Official OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Rogers

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By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2011 09:50 pm EDT
It's only been a short while since BlackBerry Pearl 3G owners had some official OS love. Last update being, OS from Telus made some users happy but now, Rogers has gone ahead and released OS for all. You can hit up the Rogers BlackBerry download page to grab the update and of course, if you're not a Rogers user -- just simply delete the vendor.xml file and you are up and running. Only to fair to note, this update works on the 9105 as well. Thanks, rroyy!

Download OS from Rogers
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Official OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Rogers


now this is what i like to hear... a official rogers os6 for the pearl 3g but i think i dont understand is how come its only the asia package and not the the multilingual like all the other blackberry has

Try extracting the language files from Telus' older "all language" Pearl 3G BB 6 ver and add 'em to Rogers' approved newer OS for your phone.

That's what I did with the latest leak for my Bold 9780 since it didn't have Russian included ;-)

I have a problem trying to open the profiles, when I open it the screem comes dark an then it is normal. that happens when I open a window on the homescreen like the profiles one. The same hapenned to me with the before OS .481. Does someone have the same bug?

Looks like Rogers has an official OS6 for the Bold 9700 too. Found it on the Blackberry site but not yet on the Rogers site.

Oh interesting, here's the latest from the Roger's network, I just installed on my 9105, hope it will be good. And both the OS 7, too, I hope it will be comfortable with his 9105. Body

I've installed this on my Pearl 9100 yesterday and I can say that its so worth it. For now I don't experience bugs. Hoping for new features on the next updates. Thanks

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I upgraded my Pearl to OS and also upgraded the desktop software to the latest version around the same time. Now I find that I don't have the option to synchronize the calender with MS outlook via my computer. The desktop software has "(not installed)" beside the calendar option. Notes, Tasks and Contacts sync no problem. The phone was previously running OS with no issues.

Is this an issue with the upgrade to the Pearl or the desktop software? Is there a way to install the necessary option to get the calendar sync working?