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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Curve 3G 9300 from Vodafone

Official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Curve 9300 now available from Vodafone
By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2011 11:47 am EST

Just in case you avoided all the previously leaked versions of OS you can now grab some official releases from Vodafone. Blackberry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G owners are the only ones invited to the party this time around. But we have a Bold 9780 official OS and a Style 9670 OS as well coming up, both official.

Download OS for the Bold 9700
Download OS for the Curve 3G 9300

Reader comments

Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Curve 3G 9300 from Vodafone


No sweetie, leaks and official release are the same in every way, it may have more languages, but the OS is identical. Official and leaks have the same bugs and the same bugfixes, its just that the carrier is now offering support and OTA upgrade on that version and thats it.

i also have the beta 448, but i will install this one, the size is different, i hope this fix the few problems the beta had. i just downloaded, im going to install it now

Just keep checking the comments becuz people will try it out and will comment back if its worth it...its to early to tell but it wont hurt to try it out ;)

Considering this version is in the Beta zone being tested, and there are a considerable amount of bugs being found, I just don't get why it's being released officially.

It's just going to lead to a whole load of people being pissed off when their devices start going screwy on them.

True, but look at the carriers who have released as official. That build was craptastic in my opinion. is much better. Not perfect, but pretty close.

Yep it's not far off, but i wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends yet.

What bothers me most is that the first thing that will happen is users will start to bash RIM for releasing a crap OS when in reality it's down to the vendors to test prior to release.

It's clear that RIM are aware of issues and are on the case hence the reason they're testing it via the Betazone.

I imagine any new leak will be a bit of a way off until RIM have reconciled all of the comments and issues and fixed them.

Which could also be why we haven't seen any official releases from the american or Canadian carriers (AT&T, T-Mo, Rogers, Wind, Bell and Telus) yet because of the bugs in the OS 6 versions currently in Beta or leaked

In my opinion, wait until the next version.

This version is good but there are bugs and a memory leak that can be reeeeaalllllly annoying.

I would not recommend this version to any 'general user'.


Wauw. Official at same level as latest leak... Have'nt seen that for a while.

Must soon be time for a new leak ;)

So i know all these releases are .exe files so far, but when will these official releases be done for mac users? what about the vodafone users who have macs and not pc's?

i have a mac and am having troubles upgrading using vmware fusion so im just wondering when there will be a mac release. if anyone knows how to fix the "uploading ram image" problem in vmware im also interested in that solution.

As far as I know the only way to upgrade on a mac is to download and install it using the desktop software.. meaning you'll have to wait for it to go official with your carrier. RIM don't release loaders for macs unfortunately.

Yeah bummer. Oh well, i just had to trek it in the cold to a friends place who has a pc and it worked just fine. Loving this leak and im sure they're getting close to fixing the bugs as each leak seems to have less and less

I doubt there is a change between the leak and the official version. I got sick of the lag and the bbm cursor bug and a few other things I just installed OS 5. And I'm happy with it :D I would really like to see a very stable os 6 leak that wouldn't have any bugs in it.

Sorry for my bad English.

Here's a dumb question (maybe?) - does it matter who your carrier is? If I have the 9700 on AT&T, will this mess with that, or does it matter? I'm still running the latest official from AT&T (

It doesn't matter what carrier your with. You just have to delete the vendor.xml file in the app loader folder. If you don't know where it is, search the crackberry forums for the step-by-step process

Actually deleting the vendor file is not needed with these Vodafone DE Business releases. What happens is that RIM sends "unbranded" loaders to the carriers for testing, these are usually the ones that get leaked. By unbranded I mean they contain a blank vendor file and will therefore work with any carrier. Its not very well-known but on leaks you actually do not have to delete the vendor files.

Afterwards if the OS passes carrier testing, they'll have RIM package their own version for them with the correct vendor file and then have it signed. Vodafone DE Business doesn't do this, they just post the unbranded ones. You can see the signing date is extremely close to the Multilanguage loader that leaked a while back, it's just that this one never made it out there until vodafone published it.

Unless BBSAK deletes the vendor file automatically, your statement is true. I did not erase the vendor file and the OS installed with zero problems. I followed the instructions from the "Blackberry 302" article.

I gonna install this over the leak just because everything is the same except this ons supports all languages.

I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , I did it , thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks.

There's a reason T-Mobile started with .448 as their first 6.x beta. It can only get better from what some other carriers have listed as "Official". .380 was a joke, but .448 is a much nicer OS than any 5.x build out there.

As a 9700 owner, I'm excited to see what version Tmo declares official, and I hope to high heaven it fixes the "This page is too large, so we're closing it and there's nothing you can do about it" bug. That's my only REAL gripe about 6.x anymore.

Well let's not forget about the painfully annoying and inconvenient memory leak that leaves you with no memory if you don't constantly do battery pulls... I'm back on until there's a version that fixes the memory leak. BB6 is great but that issue is a bit much for me :(

One word - MemoryBooster. It's about 2 quid and solves the problem. I haven't had to do a pull in a while now, am a heavy user too.

.448 did fix this. The error message now reads: "Sorry! We're closing this page because it is too large to load."

The error message before was different. Something about memory being to low. That is the real problem, I believe.
RIM knows it is there, because, again they changed the error message. Makes me feel so much better. :)-

Sweet. For the newbies. If you don't know German use the Chrome browser and use the translate function which solves the language problem. Download file to computer, open and or run file, desktop manager(make sure you have latest version installed on your computer) will take it from there. I had 0 issues with an AT&T BOLD 9700. LOVE OS 6 compared to 5!!! Although haven't had time for a complete evaluation...

