Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Bold 9930 now available from PTCI

By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2011 10:26 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9850 OS

BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 users get a treat today with a brand new official OS. PTCI has release OS for both devices. No reports are in yet on what's changed in this version, so if you do install be sure to drop a line in the comments. As with past OS updates for the BlackBerry 7 devices, hopefully we'll see this release for some other phones as well from various carriers. Hit the link below to download, and as always, use caution when installing a new OS on your device.

Download OS from PTCI

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Bold 9930 now available from PTCI


Where's a leak for the 9810 and other GSM OS7 phones? And how does a small time wireless provider in the Oklahoma panhandle, uh, well, never mind.

I'll give a $500 million in fake CB money to ANYBODY who can identify an objective change in this .009 upgrade over .353.

It's not carrier restricted -- just delete the vendor.xml file after downloading and installing the OS on your PC.

The download for 9850 is going SUPER DUPER slow. I'm at 81% downloaded and it's been nearly 2 hours. zzzzzzzzzzzz

I was able to download it in 3.5 minutes, however the first time I clicked the link to RIM's page I got a Server Maintenance error, did a refresh and seemed to be normal.

Anybody tried this on sprint? If so, what's new in this version? Visual voicemail?? =D

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I have it loaded now for 2 minutes and I have to say its the best build ever! Rock solid. The radio is a huge improvement, all the apps are so fast I hardly know what they are!. Haha!
Baby steps my friends, one step at a time. Theres a secure and stable device.

I'm curious about what if any improvements there are over .353 too. That one's working just fine for me.

Ok, So I downloaded the OS onto my comp. everything went smooth, but when I fired up my Desktop Manager there were no updates to be found? WTF? tried Apploader and again NO UPDATES? When I loaded .353 as soon as I fired up DM it recognized the update right away! any suggestions, this happened before and I'm gettin pissed!

Another copy of vendor.xml exists in your users//appdata/roaming/research in motion/blackberry/loader xml folder. Delete it in addition to the vendor.xml in C:programfiles/common files/research in motion/apploader

You should be good after that.

I am also having the same problem. I deleted both vendor files and my desktop manager is still not detecting the os update. is there anything else I can do?

CB Head, Do you think you can please post this download on an external mirror for everyone?

Thanks in advance,

It let's you get rid of that awful little arrow on the keyboard that closes it randomly in the middle of emails!!!!!!

Anyone know when any of the OS build will include flash? That would put BB web tops. Keep the knowledge coming guys! many Thanks -Gr8trgood

I just tried the download again and it downloaded pretty fast this time. And I'm not getting an error when trying to install.

For those of you having issues - give it another try. Maybe they fixed whatever was causing it to crash.

the download is an .exe file. Do I just leave it as an .exe file on the filesystem or do I need to run it before the upgrade can be installed on my 9850? Thanks.

Dude ! My version is ! On VZW ! I tried the Wireless Update , and it said I have the latest version . WTF ! ? !

i just checked for a update on my torch 9850 n it says its up to date .. i have it thru verizon .. wsup wit that

Its only an official release with PCTI's vendor file, so it might be addressing a specific issue they're having. Either way, delete BOTH vendor.xml files mentioned earlier, then run the DM updater by holding the Shift (?) key while clicking the update button, then you should see it.

Went into Verizon and tried the Torch. All I can say is LMAO. Great phone. Fast thru the apps, BUT The Torch I will PASS on.

As I expected, this POS OS 7 came loaded with 8 apps. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mess. BBM, Windows Mess., Maps, and some other app. Once I updated all the apps at the store, it was time to reboot....3 minutes 13 seconds. Give me a break! That's 8 apps. Imagine if you try to fit 25 apps on that thing? The reboot time would be 8 minutes least!

I didn't stick around to download 20 apps and reboot. I left that store after a few minutes of playing with the phone. If my Storm 2 didn't have 66% of the apps it currently has on it, the thing wouldn't hourglass either. I would wager my left foot that the Torch would seize up with that many apps running. It's the same POS OS like the 6. The processor is better, but the thing isn't what it's made out to be.

