Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300, Bold 9700 and 9780 from Three UK

By DJ Reyes on 10 Feb 2011 11:30 am EST

Three UK OS

UK network Three has gone on a BlackBerry 6 spree and released OS version for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300, Bold 9700 and Bold 9780. If you prefer installing official OS releases then go get it. Of course you do not need to be on the ThreeUK network in order to get the update, you can follow our guide on a clean OS install to get the job done. These are all official OS', but as always use caution and be sure to backup your data before installing the new OS. Hit up the link below and select your device from the drop-down menu to get started.

Download OS from Three UK 

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 9300, Bold 9700 and 9780 from Three UK


Awesome! Great to have an official source of these builds.

I am surprised they released an OS6 build for the 9700 as well as the 9780...I guess they don't see OS6 on a 9700 as threatening their 9780 sales.

Can we run Nimbuzz without any malfunction on OS I have always faced connection issues and typing issues with Nimbuzz on all official as well as unofficial OS 6. Any fixes yet? Please let me know.

What are the benefits of this new OS. I currently have a Torch 9800 that I unlocked. Its works fine I guess. Although when I recive picture mail, there always small. But what I'm asking is this: Will this new OS enhance my BlackBerry experience. .. ? And if so how. .. ? And do u think this something I should should want 2 get. .. ?

Well, this is interesting. I had installed this leaked build a week or two ago and within an hour, there was a leaked build for the Torch specifically. I am currently running the .450 build and it has solved almost all of the glitches ( were quite a lot) that the previous Official build had in it.
Think I may just stick with the .450 build as obviously it corrected some problem(s) that the .448 build had since it was released within minutes. Would be nice to have an Official version though!

I installed the same bundle from Vodafone and the problem of the camera flashlight is not gone. i can catch one picture with flash and then the flash turns off .If this copy solves the problem plz note me.

Running this in my debranded UK Curve 3G and it's good. The scroll in Facebook is how it should be and not all over the place! So far, so good :)

The only way that a Mac user can currently update their blackberry OS is either to have a separate Windows PC or to use VMWare with a compatible WIndows OS.

I'm on O2 in the UK, I've installed the 9300 version fine on my BB - however the App Store no longer appears, is this an issue for other people.

I am having trouble upgrading my torch _rogers carrier- to the new 448 version. I upgraded to 337 just fine before but am having troble this time around for some reason. The desktop manager isnt finding the new os to upgrade to.
Any help would be appricated.


Delete the vendor.xml file located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader...

Remember this official release are from ThreeUK...u need to download the file first....then delete the vendor.xml..before update using DM

It just the package version....and its an old version...the new one is OS6.0.0.448 ur eye wide...hahaha

Yeah, I also wanna know. Can someone please tell us?
I'm running version 359 from Singtel. If this UK version supports Chinese character display, I would definitely like to upgrade to the version.

Yeah, I also wanna know. Can someone please tell us?
I'm running version 359 from an Asian operator. If this UK version supports Chinese character display, I would definitely like to upgrade to the version.

At what point in the guide to installing an official OS do we have to delete the the vendor file or what ever from the OS file since my provider is AT&T and not 3 UK which released this OS upgrade?

Delete it as soon as the file is downloaded and installed, do it before you connect your phone to upgrade to the new OS.

Upgraded and runs great. I did find one missing came a feature, though: I no longer get the show on map in the camera menu for geotagged photos. Anyone else have that problem (or a fix?)

Been running this for two days on my 9700 on O2-UK. No memory leaks, bit more snappier than 380, fixed cursor on text and facebook.

I can't get to the Geotagging option in the camera, but no big deal, I don't use that anyway.

I'm missing cursor in bbm chat now. Only when you scroll up into the chat. So annoying. Anyone else have this problem? Might go back to my last OS.

Already install both version from Cosmote & Three, it's all still having bugs for missing cursor in bbm. Guess will be back to .359 till RIM release any fix for the latest official os.

Thanks, made a clean wipe and install. Runs much faster and finally podcast app is working. Previous 448 was made to block podcast app.

I upgraded my Torch to OS .448 this morning. I've never upgraded the OS on a Blackberry before so I was a bit nervous about doing it. My fears were unfounded however, there were no problems and the whole process took about 30 mins.
I'm on O2 in the UK, although the phone was bought network free from CPW. I followed the Blackberry 101 guide and although the process didn't go quite as described, the new software installed ok, I didn't lose any existing apps or information and everything else on the phone still seems to work.

right im thick , im on vodafone uk not three , what do i do during download and install and the rest or the complicated stuff ??????

Click on the link, download the file and then delete the vender.xml file. Connect your Blackberry via USB to your computer and start desktop manager. It will ask you if you would like to upgrade, if it doesn't then you didn't delete the vender.xml file.
Read the instruction located above for doing and upgrade or clean install. They are all there and relatively simple to follow.

For those complaining about the Blackberry Messenger cursor glitch. Simply delete Blackberry Messenger, restart your Blackberry and then log into Blackberry AppWorld. Download the latest official release from there and your cursor will again appear like normal. Note: This will downgrade Blackberry Messenger, but you won't be missing out on much, if anything except the cursor problem.