Official OS for Blackberry Bold 9650 from Sprint

Official OS for Blackberry Bold 9650 from Sprint
By Bla1ze on 2 Dec 2011 12:05 pm EST

If you're still hanging onto a BlackBerry Bold 9650 and wondering if, when it may see an update -- the answer to that question is, right now. Sprint has released OS for Blackberry Bold 9650 and while we're not exactly sure what all may have changed within this version -- it's new, and the Bold 9650 hasn't had anything new in a while so go get it!

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Official OS for Blackberry Bold 9650 from Sprint


I still have the 9650 as well; however, mine is on Verizon. Can I use this version if I remove the vendor.xml file? Also, does anyone know if I do this upgrade in the unofficial capacity will it knock me off of BES?

Thanks kindly,

Looking forward to 2.0

Can't part ways with my 9650, the most reliable BB I've had. Getting ready to download the update now. Thanks for the heads up.

My 9650 works great. But I've had major problems it rebooting itself at times. It keeps rebooting over and over without stopping. I've had it replaced twice. I've learned to repair it through BB Desktop Manager. But when I do that, I have to reload all the programs along with adding my extra programs. Pain in the *ss.

I've since passed mine to a family member, but I think it's a software problem. Not sure if it was caused by a specific app or not (but only had a few like the free Sprint promo of BeBuzz, Facebook, etc. installed). Mine didn't start doing that until the last Sprint update. Hopefully it's fixed.

"Still hanging on?"

Are you still hanging on to your mind?

This device is a mere 18 months old--a tiny piece of time--and a completely functional, powerful instrument capable of handling everything I ever need from a phone on the go, stateside or around the globe. I take good pictures, videos, get solid sound, have hundreds of free MB, never lose a call, and very seldom suffer a malfunction of any nature.

What insipid technodoosh changes phones every year? I hope anyone who does that at least drops a can of food in the annual Thanksgiving collection or tosses some funds to the NRDC.

Every year? Do we really need to rape the earth that badly? Mobile phones are toxic and involve a whole lot of nastiness on the production side and the disposal end. We certainly shouldn't support such behavior by acting as if phones a model behind the very latest are antiques for the love of God.

Would someone who bought this device in 2010 actually be senseless enough to upgrade this year before seeing what next year's QNX devices might offer?

When did insane, addictive consumerism become such a norm?

Pretty sad state of affairs.

LOL I'm lucky if I make it 6 months with an electronic!

By the way, it's a lifestyle choice. You wouldn't want someone forcing their lifestyle down your throat, would you?

Also, if you tend to sell your device, it makes sense to get rid of it ASAP before it depreciates further. This helps put a less expensive option on the market for people who can't purchase it at full price AND helps the seller allocate funds for a new purchase. ...ya know, making the economy go round and helping people keep jobs. Nothing sad about that.

I think that was his/her point: the article writer is mocking his lifestyle choice ("if you still have one of these things...")

Yeah, a bit tacky, I thought.


Ahh... Personally, I actually took it as a crack at Blackberry (and to some degree Sprint).

One of the reasons I almost didn't get another Blackberry is because they promised OS6 around launch and the official release didn't happen until about when the 9930 launched (about a year later). When Blackberry said that OS6.1 was for new devices and will be renamed OS7, I didn't think the 9650 would get another update. ...didn't make me too happy.

Finally an update for BB 9650 i was beginning to think we weren't part of RIM plans cos recently most devices had gotten updates even d curve 8520 got an update(seriously who still uses that phone) am just glad that it is here and am currenty downloading can't wait to try it out... fingers crossed!!!

Down Volume button still doesn't work.

Can't use headphones now because the thing is on full blast permanently without another way to turn down the volume. :-(

That doesn't sound like an OS hassle but rather a busted volume control. Warranty?

The vaunted battery pull can fix stuff like that too, but I'm sure you've done one since you've had the issue.

many headphones now can be found with inline volume controls. I know it's not the best solution, but it IS still a solution. I'm surprised that nobody has made an app for people with busted hardware buttons; you can't be the ONLY one...

Updated mine today. Had to use my backup to restore all my contacts and app data, finally got everything reset and it works great. I love my 9650 also. My carrier only sells 9650 and 9330 curve. They push Android. I wish they would start selling the new BB's.

Any more details on what this fixes (or breaks)? I'm running stock Can I safely do an OTA update? Since .600 my Bold has beem running nicely with only an occasional reboot. I'm afraid to mess with ot at this point.

I downloaded the update last night OTA. During the restore process, at restore phone logs, it stopped. I let it go all night hoping that it was just being horribly slow, but it never finished the restore process. This morning I pulled the battery, reinserted & crossed my fingers. The restore process started up again & got hung up at the same point. After talking with Sprint customer service, I went into a Sprint store. They were unable to correct it or force the install & ended up swapping out my phone. I would wait a while if I were you.

"Still hanging on" ??? This thing came out less then e years ago, who do you think we are ??? This phone works great for me so why would I jump on the OS 7 train when the BBX is like couple of month away. Lame write up for a great piece of new