Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 now available from Verizon

By Michelle Haag on 19 Oct 2011 02:50 pm EDT
Verizon Torch 9850 OS
It seems like just yesterday we saw an official version of OS from Verizon Wireless for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 - oh wait, that was yesterday! Verizon is back today with the same OS for the Torch 9850. Like the 9930 yesterday, this update has a huge change log, which is awesome and much preferred to no change log at all.

Device Features
  • Improved home screen responsiveness reduces touch screen lockups.
  • Trackpad will respond the first time when touch screen is used to maximize or minimize the icon application grid and trackpad is clicked.
  • Opening an application and pressing the Back key will no longer cause the application switcher to appear.
  • Cursor will acknowledge and react by stopping scrolling when reaching the end of the screen.
  • No longer receive an “uncaught exception” error.
  • Proper rendering when scrolling within the Universal Search feature.
  • Turning off the wireless connection will not cause the device to restart unexpectedly.
  • Email, Messaging and Web
  • View SMS text messages or emails in their entirety.
  • When sending an SMS text message that extends to two pages, all text will appear correctly.
  • Text messages appear properly with the ability to download attachments, if applicable.
  • View Folders within the Messages application, Menu > View Folder.
  • Turning Geo-location on and off will no longer affect the browser application performance.
  • Maintain data service when moving from foreign network coverage to home network coverage.
Call Features
  • When ending an incoming voice call, your smartphone will remain active.
  • Receive incoming calls without interruption.
  • While on a call, pressing Menu > Add Participant will properly place an additional call.
  • Successfully log in with your BlackBerry ID when connected to your corporate Wi-Fi network.
  • The device will remain connected to WWAN after downloading a file using
  • VZAccess Manager and disconnecting the device from your computer.
  • City ID information displays properly with a contact’s company information
  • within the Phone application.
This update is recommended due to all of the fixes and improvements included, so if you have this device go ahead and get to downloading! You can discuss changes in the forums, and download from the link below.

Download the official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 now available from Verizon


Still waiting "not so patiently" to be able to get this phone at ATT.....WTF, Kevin....Any word at this disappointing DevCon on this????

I'm with Freddy. Kev, you guys gotta lay down the law on these clowns at AT&T. I keep hearing Nov 6th for the 9860 and Nov 20th for the 9900. Granted it's a month away, but what the hell... Is there really any point in getting those phones so late in the year as opposed to waiting for the QNX phone early next?

i cant believe this phone doesnt get more play. i was playing with it in the store the other day and its absolutely awesome. dont want to get this with a contract if bbx phones are coming soon, who knows if they are or arent considering buying it off contract. if they released this as the storm a long time ago RIMM would be a force right now

The screen bothered me also, until I put a WriteRight screen protector on it. Now it feels smooth, and now that "sticky" plastic feel is gone. So I'm happy.

Cannot locate this on the Verizon or Blackberry websites, or on DM. I am a bit of a nervous Nellie so will wait for it to come through official channels.

I loaded this and although everything seems to working fine, i can't seem to be able to move Windows Live Msngr, Yahoo, Google Talk off my home screen Also, it blew away my Word Substitution entries..

i downloaded it, removed the Vendor.xml file and it still wouldn't load on my sprint torch. oh well i will just wait for sprint to release theirs.

I don't think it will work because Sprint has the Torch 9860, right? This update is for the 9850.

EDIT: My bad, the 9860 is the GSM model.

worst update ever .. after i updated it , i lost all my apps i had downloaded .. smdfh .. fuck blackberry . ifeel like giving this phone to the sea

This may be a stupid question but... Did you back up everything before you did it? Because after it installed and reloaded my backup, everything was there including my apps. Try reloading your backup file if you have one... if that doesn't work just re-download everything through BB App World. It keeps all of your apps that you've installed (and uninstalled) so you can re-download them if you ever need/want to. Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for posting this Michelle, but I had posted this the other day on the forums, can I get some credit for it please?

Pretty please? :)

I know many people hate it, but im wondering if it will have ptt capability like the 9930, it would be nice if all three of rim's front line phones had it.

I wish US Cellular would hurry up with an update to get rid of the stupid "close keyboard bar". That's my only complaint about the keyboard.

Now I have stopped beating my head against the wall. The update solved my phone app problems. The update is awesome. Thankfully I didn't have to return my third 9850!

Alright this might be a dumb question but Verizon hasn't released this OTA yet and when I connect to desktop manager I get this device is up to date. I was going to load it manually but when I download and install the new OS from the link in this article it is for the 9930. I don't see anything about an update for the 9850 anywhere. Can anyone help me out here?

i dont really consider it an official update until its actually available directly from verizon which it is still not. just says "coming soon"

Alright I just updated this today when I got the push notification from verizon... noticed it's a little faster but when I tried to charge my phone I got a pop up stating the charger wasn't compatible or something like that and that it wouldn't charge. If anyone else updates and has this problem, I found that a simple battery pull does the trick. I'll update more if I notice anything else about this update.

Hey Michelle, you really need to learn how to give credit to the appropriate OP's. Till then, I'm not a fan of your posts.