Official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile

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By Michelle Haag on 6 Apr 2011 09:50 am EDT

While BlackBerry OS for the Bold 9700 has been out in various forms for a little over a month now, T-Mobile is finally officially releasing it to their subscribers. We've had a few reports of people receiving emails from T-Mobile over the past couple of days stating the following:

The new BlackBerry 6 operating system software is now available as a free update for your BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone. BlackBerry 6 includes many enhancements including a rich new browser, expanded messaging capabilities, enhanced multimedia and a redesigned interface that's powerful and easy to use. From your computer, go to and follow the on-screen instructions to get the software update. 

So if you are a T-Mobile customer that hasn't installed BlackBerry 6 on your device yet, either because you don't like installing leaks or you were waiting for the official from your carrier, head on over and check it out at the link below. If you'd like to take a look at what other 9700 users have been saying about this OS before you make the leap, you can read through the forums and then make your decision. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile
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Official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile


It's been on their site for a few weeks now. I'm shocked they released it, because it's still very buggy and the memory leak issue has not be resolved.

I was going to say the same thing: I'm not happy about the memory situation going on. Kinda wish I didn't upgrade.

I think it's time CB posted something a little more concrete about the abysmal situation of OS6 on the 9700.

We're closing on a year after it was promised, and there isn't any version that's stable. There are no reliable leaks to choose from, it just doesn't work on the 9700.

If this was an update to the iPhone or Android, it would be a scandal. The lack of attention this is getting shows how low expectations are of RIM and how out of touch RIM's management is, hyping a dubious tablet with a new OS while unable to support current devices.

Thank you. Look, I've slowly come to realize that this is more of a "fan" website than a true review and information blog, but it's the fans of BlackBerry that have been betrayed by RIM's promises more than bleacher bums taking pot shots.

They showed off OS6 and WebKit EARLY last year. At the time they showed it, the Torch didn't exist. We were told "There's a reason we showed it off on 9700", which was to say that it WOULD work on 9700, but not on other devices.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't work on 9700. If you released any BB phone with software like THAT pre-loaded, it would be an unmitigated disaster. The phone crashes for no reason, the battery drain is atrocious, and simple things like offering a cursor in BBM never worked.

But all this site ever says is "don't worry, just wait for the NEXT thing...RIM will deliver, and it will be awesome". Well, only 10% of Blackberry Users (per RIMarkable and RIM themselves) are even using 6.0, and even those who have it aren't that happy with it. OS6 was failure. Period, end of sentence. I suppose it's possible a QNX/OS7 hybrid could be the next great thing, but given how slow, sloppy, and non-communicative RIM was about QNX on a PlayBook, is there any reason to trust them?

Its hilarious how people have gone TWO DAYS now without getting the leak that all the other OS6 phones have got, and they're LOSING their minds... grow up and learn some patience.

Hopefully that's the reason AT&T has yet to release it. It's not ready yet. I wonder if it will ever be.

I've been running it for about 5 days and it's super buggy. I'm running it on a brand new 9700 and the battery life is terrible. Before I installed 0s6 the phone would run all day with barely a dent in the battery, but with this the battery is drained in about 12 hours.

Kind of disappointing.

I said I never would but I finally did I had been a BB owner and supporter since 2006. After the whole Storm 2 OS 6 letdown and being kicked to the curb. I went to the darkside. I gave my storm to my Son and bought an Iphone 3Gs. Im not being paid by apple just as I wasnt being paid by BB, however in my opinion this phone rocks, AND its the older model. Im just saying dont let your loyalty to BB keep you from making a sound purchase.

I hear you I'm on the same boat and I never really complained about not having updates for the storm but honestly its getting a little crazy if I'm not mistaken the storm2 came out after the bold 9700 and there getting os6 updates buggy or not its an update at least the phone is being looked at, I'm really either just gonna give up on rim in general or get a 9650 or 9780 but as far as the storm love its out the window

IMHO its the best leak to date, I downgraded a couple days ago as soon as I found out. Apparently its been out for a while.

P.S. The latest official BBM realease has working cursor on this build. :)

I pretty much hate this release. It honestly made me contemplate switching to Android or an iPhone.

The only thing that makes it tolerable is this OS 5-ish theme that I found

Using BB Boss to shrink it sped it up a bit, but it's still laggy sometimes and loses memory all of the time.

I also lost my ability to send emails (from just 1 of my 3 accounts) for awhile no matter how many times I sent service books, etc. I did a wipe, reinstalled and that finally fixed the problem.

I have to be honest. I wasn't too excited about T-Mobile releasing this version either but after a few days and a few battery pulls the version really isn't too bad. You just gotta give the OS a few days to stabilize...

