Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from A1

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2011 12:43 pm EST

BlackBerry Bold 9900 users get another official OS update today, this time as OS from A1 Austria. No word in just yet as this one is hot off the presses, so if you install be sure to hit the forums and let us know what's new and good. Even though this is an official release, always use caution when updating your device software.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from A1


Still running .261 and not having any problems. Battery life could be better I guess but that's about it. Worth upgrading?

Uh, Austria and Australia are two completely different places.
Austrian's primarily speak German.
Did you mean "Guten Tag Freund, Koch eine Garnele auf den Grill"?

hi buster3535,
thanks for the feedback, however r u still running .261 or have u upgraded to the latest version ...and if so ,i know its too early to ask u to comment on the battery life ...... do u feel there is an improvement ...


I'm still on .261 and have been quite happy with it. I tried a leaked version but got much worse wifi so I stuck with .261. No I haven't tried .503 yet and was asking whether upgrading from .261 to anything higher would add anything of value.

What's the out look on this? Worth it to upgrade from 9900/

This version was leaked last week, and the view of those of us who installed the leak (including me) has been overwhelmingly positive. This is definitely worth upgrading to - battery life is significantly better than in .474, which was itself an improvement on what had gone before.

Go ahead and install it - you won't regret it.

The last two non-Telus upgrades I installed resulted in my phone (as in, voice) not working, so I've stopped doing that. But it is definitely annoying to still be on 261 when they're all the way up to 503 on officials elsewhere.

Hey how did you install those os? I tried according to the method on but at the end the device information page still shows 261. Please tell me the method u used to install. Thank you

Hi all ,
is .296 an upgrade from .291 or is it labelled differently for different regions. Got my 9900 from Singapore ,it came with .296 ,not sure if its an upgrade .....

Turbulent mind ................

Has anybody been able to upgrade to the latest release .....burning the midnight candle , just waiting to here from someone thats its made a difference to their overall BB XPERIENCE ....

C'MON!!!! When the heck are they going to bring 9930's up to date....I hear there is much improved battery in these new 9900 installs yet 9930 users are treated liked the trailing of a dog wiping it's a** on the carpet because it's itchy. This is ridiculous really. RIM can control these things but they.....I don't know. Just very disappointing RIM. Hope you HEAR THAT.

PS: nothing against you 9900 users, keep on updating!!

yeah, i think this OS is a multilanguage build rather than the all languages build. i'll wait for any asia pacific/north american carrier to release this build on the all languages based, coz i need the chinese input & support for my 9900. but for you guys who have installed this build, please share your experiences okay!

503 is definitely DEFINITELY a better upgrade to any other versions out there right now. The battery life is AWESOME (almost 24 hours on full charge with medium to heavy use, longer with moderate use). The scrolling is smoother and faster, and the total overall experience is just better. Now I should point out that I have the 503 leaked release for Vodafone in the UK, I didnt update to this release since it is the same version. If you are still on anything but 503, I definitely recommend upgrading to 503, you wont regret it. I am running this on 9900 for T-Mobile in the US.

Is this download taking painfully long for anyone else? I cannot seem to get more than 12 kB/s!

I noticed no one seems to complain about the 'Alert Sounds' not working properly in all the OS updates! I hope this one fixes itt!! Grrr