Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 from Bell

By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2012 10:27 am EST

BlackBerry 7

Bell has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 from Bell


7.1 for all the Curves and Torches etc. of the world and also for the 9930, but still no official version for the 9900. This is getting ridiculous.
RIM needs to start pushing out new versions directly, routing this through carriers is inopportune, tiresome, annoying, not needed by anybody.
So I have an alleged flagship device but still an older OS than most others. Joke.

(P.S. pls don't tell me to install the leaked, which I'm not going to do)

Well the thing is that the leaks are original softwares. They are not "Beta". What makes an official release is that the carrier will test and approve the version. That's all it does! that's why the carriers usually all have different versions. That's also why you may see a leaked version then seeing the same version but as official.

Bell BB Curve OS 7.1 -Check

Blackberry PlayBook OS2- Check

Wifi calling feature for T-Mobile bold 9900 which was said to be released in November 2011 by T-MoBile - PENDING

T-Mobile "Be BOLD 9900" OS7.1 - PENDING

wth is T-Mo waiting for to approve the damn thing? lol

That is pretty sad that even a bell curve is getting an official updated on their software.. What about for rogers and bold users.. I thought bold is suppose to be their primary blackberry phone right now and they are nit even making updates for it.. I find that weird

My patience running out, end of March I am moving to 7.1, no matter what.
I want RIM to stop bending to carriers and Be Bold.

I had installed this update several weeks ago. It makes my device run slowly and drains application memory. I have tried to delete unused apps but it doesn't work, I need to reboot my device often.