Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 9300 and Torch 9800 now available from SmarTone-Vodafone

BlackBerry 6 Logo
By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2011 09:17 am EDT

Wow - that's a lot of 6's. While we're not the biggest fan of the numbering on this OS - a new OS is a new OS, right?. SmarTone-Vodafone has released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Torch 9800 and Curve 9300. Nothing in yet on what's new with this one, but if you're rolling with one of these devices then give it a go and let us know. Be sure to drop a comment in the forums with your findings. As always, use caution when installing new software on your device.

Download OS from SmarTone-Vodafone

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 9300 and Torch 9800 now available from SmarTone-Vodafone


...Not installing this one till I see a bunch of posts about how well it does work. That version is just a little too ominous for me.

I just wish the update will be able to solve my torch 9800 camera problem. The error message says "can't start the camera view finder close other applications "
I will appreciate any help I'll get as well. Thank you.

thts weird lol 666 software on so much bb's........nah amma wait for another software to come out

What is up with these comments? Is everyone mentally stuck in the dark ages? Do you all believe in voodoo as well?

If "people" would actually RESEARCH the bible they would discover that the number sequence of 666 was a reference made to Roman Emperor Nero. The original writers had devised a numerical system for describing a person's name. This system was to "determine" whether a person's name based numerical value was closer to the "perfection" of their "god" or further from that "perfection". The perfect number, as we have had drilled into our lives, is claimed to be seven. (for whatever reason...) The multiple sixes are simply to prove that this person was as far from imperfect as can be. It repeated the number six, three times over. This was also used as code for anyone reading these writings in order to spare the author from certain death for speaking out against an emperor.
They would PRIVATELY refer to Nero as "The Beast" and that is how the number sequence, represented by three consecutive sixes, became representative of "evil".

Wow! Can't recognize a joke?

It's pretty obvious that all these comments are just in good fun.

Lighten up.

Thanks for YOUR interpretation. Most Bible seeking Christians I know would disagree with your statement.

It's a future prophecy and not historical fact.

But this is not the forum for religious discussion, study or debate.

How about instead of all the stupidity about the 666, somebody who feels like being the guinea pig and downloads this to a Torch 9800 post about any changes or improvements. Reading advanced bible quotations is great, but not really pertinent to the issue at hand.

How about instead of all the stupidity about the 666, somebody who feels like being the guinea pig and downloads this to a Torch 9800 post about any changes or improvements. Reading advanced bible quotations is great, but not really pertinent to the issue at hand.

I just tried loading it and it didn't allow me to.

This isn't the first time I've used the app loader either, I'm going to try again.

All I know is I'M not putting it on MY device!!!!!!



















I have a 9930!  ;)  And it can't use it!  ;)

Downloaded this and loaded it onto my my heart is beating way too fast...noo don't downl...*heart stops beating* xD

Released by Vodafone, and Vodafone itself has 666 in its logo. Look it up for yourself and you'll find 3 little stylized 6's. Coincidence, something else or maybe just too much conspiracy theory reading? O.O

I have no issue about the numbers but I am chicken about waiting until my carrier gives the okay.

My WISH is that it has a fix to arrange pictures by anything other than date, i.e. alphanumerically or best of all just move to where ya want it like any icon. If that is a go I will even try the vendor.xml thingy.

Cheer up people, what's wrong with them having a little Halloween spirit? Let me know if your 9800 doesn't spontaneously combusts after installing this update!

just installed it. if it sucks, i'll just go back to the previous build i was using. plain and simple. nothing to it. plus any new build has to be tested for at least 48 hours before reporting any kind of findings or improvements (or bugs and downgrades for that matter).

Enough superstition posts. Someone please comment on pros and cons of the new OS build. I'd download it and install, but I am at work...
Eff it, I am downloading it anyway. I love the '666' theme.

Installed and running. No my phone did not spontaneously combust, nor did it sprout horns. I did turn into a troll, but that is nothing new before I have had my cappuccino. As for the phone...nothing new at the present time. Don't see any glitches. looking through my pictures seems smoother.

I have. It usually means that you did not get a complete download. For 9700 it should be 151.504 for the total download. I have had a download get cut short before and not noticed until I went to install. Got the same error message you just cited.

For 9700.
Download Details
Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2921 (Asia)
File Name: 9700jAsia_PBr6.0.0_rel2921_PL6.6.0.241_A6.0.0.666_SmarTone_Vodafone.exe
Download Size: 151.504 MB
Language: English
Published Date: 09/23/2011

As far as I can tell, yes.

I upgrade all of my company's BBs and since OS6, it re-initialized to BES server right away.

