Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 9300 from Telus

CrackBerry BlackBerry 6
By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2011 10:49 am EST

Today from Telus we have OS available for download for both the Curve 9300 and Bold 9780. If you're still using the Crack Team favorite Bold 9700 or a hot Curve 9300, then head over to Telus and download this one. After you install drop a comment or hit the forums with your findings. Even though this is an official OS, be sure to use caution when installing.

Download OS for the Bold 9700 and Curve 9300
Discuss more in the forums (Bold 9700)
Discuss more in the forums (Curve 9300)

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 9300 from Telus


No, but they do have it fixed in the latest beta of BBM from I am running it now. It's nice to have a cursor. Should be official soon.

I'm pretty sure that the past issues from previous OS 6 builds have not been taken care of.

That being said, I'll wait to update my 9700. I'd like to see feedback from other users first.

It's alright Adam. The one that leaked yesterday was corrupted. Hopefully this one was uploaded untouched and works for everybody else.

haha seriously. always wanted to get excited to see if that ever worked for me. never has. :(

still running the leaked version on 9700, anybody know if it's worth downloading the official release?

Now I am running the leaked .448 and I am on Telus. It is good to have the official because I made complain about their coverage and if they find out I am not using an OS that is official, they may blame the issues they have on me.

Good to be official.

I updated my 9700 a few days ago using the official version and i love this new OS!!!
Scrolling is even much faster. Make sure to back up your device first!! it does take everything back to defaults however it replaces all you backed up data. What i mean is that you will have to re-hide some apps and redue your background.

All the Telus apps can be deleted before install. You can download the offical OS directly from BB site and then either manually or using a program like BBBoss you can delete .cods files to reduce the size of the OS.

If you enjoy your visual voice mail, then don't install this. Just like the leaked version, there is NO visual VM!!! WTF!

pearl 3g gets the latest updates for everything... and its good to see telus have an official release now hope it will come soon for rogers when they do just have the pearl get updates with every other blackberry devices

Couldn't resist the urge; I'm going to start downloading this build momentarily. I'll post my findings as soon as it loads onto my 9700.

Just installed it...seems to run ok thus far...was up and running in about 25mins with the install. I don't have that many apps loaded and have bout 61mb left. I did notice that the ring tones have changed and that it there are actual wallpapers preloaded with this OS build.
Anyone else find that all the old ringtones have disappeared?

Seems good, I used BBSAK to install it and it seemed to remove the vendor.xml file since I am on rogers. Everything seems to work and it still says Rogers at the top. Not sure how I like this OS6 yet. All is working my ringtones, emails, BBM contacts, texts etc were all restored. It says I have 56003840 bytes left.

yay.. now again there's gonna be 300 retards posting questions asking if this is better than the leaked

I am on Telus.... is this better than leaked .461? Leaked .461 didn't have VM files.... how about this one?

The "both the Curve 9300 and Bold 9780" is a typo, right? I'm guessing it's supposed to be "9700" because no updates for the 9780 are to be had!... Yet. Oh, and because of the post title.

The infamous memory leak is still a problem, but it doesn't seem to be as big of an issue as it was on prior leaks. My web browser hasn't crashed yet, but we'll see what happens by the time I shut my phone off for the night. The scrolling and typing have both been noticeably quicker on this build, something that I'm very pleased about.

Also, the cursor disappearing in BBM is still happening. This doesn't bother me as much, but it would be nice to have the problem fixed.

Overall, this is the most solid OS 6 build I've used so far. My dependence on universal search has waned considerably, so the change from my OS 5.0 usage hasn't been too great this go-around. While I'm beginning to doubt that a "perfect" version of OS 6.0 for the 9700 will ever release, I can at least say that this latest version is a definite upgrade over past leaked and official versions.

First, can I shrink this Os even if I have the leaked version of this software already installed? Second, can this version support engadget's website w/o closing down?

when i installed leaked version after few hours i lost my text icon and all msgs......then i have to go back to very bad experience with leak..... hope in this official build its fixed...finger crossed

This build seems a lot better then the leaked version. Smoother and faster all around. Web browsing seems faster and hasn't crashed yet as of installing it last night.

memory went down from 82 to 54-55...had to reinstall some apps, even app world.
social feeds is kind of nice...will take some time to get use to it and OS6
ps. froze on me two hours after the upgrade :)

love it! even with memory leak the phone runs smother than eva...BBM no issues. the only -ve for me is the way picture folders are set up, with previous OS it was easier mo manage and move your pictures.

I installed this yesterday, I'm on another carrier but after deleting the vendor file it loaded fine. Seems to work beautifully. This is my first OS 6, I was waiting for an official version to upgrade. Everything seems to work a little faster, clean transitions but the new features of OS 6 will take some getting used to. It loaded in about 20 minutes, no freezing and the only app I had to reinstall after upgrade was Blackberry app world. Everything else works great. Happy with it so far.

Just plugged my 9700 in to the desktop manager this morning and FINALLY received the official OS 6 update .448 for Rogers .... it's about time!

This update sucks ... It loads very quickly but it killed my BIS service like someone else reported in the forum ...

went back to .448

Hello Everyone,

I downloaded the update, but when I hook my 9700 up to my laptop and launch the Desktop Manager, it never shows the updated OS for update. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could sure use the help. :o)

Does the memory leak still exist in the official OS? I previously install leaked versions and it work but so much memory leak. And I try using BBSAK, and it kill my Bold, luckly t-mobile gave me a replacement but I haven't try to update to a leaked till I saw this release. So answer to my problems and concerns. I really want to be back on OS 6 on my Bold 9700. ASAP.

flash camera not show

first time i take a photo. it is works
next time i take a photo. it is not works

I took the risk, I install it this morning, On OS 5 it had 60 mb left of app memory now it had 27 mb. I had to reinstall app world. It can't run some apps so I have to reinstall them as well. I took out the battery once to reload so will see.

i think i might downgrade to rogers' version this weekend... i've ran 461 for 5 days now. since the last battery pull (monday?) i've gone from 60mb down to 38mb... everytime i look at the memory, it gets smaller and smaller...

the OS is fine, i had some clocks but that was after the inital install, everything has been quite smooth.

the cursor thing is annoying... it's in bbm, msn, emails and some apps. For example, mapleleafs app, when i'm trying to read a story, i scroll, it goes STRAIGHT to the bottom... i can't read the article at all.

Rogers really>>> c'mon with the updates wud ya! when other carriers have them out first makes you look pretty lame. Curve 3G update please.

installed the telus version...runs great but no social feeds application found anywhere...not able to install it went back to version 5. not sure why rogers is holding back when all the other companies are rocking the upgrades. do i switch to telus/bell naaaah..their signal strength is terrible compared to rogers. elevator doors close you lose contact with the world LOL

guys i have a curve 3g and i recently upgraded from os5 to os6.0.0.448 but my trackpad has been playing the fool. When ever i scroll down it would go back up and its rally getting snoying because i cant text or anytthing anymore. Do you guys think this version os6.0.0461 would solve the problem?