Same here! Since last Saturday and it's been terrific! Finding it much better than OS5 that I was on. Viigo which kept me from making the jump all this time and I thought was not going to work on OS6, works on my phone still :)

I tried .448 a while back through the Beta Zone program in January but since have abandoned it for .461. .461 has been very stable for me for about a month or so with no BBM ( or major issues with (at least a full days length 8a to 10p) battery power. Go for it if you must because it works but .461 has been a much happier experience.

BTW, if you use the RIM made FB app, it WILL suck your battery into a worthless raisin...

I guess 9300 users don't rate an announcement from T-mobile. I have been using .448 since February on Beta Zone.

With the exception of some initial problems with UMA .448 works extremely well. Have not experienced battery drain or memory leaks.

As far as BB users using OS6 as an excuse to go ahead and buy an Android or iPhone...go for it. You must have more money than brains

I got 499 and my battery will last 1.5- 2 days with normal to heavy usage. I really don't understand how some peoples batt drains after 12 hrs. I have wifi and bluetooth always on. FB 2.0 and twitter always on. Plus google maps pingchat and weatherbug running. Maybe I'm just lucky?

You may be just lucky because .499 had my phone muting and un-muting during calls and the browser was super sluggish.

To be honest until RIM sorts out this memory leak business I don't think any OS6 version is even worth putting on your phone, having said that (I know i'm probably going to get slated by a bunch of BB fanboys after this) the blackberry phone itself is a piece of crap. My Bold 9700 is my first ever blackberry and first ever smartphone, and from my experiences with this phone I never want such a device ever again I'd rather use my old Nokia N96 then this brick. I could go on and on as to why this phone sucks so bad and no matter how much you try to defend RIM and their blackberries you know deep down inside you feel the same. Here's a couple of reasons why:

1) The lack of apps available compared to Android/iPhone...seriously c'mon apps is what all the rage is about these days on smartphones, nobody cares if you can send and receive email on your phone.

2) The fact that you have to constantly battery pull just to get the optimum performance out of your phone, and it doesnt even make it better with the LONG ass boot up time that comes with it. Yes I know OS6 is SLIGHTLY faster then OS5 but who gives a toss its like watching paint dry waiting for that damn thing to boot.

3) The user interface; the GUI for OS5 made my eyes hurt and OS6 is hardly any better. Seriously RIM need to learn a few tips from Apple if they want to learn real eye candy.

4) Probably stated this before but memory management especially for OS6, omg dont even get me started on that. The memory leak itself is bad but having half your phones memory taken up by the OS is ridiculous, yes I know you can shrink it but why should anybody have to go through that much hassle just to get the results they want.

In general RIM need to step their game up bigtime, the only reason's why I can say blackberry is somehow still alive in the phone market is because of the appeal it gives to the business folks. Also the only reason why its popular among the young crowd (like myself) is because of BBM thats the only positive thing I can say about this phone, having said that even BBM can be a real headache sometimes when it takes hours for a message to send. I know for a fact if BBM didnt exist alot of their current users wouldnt even bother buying a BB. One more reason especially here in the UK is the contracts that come with it are relatively cheap compared to iPhones because students like myself arent rolling in cash to be able to afford one of those. But if the day comes where the iPhone comes with contracts like it does with the BB then I can soundly say BB will be history here in the UK. Anyways thats my rant over and i'm not just talking for myself I know alot of people who agree with what I just said.

All I can say is that I waited patiently for OS6 to get officially released by T-Mobile and while I hoped it would have been the .461 version the .448 has been a solid install for me and I truly enjoy using it on my 9700. OS was,IMO,the BEST version of OS 5 that was released and that is why I waited for T-Mobile to "officially" release their OS 6. I tried the first .448 leak for a short period from the Beta team and I reported that the memory leak was a major concern of mine then I reverted back to OS 5 while I waited for the official release. I can honestly say that the memory leak issue,although still present,did improve dramaticly and I have no plans on going backwards to OS 5 again. Plus it seems that a lot of the new apps/themes that are coming out are for OS 6 so in keeping up with progress OS 6 is my OS of choice.

I install the official OS from T-Mobile last night, it was giving me problems all day with frezzing and major memory leaks. Then, I decided to head to a T-Mobile store and the Customer Service Rep who's in charge with BlackBerrys told me that. Is important to install this new OS as a clean wipe not as a upgrade or else you will have the memory leaks and battery drains. He did it to his reps at the store who has the Bold 9700. And it turn out to be okay. Last night with 15 apps installed like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It had 24 MB left until the darn memory leak. 12 hours later, frozen to it to T-Mobile. 5 hours later, got my phone back as a clean install with no backup because if you backup all apps they come from a OS 5 version, always update to OS 6 equilvalent apps. That's why the memory leaks are there due to the incompability of the OS. So again, coming out from T-Mobile, no apps just OS with BBM, Facebook, Twitter, VVM, and Social Feeds. I have 73 MB left, but be caucious when installing apps.

BTW, OS 6.0..0.448 for the BlackBerry Curve 3G for T-Mobile is out...