Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from WIND

Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from WIND
By Bla1ze on 2 Nov 2011 02:59 pm EDT

Been getting that OS upgrade itch as of late? If you have a BlackBerry Bold 9900 then you can go ahead and update to the latest official OS if you think it might help. WIND Mobile has gone ahead and released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. It's not a leak or anything but official OS' are often times just as good. If WIND Mobile isn't your carrier -- make sure you delete that vendor.xml file first before loading and always back up prior.

Download the official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from WIND


I'm all for it if it brings better battery life, the current life for the 9900 isn't anywhere near what a BBerry should be.

Crackberry-nation what happened to you?!

Only a few years ago (at the early OS 5.0. era):

*Update*: "Hmm... I gonna wait, what others say... Mine is working good enough..."


It's a good thing! Back then there were massive improvements to many areas of the OS with each release. Now they are releasing much more solid OS versions at launch meaning there are less significant changes in each version :)

I tried a couple of other non-Telus OS's and it broke the phone functionality. Feel like I better wait until Telus releases it themselves.

You should already have it, it has been pushed to your phone. Nothing you need to do or download.

Updated mine now, up from .440 - all's good, the txting bug where you select to txt someone from your contact's list and then thrown into an addition name selection in the txt body message is still there :S

mem usage is virtually the same, performance is good, browsing pics fast, no hiccups, BB protect synced. Batt life is hopefully better! Connected to WiFi profile right away, back to normal.

As for all other previous posts, pls stop, no one cares, if it's not useful to this update then pls don't post _anything_ >_>

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Yeah Im feeling the upgrade itch. No reason for it, my 9930 is very good as it is, battery life and all.

Ive reloaded this .474 about 5 times now in the past 2 hours with verious different methods of not shrinking, not restoring data, then loading everything. Problem is simply this, Im on a BES and its been activating just fine, no issues there. But the BES based email is not in HTML anymore. If I go to Message Options and then Email Preferences for my BES there is no option for Enable HTML email. Yet its there for my GMAIL and that works fine. So something is wrong with this build (at least for me) not enabling HTML for the BES based email.

Great........ Just downgraded to .440 and still no HTML option for my BES email. Now I cant even get it back. Great......... Damnit. Clearly was working before the upgrade now its disappeared. So Im sure its not BES/ITPolicy issue as it was there at 3pm.

****EDIT**** 11/3/11
So after reloading this joker about 5 different times, various wipes, even doing a factory reset, still no HTML option for the BES email. Talked to BES admin this morning and he couldnt find anything wrong. So we were about to wipe my entire BES profile and start from scratch to see if that fixes it, and right before we do that, the BES Admin decides to send the service books down from the BES side, and what you know, flipping HTML email option showed up and all is good now.

Just odd how I wiped it 5-6times, reloaded it, each time let it active the BES side (via tethered to Desktop Manager) and you would think it would be bring the latest service books down from the BES side, I guess not.


I'm on BES too... didn't have any issues. I know that BES policies are really annoying if you try to remove them...sometime they stick even after a wipe.

I also had the same problem, I tried to update two OS of WIND , but all is failure untill I can not downgrade to the old OS except OS 296.

Barely took a few minutes to install once I searched & deleted all vendor.xml files off my PC.

Overall, the smoothest build yet. Browsing is much, much faster, even on an EDGE connection. & yes, the dimming lights on the keypad are back (the instant off lights were starting to make me feel like I was using a Chinese phone). My battery indicator has barely moved in the last few hours with normal usage, just hoping it stays that stable overall.

And yes, I completely agree with the fact that if you do not have a useful comment or a real question, DO NOT COMMENT ON OS RELEASES. We have great forums at CrackBerry where you can go for a rant, so please use those instead!

Just updated from .439... seems like battery life is significantly better... or is it my imagination? I rebooted 4 or 5 times, reloaded all my apps to log in... and went down from 50 to 45% in heavy usage

That is a useful insight.

Will you please keep us posted how battery life seems after a couple of days use?
That is the main improvement I'm looking for.

After 3 days of having this version. These are my findings:
1. My battery drain drastically. 15% per hour, sometimes 25% per hour. Compared to .353, only 8% max per hour.
2. The RSS feeds doesn't show the exact feeds, it got mixed up.
3. In ввм, when u press "sym" on the keypad, you'll see the letter "W" isn't there.
Those are what I've experienced.

well, that makes it 1 positive and 1 negative on battery life for ths build

any more people willing to post their experiences?