Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available from Verizon

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2011 05:31 pm EDT
Verizon Bold 9930

If you're the proud owner of a Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 it's time to grab your USB cables and get updated to the the latest official OS for it. This time around, Verizon was kind enough to toss in a complete insanely massive change log for us so that we know what the deal is here. As noted:

Device Features

  • Push to Talk support has been enabled.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) feature has been enabled.
  • Improved home screen responsiveness reduces touch screen lockups.
  • Trackpad will respond the first time when touch screen is used to maximize or minimize the icon application grid and trackpad is clicked.
  • Opening an application and pressing the Back key will no longer cause the application switcher to appear.
  • Cursor will acknowledge and react by stopping scrolling when reaching the end of the screen.
  • No longer receive an “uncaught exception” error.
  • Proper rendering when scrolling within the Universal Search feature.
  • Turning off the wireless connection will not cause the device to restart unexpectedly.

Email, Messaging and Web

  • View SMS text messages or emails in their entirety.
  • When sending an SMS text message that extends to two pages, all text will appear correctly.
  • Text messages appear properly with the ability to download attachments, if applicable.
  • View Folders within the Messages application (Menu > View Folder).
  • Turning Geo-location on and off will no longer affect the browser application performance.
  • Maintain data service when moving from foreign network coverage to home network coverage.

Call Features

  • When ending an incoming voice call, your smartphone will remain active.
  • Receive incoming calls without interruption.
  • While on a call, pressing Menu > Add Participant will properly place an additional call.
  • Successfully log in with your BlackBerry ID when connected to your corporate Wi-Fi network.


  • The device will remain connected to WWAN after downloading a file using VZAccess Manager and disconnecting the device from your computer.
  • City ID information displays properly with a contact’s company information within the Phone application.

I'm not sure how many of you out there experienced any of the issues above but if you have -- best to get this update installed so that they can be cleared up. You can discuss more in the CrackBerry forums or hit the source link for the direct download.

Download the official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930



waiting for my 9850 update...... email/browsing pages reading glitches to rectify.....emails just don't fit in the screen! specially on the landscape mode.Anybody with the same issues.....


Just checked on my device and says it's up to date so I guess no.


Mine is showing it's got an update available on OTA. It's timing out, but yes, it looks like OTA will eventually do the trick.

asianguy80 to play the waiting game and see if there are any bugs from early updaters.


Nice start to roll out UPDATEs now, curious what it will be for torch 9810 :) after so much feedback i hope we gonna see some good updates ;)


does not show as available through Desktop. Wonder why?


how do i install the update after i download the .exe file from crackberry?


So i went to "" and it says update coming soon? how the hell are we supposed to update? It didn't show up on the desktop manager either


Where did you guys get this link? Not available OTA or via the DM, and the smothmicro site still shows the original OS (MR0) from August?


Yeah is CrackBerry linking to the leaked OS? I'm waiting til it's on the VZW site...


No. Take a look at the URL it's on Verizon's servers and is therefor official. They just haven't published the link yet for some reason. I've seen that happen before, Sometimes they make it DM and OTA and then publish the link a day or two later. Just odd that it isn't showing available ANYWHERE.


I get a bug sometimes in the music player where I select a song with the trackpad and it starts playing the wrong song yet still brings up the song I wanted...


same...and sometimes it uses other albums artwork and attaches it to an album of a different name hah


yup I get that too, and the sound quality is actually pretty terrible. I hear lots of skips and lags and i have a great minihdsd card. amazing how little rim cares about the music functions on their devices- granted they cater to the business crowd and not hardcore music consumers.

I really tried using my berry as my main music player but it just sucks, don't really care for apple much these days but i'm buying an itouch this weekend...


I just initiated OTA update to bundle 1739.


It appears to be timing out - but it says it's available.


Only works on 9930 NOT 9900.

1. Download and install the exe on your computer
2 Plug in your BB and open (or re-open) the DM.
3. If you are on Verizon it should prompt you to update. If you aren't then you will need to depete the vendor.xml file and possibly disconnect your computer from the Internet.


Do you have to download it to a specific place? (I usually do OTA)


Any news on T-Mobile for the 9900?


doesn't show up OTA on mine


I'm surprised Verizon beat Sprint on releasing an update.


So far so great!!! I love this device!


My Network Connection wont come on after the update


How can I get this on a Mac?


Doesn't want to load on the Sprint 9930 even after deleting the vendor.xml file.


