Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300 and Pearl 9100/9105

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By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2012 12:07 pm EST

A few new official OS' rocking the interwebs for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300 and Pearl 3G users. OS is now available for download for all these devices. If you're looking to update you device, grab the appropriate OS from the link below, then hit the forums to let us know your findings. As always, use caution when installing new software on your device.

Download OS for the Torch 9800
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Download OS for the Curve 9300
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Download OS for the Pearl 3G
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Reader comments

Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300 and Pearl 9100/9105


Very glad to see some love for the 9800, thought my days were number with all the BB10 and Playbook talk....

sorry for being slow but i just realised why they called blackberry 10 :D
i wondered what happened to blackberry 8 & 9... until today, but if you didnt already know its because the new phone will technically be blackberry 10000, the extra 0 makes it blackberry 10... you know since the last phone is 9900 so it only make sense for the next to be 10000 (bb10)

Good theory, but I think it's actually because QNX is such a massive upgrade from the current OS generations that calling it OS8 wouldn't have done it justice. I think they were also hoping for the BBX moniker, although we all know how that turned out.

I have heard some rumours of an insane new phone being prototyped right now that should turn the entire industry on it's head, also making all current naming conventions seem dated and irrelevant.

Stay tuned, RIM is coming back big!

I don't if anyone else has picked this up too but here's my take:

Another theory behind re-naming/branding the new OS "BB10" in place of BBX is that X is actually the Roman Numeral for the #10... So it is actually still BBX, theoretically, but there is nothing BASIS International can do about it :D

Just a thought :) But all theories are plausible i.e. Bigger upgrade = skipping numbers; next logical step in the progression from 99xx series... etc.

im glad this dropped...i could not get .700 to load on to my BB for nothing! hopefully i'll have more luck with this version.

DO NOT upgrade on your 9300, ever since I did my Facebook notifications won't show up, not even if you Manually Refresh them, made sure Facebook for blackberry is checked on facebook page and Notifications enabled on the Blackberry, it sucks!!!!!! going back to .668 now

i downloaded to my 9800....nothing much that i can notice....well its a bit faster and the manage connections menu is slightly different, but thats all I've noticed.

For all those who couldn't download this software, kindly change try a different browser. I couldn't download thru google chrome then tried IE and it worked! :) good luck!

i follow the link to download the os for the 9800, first off all its Korean, i translate it fill my info and go tot he next page and press next to download but it doesnt download, tried alot oif times bt no luck. Pls help me its urgent.
and note , that i live in Sri Lanka, so i will need a download that will work with any operator,

tnks :)