I have had one issue so far. For some reason, after the initial reboot and restore, it tried to set up a yahoo account as BES and kept waiting for initialization. Also, the email setup application was nowhere to be found. After one reset, it reappeared and I resent the service books just to be safe.

Ah cool. I was wondering if the OS6 devices would still get some love after all the new phones came out. I bet the updates are extremely minimal though. I'll stick with .600 for now.

tried to update, DM didnt detect, from seeing the comments on here, probably not meant to update at this time. I will probably wait for ATTs official update.

Simply un-install DM _and_ the update OS, then re-install the update only, delete vendor file and run apploader.

works 99% of the time. Do a reboot once the un-installs are done of course.


Went to download the OS for 9700. RIM's site is down. Any mirror DL's?

Site Map: Maintenance

Our website is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

My last posting a minute ago just made the posting count to 66 Comments!!
Let's see if we can add another 6 to the comments and then we will all have to quit using Crackberry!!!

RIM's servers are back up. I just downloaded for 9700. All kidding aside, I can't say I am thrilled about the choice in numbers. I mean they can choose software release numbers, right? Would it have been too much to change the last 6 to a 7?

I realize I'm the only guy on the planet who didn't like 600 but I can't wait to dump it and load this new puppy up on my 9800.

What's all this stuff about 666? Shesh, it's just a number.

Just looked at this release in Blackberry Boss. Before shrink it is 146MB. This is for 9700. About the smallest I have seen, I think?

Installed in my Torch 9800, everything seems fine except that that Chinese hand writing is completely gone, can't even see it in the Applications list in Blackberry Desktop Software, sigh.....

One thing I did notice is that there is no longer the 5-10 second delay after taking a picture and waiting for it to render before sending it to Face Book or BBM.

Installed it on my 9780! everything fine so far.
Did a backup and restoreinstall while upgrading with the Apploader.
All Apps and data are back and working....
But in the Appworld in the folder myWorld theres is not an only app i ve installed, even after a battery pull.
waiting a day and keep u posted! but everything else is working....

I had a similar problem after upgrading to 650 but since installing 666 it seems to be ok. However, make sure that you have the latest version of BB App World on your phone and reinstall if necessary. Also, reinstall the plugin for the PC to ensure that the version is up to date. I suggest that you use BB App World on your phone to first connect to your My World folder so that all previously downloaded apps are synchronized properly.

New member here. already updated my 9780, and everything works so far. still under observation though. having a 666 firmware makes my phone one hot bold! LOL

Just tried to download this.. went through the silly form with my personal information and then got this message when I tried to download it:

Our website is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


I downloaded the 9780 file twice and both times it is only 15.2 mb ??? Something wrong there as the 9700 is 179 mb?

After 50 comments still no serious/detailed word if its worth it or not :s come on guys we are making crackberry look bad for the people that come here as a resource looking for wisdom

one thing I noticed after updating it to 666 is that my Yahoo! messenger does not show the display of my contacts, it only shows their Yahoo! ID. I don't know how to fix it, I don't want to rename them all again since it was working before the update, but aside from that, everything works fine. I'm on before updating to

If after you fill out the form and you get the maintenance error, just refresh the page. I downloaded both files without having any error but I used the asia file to update my phone. I'll keep everyone posted if I find anything worth downgrading.

Did the install yesterday and I'm quite happy. before I had quirky email lists when FB-app message were in the list as well. It was a bad one as it led to the behaviour that after deleting the FB message the index of the list was wrong. So while thinking that I was on message a instead I was on message b. Guess what happened when I tried to delete message... I deleted message b without even recognizing it.
in addition I had a bug in the sms message as well were sometimes only new messages were displayed but not existing ones. Guess what happenend when I tried to delete the new one... I deleted actually an old one. This was more then annoying.
All this seems to be gone with .666.

another thing I noticed with .666 is that it does not save some settings or permissions of apps after a reboot plus I still have the Yahoo! messenger problem that does not display my contacts name, I dunno if this is related to .666 but this stuffs never happened with .650. I think I'm going back to .650 for a while The only bug I noticed with .650 is that I reverts back to its default wallpaper after a reboot.


Based on my observation, battery drops faster on .666 than on .650

I've been trying to download this but i keep getting an error saying that the file in "Microsoft format and can't be read" HELP

Well, I tried it again... No luck. I'll wait for other carrier or other version. For now, 650 for me.

Hello guys!! I have a problem. I can't add the appointments to my calendar from my inbox email. I am not a BES administrator.

any help would be appreciated.

