Official OS for the Pearl 3G from Telus Mobility

Telus Pearl 3G Os
By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2011 10:45 am EDT

Here you go Pearl 3G users. Telus has officially released OS for the taking. It's been a bit since we've had an official release for the Pearl 3G, so if you're on an older leaked or official OS then get to downloading. Not many reports in on what's new in this version yet, so head into the forums and post your findings. As always use caution when updating your device OS. Thanks rroyy.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Telus
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Official OS for the Pearl 3G from Telus Mobility


this is good that they have an official release for telus... but what about for rogers... are they gonna have a official os6 for the pearl 3g

not sure about Rogers, but I spoke with Bell and mentioned Telus has released theirs. Was advised by Bell that they had released theirs but immediately pulled it because some users reported issues with the BellTV app (about which I couldn't care less). So they said they are working to fix that and release it soon (whatever "soon" means in their understanding of the concept).

have anyone else been experiencing problems with the keyboard not functioning properly? just want to know because i repleaced my pearl 3 times and the same thing keeps happening

Yeah once and a while my keyboard enters a letter twice when I only push the button once. It happens often at sometimes and then goes away for a while. Is this the same issue your having?

yes it is and at times its frustrating and its happening to me right now i replaced this phone 3 times and keep having the same issue... maybe there is something wrong with this model cause it doesnt happen to any other blackberry only this one

Adam, there's an extra http// in the URL link for the discussion forum on this topic, so the page fails to open when you click on the link above. :)