Official OS for the Blackberry Bold 9650 from Alltel

Bold 9650 OS
By Adam Zeis on 2 Mar 2011 05:22 pm EST

Here's one for the Bold 9650 users. Altell has released OS today for public consumption. While it isn't really a huge jump (or much of a jump at all) from the last official OS for the 9650, new is new right? It looks to be good from early reports, so get out the USB cables and have at it. Be sure to hit the forums and post your findings. Thanks rroyy

Download OS for the Bold 9650 from Alltel
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Official OS for the Blackberry Bold 9650 from Alltel


Yes, many of the areas not bought out by VZW were bought by ATN who operate the network as Allied Wireless Communication Corporation and still use the name Alltel.

Fortunately I was able to get the 6.0 update for my Alltel 9330 and really like it. I'm part of the Alltel group being converted to AT&T...can't wait to use my Torch!

Hey does Alltel have PTT. We use PTT on Verizon and dont want to load this and have it screw things up if the PTT files are not in it. Tnx

I am using CDMA version (i.e. without SIM Card) of Bold 9650 with OS 5 in India. Just wanted to know if I'll b able to upgrade this on my device.

If yes, then what are the problems that I am likely to face