First thoughts: works fine, but I see no real improvements compared to .650. The hourglass actually shows up more, so if .650 is working for you, I would stick with it. Although I gotta admit, this one's got the lucky numbers ;p

Wow, and GPS totally sucks! While GPS was working almost instantly on .650, now it doesn't even show my location at all! I may be downgrading again pretty soon...

I've been using it for about a week now and it sucks: I have many glitches on the screen when switching from one application to another. I think .650 was better.


I installed the sotware and removed the vedor.xml , but the soft ware is not dected when I connect the BlackBERRY DESkTOP MANGER with the BB

anyone have the same problem

Well guys... I did not load this OS version...

On the other hand, today A1's official version came out ( and I prefer to load this one...

wow all of this fuss for 3 numbers!!! ROFLMAO, I didn't hesitate to load it even though I recognized the numbers....ran fine....then I found berrylicious v5 which runs even better! If your fussing over the 666 then don't stress yourself....its a silent killer you know!

installed it about a week ago... First of all, believe it or not (and no, I'm NOT the religious/ superstitious type) this version actually proved to be... devilishly hard to install! I did a full wipe and reinstall using BBSAK and for some reason the loader kept giving me the "No software is available for your device" message, although I did everything by the book. After a few failed attempts and fiddling around I finally realized that the Desktop Software now had a neat "Forget device" feature. Used that and the app loader finally recognized that my 9700 software actually WAS for my 9700 device lol

Other than that, I haven't noticed any noticeable improvements or bugs compared to .615. That said, I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to first do a complete wipe and then run the OS through Shrink-A-OS before installing! Most bugs related to OS 6.0 are due to lack of sufficient memory on the device (which wasn't designed to run 6.0 in the first place BTW). Compressing your OS before installing will free up some precious megs of memory which will make a world of a difference. Also, using Memory and Battery Booster apps which are free will improve battery performance and let you be able to fix memory leaks by just pushing a button. Doing these steps (full wipe, OS compressing and using the boosters) are FAR more important than simply installing the latest OS version...

My observation of

Following function cease to operate if a Third Party Theme is used - "HOME SCREEN PREFERENCE"


If you change to the stock / default RIM theme the "HOME SCREEN PREFERENCE" page works.

Please let us know if you are having the same problem or have a solution / fix. Done battery pulls and such, no luck.

Another observation is that I am able to enlarge BBM Display Picture of my contacts. I was not able to do that before. I have not upgraded to the version 6 of the BBM and am still using version 5. Seems like this function has been added somehow.

Another area that I was looking forward to was to have the option to get rid of the "trays" just like you have that option on OS7 but sadly, this update does not support that.

RIM, do some real magic.. please?

I downloaded the software, loaded it on and my phone is f*****d now. Not sure if it has to do with software per say but I believe it does. I've had to re-install the software 3 times and I'm about to go back to the previous one, because my Bold 9780 just keeps restarting itself. I finally got it to restart properly after this third re-install, but now all the default games are gone as well as the password keeper. This has been SUCH a fricken pain in the ass. Like I said, I don't know 100% if it's because of the new software but, knowing RIM, it probably is. My recommendation: don't update.

well actually after some searching around I found a hybrid OS called Berrylicious VI, installed it and haven't looked back since, I strongly advise you install the hybrid OS rather than this one...

Here are my final views of the BB OS after using it for a month.

After installation, the following functions cease to operate

1) Home Screen Preferences (under Options > Display) will not work with a 3rd party theme.
It only works if you select a default BB theme from (Options > Display > Screen Display)

2) Any 3rd party security / password application you have installed will cease to operate after awhile. To get your app to work again you need to reboot your device. Example of security apps - AppsLock, App-Lock, A Lock for Apps, iLockPro, etc...

3) Viewing of pictures on your BB have become extremely sluggish.

Fyi, I also tried OS and to see if they were any good but they had same problems as OS

Upgrading to OS was a BIG mistake. I spent 4 days and many sleepless nights to restore my BB back to OS which I was very comfortable with so was my BB9700. But downgrading had its own set of problems too for instance my BB browser failed to work after I downgraded to OS . I had to actually do a security wipe, re-install OS, re-install data file by file. Not to mention, all setting had to be re-programmed. In short, total hell.

My BB is back to normal now with OS The next time if I do decide to upgrade it will be a PHONE upgrade and NOT the damn OS. Why fix something that is not broken??

RIM is producing buggy OS nowadays. Not to mention, BB Desktop Manager is another chapter of rotten worms which I won't go into. Lets hope the new BBs and OS 10 would be something to shout about.

A newer build's available...

Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.3106 (Multilanguage)
File Name: 9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel3106_PL6.6.0.248_A6.0.0.723_Partner_Communications.exe
Download Size: 155 MB
Language: English
Published Date: 03/19/2012