Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and Bold 9700 from Swisscom

By Adam Zeis on 11 Oct 2011 01:50 pm EDT

Sure it's only a day after the leaked version of the same OS showed up online for the Bold 9780, but official is official, right? Swisscom has released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Bold 9780. Reports are pretty good on this one so far, so get out that USB cable and fire it up. If you do install, be sure to hit the forums or leave a comment letting us know your findings. As always, use caution when installing any software on your device.

Download OS for the Bold 9700 and Bold 9780



You had me excited there for a sec, it's NOT (wrong title)


i just installed it !


installed working ok.


what languages are in this update ?

vodafone user

well, mine is 6.0.666

so i don't need to update for just 2 :)


just installed, working good so far. my previous install was getting bad.

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Also, the 9700 has been removed from the website, only the 9780 update is available now. Anyone have a download link for the 9700 software? Confirmed the 9780 software loads and installs fine, haven't noticed any difference on my BB yet though.


i have the file, i guess i got to it quick enough. if no one else can put up a mirror i will try to tonight.

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hum... it's still there. Here's the direct link: (9700_6.0.0.668.exe)


This is an .exe for PC and is there something for Mac?


Borrow somebody's windows XP CD once you've setup virtualbox and created a virtual disk image, then have windows installed, then download blackberry desktop software, install it. Then download and install and install it, then search for any vendor.xml files after checking "search hidden and system files" and delete all traces. Then use apploader to load it up. It's the same way as on any windows machine.


i just got 9700 installed and it came with bbm version 5.

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File is still there for the 9700 downloading it now..


I don't know about u guys but as soon as I updated it gave me 44MB of memory(included 8 apps), I was running short on 8MB for a while after the last update..but I'm so happy to see this amount..its been a very long time..


Search the forums for BB Boss, download and install it, then shrink out what you don't need. Whichever is checked gets removed, whichever is unchecked stays. Use Direct Shrink On Phone to remove the bloat without having to reload the OS.


This version is identical to the leaked one released yesterday. If you already installed, then installing will report that your currently installed applications are newer than the one ( being installed. So, I'd prefer to wait until another update is released, maybe or


You must be trying to install via apploader. I had to install using the desktop software to get it to recognize the newer version.


Can't install that due to the softwer exeption.((((


Has anyone tried it? Any feedback?


can't say anything just yet... still waiting for the service to get back online (my location? europe)


Any differences from the A1.668 official thats been out a while already?


ey guys, what's new in this version? anyone have tried it?