Yea, because it is the Verizon update NOT Sprint!!


Shouldn't matter, never has before. Just have to delete the vendor file.


Dang it all. You are already getting an update and AT&T has no idea if they will even get the 9900. I am glad a fresh battery for my Bold 9000 is working well and keeping me happy on the 'proper' form-factor. ;-)

world traveler and former ceo

Wow . looks great!!. ... Can't wait for the Bold 9900 update!! ....

Big Spartacus

got a big red 9930 and never had any of those problems...kinda feel bad for the people that did tho


Does anyone know when Sprint will do a software update? I'm on the original out of the box v 7.0.0241 Platform 5.0.0442


@Lefty, I'm using on my sprint 9930. Got it off from crackberry about a month ago, makes absolutely no difference imo though. Hang in there I guess?

I can't remember which company provided it, but if you just google 9930 os I'm sure you'll find it.


My guess is that since this update isn't being recognized through my device in "Check for Updates", that VZW hasn't made it available for me. No hurry, I guess....


I still don't see it...I tried using this link but it isn't working. And it's still not coming across as an OTA.


It is not showing up in my OTA or desktop BlackBerry app.


I just downloaded it from the link, removed the vendor.xml files, shrunk it with the BBHybridsTool, wiped the phone after a backup, and it loaded just fine on my Sprint 9930.

The speed of these new models makes wiping & updating go so much faster than before!


Wow I don't know what you guys are doing not to be able to download this. All I did was download the link provided, restart my computer, opened DM then checked for an upgrade and BOOM(Madden voice ;p).....fresh os installed!


I have my phone from Sprint, Can i still download the update ?


Yup, just got done doing it.


Okay so idk what you guys a re doing to install this update but its really not working on my 9930...I tried it on multiple computers and still nothing...i've even removed the vendor.xml and this thing still won't pop up in the DM or apploader...i give up,i'm way too frustrated with it now...i still love my Bold 9930! :)


So far, so good but haven't noticed any big difference from previous OS yet.

Installed without a hitch on Bold 9930 Sprint.


How did u install this update? i too have a 9930 fromt sprint and i still can't get this shit to load >.<


anyone get this OTA yet?



Backed up my phone with DM, then wiped the old OS with BBSAK (for a clean install).

Delete the vendor.XML file for new OS, and use "loader" (instead of DM) to load the OS.

Restored my backup file with DM, after the new OS was installed.

If you have never upgraded a blackberry OS before, do some detailed research before you try it. Not to sound rude, but it's better than getting half way through it and not being able to recover.


I don't think you were being rude dude...i simply just want to get this update installed on my phone...i've tried all what you said to do,i've been doing this for a while now but this thing just won't update.idk what's the problem when i use the app loader after i've wiped the phone with the bbsak the app loader says some crap and wont open to let me install the file! :/


Do you have a previous OS installed on your computer already? If so, uninstall/remove it first, restart the PC, then reinstall the new OS and delete vendor file etc...

Sorry it's not working for ya, but maybe sprint will release one soon anyway. Good luck to ya


VZW site still reads coming soon, and no OTA updates :(


Finally, it came yesterday--both notification on BB desktop and OTA. I'd installed it OTA last night after backup, and only took about 2 hours for the whole thing. No issues so far, and all of my settings and apps remain.


Hey guys i got the update...will let y'all know how it works but so far so good! :)


When I take a pic I can no longer select send> then BBM only email text etc... WTF anyone have a fix?


Be cautious - both my boyfriend and I have the 9930 (on the same plan) - I got the update message, he didn't. I updated last night and it ate my BBM, as well as my "my world" application list within App world. Can view BBM in applications just can't launch it.
Just started the downgrade to see if that will restore things then will try to upgrade again.


I loved the podcast functionality when I jumped from OS4.7 to 7.0. It worked so smoothly and efficiently. I was ready to throw away my iPod. Now after "upgrading" to 374, the podcast function is totally broken! It won't pull up the list of episodes in my subscriptions. It won't list the episodes I have downloaded. I have to go find the file through Files in order to track them!


Download Latest Official OS [ ] <<---- what is this and why when i click on it, it brings me to this page that says Official OS for the 9930... i was super excited till i realized it didn't exist lol..


+1 to above post...

i came here with the same hopes...


Can i get the link to OS7.1 for my bold 9900? Pls tweet at me @iamyesboss
Thanks and God bless!!!