Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Vodafone New Zealand

Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Vodafone New Zealand
By Bla1ze on 25 Nov 2011 03:58 pm EST

If you're looking to get in on the latest official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Vodafone New Zealand has what you're looking for. Since this one never managed to leak before release, how well it works is still unknown so give it a go. If you're not on Vodafone NZ then make sure you delete the vendor.xml before load this one up.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Vodafone New Zealand


Cant Install on my 9800! Loader.exe does not recognize it, even after deleting vendor.xml. Remembers me the old issue with drm versions of storm2. Really weird. Any hints?

Hy, maybe you have a second vendor file.
I remember i had a similar problem, but not on the torch (9700), and i found a vendor.xml hidden somwhere, cant remember where..

@ Davanzze
yes indeed! thanks for the hint! there was another vendor.xml burried at C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

how did i find? good'ol command: dir /a /s vendor.xml

nice work finding that 1.
OS works a treat so far also, a few things I've noticed is -
-GPS location nearly instant with BBmaps, Google Maps and Blackstar (long lags b4)
-Phone is much faster with apps, camera and media files.
-virtual keyboard issues have disappeared (was have a reset error constantly)
That's all so far. Shall see how it shapes up over time.

I followed your instructions and sure enough it finds the file, problem is i cannot find this folder on my PC for the life of me...what am i doing wrong?

thank you for the hint mvoloch and davanzze!! otherwise would have never found the second hidden vendor file! goodness...
for those who are still struggling, go to "search" (windows button) and copy paste this (see mvoloch's comment):
C:\Users\*** (type your username here)\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

you'll surely find the file "vendor"

thats it

i downloaded the new OS and install it i also delete the vendor files, but nothing happens when i plug in my torch 9800 and run the blackberry desktop.. any hints.

On a windows machine click on the windows start icon, search for loader.exe. This should find it where ever your file is( a little mobile phone icon). Don't start desktop manager as I've found this way is easier using loader directly for every OS I've changed to.
Hope this helps.

I have the exact same issue as that guy and i've check and the update does exist on my the desktop manager but i keep searching for it to update but nothings happening. i've deleted 1 vendor file (that i know of) i want to urgently update my device #HELP?!

I noticed after installing this update, everything went much quicker, battery last longer and network signal better. However, I found one thing missing that is compose PIN message. I try to find anywhere but couldn't find it. Does anyone have the same problem with me? Or do I make a mistake when installing the OS? Please help, thanks.

Is this going to release in North America officially?
My Torch is still under contract locked to my I don't want to make any stupid moves...any recommendations?