Im a bit of a new bie
please I wanted to know if you have had any issues with this OS release, or bugs.

Thanks a lot maite

All language, thankfully - good reason enough for me to install this OS after using the leak. I will stick to this for long time i guess. tiring chasing these OS!

This official is suck...the line is very-very sucks..on Leaked version...the line is better then this before I update again, I copy the UMTS folder on .448 leaked...paste to .448 my line is better....

So, does this mean @blackberryhelp are going to actually answer questions now? All I have been getting is them saying they only support official os6 handsets.

@XWolf....THat is a great question. @blackberryhelp tells me the same thing. Now that the OS is official on a carrier, perhaps they will be more accommodating. Not sure what they will be able to do though...really up to the development team to fix bugs. @blackberryhelp seems like they do very basic fixes.

I listen to a lots of music with my 9700 and I found that since installing this. The music player is stuck on shuffle songs. I can't turn shuffle off. Even tried battery pull and it makes no difference.

My observation on this topic is that the shuffle icon you see is not something that is "on". If you press it, it shuffles your songs no matter if you are viewing all songs, by artist, by album, or by playlist. My take is that it is not actively shuffling your songs and only does so when you command it to.

AT&T 9700
I installed this last night using the Blackberry 302 instructions. Everything proceeded without a hitch. After installation I had 74MB free memory. After I restored my data and BBSAK installed my apps I had 32.6MB remaining. When running the latest AT&T OS 5 release I typically operated with around 49 to 51MB free memory and my phone's performance was starting to degrade noticeably. Even with 32MB, OS 6 functions well, albeit somewhat slow. What follows are my observations about the installation procedure, what happened after the installation, and a follow up question or 2 that will hopefully be answered by someone.

My train of thought just jumped the track. The reason being is that as I selected the OS 6 components I wanted to install, the only English version was GB (Great Britain, I think). As I investigated why BB Maps was not working and I could not download and install a new ribbon file (which always worked on OS 5), the Blackberry web site offered to me the ribbon file for the GB version of BB maps. I also noticed that of the 3 components that make up BB Maps, one of them was branded with GB which leads me to believe that If I did get BB maps to run, I might be looking at a map of London. There are other quirks, such as failure to connect to various web sites and applications having difficulty connecting to their servers, etc., I’m probably going to do another wipe and perhaps load an American Hybrid.

Having never completely wiped my 9700 in order to install a new OS, I was in undiscovered country. I’m going to shorten this post and may add more later if there is interest. The question I wanted ask is if there is any way to selectively re-install applications using BBSAK. There is but one option that I can tell and it restores them all. The author of the Blackberry 302 instructions said that he usually re-downloads each application and does a clean install. I have a lot of apps and I don’t use most of them so I'm leaning in the author's direction. I also was curious to know if when restoring your original settings from the backup performed prior to the wipe if it was alright to restore things such as service books, options for Blackberry components (Do options from OS 5 translate over to OS 6?), permissions. There also were some settings which I could not tell what they were. As of now, I’m having too many difficulties in connecting to various web sites. I am going to give this another shot since all of my problems could be self inflicted. If anyone out there would care to offer up what OS components they LEAVE OUT when performing an installation, I would appreciate a comment very much.

I found a CB post with an AT&T service book for OS6 BB Maps and then pushed all of the AT&T service books (I don't know if I did this after I installed OS6). This is something I failed to comprehend and that being, AT&T's service books don't care if my OS is from Vodaphone or Kodachrome. There once were only 2 Map modules and now there are 3. Previously: net_rim_bb_maps, net_rim_bb_maps_resource_GB. Now there are 3 titled: net_rim_bb_maps, net_rim_bb_maps_resource_en, net_rim_bb_maps_resource_en_GB. I had to reinstall App World just to see the icon but that was OK. The version included in the OS was earlier. As of now I'm running with 23MB of memory. I really don't know if this memory (if too low) causes erratic behavior. If so, then I think any quirks I've experienced are due to this condition. Otherwise, I am now satisfied with my decision to upgrade and will not go back to OS5.

Edit: I've contradicted myself. I thought that I saw only 2 map modules originally but after reading my first post I notice that I saw 3. I don't recall seeing the letters "en" at the end of any of them. Scathing, yet constructive, comments welcome.

first sorry for my langauge ,I live in Thailand
I really recommend you to install this version ,i installed by step of bb 302 in CB , first impression no lag cursor same the leak 448 version and browser is realy fast and youtube has no more fragment its very smooth same on my friend 9800 torch, overall performance is faster than old os 5 and leak 448 ,after i had installed i got 70+ mb of memory . memory leak am not sure about it i had used for a couple of hours. but of it its still leak i will use quick pull app+memory booster to solve them ,its good os bro :)

Hi . .Please what kinda bugs are on this update, haven't tried any OS6 Update yet, was hoping to try this since it was an official release.
Any ideas people?

Just updated to OS 6 on my 9700 and i gotta say i like the upgraded web browser. Everything else seems to be working fine ill see after a day of use if i still like it or not.

I upgraded both my 9700 and my sisters. The device locked to Rogers Wireless is running fine, no glitches or cursor lag. However, the other 9700 device, which is locked to Bell Mobility kept restarting on its own randomly multiple times during the day.

OS works perfectly on my Bold 9700 with Vodafone SFR. I didn't need to delete any vendor file.
Internet and apps are faster. Perfect to me.
Looking forward to new themes.

hi im from Philippines pls help me im using bb curve 3g and i want to update my bb to os 6 , pls help me im using mac pls help me