Official OS For the BlackBerry Style 9670 released by Sprint LP!

By Michelle Haag on 22 Apr 2011 08:54 pm EDT
BlackBerry Style 9670 OS leak

While OS was leaked back at the beginning of April for the BlackBerry Style 9670, we know there are many out there that don't like to use leaked OS' and wait for them to become official. Well if this is you, then your wait is over, as Sprint LP released .522 officially today. You can download it from the link below, and if you want to see what changes people reported from when it was leaked you can hit the forums. Thanks rroyy!

Download OS for BlackBerry Style 9670

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Official OS For the BlackBerry Style 9670 released by Sprint LP!


Your wright, NO LOVE for the 9650 :( ......Its been about 4 months since last ......anything for the 9650. congrats to the Style owners, be happy with it because its like pulling teeth to get another upgrade out of Sprint.

What's up with this release?! I've had it installed for an hour and a half and I've already found 4 annoyances that didn't exist in .407.
1. Clock is setting an hour ahead but settings show correct
2. Text messages showing out of order in thread
3. Some outbound phone calls are defaulting to speakerphone
4. Browser not saving page logins

Looks like I'll be going back to .407!

I'm #19. @darkangel The Style does rock! I actually came from EVO 4G to STYLE I really enjoy it.

What are the major changes (if any) with this update? I haven't been able to mess with it much yet but haven't really noticed anything very different. It does seem a little faster.

SO ive noticed quite a few changes in this update! I upgraded from the previous official software from sprint so maybe those who've uploaded any leaks may have seen these changes. Anyway, here it goes.

1) When you plug in the charger, the little icon that appears inside the battery indicator is different, its changed to a black little "plug" icon

2) When you are looking at ur call log, there is a new option on the top right side to either show the call log or to show contacts.

3) Ive noticed that my universal search is a lot quicker and responsive. On the previous build, there was a 2 second lag between when i started to type and when the letters would actually begin to show that i was typing.

Same here kb1234. also the go to page for all your bookmarks in the browser actually shows pics of the website that you have visited recently. I think that's a neat little feature.