggy OS updates.

I updated my Verizon Bold 9930 with the Sprint update. I'm happy with it. Just an annoying bug with email message icon notifications still appearing even after marking items as read.

FYI, Everyone upgrading should be made aware that your bluetooth connections and settings will be lost when upgrading. I didn't notice anything else affected. I had to re-pair PlayBook and headsets for both my phone and my dad's.

I do not like this update, each time I do a reboot I have to hold power key and power back up or my berry will not react, only the sleep key works then, very frustrating. Also I had a hard time getting my BBM icon to show, had to delete and reinstall 2 or 3 times. Now my screen grabber app won't allow to send pics directly to BBM contacts. A few other minor issues but hey I got an update and it's been a while since one of those.

Hurry BlackBerry10

Everything for me seems fine .. Powering down/up is good .. Screen Grabber is fine.. BBM is fine.. Etc

I have noticed a big difference in battery which if everything is smoothed out then the minor buge will be over looked no doubt.

Finally! 7.1 was advertised in January, reported here last April, and was supposed to be released in May. How much longer til the 9370 gets 7.1???

Glad to see that Verizon moved quick on this one.

I've been running it for the past week and it is solid!

Just did the update and I'm super pleased with it! I'm not sure from which OS i was upgrading, but it was starting to get a little sluggish ... now, my phone is snappier than the day I got it. Great update, so far!

Am downloading now, but here are the change notes from VZN

+ Push to Talk updates automatically.
+ “Network Extender” icon shows on Home Screen when connected to a Verizon network Extender.
+ NFC Secure Key support allows you to effectively lock and wipe the Secure Element on Near Field
Communication (NFC) devices.
+ Improved battery life with Battery Saving Mode.
+ Wirelessly share media with Wireless Media Server.
+ BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing support is now available.
+ Improved performance of the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) application.
+ Increased device stability while making and receiving Push to Talk calls.
+ Improvements to VZ Navigator® app while roaming.
+ Enhancements for GPS to add more accuracy to location information.
+ Improvements for VOIP applications.
+ Improved battery life while using Wi-Fi.
+ Improved in quality of audio calls.

With wifi on the satellites don't update. Used to give me a location and a nearest address. Now gone. Anyone no how to fix? Turned on GPS and did reboot. No luck.

Plus for a short time there was a very small house icon with a radio wave in the title area of my homescreen (center). Now gone. Anyone no what that was??

This is a nice update! Battery Life has improved and overall functionality seems to be smoother. I have been using my phone all day and there is still 50% battery left! I actually notice how the update made improvements.

It also seems to have removed the device analyzer tool. I had been using this relatively frequently to check on my 9930's performance, but it no longer shows up on the universal search. Does anyone know if they renamed it or tucked it away somewhere? Or is it gone for good?

You can do a search on CrackBerry for "device analyzer tool" and find some good articles on how to enable it. Basically, you type ALT BBDA in the options menu to enable it.

Here's a follow up to a past comment of mine which I stated " I do not like this update", well after numerous reboots and other fixes. I must say that this is a fantastic update although it does have a few minor bugs, nothing worth mentioning. I just wanted to confirm that my previous comment was accurate but as of now most everything is back in order and my battery is holding out so much longer than before.

I installed this update last night. Overall, it seems snappier. The only challenge I've had is that my BBM seems to have disappeared. (Does anyone have any idea how I can get it back?) Other than that, I like it:-)

I have the same issue with my BBM icon having disappeared after this OS upgrade. Very strange. BBM still shows up in my application list, but the icon is missing and it is not running. I haven't been able to delete or re-install it either. Annoying!