Why would I choose that over an iPhone? Unless you're typing a million emails a day where you're sending proposals etc, I don't get what this new BB do that's so fantastic? NOTHING from where I stand. Great! They finally got into the ballpark with Droid and iPhone. Now I have to marry this for 2 years? Uh, NO! And I'm not paying an extra couple hundred bucks to get a lousy 1 year contract for a phone that's already outdated OS which will be replaced by QNX in 2012 and STOMPED by iPhone 5 next month.

If you're here to do is bash on BB, take it somewhere else. This thread's trying to be helpful, not a trolling iPhone vs. BB thread.

You're f*cken retarded lmfao
I have this phone for the past week from Verizon
and I have downloaded 24 apps ..
reboot time = 1 MINUTE & 22 SECONDS
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Prove it. Take video of all the apps you have in App World, make sure they're all updated, pull the battery, and allow us all to watch your phone re-load.

If you don't, you're FOS, like most of you delusional BlackBerry fans. I own a Storm 2 and I saw first hand how CRAPPY OS 7 is.

I'm going to be downloading the upgrade to my pc. I have a Verizon 9930 and I know I'm supposed to remove the vendor.xml file in common files after the download but prior to exeution. Before I download the file, should I have DM closed and my phone disconnected? Then, after downloading the file, I'm to find the vendor.xml under program files and the one under users//appdata and remove from there as well. Once I complete the removal of the vendor files, should I then start DM and connect my phone? Will it then walk me through the upgrade? Sorry for so many questions, just never downloaded an upgrade from any vendor except VZW and I want to get it right. I really want this upgrade because I do have some issues with .254. if its too much to do, let me know. It wont hurt my feelings....TY

I wasn't able to get the update to take even after deleting the two vendor files, but tried it on another computer and it worked fine... no idea why.

I couldn't get it to work on my PC even though I got rid of the vendor files. It downloaded and took quite some time and it ended up still being the .254 software. I also downloaded the upgrade to a MAC. Does anyone know how to get rid of the vendor files on a MAC? I can't find it (them) anywhere and my DM doesn't show an upgrade available even though it downloaded from the site. PLEASE HELP if you know the steps for the MAC...

I got it to work with a Verizon 9850. I've been a BB guy for awhile but I am new to tweaking them. With that said, I tried it on my wife's MacBook and couldn't get it to work so I did it on my Dell. Downloaded the file to the desktop, took about 1 hour, and then double clicked on it to install. After the install, I followed the directions from the top of this post and could not get it to install on the phone. So I tried something I saw in another post.

When the "view other versions" window popped up, 362 was there, but it was not the recommended OS. Checked the box next to 362 and went from there. This way worked for me and I haven't had any issues since the install. Hope this helps.

"Another copy of vendor.xml exists in your users//appdata/roaming/research in motion/blackberry/loader xml folder. Delete it in addition to the vendor.xml in C:programfiles/common files/research in motion/apploader"

I got rid of the first vendor.xml file with no problem (C:programfiles/common files/research in motion/apploader).

I then looked for the 2nd vendor.xml file as directed above and I was only able to find "users/administrator/appdata/roaming/book place". I CANNOT find the 2nd vendor.xml on my PC. If someone could direct me I'd appreciate the help. I've looked everywhere and can't find the 2nd file to delete. I've downloaded the upgrade, its there waiting to be used but until I find that 2nd file, it won't recognize this upgrade. Thanks...

I FOUND THE 2nd FILE! It was a hidden file. You must go into tools on the toolbar and check the box to "show all/hidden files". Once I checked that box, I was able to go through the User side and found the 2nd vendor.xml. I then plugged in my 9930 and started DM and it immediately recognized the update. Installing now... finally.

can anyone share this download. My BB Bold 9930 will not power on. I only get a red light for 3-4 seconds then nothing. I've pulled the battery multiple times and removed the SD card. I have no SIM card inserted.

I've tried to download this the OS on RIM's site but it never finishes.