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Official OS now available from TELUS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2012 02:29 pm EST
BlackBerry 7.1

If you're a straight shooter and only indulge in official releases who happens to be a TELUS customer, you can no go ahead and fire up BlackBerry Desktop manager and get updated to the official OS for either the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or BlackBerry Torch 9810. You can also go ahead and check for system OS updates on device as well if that's how you want to roll, though folks have been having more luck with desktop manager.

The downloads aren't yet available on the TELUS BlackBerry downloads page but that's only a matter of time. If you're already running the leaked version, then no matter -- stay on that release as it's identical anyway. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

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fellow Telus users, if you aren't on this 7.1 update yet, get on it NOW.

Jake Storm

I've been using it for a month now.
No problems with this build, well worth the upgrade!


Cant find the link for Torch 9810!?


My recommendation: DON'T INSTALL IT!
I can't believe this version is being released to customers! I have it installed on my 9900. Although it fixed some issues, it is totally instable. The device rebooted several times during the day which made it too unreliable for me.
The reboot issue is not the only bug. E.g. volume control sometimes does not work.

This was the final event for me. I'm sick and tiered to wait until RIM eventually reaches an acceptable quality level. There must be something fundamentally wrong in their Q&A process. I went to buy a Samsung Nexus.



Hey now that you have your new Android phone, see if you can get apps for fixing your grammar and spelling next time you post something. Throw in an app or two to improve your IQ perhaps.


Obviously you can't take him seriously, his name is joehack


Please someone from crackberry delete this useless information. This is cleraly a useless comment.

I have been suing this version of OS on my Bold 9900 for a long time now with no issues.


oops... thanks for pointing that out.

mohawk apple

Been running the leaked version since it came out. Been happy with it.


I'm not sure if the branding Version makes a big difference... but on the leak version I'm running... the BV is On the official released by Telus the BV is
What's the difference?


it just means you get all the extra TELUS pre-loaded crap.


Can't wait to try out the mobile hotspot feature!


So far so good for me, but only about 6 awake hours of using it so far - I installed last night right before going to sleep. Haven't tried the new features yet but I am excited to use Mobile Hotspot for certain occasions.


Leaked version for 9810 was, this is newer

I've extracted the DM rip and uploaded it here:

the brother

huh? what is this?? is this legit?? only 103MB??


Other than me downloading a leaked version, what would the link be to the TELUS website to receive their official release (since I am not a TELUS customer. I am on the AT&T network).....


Installing it now on my 9860


how did you downloaded it?


Desktop manager. Worked like a charm. Now just working on opening all of my apps one at a time to accept all the ULA's. Noticed a few new apps as well.


How come Rogers is not getting the update for the bold 9900


I am suffering with you... I am with Bell and these bastards are taking their time. It is just a joke...


Ditto for me... (Bell Mobility)


Ya, hurry up and get it out to other providers, I'd rather use two cans and a string then have to deal with that thieving whore, blood sucking, psychopath of a lying, cheating Telus Mobility. Never sign a contract with that company. Can you believe that an unlimited data plan cannot physically work with an HSPA phone and only works with CDMA phones; have you ever heard such a load of crap in your life? The really sad part is that Telus forces their customer service reps to spew this drivel out to their customers. What a despicable company!


Same goes for all Candian companies. We DO NOT have a democratic country. We have a dictator driven country, but the dictators are CEOs.


Hahaha I hear u and feel with u . As a Telus customer myself it is true, but they are all like that unf...what I have learnt, if u constantly bitch, so long as u r right and know your shit and make ur voice public, they will eventually listen to least the Loyalty department has for me and they have put a much much better new term for me. Still undecided though... Don't know if I will go for the Torch or simply leave RIM (4 years)..
Just a few days ago, after asking them, was told since Torch inception they have had only 2 official fixes...that freaks me out since the last 2 weeks the Icons on my GF's Torch have stopped working further needed to b rebooted, as do some dissapear n or apps not working till a reboot as well...


I hope the podcast app is in this OS version as there's none in that Korean 7.1xx 267 and I can't download d app from d web or in appworld...kmt!


Super stable for me! I've been on it since the leak. 9900 on AT&T


Nothing for Greece yet :(((


Hope Rogers gets their update out already, I'm on Torch 9810 and can't wait to try it out. Any big improvements or not much to notice? Will it break anything we are already using? I would rather wait for an official release from my provider just in case, because my phone is working fine now. But Rogers please put out your update already!

This is one thing I like about the Apple model... At least they release an iOS update to all people at the same time, so you don't have to deal with individually carrier bullsh*t. I hope RIM takes heed and decides to do this with BB10 so we don't have to deal with individual carrier delays.


why haven't they updated their Blackberry Software download page? :confused:


Any East Asian language support?


Any difference between the OS released by SK Telecom and this?


Is Mobile Hotspot on Torch 9810 working even if your not a TELUS subscriber? Im from the philippines


whats the difference between this and SK.267 ?


No difference... they're the same OS


When will rogers start releasing updates. Why am I always downloading telus or some other companies update onto my phone. Rogers needs to pick up their slack and start releasing updates. Am I not right ppl. I'm sure many ppl think the same way that I'm thinking right now. I am really sick and tired of downloading other networks update when my own provider should be doing something.


I read this post 2 or 3 times before I realized it has nothing to do with the subject at all. At All.


2 or 3 times? A little slow today?


I'm a Telus customer, proud owner of a 9900... but even with DM, or OTA or directly on RIM's web site. Nothing works for updating the device. No sites give me the information that this update is available???


I'm in the same boat.


Same here. I have leak 7.1 Bundle 561, so maybe it's newer? But still should see 7.1 something listed at Telus but only see 7.0.x


please someone can give me the link for 9810


Telus also released 7.1. bundle 921 for the 9850 also... don't see wifi callling yet


Just updated my 9900 in the past hour. Was not using the leaked version. Updated using Desktop Manager and everything went fine. Blackberry Bridge app went missing once updated. Just uninstalled it and reinstalled the app. Should be fine now.


when the heck is bell going to release an official update for 9900?!


Why isn't Telus releasing the 7.1 upgrade for the 9860 at the same time?


Nice. Like it so far. I noticed right away that the I couldn't swipe through messages but resolved it by selecting the "Swipe Between Messages" check box in the Message Display and Actions menu in the messaging Options.

Connected quite well with my my 1st generation, wifi only iPad too.

I know, I know... sue me. :)


The Official for TELUS, or 7.1 Bundle "921" for me on a 9900 was just killer. I installed it a couple of days ago after trying just about every "leaked" version I could find and it's amazing. I have seen a DRAMATIC battery life improvement. I am at 85% battery after 7 hours of BBM and surfing, some Internet radio this morning....normally I would be at about 50% or less more like 40% right now. I am using a Telus BB though, not sure if that has anything do to with it but anyone who's still having issues with the other OSes for the 9900, check it out! Also, if someone else knows of a better one, can you PM me and post here? I gave up looking for leaked versions after about the 6th one I tried yielded minimal battery improvements. This OS *still* has the annoying alt delete problem where the characters to the left are deleted in the browser compared to how it should be: characters to the RIGHT...grrrr...anyone know of a fix for this?