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Official OS now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from AT&T!

By Adam Zeis on 28 Apr 2011 11:04 am EDT

AT&T Bold 9700 OS

Attention AT&T Bold 9700 users! If you've been hanging out waiting on AT&T to release OS 6 - today is your day!! AT&T has (finally) released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. While it's not the newest official build, it's new to AT&T and ready to rock. I know some of you like to wait for your carrier to officially release an OS, so if you've been an overly patient 9700 user then get on it!. Be sure to head into the forums to discuss your findings. Better late than never AT&T. 

Download OS for the Bold 9700 from AT&T
Discuss more in the Bold 9700 forums



Wait, I've had .526 installed on my Torch for a while now? Or have I just lost my mind?

Adam Zeis

You're right - I didn't see our post on it (early morning blogging). Fixed up. Thanks!


Wow - I didn't think AT&T would ever actually release this for the 9700.


I posted that up real quick in the forums because I couldn't find a quick email to give you the hot tip!

Adam Zeis

tips(at) ... for next time :)


well, THAT'S simple enough...


I ever emailed to "tips" email never made it on CB lol I don't feel the CB love :p


Nice at&t! Way to step into 2010!


Smh AT&T waited to long to get this out


Hope Rogers releases .534 for the Torch like Bell


Anybody know how good or bad rthi8s build is? I usually have no problem with AT&T builds.


Finally, hopefully its a good build - because 9700/ is lousy :(


of course 6 days after i had to downgrade to the official to get Bridge working...they finally give us OS 6


Hmmm... Bridge has worked flawlessly for me on 9700/


YES! I mean, it always takes AT&T eons to give an update, but I'm for this. I'm giving my friend my bold this weekend, so she'll like the new way it looks.


already have the official .534 installed... i thought i was actually going to get an official release update for my AT&T phone for a second.


Holy crap AT&T is doing a full fledge OS update for blackberry. That is unheard of.


A few quirky things are going on- For the most part it kept all my 3rd Party and add-on stuff. Just had to re-login to all of them. Two major problems so far. Blackberry Protect is broken, along with the BB Podcast App is a bit messed up. It lost all but one of my subscriptions and trying to resync isn't easy... because it doesn't show up in the menu. So I'll delete and reinstall both of those to see it if fixes them.


Almost forgot to update- Yes, re-installing both apps fixed them. Protect just needed to be reinitialized as if new- not a problem. The BB Podcast thing went in fine and was able to re-sync my original subscriptions and it's working fine.


I have been holding off on moving to OS6, but maybe now is the time. Will most (purchased) OS5 apps still work on OS6?


Shocker that AT&T FINALLY released an OS update. They seem to be about 3-4 months (or more) behind the rest of the carriers.


IS there maybe a memory leak? and will it work for a dutch blackberry?


You know ATT only upgrades their devices when they are about to release a new one. :D


bold touch hopefully.


Yeah, I'm guessing before May ends.


Thank Goodnes they finally did it!


Is this really the official os ...
Sorry I asked ..
about my blackberry I ever upgarade why I fit into the browser on facebook unreadable cuver 3G is not bold 9700 ..

Sorry once again I ask if there is one word ..


So I upgraded and now my bridge connection with my PlayBook isn't working right. Before I had no web browsing with bridge but had my I have browsing (REALLY SLOW) and no emails. I hate AT&T. No BlackBerry Bridge app for OS6...just found that out.


What about Proximus (Belgium) 9700 bold users? Where can I find that?


well I was waiting for it and waiting and waiting and finally sold my bold 9700 on ebay 2 months ago and enjoying my motorola Atrix. So AT&T you're a little late LOL but I don't regret


Ummm so on my facebook mobile it says blackberry 9670?


I bet ATT found a way to BLOCK the PB bridge, thats the only reason i can see them releasing the update. They tend to release updates at the end of the life cycle of a fone. If you want the new stuff you gotta upgrade. As soon as the new BBs hit Verizon im out!


We'll I'm running .534 on my AT&T 9700 so I doubt I'll be going down to this. The only problem It has is sometimes the browser freaks out. If .526 is just as good with out that issue someone let me know. And hopefully they get this to the 9100/9105 soon. They have it for the 9700 and 9300 so why not


NEED TO FREE MEMORY: Installed OS 6. Like a lot of the new features. But my free system memory went from 75MB down to under 20MB. I noticed OS 6 added a bunch of new icons/apps. What are good candidates to delete to free up space vs. apps that might actually be useful. (I notice a lot of these new ones are trial, meaning they probably involve monthly fees I won't want to pay!)

What irks is that I have over 12GB free on my media card, but apps don't install on the media card! Shame that downloaded apps can't use some of that storage space.

Any recommendations are welcome!



At&t please! stay away from T-mobile


just installed OS6 at&t for 9700, got a whole bunch of new apps (garbage apps at&t adds) not all are listed in app list to delete, how else can i delete these non needed apps

Dave H3222

I just put in a full housing on my bold 9700 and now I have no service any suggestions?