Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from WIND

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2011 11:30 am EDT

Heads up Bold 9900 users - WIND Canada has just released OS This is the latest official OS for the Bold 9900, so if you are looking for an update this is your answer. There are some higher leaked versions, but many like to stick to official OS versions on their device, so if you haven't updated your OS on your 9900 yet you may want to give this one a shot. If you do update, be sure to hit the forums and post your findings. As always, use caution when installing any software on your device.

Download OS for the Bold 9900
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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from WIND


I'm still waiting to install .400 from last week but cant because of the outage.

And might as well add the obligatory....FIRST! lol

Funny I am still waiting for wind to release this phone let alone the firmware. Hopefully this is a sign that we'll get the 9900 soon on wind in Canada

Yeah, I was going to post that WIND has yet to release the handset, but others beat me to it!

I just double checked and it looks like a few Blackberry phones might be coming... only the Curve 3G remains for sale on their website.

Any idea when/if Rogers is going to offer this, or any, update? Ours are still affected by the back/lock bug.

Fyi if you want a cheap wind BB this weekend they are having a dale on previously owned BBs. 9700 and curve 3g for cheap. No returns though. Just a cheap option to get in on BB. Check their website.

I have been using my 9900 on Wind and it works well. I believe I only have .343 version, so I will look forward finding this.... (after the outage *heh*).

Hey Crackberry nation,

I have two questions first how can i download this version to my bb...I have a mac and I have a bb9900 through t-mobile and i have no clue to get this update. I would like to install it so i can use the nfc option which the current version i have does not support it...

second why is it that my crack berry email address that i set up does not work? I have filled in my email address for the messages to be forwarded on to my email, however i have sent several test messages and i have not received an email. Thanks for your support

I Love my BlackBerry

This is the best build yet; a lot smoother than .343. Boot time is incredibly FAST!!!

Most importantly it Fixed the Bluetooth issue I was having when syncing with my GM truck!!!!!!!! In .343 and previous builds, during the initial Bluetooth sync I couldn’t hear people when I placed or received a call; I would have to disable and reconnect every time I got into my truck. That was extremely frustrating!!!! THANK YOU

Battery life seems to be the same. Not sure, but the icons seem to be a bit larger; bottom line, it’s a lot smother. I would definitely recommend the upgrade.

I’m using a Telus 9900 on the AT&T network in the US.

hi just wanted to ask as I have downloaded this program to update my Tmobile 9900 to this wind os as I am with wind mobile. My question is how do I manually install the software>? As I ran it and opened desktop but it does not seem to recognize the update as it says no update so I think I have to manually input the new os in which I do not know how to do it? Thank you!

Installed this with much difficulty yesterday, which came from the fact that my last OS install had left 2 vendor.xml files lying around on my PC, which I had to find & delete. Once the install was started though, it happened in a jiffy.

Overall I think this is the best build yet. Battery life is much more consistent than the previous 2 builds I had installed. Even though my phones been super snappy ever since I pulled it out of the box, everything feels a lot more smoother with this 1, in addition to fast. Also, the 'Uncaught exception' errors which I got frequently on the last 1 are gone.

Just go install it already!

Did you guys notice that when you press the power button... after an update, it now says to hold down the power button for a restart? so an alternative to alt+shift+delete

I tried downloading this to my pc after deleting the 2 xml files and it's saying that the download was interrupted. any suggestions???

This OS load is so much more snappy than the original ATT version. One new feature gained from this version, signal now says 4G instead of H+, and in the network options you can select 3G/4G & 2G instead of just 3G/2G. They must have removed all the extra Apps that the Carriers like ATT push to the phones all the time.

are you refering to the torch 9810? i loaded this on my bold and im still getting the H+ mines from rogers, and my at&t torch is now showing 4G .., I'd like getting the 4G on my 9900,