Official OS for the Curve 3G 9330 and Bold 9650 from Verizon

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By Adam Zeis on 17 May 2011 10:17 am EDT

Verizon users get another update today as both the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330 have some new software. OS is official from Big Red and ready for the taking. Things look to be good on both of these, so if you are a 9650 or 9330 user then fire up the ol' USB cables and get to installing. If you get up and running, leave a comment here or in the forums with your findings. As always, use caution when installing any OS.

Download OS for the Curve 3G 9330 from Verizon
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Download OS for the Bold 9650 from Verizon
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Reader comments

Official OS for the Curve 3G 9330 and Bold 9650 from Verizon


i just updated my 9650 to v6.0.0.524

is there an official verizon site where people can report bugs? i understand it's not a big deal but i use it often...when you click on the clock on the home screen, you can manage connections, alarm, etc.

the time you set your alarm to is off the's a bit annoying.

likewise, i saw the tweet and was instantly disappointed...524 is okay, but it just came out and its already old.

I'm rather surprised this would be an official release, especially from Verizon. I don't find this build to be particularly stable, although I was in the minority who loved the .466 leak. I agree though bring on the .6xx leaks already

If you own a BB 9650, you can install any update for the BB 9650, regardless of carrier. Just make sure the vendor files are deleted if the update is not released by your carrier.

This same logic applies to any BB in general, too.

Getting back to the states after a year abroad this past October I thought I was going to be in safe hands with the Storm 2. I can not recall ever making a tech purchase blunder, but I suppose the Storm 2 was my first. I'll wait for that Montana....Bold...hell anything new within the coming months.

Truth be told that there is a first time for everything. My S2 will go down as being the phone I love to hate.

I noticed that one of the new features that I noticed was when you're sending a text, at the top beneath the contact name, instead of just having 160 for the amount of characters you can type in, it now says 160 1/7, meaning you can type more than one text at a time before you either have to send it or it switches to SMS mode.

I'm running .431 and if your message runs to long in SMS mode it switches to MMS and countinues the message as one long meSage, but it doesn't have the 1/7 icon though. The one problem I found is people think your trying to send a picture.

I have a Verizon 9650 and just downloaded the new update. It took 2 hours 48 minutes. The update is a POS. The 9650 runs retarded and very slow.

I've had the leak loaded for months now and I get a lot of hour glassing for simple task. The build has some issues on the Sprint 9650, maybe it's better on the Verizon Bold. It shouldn't matter, but I hope we get a Sprint update or a new leak soon.

I also noticed the lightening bolt flashes when charging and a plug icon comes on when it's fully charged. I thought that my charger was messed up at first lol :)

Same thing happened to me! I unplugged my charger from the wall, from my Berry, tried so many different things until I realized it might be from the update. ;) Also noticed that the "Frequent" screen now has three rows of icons instead of two it had before.

My font smoothing no longer works (Using BBCasual font) and random letters are underlined when I mouse over them in the main home screen. Anyone else having these problems?

I installed the update. It seemed to affect the Bluetooth operation and my BlackBerry Bridge connection to the PlayBook.

Error: Failed to turn off Map Services. Blackberry Bridge cannot start. Turn off unused serial port profile under Bluetooth > Options and try again.

Temporary fix was to disable all options except Data Transfer because all other options resulted in the same error.

Manage Connections > Bluetooth Connections > BB Menu > Options: Services = Serial Port Profile, Data Transfer

I will use this until I find a permanent fix via BlackBerry Forum or Technical Support.

It uses an additional 43.3 mb of memory, which puts you near the 200 or below range depending on the number of apps you use. This gets you dangerously close to the 188 mb level that no one seems to acknowledge but that definitely starts an "app failure" white screen situation requiring reboots. Seems that once you get down to 188 mb, funky and unwanted stuff happens and the device is no longer stable. Happened to me for the first time ever today after downloading the new OS, thus dropping my available space from around 223 mb to 188 mb. I immediately deleted 10 themes, but it has been a tremendously long and frustrating night!

Mine is sitting at 215 MB of free memory, and runs like a champ. You might have a serious memory leak on your hands. Try re-installing BBM...that has worked for me before.

i got the 9650 for sprint which is slow with the releases. im downloading this verizon update for the 9650. where and how do i delete the vendor files?