Official OS released by Sprint for the BlackBerry Bold 9650

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By Bla1ze on 6 Jul 2011 04:29 pm EDT

And seemingly out of the blue comes an OS update for Sprint for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. Considering the last official OS released by Sprint for the Bold 9650 was that of OS you'll no doubt wanna fire up BlackBerry desktop manager and get OS loaded up. As always, drop some comments once you get it up and running and let us know how it's working out for ya. Thanks, @BlkScorp33

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Official OS released by Sprint for the BlackBerry Bold 9650


lol i think they are fine thats about the latest out there right now so idk what u want unless u want a 700 before it even leaks or anyone else has it verizon is still on 524

After almost a couple days I figured out everything works fine, no crashes, unless I login to my account. Weird.
Oh, and this may be new: when the battery is low but now dead, it is orange in color instead of red.

Damn it! I lost my 9650 last week. I had to reactivate my old 8330. I can't wait for the 9930. Damn, damn, damn!

IT crashed mine twice too, getting things reinstalled now, did notice in a text message 160 1/7 is at top. I was running a hybrid before, is this new, are we getting text spanning?

No, this is not new. VZW has a 160 character limit for mms then it will switch to sms mode.

160 Characters then switches to page 2 of text (thats where 1/7 comes in). It will break into 7 parts before you have to start a new text

Mine crashed in the middle of the install. waiting for it to reboot so i can start again. i'm using DM for Mac if that makes a difference

I can't even down load was running 524 and when I go to download it says handheld application loader wizard has encountered a know the rest and that is with BB desktop software or bbsak, help me!
Also when I go on the phone and check for updates there is none, wth!

No issues at all here - backed-up via the BB Desktop software & blew the OS away with BBSAK after running the latest King Hybrid for a while. No spontaneous reboots or lockups yet.

Going to do my wife's tomorrow, and that will be an overlay install to test that mode...

for u guys who are having problems with phones not being found try this method first delete the vendor.xml file in the common files folder and then u need to look for this folder it maybe hidden
C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML - CrackBerry took out the user name thing cus it was in those point parenthesis things that are used in html code.
Thanks again Phoenix!

Going to give it a go today just for fun. Hopefully will go smooth as always. Love when new OS drops

I jumped on board when came out from Sprint and I'm glad to be operating 6 as opposed to 5, but it sounds like this update just gives some little tweeks. When I upgraded before, it was a huge pain in the a** getting all of my apps back to where they had all of the data I fed in to them that I'm not going through that again for minor tweeks. Data in CardStar, Medical Diary, Emergency - ICE and others were stripped.
If this upgrade really does something good beyond that, then post what it is. Until then, I'll stay in my own comfortable world.

For some reason I cannot get this OS to be recognized when I connect my Blackberry and I've installed other OS versions a million times, so I know to delete the Vendor.xml file and turn off the wireless connection before I try to connect my BB, but it's still not working! HELP ME!! :-( I'm on Verizon running OS if this helps..

Thrilled that BlackBerry has finally ironed out the wrinkles in OS upgrades. Application settings and permissions, themes.... even my folders this time! Almost everything carries but for some obvious cases of reregistering.

While this should only be natural, it's a clear advantage over my horrendous experiences each and every time with ipod touch. Keeping this stuff clean and simple should be a sacred part of any RIM strategy.

Sprint took forever on this one--brand new a year ago and seemed forgotten after Christmas--and I've yet to see any meaningful difference--here's to hoping the comment on faster application download is true--but thank heavens for truly smooth sailing via Desktop Manager at last.

Two hours I thought I might need to clean up the upgrade are now available for slightly more pleasurable pursuits.

Good luck to others,

Does this version allow for column view on websites. I have been sticking with OS 5 for this reason. I fine it much more difficult to read websites without having the option of column view. Thanks for any response.