Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 from COSMOTE

By Adam Zeis on 8 Feb 2011 11:37 am EST

Bold 9780 OS

This OS had leaked not too far back and now it is an official release from COSMOTE. OS is ready and waiting for download. The reports are good on this one, so get to downloading and install if you haven't already. If you're new to the updating my OS game, you can check out this tutorial to walk you through the entire process. Be sure to drop by the forums and report your findings. As always, use caution when updating your device.

Download OS from COSMOTE
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Reader comments

Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 from COSMOTE


I bet it's the same as leak, no changes made, just one of the providers thought it's good enough to be classified as Official, so no OS change for my BB.

Just picked up a 9780 today. its running .285 Is it worth me updating right now ,I haven't seen any bugs. This thing runs great :)

I should have updated right away but obviously I had to set up all my apps within 5 minutes of opening the box lol.

PS. OS 6 leak on the 9700 doesn't even compare, runs sooo much better on the 9780

does this fix the txt message bug? where it always goes to the middle and have to scroll to the bottom when you get a new message?

Are they nuts... the message bug is annoying... the volume during a call drops when in call waiting scenario....

I am now trying .294.... too early to tell yet...